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         Minnesota Teacher Certification:     more detail
  1. A License to Teach: Raising Standards for Teaching by Linda Darling-Hammond, Arthur E. Wise, et all 1999-03-26
  2. Evaluating the teaching skills of beginning teachers by Arthur E Wise, 1986
  3. Minnesota validity standard setting study: Pre-professional skills tests (PPST) by Theresa Strand, 1986
  4. A License To Teach: Building A Profession For 21st Century Schools by Linda Darling-hammond, Arthur E Wise, et all 1995-03-21

41. About TranSafety And U.S. Roads
University at Hayward and obtained elementary teacher certification. Jan was a classroomteacher and school twenty years, working in minnesota, Alaska, Oregon
Home Journals About Us Links ... Contact
Founded in 1982, TranSafety, Inc. is an independent source for publications and information on road transportation and safety. For sixteen years, TranSafety's newsletters have reached subscribers across the United States and around the world. Engineers, maintenance personnel, legal professionals, and others interested in roadway design, maintenance, and safety read these newsletters to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in their areas. TranSafety also publishes technical documents on such subjects as edge dropoffs and work zone safety. In addition, TranSafety offers consulting, expert witness, and research services for highway and legal professionals. U.S. Roads is the publishing division of TranSafety. The U.S. Roads website offers two journals and hundreds of archived articles about road management, engineering, and injury litigation. Roy W. Anderson President
The president of TranSafety, Inc., Roy W. Anderson, P.E., is a nationally known consultant and expert witness in the areas of highway design, construction, operations, and safety. Mr. Anderson holds licenses as a professional civil and traffic engineer. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University, an M.S. in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Certificate for Multidisciplinary Highway Collision Investigation Training from the University of Southern California. As a member of a Transportation Research Board study committee, Roy Anderson helped develop "Designing Safer RoadsPractices for Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation." He co-authored sections of the national standard for work zones published in the

42. Quality Counts 2000: Who Should Teach?
336. Michigan, Michigan's Alternative Routes to teacher certification,? minnesota, Alternative Preparation to Licensure Program, 29.
Incentives and Recruitment Overview Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 ...
Teacher Policy Notes
NOTE: ? indicates state did not provide number to the National Center for Education Information.
STATE ALTERNATIVE ROUTES TO CERTIFICATION CONT'D. State has alternative routes to teacher certification State has alternative route Name of route(s) Number of graduates in 1998-99 Alabama Alternative Fifth-Year Program Alaska
Alternative Secondary Certificate Arkansas Alternative Certification Program, Probationary Provisional Certificate California District Intern Certificate, University Intern Credential Colorado Alternative Teacher Program Connecticut Alternate Route to Teacher Certification, Post Baccalaureate Certification Delaware Alternative Route, Alternative Program, Special Institute for Teacher Certification Florida New Class C Alternative Georgia Post-Baccalaureate Non-Degree Preparation Programs Hawaii Alternative Program for Shortage Areas Idaho Secondary Field Centered Teacher Training Program Illinois Teachers for Chicago, DePaul/Glenview Clinical Program, Teacher Corps Indiana
Post-Baccalaureate Program to Alternative Certification Kentucky Local Certification, Post-Baccalaureate Program, Exceptional Work Experience

43. Graduate Teacher Certification - Concordia University Wisconsin
Send the application to the certification officer of your I would like to renew mysubstitute teacher's license I have a valid teaching license from minnesota.

Graduate Teacher Certification Links:
Grad Teacher Certification Home
Accepted Majors and Minors Public/Private School Directories Common Deficiencies - Teachers Licensed in Other States ... CLINICAL HANDBOOK (Adobe .pdf file) FAQ's for Substitute Teacher Licensing Clinical Requirements Fall 2003 (COHORT 4) Tentative CALENDAR Alternative Education Certification
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Teacher Education, Professional Development and Licensing
Frequently Asked Questions
Substitute Teacher License or Permit
What is an emergency substitute teaching license?

44. NCCTE - 10/15/2002 - Is Alternative Certification An Option?
of Education and Human Development at the University of minnesota. education teachers,alternative and traditional teacher certification programs, program

45. Nevada Teacher Certification
minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire 402) 4710117Websites certification Office Nebraska take to woo or lose a teacher?

46. - Lesson Plans Online
Michigan Dept. of Education teacher Preparation/certification PO.Box 30008Lansing, MI 48909 Attn Ghada Khoury (517) 3731925. minnesota Dept.
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Please choose from one of the links below to go directly to that particular section: State Web Sites
State Contacts

Alabama Dept. of Education
5201 Gordon Persons Bldg.
50 N. Ripley St.
P.O. Box 302101
Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
Attn: June H. Mabry
Alaska Dept. of Education Attn: Assessment Center 810 West 10th St., Suite 200 Juneau, AK 99801-1984 Attn: Julie Orsborn Arizona Dept. of Education Teacher Certification Unit 1535 West Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85007 Attn: R. Berkley Lunt Arkansas Dept. of Education No. 4 State Capitol Mall, Rm. 106B

47. Unsaved:///newpage6.htm
Michigan teacher Preparation certification Michigan Dept. of Education PO Box 30008Lansing, NU 48909 (517) 3733310. minnesota teacher of Licensing State Dept
Teacher Certification and Professional Standards Office
Department of Public Instruction
PO Box 1402
Dover, DE 19903
District of Columbia
Division of State Services
Teacher Education and Licensure Branch
215 G Street NE
Room 101 A
Washington, D.C. 20002 Maryland Teacher Certification 18100 State Dept. of Education 200 West Baltimore St. Baltimore, MD 21201 New Jersey Office of Licensing and Credentials Dept. of Education CN 503 Trenton, NJ 08625-0503 New York Supervisor in Teacher Ed. State Dept. of Education Rm 5-A-11, Cultural Center Albany, NY 12230 Pennsylvania Bureau of Certification Dept. of Education 333 Market St. Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333 SOUTHERN STATES Alabama Certification Officer State Dept. of Education Montgomery, AL 36130 Florida Bureau of Teacher Cert. Florida Education Center, Room 203 325 W. Gaines, R. 201 Tallahassee, FL 32399 Georgia Division of Teacher Cert.

48. Office Of Certification & Licensure
Paul, minnesota 55101 Phone 612296-2046. MISSISSIPPI Department of EducationDivision of teacher certification PO Box 771 Jackson, Mississippi 39205 Phone
About the College What's New Academic Programs Faculty Resources ... College of Education Homepage
Certification Offices by State A C D F ... W ALASKA:
Teacher Certification Administrative Services
801 West 10th St., Suite 200
Juneau, Alaska 99801-1894
Phone: 907-465-2831 ARIZONA:
Teacher Certification Unit
Department of Education
1535 West Jefferson
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: 602-255-4367 ARKANSAS: Department of Education Teacher Education and Licensure State Capitol Mall Room 106B Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1071 Phone: 501-682-4342 CALIFORNIA: Commission on Teaching Credentialing 1812 9th St. P.O. Box 944270 Sacramento, California 94244-2700 Phone: 916-445-7254 COLORADO: Colorado Department of Education Teacher Certification 201 East Colfax Avenue Denver, Colorado 80203 Phone: 303-866-6628 CONNECTICUT: State Department of Education Bureau of Certification and Professional Development P.O. Box 2219 Hartford, Connecticut 06145-2219 Phone: 203-566-5201 DELAWARE: Department of Public Instruction Teacher Certification The Townsend Building P0. Box 1402

49. Riverdeep | Professional Development | Minnesota Standards
My Portfolio. Online Community. teacher certification. CEUs Grad Credits. WebLinks. Technical Support. teachers. Code of Ethics for minnesota Administrators.

Georgia AssessOnline IntegrateOnline Literacy Launch Nevada ... Technical Support
Teachers Code of Ethics for Minnesota Administrators Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers
Students High Standards (links to page that breaks down standards by content area and grade level, with links to each)
Read, Listen, and View ( HTML Write and Speak ( HTML Arts and Literature ( HTML Mathematical Concepts and Applications ( HTML Inquiry and Research ( HTML Scientific Concepts and Applications ( HTML Social Studies ( HTML Physical Education and Lifetime Fitness ( HTML Economics and Business ( HTML World Languages ( HTML
Note: Several of the links above go to a PDF file which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.
Click on the icon at left to download it for free.

50. Minnesota Legislative News
teacher mentoring, national certification, and performance attractive components ofthe Milken plan that could be worked into minnesota's current system
Testimony focuses on teacher shortage by Christopher Sprung
Staff Writer
M ore years ago than she cares to count now, something magical happened to Rhoda Stroud. In a second-grade classroom in Des Moines, Iowa, a remarkable teacher named Doris Killenger saw potential in mouthy little Rhoda. With encouragement, high expectations, an occasional scolding and a heap of books, the teacher began shaping that diamond inthe rough. From that moment, Rhoda knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She wanted to be Mrs. Killenger. She wanted to be a teacher. For more than 25 years, Stroud has been "living her heart's desire" teaching in elementary school classrooms, loving every draining day. "I think a child should have, at least once in their life, a teacher who really wanted to be there," said Stroud, who teaches fifth grade at Webster Magnet School in St. Paul and was Minnesota's teacher of the year in 1991. It is her passion for teaching that made her words to the House K-12 Education Finance Subcommittee on Oversight and Efficiency on Thursday seem so weighty. These days when people ask her if a life in the classroom is a rewarding profession, if it's one they should pursue, she hesitates, thinks long and hard before answering.

and must demonstrate other competencies required for minnesota teacher licensure Obtaindual certification for better employability; Obtain fifth year licensure - PE.htm
Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation 120 Sports and Health Center, Duluth, MN 55812 Successful completion of this Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) program, qualifies students to apply for state licensure to teach physical education grades K-12 in any Minnesota school. The major meets Minnesota Board of Teaching licensure requirements as well as the program standards of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) for teaching physical education in grades K-12 in Minnesota. The major also provides a good foundation for programs leading to licensure as a special educator, a school principal or counselor, or for non-school related occupations requiring skill in working with children. The department believes that a comprehensive teacher preparation program must develop the knowledge base of prospective teachers. All students are exposed to courses determined by the guidelines of the National Association for Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) developed for the National College Association of Teacher Education (NCATE) accreditation. Admission Requirements Students entering the physical education licensure program are bound by the policies in effect at the time of application to the program. Admission standards are consistent with Minnesota policies and standards established by the National Council for Accreditation in Teacher Education (NCATE). Admission criteria include, but are not limited to the following:

52. Teacher Certification: Safeguard Or Superstition? Kopff, Watt, Froelicher, Romer
of a private academy in minnesota, now principal of a public high school in Wisconsin.What Colorado’s Alternative teacher certification Plan Would Do.
Issue Paper 5-90
April 9, 1990 Teacher Certification: Safeguard Or Superstition?
A Short Symposium
By Kopff, Watt, Froelicher, Romer, Covarrubias, and Kearns Executive Summary "It works" is the verdict on alternative certification from Saul Cooperman, commissioner of education in New Jersey, who pioneered the reform nationally. Business leaders like David Kearns, chairman of Xerox, also favor opening up the alternate route. But the reaction of teacher unions and university education deans has ranged from polite skepticism to open hostility. The Colorado General Assembly will soon complete work on an alternative teacher certification program, House Bill 1150, patterned after the New Jersey system. This paper collects six viewpoints on the issue, on a spectrum from the blunt criticism of classics professor Christian Kopff to the double-talk of union leader and Home Ec teacher Nancy King. Contents Crisis Requires Bold Response Christian Kopff and Dale Watt What the Colorado Proposal Would Do F. Charles Froelicher The Governor Commits Roy Romer The Profession Equivocates A. Ryan Covarrubias

53. National Council On Teacher Quality - Bulletin, Vol. 3 No. 29
Studies Begin on National Board certification” NBPTS Press for comparing schoolsin minnesota according to finances, and student and teacher demographics.
News, analysis, and research by topic... TEACHER PREPARATION AND CERTIFICATION Alternative certification Unconventional recruiting Reform of teacher education Subject-matter knowledge Pedagogy Teacher testing SCHOOL STAFFING Principal autonomy Teacher career ladders Tenure Seniority and union issues TEACHER PAY Teacher salaries Pay-for-performance and merit pay Higher pay for math, science and other shortage fields Higher pay for hard-to-staff urban or rural schools EVALUATING AND IMPROVING TEACHER PERFORMANCE Value-added analysis Peer review Tools for evaluators Mentoring Professional development National board certification (NBPTS) ACCOUNTABILITY Holding schools accountable Holding teachers accountable
TEACHER QUALITY BULLETIN VOL. 3, NO. 29 Thursday, September 19, 2002 From the President of NCTQ:
Teacher Shortages and Other Self-Inflicted Wounds
  • Pay-for-Performance Update Promoting Certification at All Costs Maryland's Community College Education Programs Still Contend with Acceptance Issues
  • Short Takes: Other Barriers to Teacher Quality; NBPTS Self- Evaluation; From Middle School to High School; Union Fights Teacher’s Hiring Bonus; Virtual High School; Union Uses Students to March on Capital; Examining Financial Incentives; Seattle Aide Takes Pay Cut to Become Teacher; Kansas Nurtures Teachers in New Program; Minnesota has CLASS.

    54. Minnesota Rule 8710.7200
    reading preparation, consistent with minnesota Statutes, section accept verificationthat a teacher has earned or other approved certification as equivalent to
    Minnesota Rules, Table of Chapters Table of contents for Chapter 8710 8710.7200 CLOCK HOURS; REQUIREMENTS FOR RENEWAL OF PROFESSIONAL LICENSES. Subpart 1. Definition. "Clock hour" means an hour of actual instruction, or planned group or individual professional development activity as approved by the local continuing education/relicensure committee. Subp. 2. Renewal clock hours. Verification by the local continuing education/relicensure committee that the applicant has completed 125 approved clock hours is required for renewal. Instruction and professional development activities meet requirements to renew licenses only if they address one or more of the standards in part . Effective for renewal of professional licenses which expire on June 30, 2001, and after, applicants must include in their 125 clock hours instruction or other professional development activities which address positive behavioral intervention strategies and accommodation, modification, and adaptation of curriculum, materials, and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards. Effective for renewal of professional licenses which expire on June 30, 2004, and after, applicants must also include in their 125 clock hours instruction or other professional development activities which evidence further reading preparation, consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section , subdivision 4.

    55. Minnesota Rule 8710.0400
    a teacher licensure program outside minnesota that meets is unable to secure a teacherpreparation institution of current national board certification, but has
    Minnesota Rules, Table of Chapters Table of contents for Chapter 8710 8710.0400 APPLICANTS PREPARED OUTSIDE MINNESOTA. Subpart 1. In general. A license to teach in Minnesota shall be granted to an applicant who otherwise meets applicable statutory requirements and who completes programs leading to licensure in a teacher preparation institution located outside Minnesota. A license shall be granted only in licensure fields for which the Board of Teaching has rules governing programs leading to licensure. A license shall be issued according to either subpart 2 or 3. Subp. 2. Applicants prepared in states with contracts with Minnesota. An applicant who completes approved programs leading to licensure in teacher preparation institutions within states which have signed contracts with Minnesota according to the interstate agreement on qualification of educational personnel shall be granted a first Minnesota professional license. No license shall be issued on the basis of teaching experience only. Subp. 3.

    56. Tuition And Fee Schedule 03
    State Empl, ROTC, teacher certification, 32.50, 32.50, 32.50, 32.50, 32.50, 32.50.Over SixtyFive, 16.25, 16.25, 16.25, 16.25, 16.25, 16.25. minnesota Reciprocity- Summer
    FY03 Tuition and Fees Schedule BHSU DSU NSU SDSU USD Tuition - Per Credit Hour Undergraduate Resident Non-Resident National Guard, State Empl, ROTC, Teacher Certification Over Sixty-Five Minnesota Reciprocity - Summer 2002 Rates (1) Minnesota Reciprocity - Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Rates Western Undergraduate Exchange Adjacent State Tuition (New Students AY01) Adjacent State Tuition (New Students AY02) Graduate Resident Non-Resident State Employee, Teacher Certification Graduate Assistant Over Sixty-Five Minnesota Reciprocity - Summer 2002 Rates (1) Minnesota Reciprocity - Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Rates Pharmacy - Minnesota - Summer 2002 Rate (1) Pharmacy - Minnesota - Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Rate Law School Resident Non-Resident Graduate Assistant Minnesota - Summer 2002 Rate (1) Minnesota Reciprocity - Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Rate Medical School - Annual Tuition Resident Non-Resident Minnesota Minnesota Reciprocity - Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Rate Self-Support Off-campus (2) Sioux Falls Undergraduate Sioux Falls Graduate Outside Sioux Falls Undergraduate Outside Sioux Falls Graduate Externally-Supported Ellsworth Airforce Base System Fees Application Fee - Undergraduate Application Fee - Graduate Transcript (3) Exam for Credit - Course International Student Fee - One-Time Testing Fees COMPASS Re-test Proficiency Exam Re-test PRAXIS II Nursing Assessment Required Fees - Cr Hr University Support Fee General Activity Fee

    57. Certification Help
    minnesota State Board of Teaching 1500 Highway 36 West Roseville, MN 55113 (651 ofEducation Educator Licensure/teacher certification PO Box 771 359 North West
    Careers home Appendix C
    State by state sources of information on certification and alternative certification
    For a central source of links to the 50 states' certification requirements, see the University of Kentucky College of Education's website Or write, call, or go online to the sources listed below. Alabama Dept. of Education
    Teacher Education and Certification
    PO Box 302101
    Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
    Alaska Dept. of Education
    Teacher Education and Certification
    810 West Tenth St., Suite 200
    Juneau, AK 99801-1984
    Arizona Dept. of Education
    Teacher Certification Unit
    1535 West Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85007 Arkansas Dept. of Education Nontraditional Licensure Program 623 Woodlane Little Rock, AR 72201 California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 1900 Capitol Ave. Sacramento, CA 95814-4213 Colorado Dept. of Education Educator Licensing 201 E. Colfax Avenue, Room 105 Denver, CO 80203-1799

    58. Careercenter
    teacher certification Information by State. certification in Alabama certificationin Michigan. certification in minnesota. certification in Mississippi.
    Please visit these links to search for job announcements and teaching opportunities.
    TESOL/TESL Spanish French
    TESOL/TESL Career Links ...
    Spanish Teacher Career Links ...
    French Teacher Career Links
    Teacher Certification Information by State
    Certification in Alabama Certification in Alaska Certification in Arizona Certification in Arkansas Certification in California Certification in Colorado Certification in Connecticut Certification in Delaware Certification in Florida Certification in Georgia Certification in Hawaii Certification in Idaho Certification in Illinois Certification in Indiana Certification in Iowa Certification in Kansas Certification in Kentucky Certification in Louisiana Certification in Maine Certification in Maryland Certification in Massachusetts Certification in Michigan Certification in Minnesota Certification in Mississippi Certification in Missouri Certification in

    59. Teacher Certification
    in schools throughout their certification program cooperating schools in Wisconsin,Illinois, or minnesota. teacher placement A teacher placement bureau under
    General information: Students work in schools throughout their certification program. Field experiences begin with introductory courses and provide students opportunities to work in a variety of school settings and with practicing teachers and administrators who represent various teaching styles and educational philosophies.
    Student teaching: Although student teaching usually takes place in Beloit-area schools, other opportunities exist, which can be completed at cooperating schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota. In addition, the College participates in a program of student teaching in Chicago schools sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Students also have a chance to do part of their student teaching in Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, and Wales.
    Teacher placement: A teacher placement bureau under the direction of Field and Career Services is maintained to assist certified students in obtaining positions and also to aid in the advancement of alumni in the teaching profession.
    All courses are one unit, unless otherwise indicated.

    60. State Policy And Program Innovations
    Maine's ResultsBased Initial teacher certification Project; The Maryland School minnesota'sPostsecondary Enrollment Options Program; The Mississippi Critical
    Policy Briefs

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