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         Asian-american History:     more books (100)
  1. Organizing Asian-American Labor: The Pacific Coast Canned-Salmon Industry, 1870-1942 (Asian American History & Cultu) by Chris Friday, 1995-08-09
  2. Countervisions: Asian American Film Criticism (Asian American History and Culture) by Darrell Hamamoto, 2000-09-28
  3. Making Ethnic Choices: California's Punjabi Mexican Americans (Asian American History & Cultu) by Karen Leonard, 1994-01-25
  4. But Still, Like Air, I'll Rise: New Asian American Plays (Asian American History & Cultu) by Velina Houston, 1997-05-30
  5. A History of Asian American Theatre (Cambridge Studies in American Theatre and Drama) by Esther Kim Lee, 2006-10-30
  6. Margins and Mainstreams: Asians in American History and Culture by Gary Y. Okihiro, 1994-04
  7. Chinese American Transnationalism: The Flow of People, Resources (Asian American History & Cultu) by Sucheng Chan, 2005-12-28
  8. A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America (Asian American History & Cultu) by Lavina Shankar, 1998-01-06
  9. The History and Immigration of Asian Americans (Asians in America: The Peoples of East, Southeast, and South Asia in American Life and Culture)
  10. Cultural Compass (Asian American History & Cultu) by Martin Manalansan, 2000-06-15
  11. Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation (Asian American History & Cultu) by Min Zhou, 2009-05-28
  12. Asian American Fiction, History and Life Writing: International Encounters (Routledge Transnational Perspectives on American Literature) by Helena Grice, 2009-04-01
  13. Relative Histories: Mediating History in Asian American Family Memoirs by Rocio G. Davis, 2011-01
  14. The Fairfax County Asian American History Project: A Contemporary History Honoring 143 Years of Asian Residents in Fairfax County by Ms. Corazon Sandoval Foley, 2010-03-26

81. The Asian American Experience
Appreciating Our American Heritage. The Asian American Experience in the UnitedStates A Chronological history. Chinatowns and Chinese Communities in America.

Japanese American Internment
Angel Island Impact of War with Asia on Asian Americans Asian Americans and U.S.-Asia Relations ... Understanding Our Perceptions of Asian Americans Web Links
Angel Island: Pedogogy

Angel Island
(A brief History, with Photos)
Chinese American History Timeline

82. Grace Community - A Church Without Walls In Silicon Valley
asianamerican Evangelical Covenant Church in Los altos, California, heart of Silicon Valley. Home groups, Life Transformation Groups, Community Involvement Team, calendar of events. Church formed in 1998.
A Church Without Walls In Silicon Valley GRACE
Community mission location values worship ... discuss Website Comments
Contact GCCC Webmaster

83. Life Community Church
asianamerican /multi-ethnic community. Explains its mission, groups, calendar of events and worship services.

84. Welcome To NCA
Protestant congregation fellowship of asianamerican Christians, mostly Korean-American and Chinese-American.
Members Meeting 12:30pm-1pm
Praisin' the Raisin'
2845 Amwiler Rd. Atlanta GA 30360

85. Asian Human Services
Social service agency for the asianamerican community. Describes services including health care and education, legal advocacy, youth programs, education and employment.

sco med ia. ... com
W e S p e a k Y o u r L a n g u a g e

86. Asian American Studies Resources
Gidra; hardboiled; Heritage Magazine Philippine history Articles; Hop Luu Magazine;International Examiner Seattle; Journal of Asian American Studies Avail.
Asian American Studies Resources
Free JavaScripts provided
by The JavaScript Source
Table of Contents
General Resources
Return to Contents
Return to Contents
Magazines, Journals, Newsletters

87. HT Chen & Dancers
Modern dance company with a uniquely asianamerican expression embodying its cultural heritage. A calendar of events and company information is provided.
2002 Recipient of the New York State Governor's Arts Award

88. Asian American Movement Ezine
Asian American Movement Ezine is a radical and progressive zineon Asian American politics, art, history and culture.
Website For Radical/Progressive
Asian American Perspectives
Models of Organizing APEN: Environmental Justice and War The Inconvenience of War Activist Journal: Azine Weekend in LA Blood for Oil : How to Oppose Imperialist War The LInk Between Militarization in the Philippines and Hawai'i
API Power on the Radio!
Images of 3/15 LA Anti-War Protest IQ Test on the War on Iraq List of Countries the US has Bombed Since WWII
Bay Area Anti-War Protest
Wins Workers Continue Fight for Full Back Wages
Korean American Activists Start National Tour on North Korean Soccer Film Boycott Chino Latino
Last updated:
Support the Azine!

89. The ACF Website
A Christian ministry and fellowship out of the U of O with a focus toward asianamerican students. Includes event information, contact information, and a brief summary.
"We exist to glorify God by cultivating an intimate,
personal relationship with Jesus Christ, ministering to
one another and making disciples in the love of Christ."
The group pictures from the 2003 ACF Ski Retreat
ACF Events (the next two weeks)
University of Oregon Asian Christian Fellowship 2001

For any site info or suggestions, please send E-mail to

90. History 346: Introduction To Asian American History
history 346Introduction to Asian American history Winter 2002Professor J. Wu Tuesdaysand Thursdays 130318Office261 Dulles Smith 3082/Ohio Union 436Phone
History 346: Introduction to Asian American History Winter 2002 Professor J. Wu Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-3:18 Office: 261 Dulles Smith 3082/Ohio Union 436 Phone: Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 Email: Course Description and Objective: This course introduces the field of Asian American history, which focuses on the experiences of people of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, Pilipino, and Southeast Asian ancestry in the United States. Lectures, readings, films, and discussions will examine the continuities as well as changes in Asian American experience through three chronological periods: the first wave of immigration (mid-19th to 1934), the years of exclusion and international conflict (the middle decades of the 20th century), and the second wave of immigration (post-1965). The course will explore two overarching themes: how the experiences of Asian Americans complicate the existing understanding of American race, class, gender, and international relations; and 2) the similarities as well as differences between various Asian American groups, i.e. the historical validity of a pan-Asian American identity.

91. Living Word Bible Fellowship Church Of Dallas
Nondenominational asianamerican church. Beliefs, service times, information on studies and small groups, members' resources, location, pastor's biography, and contact details.
Asian Americans have a difficult time finding a church that fits. The churches many of our parents attended have their place, but sometimes language and cultural differences got in the way of worship and service. Large numbers of us turned away in frustration. Or we remained in the background, feeling like second-class passengers. Either way, the longing inside of us to know God and worship Him was not satisfied. From this need the vision for Living Word Bible Fellowship was born. We are a young church made up primarily of Asian American professionals in their 20's and 30's. And we want to be a voice of hope and encouragement to the Asian community and beyond. The Asian population in Dallas has exploded in the past ten years. According to one recent article in the Dallas Morning News, the growth rate is 72%...almost three times the national average! The 2000 census is likely to show up to 300,000 Asians in the greater Dallas area. Yet there are precious few churches reaching out to meet the spiritual needs of English-speaking Asians. Our dream is to be part of the answer to that need. We believe the young generation of Asian Americans don't need a superficial stained-glass religion. They need to find something real and powerful and life-changing. Something that will give them a new hope, a new purpose, and a new joy in life.

92. History 346: Introduction To Asian American History
Lecture 1 Outline. What is Asian American Studies? I. Definition and historyof the term Asian American. B. Periodization of Asian American history.
Comparative Studies 241: Introduction to Asian American Studies Prof. J. Wu and Steve Yao Lecture 1 Outline What is Asian American Studies? American-born generation wars with Asia focus on ethnic identity - yellow power Asian Americans as an American racial minority structural exploitation interrogate pan-Asianism Transnationalism Gender and sexuality social agency back to syllabus

93. Asian Beauty - By Margaret Kimura
Margaret Kimura's book offering tips on cosmetics for asianamerican women.
HOME EVENTS PRESS TOP PRODUCTS ... CHAPTERS Go to.... Buy Now! Chapters Events Introduction Links Press Releases The Author Top Products PURCHASE

Sign Up For a Private Makeover Party or Local Makeover Seminar

Asian-American women are finally having their day Their beautiful faces grace the covers of fashion houses, and the big and small screens. Yet there hasn't been a guide that addresses their unique beauty needs - until now. In Asian Beauty, Margaret Kimura, veteran makeup artist to the stars and Asian American herself, presents the ultimate beauty guide for all women of Asian descent.
In these gloriously illustrated pages, you'll find Asian beauty secrets, Asian beauty tips, Asian beauty products and step-by-step guidance on how to enhance lips, eyes, cheeks, and brows using Margaret's unique Shadows and Light technique.
You will learn how to pick the foundation that's right for your skin. And you'll find exciting and surprising things you can do with color from daytime to after dark. Before and after shots of women representing almost every part of Asia will be a revelation, and the chapter on role models will inspire you.
Asian Beauty is a must have for all women of Asian descent who have had to make do with beauty tips tailored for women of European descent.

asianamerican artist whose vision has been influenced by a blending of Eastern and Western cultures.
Patricia Lian Yu-a
nnnn Dance With Me s s s Clement St. Banner Creator

95. Index
Brief biography of a asianamerican male-to-female transexual.
Welcome This site will chronicle my transition from male to female. If this offends you, please leave. Scat.
If you would like to learn more, come on

96. Department Of Ethnic Studies Curriculum
AAST 17173. INTRODUCTION TO ASIAN AMERICAN history. Introductory-level survey ofsocial history of Asians in America from nineteenth century to the present.
AAST 1015-3. INTRODUCTION TO ASIAN AMERICAN STUDIES. Using Asian Americans as a case study, course examines the various factors that define minority groups and their positions in American society. Particular attention is given to the perspectives and methodologies of the emerging discipline of Ethnic Studies. Restricted to FR/SO Standing. Approved for Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum: Cultural and Gender Diversity or Contemporary Societies. AAST 1717-3. INTRODUCTION TO ASIAN AMERICAN HISTORY. Introductory-level survey of social history of Asians in America from nineteenth century to the present. Primary focus is on delineating the explaining changes that Asian Americans have undergone since their arrival in the United States. Same as HIST 1717. Approved for Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum: United States Context. AAST 2210-3. THE JAPANESE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE. This course offers an overview of the Japanese American experience in the United States from 1880 to today. What helped shape this experience and provides its salient characteristics? Emphasis will be given to the variables that generated similarities, as well as internal diversity, within the broader ethnic group. This course fulfills Arts and Sciences core requirements in the area of Cultural and Gender Diversity. Link to Readings AAST 2752 SURVEY OF ASIAN AMERICAN LITERATURE.

97. Michele's Home Page
Personal information, index of asianamerican psychological studies, news, links, and photos.
Michele's Home Page
I am a senior at Brown University majoring in psychology and ethnic studies. Find out what the new Bush "administration" is up to and share your thoughts with your elected officials. Their email addresses are listed in the Senate Directory and House Directory Please visit the pages I built for the Textron/Chamber High School , my index of Asian-American psychological studies , and my other personal pages: dogs music photos (all updated 3/31/01)
links of interest...

CNN's "The Spin Room"
The Big Bad Chinese Mama the world's most hilarious spoof on the mail- order bride industry!
recommended reading...

98. Moonfruit Site Not Found
Nonprofit group supporting South asian-american youth. Programs, services, and a report of over 600 hate crimes in one week PDF. Flash required
Page cannot be found... This URL has not been recognised. Please check the site name and address.
Click here
to be transferred to the Moonfruit portal, where you can search for a site.

99. UCSB Asian American Studies :: Asian American Studies At UCSB
To that end, the lower division courses offer a thorough introduction to AsianAmerican history and culture, primarily to show how migration from Asia has Category Reference Education Division of Social Sciences
Home News and Events Undergraduate Program Courses ... asamst Asian American Studies at UCSB

News and Events

Undergraduate Program


Department of Asian American Studies
5044 Humanities and Social Science Building (HSSB)
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(805) 893-7766 (fax) Asian American Studies at UCSB For further details about scheduling, administrative matters, and other university requirements, please consult Sally Foxen, our Undergraduate Advisor. Home News and Events Undergraduate Program Courses ... LSIT Web Services

100. Canyon Sam - Home
Includes reviews and contact information for this asianamerican performer.
Home Meet the Artist Reviews Bio Highlights Contact Us ... FILM RELEASE!!!
Welcome to the Homepage of Solo Performance Artist, Canyon Sam "A master storyteller...One of the best of the next wave of Asian American performing artists." VILLAGE VOICE Nationally-acclaimed writer and performance artist, Canyon Sam creates solo performances based on her experiences in both Asia and America as an activist and Buddhist practitioner. Ms. Sam has graced stages throughout the U.S. and Canada, from the Solo Mio Festival in San Francisco, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, to the Asia Society and Columbia University in New York. Her performances, known for fluidity and grace, and for rich poetic lyricism, are fueled by what Vancouver's Women in View Festival calls "a strength and passion rare in commercial theater."

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