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         Minnesota Teacher Certification:     more detail
  1. A License to Teach: Raising Standards for Teaching by Linda Darling-Hammond, Arthur E. Wise, et all 1999-03-26
  2. Evaluating the teaching skills of beginning teachers by Arthur E Wise, 1986
  3. Minnesota validity standard setting study: Pre-professional skills tests (PPST) by Theresa Strand, 1986
  4. A License To Teach: Building A Profession For 21st Century Schools by Linda Darling-hammond, Arthur E Wise, et all 1995-03-21

81. Teacher Quality
teacher Mobility. teacher Turnover Interactive Data Tool. Choose a combinationof factors from this group State All Illinois Indiana minnesota Wisconsin.
Teacher Mobility
Teacher Turnover Interactive Data Tool
Home Illinois Indiana Minnesota ... Wisconsin Data Tool This interactive data tool allows users to create customized graphs from the data collected in this study. After you have submitted your choices in the option charts below, a graph will be generated to show the percentage of movers, stayers, and leavers of the groups you specified.
I want more information on how to use the interactive data tool
Choose a combination of factors from this group: State:
Wisconsin Gender:
Male Ethnicity:
All Ethnicities African-American All others Subject: All Art Biology Business Chemistry Elementary Education English Family and Consumer Science Foreign Language General Science Math Physical Education Physics Social Science Special Education Vocational Admin Other To select a group of subjects, hold down the shift key while making a selection. To add or subtract non-adjacent subjects, PC: hold down the control key while making selections. Mac: hold down the command key while making selections.

82. National Council On Teacher Quality - Minnesota
Unfortunately, minnesota demands a higherthan-average for operating an alternativecertification program for the states on their teacher quality policies.
News, analysis, and research by topic... TEACHER PREPARATION AND CERTIFICATION Alternative certification Unconventional recruiting Reform of teacher education Subject-matter knowledge Pedagogy Teacher testing SCHOOL STAFFING Principal autonomy Teacher career ladders Tenure Seniority and union issues TEACHER PAY Teacher salaries Pay-for-performance and merit pay Higher pay for math, science and other shortage fields Higher pay for hard-to-staff urban or rural schools EVALUATING AND IMPROVING TEACHER PERFORMANCE Value-added analysis Peer review Tools for evaluators Mentoring Professional development National board certification (NBPTS) ACCOUNTABILITY Holding schools accountable Holding teachers accountable
Most Significant Reforms
  • Minnesota has implemented pay-for-performance in four school districts, including Minneapolis. The state boasts a strong charter school law , which allows for market-based accountability for schools.

in engineering at UWMadison, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Platteville, or U. of Minnesotaand transfer (All colleges, excluding teacher certification programs) — 38
PHYSICS (PHY) College of Science and Allied Health Department Chair: Gubbi Sudhakaran 2018 Cowley Hall, 608-785-8431 e-mail: Web site: Professors: Pillai, Sudhakaran; Associate Professors: ... Independent work by a student under the super-vision of a faculty member. The student must submit a written report and give an oral presentation on the results of the investigation. Regular conferences should be arranged by the student with the adviser. Open to selected advanced students who have excellent records in the department. Admission by consent of the department chair. Repeatable for credit with permission of department chair. (Cross-listed with AST; may only earn credit in PHY or AST, not both.)

84. EdPost:home
Your one stop site for posting education employment opportunities to everyMinnesota College and University with teacher certification programs.
Welcome to EdPost!
Your one stop site for posting education employment opportunities to every Minnesota College and University with teacher certification programs.
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86. Theodore Hodapp's Pedagogy Page
Here is SciMath MN. A collaboration in the State of minnesota to look at teachercertification and other issues as they effect Science and Math.
Teaching is a great adventure. Just when you think you understand how students get "it", they don't because you have changed or they have changed or "it" has changed. I have been involved in a number of different projects concerned with pedagogy. Most of these projects are aimed at undergraduate science education, but many have applications in a variety of other subjects and at various levels. I think I can say without a doubt that there are ways of being more effective in the classroom that anyone can learn. Certainly there are "born" teachers. In my mind, these are the people that can find a way to motivate students to learn things, but most of us do not have that special gift. For us, we need to understand what students know, what they don't know and how most effectively they can learn the material. Inherent in this is for us, as teachers, to understand what material is truely important. In physics and science education this can be a tricky question. One of the most recent things I have been involved in is working up demonstrations that we can take into Elementary school environments. Andy Rundquist and I have been inspired by the work of the Physics Force . This group of HIgh school and college level Physics teachers has put together some very fun and amazing Physics demos. Andy and I are committed to (or should be committed) to developing our own set with our own brand of humor for schools. Here are a few examples of what we have put together so far:
  • Air in Motion . Our first example deals with how sound and waves travel.

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