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         Magazines Teach:     more books (102)
  1. Teach Yourself Writing for Magazines (Teach Yourself: General Reference) by Ann Gawthorpe, Lesley Bown, 2008-10-21
  2. Into Print: Guide to Publishing Non-commercial Newspapers and Magazines (Teach Yourself) by C. Chippendale, etc., 1976-10-01
  3. Time Magazine June 16 1980 Hedlp! Teacher Can't Teach the Recession Deep and Nasty by Time Magazine, 1980
  4. Dressage Today Magazine (Teach the horse to love learning, may 2010) by Various, 2010
  5. House Trainimg Magazine (No more accidents teach your dog when and where to potty, Topic Volume 8 2010) by Various, 2010
  6. Parenting and Pregnancy Magazine (Jo Frost Teach your child right from wrong, February 2010) by Various, 2010
  7. Parents February 2010 Help Your Child Sleep Better, Discipline Makeover, Lose the Baby Weight, Picky Eaters, Valentine Crafts & Snacks, Smart Ways to Teach Patience
  8. MacAddict November 2003 w/CD Accelerate Photoshop, Teach OS X New Tricks, Easy Automation How-To's, Review: PowerMac G5, Halo, Extreme Security, How to: Spy With a Webcam, Compile Unix Applications, Put Applescript to Work, Create a Custom Disk Image
  9. Tap experience: a weekly jam that helps tappers learn to teach.: An article from: Dance Magazine by Paula Broussard, 2010-05-01
  10. Somerset Apprentice Magazine (New projects that will teach & delight, Autumn 2010) by various, 2010
  11. Design for Magazines: Guidelines for Effective Visual Communication by Gary Gnidovic, Greg Breeding, et all 2007
  12. Parents Magazine June 2009 6 Simple Ways to Teach Sharing * the Secret to Happy Kids
  13. 1974 Summer Bible Ministries (Teach Magazine's How-To Workbook)
  14. D-Cup Magazine June 1998 (TEACH ME SEX!)

Please don't print this out yet I'm going to be doing some revisions on it very soon.
Instructions for the
Magazine Comparison Paper
What messages are conveyed by this ad?
Click here to go to About Face, a great
website on women in advertising
Basics of the project
For this paper you will compare a popular, mainstream magazine for women with a parallel kind of magazine for men. If you use a magazine for women of color, you should probably compare it with a magazine for men of color. You could instead compare a magazine for women of color with one targeting predominantly white women to focus on the construction of racial differences instead of gender differences. If you have some different idea for a magazine comparison, please make sure you clear it with me before you get started. Cosmopolitan (not Cosmo girl) and Maxim generally seem to provide the best and easiest comparison for this paper, but you are not required to choose these two magazines. But try to make sure that the two magazines target analogous audiences in terms of age and socioeconomic level, otherwise your comparisons may be not as useful or significant. How Long?

2. Scholar
is both potent and symbolically violent. These magazines teach men how to build, display, and use their muscle; they
Some project highlights Home Nirenberg, R. (2001). Modes of Constructing the Masculine Body: An autoethnographic journey into competitive bodybuilding . M.A. Thesis. The Annenberg School for Communication, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania. Nirenberg, R. (2000). "Build This Body!": An analysis of male bodies as memorials of violent masculinity and the case of Weider publications. Written for the Annenberg School for Communication. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania. Nirenberg, R. (2000). Sports death: An analysis of sports retirements as death rituals. Written for the Annenberg School for Communication. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.
  • When athletes retire, they not only leave the field, they leave their lives as athletes. For sports communities, retirement is a natural process in which players exit the group and room is made for new ones to enter. Essentially, then, sports retirement is ritual of death. In this analysis, I present the common patterns, content, and structures found in sports retirement rituals as they relate to real death ritual. These media events present the group with death, and thus, require death rituals to enable separation from the dead and the introduction of new members
Nirenberg, R. (1999). The trialectics of stadia: A spatial analysis of spectator spaces and places in sports. Written for the Annenberg School for Communication. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.

3. Initiative For Educational Equity
website. Michael Pollak, Millennium's Great Women The New York Times,March 10, 1999, A16. WHAT magazines teach TEEN GIRLS. Photos
The Initiative for Educational Equity
is AAUW's campaign to promote
gender equity in America's schools.
Chair: Faye White
Women's History Round Tables Open Windows for Girls
Education and Equity News
Women’s History Round Table Series
The Branch won the 1998 Action for Equity Award from New York State AAUW for the Women's History Round Tables we co-sponsor with the St. Lawrence County Historical Association Many of the Women's History Round Tables have resulted in Women of Courage Profiles which you can read on this website.
Open Windows for Girls
Since 1989 the Branch has sponsored OPEN WINDOWS For GIRLS, a series of educational enrichment grants for low-income girls from St. Lawrence County to attend a summer camping experience to broaden their horizons and provide an open window to the future.
Education and Equity News:
from USA Ed.Net Briefs
Many well-established girls' schools across the nation are improving their science, math and technology curriculums and adding new science buildings and summer programs. The new focus on science and technology at girl's schools comes at a time when high school girls are catching up to boys in math and science. But there remains a serious gap between the sexes in technology. In 1998, girls made up only 17 percent of the high school students who took the advanced placement exam in computer science. The gap persists through higher education and into the workplace. Women earn 18 percent of the doctorates in computer science in the United States and only 12 percent of all engineering Ph.D.'s. Women make up nearly half the nation's work force, yet they account for just 22 percent of employed scientists and engineers.

4. NIDA NOTES - New NIDA Drug Abuse Education Materials For Middle
The magazines teach students about the adverse effects of marijuana,opiates, stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, and steroids.
Tearoff Volume 12, Number 5
September/October 1997
New NIDA Drug Abuse Education Materials for Middle School Students
NIDA has released a new series of drug abuse education materials called Mind Over Matter . Designed for students in grades five through nine, the series consists of six full-color glossy magazines that unfold into posters. The package also includes a comprehensive teacher's guide. In each magazine, a girl named Sara Bellum - a play on "cerebellum," a section of the brain that helps control coordination - explores the brain's response to a particular drug and introduces key concepts in neuroscience. The magazines teach students about the adverse effects of marijuana, opiates, stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, and steroids. A seventh in the series, which will discuss nicotine, will be available early in 1998. The magazines are designed to excite students about science in general and neuroscience in particular. The series uses illustrations and cartoons to provide useful information. Some illustrations show Sara Bellum scuba diving in the depths of the brain, watching drug molecules alter nerve cell activity. The cartoons often depict a nerve cell or body organ performing abnormally under the influence of drugs. For example, a heart playing drums in a rock band loses its rhythm due to cocaine. The posters on the reverse side of each magazine can be seen after the magazine is unfolded. Each 18- by 38-inch poster has a quote from a well-known scientist superimposed over a vivid color photograph of a brain image or neuron. For example, on the back side of the opiates magazine and superimposed over a photograph of neurons in the brain is a quote from Jacob Bronowski, the late British mathematician, which reads, "The essence of science: Ask an impertinent question, and you are on the way to a pertinent answer."

5. United Way International Mauritius
The magazines teach young children to care and share through utilizing animatedcharacters such as Sharity Elephant the epitome of a caring individual.
United Way Mauritius
Donate Now!
Location and History Mauritius is an island of 1.5 million people located in the South Indian Ocean. United Way Mauritius was founded in 1988 in order to aid the nation through providing an organized way to care for people. Today, United Way Mauritius is the largest fundraising organization in Mauritius. Organization The United Way Mauritius' national office is located in Port Louis. United Way Mauritius is managed by a Board of Governors and a Board of Directors. The President of the Board of Directors is Mrs Geeta Currimjee. The following people serve on the 2002 Board of Directors: Mrs Geeta Currimjee, President
Dr Mahen Bisnauthsing, Vice-President
Mr Ravindraduth Poonie, Treasurer
Mr Ibrahim Sheik Yousouf, Secretary Members
Mrs Diana Vigier de la Tour
Mrs Leilah Peerbaye
Mr Bernard Li Kwong Ken
Mr Muneer Sooltangos
Mr Rajesh Bucktowonsing
Mr David White Fundraising Campaign United Way Mauritius raised US$549,487 between 1988 and 2001 for charities island wide. The United Way Mauritius raises funds through payroll deductions, workplace campaigns, corporate aid, sale of greeting cards, donation boxes and special events (such as Flag Days, international trade fairs, concerts and charity dinners). Allocations Process United Way Mauritius provided US$548,278 in funding between 1988 and 2001. Funding priorities include persons with disabilities (56%), community (19%), children (14%), elderly (6%), women (3%) and other (2%). Some charities that receive funding in 2002 include:

6. Mix It Up Mix It Up Stories
YM and Seventeen. Those magazines teach us to scrutinize everythingabout ourselves and then learn to hate ourselves. But it’s

7. Teach Magazines Links
teach magazines and journals links from Rob Hopcott. magazines and journals yourfavorite subjects teach magazines and journals links.
Teach magazines links from Rob Hopcott. Magazines to checkout and buy providing links to a great read on your favorite subjects ... Teach magazines and journals links FREE Ebooks by Email Holiday to Murder Kingfisher Blue Forgotten Flame ... The Blooding of Amelia-Rose
Read these FREE stories here Holiday to Murder Kingfisher Blue Forgotten Flame The Blooding of Amelia-Rose
Children's Digest Children's Digest Magazine is edited to inform and entertain preteens aged 6 to 12. Each issue includes stories, puzzles, games and fun activities to teach readers about science, health, fitness, and safety.
8 Issues per year-Available for delivery WorldWide!
Search for: Search for discounts on your favorite titles or click on the 'Buy' buttons to confirm latest prices and availability direct from the suppliers ...




Instructor Instructor Magazine is the professional journal that teachers of grade levels K through 8 have relied on for more than a century. Among the magazine's 1.3 million readers, many keep issues dating as far back as a decade to have at their fingertips scores of teaching units/workshops, lessons, standards-based learning activities, reproducibles, and classroom posters. Bottom line on what teacher-readers want from Instructor? Total curriculum support, features on professional development, and think-pieces on critical education issues. Save 38%!

8. Meet Reshmi77 @ - India. Europe And US, English, AmericanSin
Top Local Market Media Country Print China Consumer magazines Family Children's. FAMILYteach GUIDE

An annotated collection of electronic journals and magazines from the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. Editor Albert Benschop (University of Amsterdam). Electronic Journals and magazines. WorldWide. Australia. U.S.A. Canada authors and researchers whose books we love to teach, and whose work is making important contributions to

10. Teach-At-Home... Your Homeschool Resource Center.
Providing links to news, articles, study guides, and support groups.Category Reference Education K through 12 Home Schooling...... magazines (59) Kids, Parents, Newsletters, Newspapers The teachAt-Homeindex contains 2,104 links in 18 categories. teach-At-Home Stores.
Home Legal About Us Link To Us ... Contact Please visit our sponsors, their continued support makes Teach-At-Home possible
Top-rated by homeschoolers Learning Objectives for Grades K-8 Creative Home Schooling for Gifted Children: A ... The Three R's / Includes a Colored Wall Chart Home Start in Reading ... What Your 5th Grader Needs to Know: Fundamental...
Search for in Resource Center Homeschooling Articles News Archive Quote Of The Day Wednesday, April 09, 2003 Teach-at-Home is offering a FREE one-page web site to homeschool groups!

New Feature Article: "Got the Goods?" by Jody Smith
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11. Magazines, Math, &more,
Chemistry Physics Earth Sciences Museums TV and Radio magazines, Math,and © 1997 , Lisa L. Grable Go to homepage
TV and Radio
Magazines, Math, and more interesting sites for science
Use this list of links to browse science-related sites that could be used for classroom lessons. Remember you can use the Back button or Go in the menu bar to get back to pages you've left.
Magazines Mathematics

12. Media UK - Magazines - T - Toybox Teach Me
Media UK magazines T Toybox teach me, Search directory for, register UsernamePassword. Register free to remove ad banners and popups,
Media UK Magazines T Search directory forums google for register Password Register free to remove ad banners and pop-ups Toybox teach me Last updated on Friday 14th June by Andrew Garner Owner: BBC all 106 brands, including 25 magazines
Address: Woodlands, 80 Wood Lane, , London W12 0TT map photo
Reception - Tel:
Also based here... Good Food Gardens Illustrated Gardners' World Good Homes ... It's HOT!
Local info
There are 59 other media companies in this area of Greater London.
Property prices
Council performance Council tax Best schools ... Link to us
Radio live-links courtesy of

13. The New "HomeWork" Parents And Students Together On The Web: A Dozen Information
teach your children to start with lists of sites already identified as kids sites appearin newspaper Net columns, one of the monthly Internet magazines or a
The New "HomeWork"
Parents and Students
Together on the Web:
A Dozen Information Skills
for the Home
by Jamie McKenzie With the explosion of home access to the Web, we are looking at a "New HomeWork." Given the lag between home access (for the affluent) and school access in many places, schools must consider ways to help parents help students make profitable use of this home access. This article may be duplicated in hard copy format free by schools for use with parents. All other duplication is prohibited without permission. The Internet is deceptively easy. You can log on pretty much automatically. You can find information without much trouble at all. Finding truth is quite another matter. This is a great opportunity to support your children, helping them to identify reliable sources, notice bias, resist propaganda and develop their own independent ideas based upon research. If you raise your children on a steady diet of Internet information well leavened with lessons on how to browse, sort, sift, cull and synthesize, you will see a tremendous pay-off as they pass through school and into the job market. Using the Internet as a learning tool requires a substantial degree of independence and ingenuity. Because of the rich assortment of electronic information online, there is no need for cumbersome, hard copy, print encyclopedias to support home research.

14. Books And Magazines - Computers - Multimedia Teach Yourself
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15. Books And Magazines - Computers - Operating Systems Teach
Books and magazines / Computers / Operating Systems teach Yourself Windows98 VISUALLY. from teach Yourself Windows 98 VISUALLY from,
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16. OPLIN: OH! Teach / INFOhio > Ohio Resources > Ohio Literature For Young People >
OH! teach / INFOhio Ohio Resources Ohio Literature for Young People Ohio magazines, Pamphlets and Maps Ohio magazines, Pamphlets and Maps

17. OPLIN: OH! Teens > Good Reads > E-Zines & Magazines
Libraries OH! Kids OH! teach / INFOhio OH! Teens Ohioana Library OH!Teens Good Reads EZines magazines http//www.gurl

18. Classroom Magazines Sample Request
Click here for a list of all Scholastic Classroom magazines. Name* If you area teacher, what grade(s) do you teach? What subject(s) do you teach?*
Thank you for your interest in Scholastic magazines. Please complete the following and then click Submit. Required information is shown in boldfaced type and is preceded by an asterisk (*). All other information is optional. Our Privacy Policy is available for your review.
Click here
for a list of all Scholastic Classroom Magazines.
School Name*
Office Telephone*
E-Mail Address*
What is your position at your school? If you are a teacher, what grade(s) do you teach? What subject(s) do you teach?* Which free magazine(s) sample would you like to receive?*
Clifford the Big Red Dog Scholastic News 1 Scholastic News 1 Spanish Scholastic News 2 Scholastic News 2 Spanish Scholastic News 3 Scholastic News 3 Spanish Scholastic News 4 Scholastic News 5 Scholastic News 6 DynaMath SuperScience Storyworks Scholastic Math Science World Scope Action Let's Find Out Literary Cavalcade Scholastic Art Junior Scholastic Upfront Choices Health Choices Das Rad Schuss Aktuell Que Tal Ahora El Sol Allons-Y Bonjour Chez Nous To select more than one magazine After selecting the first magazine, Mac users hold down the

19. Classroom Magazines Product Information: Understanding Hate
All Classroom magazines Order Now! You may also call toll free 1800-SCHOLASTIC(1-800-724-6527) 8 am to 7 pm ET. Discuss the Holocaust and teach Its Lessons.

Order Now!

You may also
call toll free
8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET
Discuss the Holocaust and Teach Its Lessons.
Now you can teach one of the most important topics in the social studies curriculum with a special edition magazine that promotes student discussion and understanding of the Holocaust and its significance today.
Understanding Hate provides:
Place your order
of Understanding Hate now!
Teacher Resource Center
Online Activities Center Book Fairs Product Info ... Teacher Store Read our

20. Berklee To Teach Online
BERKLEE TO teach ONLINE COMPILED BY SARAH BENZULY Mix, Jan 1, 2003, Brought to youby 2003, PRIMEDIA Business magazines Media Inc. All rights reserved.
Home Current Issue Reviews Archives ... Online Extras




Studio Business


New Products

Buyer's Guides
Live Sound Applications Tour Profiles Products Sound for Picture Film/TV Facilities Products New Media New Formats Internet Audio Products Facility Design Applications Profiles Products Education Directory Showcase Articles TEC Awards ... Primedia Business Berklee to Teach Online COMPILED BY SARAH BENZULY Mix, Jan 1, 2003 Print-friendly format E-mail this information This month, Berklee College of Music will launch The Berklee professor-led classes range from four to 12 weeks; a partial list includes: Desktop Music Production; ProTools Basics: Set Up and Recording; ProTools Digital Audio Editing; Pro Tools MIDI Recording and Editing; Marketing Yourself In the Music Industry; Finale: Strategies for Speed and Style; Finale Basics: Essential Techniques; MIDI Sequencing Basics; and Accelerate Your Music Career. Those interested in the classes can visit

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