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         Asian-american History:     more books (100)
  1. On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan (Asian American History & Cultu) by E. San Juan, 1995-04-28
  2. Nisei Sansei (Asian American History & Cultu) by Jere Takahashi, 1998-06-22
  3. Cry And Dedication (Asian American History & Cultu) by Carlos Bulosan, 1995-05-04
  4. Smuggled Chinese: Clandestine Immigration to the United States (Asian American History and Culture) by Ko-Lin Chin, Douglas S. Massey, 2000-01-15
  5. Doing What Had To Be Done (Asian American History & Cultu) by Soo-Young Chin, 1999-07-15
  6. Reading the Literatures of Asian America (Asian American History & Cultu)
  7. Between the Lines: South Asians and Postcoloniality (Asian American History & Cultu) by Deepika Bahri, 1996-10-15
  8. Claiming the Oriental Gateway: Prewar Seattle and Japanese America (Asian American History & Culture) by Shelley Sang-Hee Lee, 2010-12-10
  9. This Is All I Choose to Tell: History and Hybridity in Vietnamese American Literature (Asian American History & Cultu) by Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, 2010-12-17
  10. Dictionary of Asian American History
  11. Contemporary Asian American Communities: Intersections And Divergences (Asian American History & Cultu) by Linda Trinh Vo, 2002-04-12
  12. Discrepant Histories (Asian American History & Cultu) by Vincente Rafael, 1995-03-28
  13. Yellow Light: The Flowering of Asian American Arts (Asian American History & Cultu) by Amy Ling, 2000-05-31
  14. Student Almanac of Asian American History by Media Projects Inc., 2004-01-30

41. Roth Publishing - Asian And Asian-American Poets
Selected poets and poetry from Roth Publishing.
Focus - Asian and Asian-American Poets
Spotlight on Asian-American Poets Poetry Trivia - Asian and Asian-American Poets A Closer Look at Two Asian-American Poets Home ...

42. 66 Communication Inc.
Full service advertising agency, with a specialty in the asian american market.

43. Asian-American Church Of Houston, TX
Providing the hope of life and enjoying the transformed life in Jesus Christ through loving and caring relationships for the Asian Americans and their friends.
Welcome to AACH
Thank you for stopping by E N T E R H E R E

44. Asian-American Virtual Communities
Provides site listings and descriptions on asian american related web sites. Includes ratings, commentary, and message boards.

45. Asian-American Christian Reformed Church
Worship services in Laotian and English, and accompanied by signing. Transportation to church is available for the disabled.

46. AACA - Asian American Cultural Association
The AACA provides a social network for asianamerican students to interact with each other; to encourage asian-american students to get more involved in ASUA student government, and other student organizations.
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I'd like to thank my good friend, Aaron for making the AACA logo that you see above.
Please check out his site -
Hien (Linda) Truong
. November 18 th

47. Welcome To AASA!!
Got , then "E" us at Sign Our Guestbook View Our Guestbook
lucky people have been here....

48. Asian American Students Association
Aims to represent and support the interests and causes of the Asian community as well as facilitate communication between the other Asian student organizations on campus. News, event schedules, and photos.

49. Aarc
The AARC generally supports the conservative Republican agenda which reflects the traditional values of Asian Americans and promotes the common interests of this commuity.
?2000 Asian American Republican Club, Maryland.
Join us in Maryland? Click here
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AARC Selected Mani Zand Ervin its new president!!!
On Saturday March 8th of 2003 the election of the club took place in the Howard county Republican headquarter in Columbia and the following people were elected by the members of the good standing of the club, according to the bylaws, voted for the following active members of the club:
Manda Z. Ervin, President
Chanchai Sapun, Vice President
Micky Saito Choi, Treasurer
Dr. Gulan Tangoran, Executive Director
*This list has been sent to the Maryland Republican Party and the office of the Governor.
"I thank you for all your support, help and hard work during my short term as the president of the club and we saw how, by working hard and together and investing of our time and financial assistance, we succeeded in helping our candidates. We had some Asian American candidates who did not make it but it is just the beginning. I, as always, am committed to this Club and its goals of diversity and empowerment of all Asian Americans, in our state of Maryland. Let us ban together and send the right message of unity."
Chanchai Sapun, Former AARC President

50. Asian-Nation : The Landscape Of Asian America :: The First Asian Americans
The New Wave of Asian Immigration Demographics of the Asian Population CelebrateAPA Heritage Month The Academic Side of Asian American history 442nd Rescue
The History of Asians in America
Research Sources Used /
Recommended for Further Reading Cao, Lan and Hilimce Novas. 1996. Everything You Need to Know about Asian American History . Penguin Books.
Chan, Sucheng. 1991.
... . Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.
Search Asian-Nation
Any word All words Exact phrase
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var site="s12asiannation" ;var g_frames=true; Asians have been in the U.S. for a long time. Many families are already in their tenth generation here. The history of Asians in the U.S. is the history of dreams, hard work, prejudice, discrimination, persistence, and triumph.
As presented in the excellent PBS documentary series Ancestors in the Americas , the first Asians to come to the western hemisphere were Chinese Filipinos who settled in Mexico. Eventually, Filipino sailors were the first to settle in the U.S. around 1750 in what would later be Louisiana. Later around 1840, to make up for the shortage of slaves from Africa, the British and Spanish brought over slaves or "coolies" from China, India, and the Philippines to islands in the Caribbean, Peru, Ecuador, and other countries in South America. However, the first large-scale immigration of Asians into the U.S. didn't happen until 1848. Around that time and as you may remember from your history classes, gold was discovered in America. Lured by tales and dreams of making it rich on "Gold Mountain" (which became the Chinese nickname for California), The Gold Rush was one of the

51. Asian-American Cultural Center Home
Provide facilities for the sharing of culture between the East and the West in the American Experience.
Home Classes Services Newsletters ... About Us Happy New Year! Welcome to our upcoming events: The 5th Annual Dragon Boat Race And Festival will be held Saturday, April 26, 2003. Go to Dragon Boat Page 2003 Multicultural Spring Camp HERE Summer Camp HERE The 2nd Young Musicians' Festival is coming! Come show us our young talents and win the cash prizes. Please click HERE for details. Welcoming the Year of Ram/Sheep/Goat! Join Us for the Lunar New Year Celebration with us on Saturday, January, 25th 2003 10:00 am - 3:00pm at AACC Traditional Chinese New Year Food and more than 10 special programs is waiting for you. Admission is free. New Class is Around the Corner! Let Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Classes Enrich Your Life. Every Wednesday 10:00 -11:30 am, Mr. Shiu will lead you to discover the beauty of Chinese Art New Elderly Program is on the way! We offer wellness class, computer class, sharing corner, homemade lunch...and more. Start from mid Oct. every Wednesday 9:30 am- 3:30 pm. Please call 336-5069 for reservation. Want to Sharpen Your English and Get Better Life in America?

52. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Asian/Pacific American History And Culture
To learn more, visit the Smithsonian's National Museum of American history,National Portrait Gallery, and Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

Selected Links
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Studies Program Asian Pacific American Resources at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Lu'au: A Hawaiian Feast ... Forwarding Address Required traces the close correspondence between Japanese American children sent away to internment camps and librarian Miss Clara Breed. Resources on Asian Pacific American Artists at the Archives of American Art To learn more, visit the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History National Portrait Gallery , and Smithsonian Museum of American Art
A World War II medic's uniform and medals awarded to a Japanese American serving in the famous 442nd Regimental Combat Team. American Social and Cultural History Encyclopedia Smithsonian A B ...
Public Inquiry Mail Service

Smithsonian Institution

53. ICON Philadelphia Asian American Professionals
Seeks to empower the Asian community through social, professional, and community service outlets.

54. 2003 Chicago Asian American Showcase - FAAIM
Celebrating asianamerican film making talent. Held annually in April.
FAAIM presents the 8th annual click to enter Foundation for Asian American Independent Media

55. Untitled Document
Explores multiracial and asian-american identity through performance, video, and writing.
Forwarding you to Seaweed Productions Forwarding you to Seaweed Productions

56. TUP: Series Asian American History And Culture
As a critique and corrective to earlier work, Asian American history and Culture,edited by Sucheng Chan, David PalumboLiu, and Michael Omi, aims to develop a
Description of Awards,
List of Titles

Enticing Readers' Choice
Subject Index

African-American, Asian-
American Studies, Education,
Labor, Philadelphia, Sports...
Series Listing

Thirty active series of books to peruse Seasonal Catalogs Browse our books by season Forthcoming Books Soon to be published Home Our Books Contact Us Place an Order ... Search The "standard" written histories of Asian immigrants to the United States have been imbued with Western cultural biases. As a critique and corrective to earlier work, Asian American History and Culture A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America Shankar, Lavina Dhingra, and Rajini Srikanth cloth 1-56639-577-1 paper 1-56639-578-X Excerpt available Across the Pacific: Asian Americans and Globalization Hu-DeHart, Evelyn cloth 1-56639-710-3 Excerpt available Asian American Panethnicity Espiritu, Yen Le cloth 0-87722-955-4 paper 1-56639-096-6 Excerpt available Between the Lines: South Asians and Postcoloniality Bahri, Deepika, and Mary Vasudeva cloth 1-56639-467-8 paper 1-56639-468-6 Excerpt available Houston, Velina Hasu, and Roberta Uno

57. -[ The Asian-american Celebrity Webpage ]-
Explores the positive impact asianamerican celebrities have had on the American community. Site includes biographies, photographs, and links.
-[ the asian-american celebrity webpage ]-
-[ welcome ]-
After YEARS (literally) of unsuccessfully trying to get Geocities/Yahoo to correct a system error that locked me out of my Homestead account, I've finally moved all the content from my previous Asian-American Celebrity Webpage archive to this new site, along with a much-needed cosmetic overhaul and several more biographical entries. So hopefully you'll enjoy the fruits of my HTML labor. If you see any outdated links to the old site, please let those other webmasters or me know!
This non-commercial site was conceived of and designed by Richard E. Wairata Griner as a celebration of Asian- American celebrities and entertainers and the positive impact they've had on the American community (and abroad). It is my aim to present these public figures to you in a respectful, tasteful and informative manner. Please direct all questions, comments, and suggestions you might have my way ... this site is yours, too, and I'd love to have feedback while I update this website!
If you're trapped within someone else's frames, click

58. Thoughts On The Inane And Retarded
A twentysomething asian-american randomly muses about life, love, work, his paronoia, and his love for pork rinds.
- My Online Diary -
Various Thoughts on the Inane and Retarded DIARY

My Little Thoughts DINNER LOG
Junk I consume to stay alive

Just some tidbits about me First CONTACT
Email or Instant Messenger my monkey ass
instant messenger:
mars journiary
jaycine Asian Journalist ... List Sites

59. Land 'o Lele
18 year old asianamerican female struggling through the usual angst of growing up, pondering the meaning of love's existence and surviving life's daily trivial pursuits.

60. Asian American Curriculum Document
A Curriculum Project for the history of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State Schools. Illustrations, Category Regional North America Society and Culture history...... resources. A timeline of significant dates in Asian American history,with a focus on Washington state, also follows. Additional
A History Bursting With Telling:
Asian Americans in Washington State
A Curriculum Project for the History of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State Schools Developed by:
The Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest
Matthew W. Klingle
University of Washington
Department of History
I. Introduction
II. Migration: Moving West to East
III. Labor: Building New Lives in New Lands
IV. Community: From Segregation, Identity ...
Index of Packet Documents
One story of Washington state is a story of immigration, but it is not the simple tale of assimilation or acculturation. Immigrants brought pieces of culture from their native lands to Washington state, where they melded them with pieces taken from American culture. Immigrants did not remain unchanged or melt into a common society, however. Instead, Washington is a mosaic made of different peoples coming together to create new lives in a new land. The Asian American experience is part of this mosaic. Thedocuments that accompany this essay demonstrate how Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos came to Washington, struggled against discrimination, labored to earn their living, and created distinctive cultures and identities. These documents chronicle, in a small way, how some Asian immigrants became Asian Americans. "Asian American" is, by necessity, a broad term that lumps different peoples together. Because of space restrictions, this project focuses on Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino Americans, the three largest and oldest groups in Washington. Other groups, notably immigrants from Korea, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia, receive limited attention here. It is hoped that students and teachers alike will use this project as a guide for building their own collections on other Asian Americans.

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