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         Astronomy General:     more books (100)
  1. Astronomy and general physics considered with reference to natural theology by William Whewell, 2010-08-29
  2. Galaxy Formation (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) by Malcolm S. Longair, 2008-01-08
  3. My Heavens!: The Adventures of a Lonely Stargazer Building an Over-the-Top Observatory (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Gordon Rogers, 2007-12-06
  4. The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy by James Evans, 1998-10-01
  5. Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe, Fourth Edition by Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan, 2003-07-23
  6. The Cambridge Illustrated History of Astronomy (Cambridge Illustrated Histories)
  7. Astronomy on the Personal Computer by Oliver Montenbruck, Thomas Pfleger, 2000-04-14
  8. The Sky is Your Laboratory: Advanced Astronomy Projects for Amateurs (Springer Praxis Books / Popular Astronomy) by Robert Buchheim, 2007-07-31
  9. Astronomy: A Visual Guide by Mark A. Garlick PhD, 2009-02-01
  10. Schaum's Outline of Astronomy by Stacey Palen, 2001-11-12
  11. Observational Astronomy by D. Scott Birney, Guillermo Gonzalez, et all 2006-07-24
  12. CCD Astronomy: Construction and Use of an Astronomical CCD Camera by Christian Buil, 1991-01
  13. Fundamental Astronomy
  14. The General History of Astronomy: Volume 2, Planetary Astronomy from the Renaissance to the Rise of Astrophysics

1. History Of Astronomy: General
History of Astronomy. History of astronomy general. German Flag See also Historyof Astronomy Topics Education. General history of astronomy WWW pages.
History of Astronomy
History of Astronomy: General
Deutsche Fassung
General texts

2. Astronomy General
Official Message Board of includes Astronomy Alerts News, Celestron Hardware, Mathcad and More Pietroorg Message Boards. astronomy general
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3. UCB Astronomy General Information
about astronomy. Sadly, we can only answer a very small fraction of the incomingvolume. There are many places dedicated to answering such general interest
Welcome to Berkeley Astronomy
Observational, experimental and theoretical research in Astronomy and Astrophysics at UC Berkeley covers the full range of modern astronomical activity, from studies of the planets, through investigation of stars and the interstellar medium, to inquiry into the origin of galaxies and of the Universe as a whole. Because of its breadth and depth in research opportunities, Berkeley offers an ideal platform for entry into a professional career in astronomical research and teaching. The Berkeley Astronomy Department offers most of the graduate courses in astronomy and astrophysics given on the campus, augmented by related courses in other physical science departments. Research opportunities available to graduate students are organized both by the academic department, and by several organized research units which exist as separate administrative entities. The Radio Astronomy Laboratory supports observational and experimental work in radio astronomy and the Theoretical Astrophysics Center provides an organizational focus for theoretical work. These organizations coexist with the Astronomy Department in

4. Physics And Astronomy Home Page
General information about the department, reserach activities, staff and students, and other details. Also features newsletter archives.
Physics and Astronomy Contact Information RAO Open House Information About the Department Physics and Astronomy Links ... SCIberMENTOR Science and Engineering Email Mentorship for Girls Distinguished Lecture Series Summer Studentships in Medical Physics PHAS Webmail Summer Job opportunity (coming soon) Calgary Weather Financial services Rothney Astrophysical Observatory
Return to
Faculty of Science homepage Return to University of Calgary homepag e Comments/Questions: Report Problems:

5. UCB Astronomy General Information
way Proposition I Astronomy is beautiful. possible. That principle hasdirect consequences for everyone who comes to Berkeley Astronomy.
A Message from the Chairman
Astronomers like to tell stories. The greatest scientific story of them all, the Universe and its contents from its birth in fire to its end in darkness, fills their days and nights with endless fascination, exhilaration - and perspiration too; research, teaching and learning are hard work. We tell quite a few stories as part of our research and teaching at Berkeley. I'll start my story in a mathematical way: Proposition I: Astronomy is beautiful. It appeals to human imagination much as do poetry, music and art. It deserves study and research in its own right, for the sake of the unforeseen discoveries that illuminate our understanding of the Universe, and of our place in it. As a quantitative discipline, its beauty lies both in its ideas and visions and in its quantitative methods and modes of thought. Professional astronomers widely accept both of these propositions, even if we don't talk about them very much among ourselves. Berkeley's implementation of them has been to create research and scholarly opportunities for faculty and students across as wide a front of the field as possible, and with as great a depth as possible. That principle has direct consequences for everyone who comes to Berkeley Astronomy. We have always sought, and will continue to seek, people who come here as independent scholars and researchers with the highest standards and expectations for themselves and others around them. A consequence of proposition I has been to hire the best faculty and support them in whatever they want to do, including heading off into large scale efforts. Support means giving them the time and freedom to define their own goals, and helping them to raise the external funding needed to accomplish them. That support starts with attracting the best graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, which of course depends on the overall quality of the faculty's research efforts. It extends to building up an excellent support staff who help with the mechanics of teaching and of research.

6. Astronomy: General Info
Astronomy, Curriculum Guides General Information Courses, Printer Friendly.Home Science/Math/Occupations Astronomy General Info. ASTRONOMY.

7. Astronomy: General Info
Distance Education. Basic Education. Search Text. Site Index. Contact Us. Home.Home Science/Math/Occupations Astronomy General Info ASTRONOMY.

8. ETSU Physics And Astronomy General Information
ETSU Physics and astronomy general Information. Mission. The Departmentof Physics educates the citizens of East Tennessee and the
ETSU Physics and Astronomy General Information
The Department of Physics educates the citizens of East Tennessee and the surrounding region in the nature of physical principles, increasing awareness of natural processes that occur in everyday life. The Department of Physics:
- Provides and strengthens instructional programs for students who wish to major or minor in physics, and provides necessary service courses to support and enhance other disciplines.
- Extends, enhances, and develops research programs to increase the scope and depth of understanding of physics, The research programs directly involve undergraduate students in a meaningful and enriched research environment.
- Provides necessary service functions to students and the general public to enrich the community in awareness in physical principles.
- In all of its activities, the Department of Physics supports the goals and objectives of East Tennessee State University in general, and the College of Arts and Sciences in particular.
Overview of Physics and Astronomy
Physics is the study of the properties of matter, energy, radiation, and their interactions. It is generally regarded as basic to all the natural sciences, and as such is a fundamental part of the professional preparation of biologists, chemists, engineers, astronomers, and other scientists and technologists.

9. IERS Links: Astronomy: General Information
Links astronomy general information. Yellowpage services at CDS StrasbourgThe Star*s Family of products, including the databases
Links: Astronomy: General information

10. IERS Links: Astronomy: General Information
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11. BUBL LINK: 520 Astronomy: General Resources
s....... 520 astronomy general resources. Titles,
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
520 Astronomy: general resources
Titles Descriptions
  • Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
  • Astrobrowse
  • Astronomer Online
  • Astronomical Headlines ...
  • WWW Virtual Library: Astronomy and Astrophysics
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
    Information about the museum, including descriptions of exhibits and galleries, and astronomy related resources such as details of weather conditions on other planets and online collections entitled Comets Through the Ages and Heavenly Reflections.
    Author: Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
    Subjects: astronomy education, planetary science
    Location: usa
    Gateway for astronomers to search for astronomical objects in multiple catalogues, including high energy data, Optical / UV, Infrared, and Radio / Microwave data catalogues. Author: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Subjects: astronomy research DeweyClass: ResourceType: opac Location: usa
    Astronomer Online
    A monthly magazine documenting astronomical observations for the 'advanced amateur'. A useful source for extensive images, material covers asteroids, comets, and planets. Access to other relevant astronomy resources is also provided. Subscription is necessary for selected information.
  • 12. Physics & Astronomy @ University Of Leicester
    General departmental information, as well as information for prospective and current students, and details of ongoing research.
    Physics and Astronomy
    T has a national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. It achieved the top (Grade 5) research rating in the previous three HEFCE assessments (1992, 1996 and 2002) and was rated excellent in the last Teaching Quality Assessment (1999). home information for prospective students
    information for current students

    Last updated: 30th July 2002

    13. Astronomy: General
    Astronomy. General Resources. There are many astronomical internetresource listings available. A few of the most comprehesive are
    General Resources
    There are many astronomical internet resource listings available. A few of the most comprehesive are listed below:

    14. Astronomy: General
    and Jets. Bad Astronomy pages; SpaceWatch Project. Eclipse Home Page;Extrasolar Planets; General Relativity; Images Image Collections
    General Resources
    There are many astronomical internet resource listings available. A few of the most comprehesive are listed below:

    15. The Unofficial Celestron Nexstar11GPS Telescope Support Site For Your Nexstar Te
    General astronomy site with Specific information about the Celestron Nexstar 11GPS.
    The UNOFFICIAL CELESTRON NEXSTAR11GPS GOTO telescope support pages
    Spanish French Italian ... View the Nexstar11GPS Guestbook! Astrophotography Projects Nexstar Telescope Resources I Nexstar Telescope Resources II Astro-Tutorials
    My Astrophotography Astrotrailer Mark II Nexstar tips page 1 Yahoo's Nexstar GPS group ... Paquette Nexstar Info Site visitors since May 1st, 2002

    16. List Of General Astronomy Resources @ GCA7Sky
    astronomy general Resources. astronomy general Resources / Astronomy HomeworkResearch Help / GCA7Sky@AOL.Com / Created November 8, 1997.
    Astronomy General Resources
    Resources Which Cover a Number of Topics in Astronomy
    Astronomy Homework Research Help
    Compiled by Gary Agranat GCA7Sky@AOL.Com Home Astronomy Help Main Index
    Especially for young minds
      Astronomy for Young Minds Page
    Astronomy Intermediate and High School Level Resources
    Introductory Pages

    17. Rubriek: 39.00 Astronomy: General
    DutchESS, Dutch Electronic Subject Service, Rubriek 39.00 astronomygeneral. Link , Absolute Astronomy. Link , Astronomy / Duane
    Rubriek: 39.00 astronomy: general
    Absolute Astronomy Astronomy / Duane Anderson, University of California, Santa Barbara Library AstroWeb: Astronomy / Astrophysics on the internet / AstroWeb Consortium Cambridge Relativity : Public Home Page / University of Cambridge ... De wereld van oneindig dichtbij.... / Anne Sonnenschein, Hendrik Beijeman,

    18. WWU Physics/Astronomy General Info
    Physics/Astronomy Department Address, Phone, and Network Information. Dept. of Physicsand Astronomy Western Washington University Bellingham, WA 982259064,
    Dept Homepage


    Physics Club
    Contact Info
    Physics/Astronomy Department
    Address, Phone, and Network Information
    Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
    Western Washington University
    Bellingham, WA 98225-9064
    Department Office: Mail Stop: Bond Hall 152 Teaching Assistants Mailroom: Teaching Assistants Office: Bond Hall 171 Bond Hall 194 Wilder Computer Lab: Bond Hall 401 Lecture Demonstration Room: Bond Hall 107 Planetarium: Haggard Hall 313 Internet Subdomain: Local Usenet Group: wwu.physics World Wide Web URL: Bond Hall Coordinates: 48 deg 44.14 min north latitude 122 deg 29.11 min west longitude

    19. Astronomy General Sites
    astronomy general Sites. Astronomy Astrophysics, via CERN; AstronomyPicture of the Day; Astroweb, via Space Telescope Science Institute;
    Astronomy General Sites Mount Cuba Homepage
    Comments or questions? Send E-mail to
    Mount Cuba Astronomical Observatory
    Last revised: August 9, 2000

    20. Louisiana State University Physics And Astronomy
    GENERAL SEMINAR SCHEDULE SPRING 2003 NOTE Jan. 30, Gravitational Wavesand the Validity of General Relativity Abstract, Prof. Clifford
    SPRING 2003 NOTE: All seminars will be held at 3:40 PM in room 155 Coates Hall, unless otherwise indicated. DATE TITLE OF TALK SPEAKER SPEAKER'S INSTITUTION HOST Jan. 21 "Hyperbolic Slicings of
    Spacetime: Singularity
    Avoidance and Gauger Shocks"
    Miguel Alcubierre Universidad Nacional
    Autonoma de Mexico Dr. Joel Tohline
    LSU CAPITAL Jan. 23 "TBA" Eduard Seidel MPI fuer Gravitationsphysik,
    Albert Einstein Institut
    Potsdam, Germany Dr. Joel Tohline
    LSU CAPITAL Jan. 30 "Gravitational Waves and
    the Validity of General Relativity" Abstract
    Prof. Clifford Will Washington University - St. Louis Jorge Pullin Feb. 6 Feb. 13 "The Physics of Electromechanical Keyboard Instruments" Abstract Dr. Edward Daw LSU Dr. Juhan Frank Feb. 18 "Double Beta Decay: The next Frontier in Neutrino Physics" Abstract Prof. Andreas Piepke University of Alabama Dr. Richard Haymaker Feb. 20 "Cosmology From Gamma-Ray Bursts" Abstract Prof. Brad Schaefer University of Texas Austin Dr. Juhan Frank Feb. 26 Rm.> "Quasar Winds" Abstract *Rm. 137-E Howe-Russell* Patrick B. Hall

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