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         Otters Sea:     more books (100)
  1. Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter, The by Nora Dohlke, 2009-08-10
  2. Sea Otters 2011 Square 12X12 Wall Calendar by BrownTrout Publishers Inc, 2010-06-28
  3. Good Night, Little Sea Otter by Janet Halfmann, 2010-09-15
  4. Jane Goodall's Animal World: Sea Otters by Ruth Ashby, 1990-05
  5. A day in the life of a sea otter by Kay McDearmon, 1973
  6. Let's Look at Sea Otters (Lightning Bolt Books -- Animal Close-Ups) by Laura Hamilton Waxman, 2010-08
  7. Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter by Nancy Carlstrom, 1997-05-19
  8. Sea Otters
  9. Southern Sea Otters: Fur-tastrophe Avoided (America's Animal Comebacks) by Jeanette Leardi, 2007-07-31
  10. Otter on His Own: The Story of a Sea Otter/Mini Book and 7" Plush Toy (Smithsonian Oceanic Collection) by Doe Boyle, 1995-03-01
  11. The World of the Sea Otter by Stefani Paine, 1995-11
  12. Sea Otter in the Eastern Pacific Ocean by Karl W. Kenyon, 1975-11-24
  13. Sea Otters (Pebble Plus) by Rake, JodyS., 2007-09-01
  14. California Sea Otter Trade, 1784-1848 (reprint of 1941 edition) by Adele Ogden, 1975-12

21. Ed - Alaskan Fine Art
Alaskan, marine, wildlife, and landscape prints and original paintings by artist Ed Tussey. Glaciers, whales, seascapes, and sea otters are some of the sujects Mr. Tussey captures on canvas.
Tussey's Fine Arts welcomes you to the website of artist Ed Tussey This site will enable you to view the artist's limited edition prints, current print values , information on new releases upcoming shows and exhibits originals , and a listing of galleries that feature the work of Ed Tussey. Please contact us with any inquiries you may have regarding Tussey artwork. - Jacki Tussey, Tussey's Fine Arts home prints originals about the artist galleries ... what's new Designed by
and may not be used without permission.

22. The Marine Animals Of Monterey Bay
Features, characteristics, and local habitat of fish, octopus, squid, seals, sea otters, and whales of the Monterey Bay region in California.

23. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Focus On Sea Otters - Otter Cam
Male juvenile sea otters can cover hundreds of kilometers in a matter of days. ,sea otters can breed, give birth and raise their young entirely at sea.
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-select- Jellies Kelp Forest Monterey Bay Outer Bay Penguins Sea Otter Cons. Sea Otters Seafood Watch
Otters use their sense of touch at least as much as their eyes. Their long whiskers help them detect vibrations in murky waters, and they use their sensitive paws to locate and capture prey under water.
Otters in the wild must eat up to one-quarter of their body weight a day just to stay alive. They spend about eight hours a day foraging and feeding.

24. Marine Mammals
Brief information on Bottlenosed Dolphins, Orcas, and sea otters.

25. OTTERS (sea Otters And River Otters )- Pictures And Information
sea otters are found in the ocean and are rarely seen on land. sea otters havepaddleshaped hind legs. sea otters dive to the ocean floor for food.
Sea otters are found in the ocean and are rarely seen on land.
Sea otters have paddle-shaped hind legs.
Sea otters dive to the ocean floor for food.
They use their hands to feel for the food .
Sea otters eat a wide variety of seafood. The sea otter sleeps, grooms, hunts, gives birth,
rests and plays in the ocean. Sea otters spend
alot of time floating on their backs.
The mother carries her pup on her stomach .
The baby is not able to dive until it is
nearly 2 months old.
If the sea otter's fur becomes covered with oil, it will not be able to float and keep warm.
A family of river otters may include 3 or 4 young, while the sea otter usually has a single pup, born in the water. The river otter makes a tunnel into the side of a river bank. At the end of the tunnel is a den lined with grass. A river otter's tail is much longer than the sea otter's . The tail is about 2/3 the length of its head and body. River otters do not float on their backs. River otters swim in rivers, streams, and oceans. They often come on shore.

26. Otter Bay Gifts, Marine Mammal Merchandise, Including Sea Otters, River Otters,
Specializes in items related to marine mammals, specifically sea otters, whales, and dolphins.
Welcome to Otter Bay Gifts
We have some great gift ideas for lovers of the sea and you. Our main focus is on marine mammals, including sea otters whales dolphins sea lions ... penguins, and polar bears . But we carry other items, including reef life (seahorses, rays, crabs, octopus), sea birds pelicans, puffins, egrets, gulls beavers ... mermaids and lighthouses. Otter Bay Gifts carries calendars jewelry T-shirts and sweatshirts ... windchimes and suncatchers . W e are proud to carry products from Wyland and Lou Rankin , United Designs, Healthy Planet Whispering Winds Liberty Graphics Browntrout Publishers and many other fine manufacturers. Sale Items Listing
New Items:
Beach and Seashore Items Stained Glass and Art Glass Sea Dragon and Jelly Fish T-Shirts New shaped jigsaw puzzles Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $100 and more...look for the symbol Check out our "NEW & COMING SOON" page Otter Bay Gifts is proud to carry these fine product lines:
Butterflies Dragonflies Fairies ... Misc. Critters

27. Otters - Sea Otter Gifts From Whales And Friends
otters sea Otter gifts and collectibles including jewelry, clothing,and more from Whales Friends. sea otters At Play Music Box
Animals Whales Wolves Dolphins Manatees Butterflies Eagles Penguins Deer Cats Frogs Lizards Safari Sea Otters Turtles Birds Insects Fish/Shells Bears Dinosaurs Dogs Categories Spring 2003 Spring 2002 Outlet Children: Clothing Toys Jewelry: Anklets Bracelets Earrings Evan Lloyd Hair Access. Keychains Necklaces Pendants Pins Rings Watches Zipper Pulls




Nurses Gifts
Sea otters dive for food and return to the surface carrying a rock in one paw and a shellfish in the other. The otter floats on its back and breaks the shellfish open by banging it against the rock held on its chest. It is one of few animals that use a tool to eat. Showing Products: 1 - 12 More Animals
Click Me! Plush Sea Otter
CU075 - Plush Sea Otter
This endearing plush critter holding a starfish is made for years of cuddling. 13”.

28. Minnesota Zoo/Animals/Northern Trail
Contains information about sea otters. Information includes habitat, diet, and physical description.
Select an animal Beaver Bull Snake Eastern Cottontail Ermine Fisher Great Horned Owl Lynx Minnesota Bats Otter Porcupine Puma Saw-whet Owl Southern Flying Squirrel Spotted Skunk Timber Rattler Wolverine Animal Search A-Z Otter SSP Species / Endangered Species Description: Head and body length: 55-80 cm (21.5 - 31.5 in); tail: 30-50 cm (11.75 - 19.75 in); weight: 4.5-14 kg (10-30 lbs). Upper parts are brownish and underparts are paler; lower jaw and throat may be whitish. Rich dark brown to chocolate to seal brown; fur is short and dense; head is flattened and round with short neck; tail is thick, flexible and muscular, tapering to point at the end; short legs and webbed feet; small ears and nostrils can be closed when animal is submerged. Males are about 5% larger than females; long slender body. To learn more click here.

29. Arctic Studies Center
sea otters are playful animals that spend almost all their time in the sea. In thedaytime sea otters float on their backs eating Abalone, their favorite food.
Vikings Looking Both Ways Arctic Wildlife Crossroads/Continents Yup'ik Masks Alutiiq Dance Arctic Social Sciences Repatriation Yamal Ainu
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Sea Otter
Enhydra lutris Sea Otters are playful animals that spend almost all their time in the sea. They eat, sleep, and even have their babies in the water. In the daytime sea otters float on their backs eating Abalone, their favorite food. To open the Abalone shell they place a small rock on their chest and smash the shell against it. Sea otters are one of the few mammals, beside humans, that use tools. They will use strands of kelp to tie themselves into the kelp beds for a secure night's sleep. They love to frolic with other otters and seals. Unlike seals and walrus, sea otters have no blubber to keep them warm in the cold arctic waters. Air trapped in their fur keeps them warm and bouyant. Oil spills can damage this fine fur and cause the otter to get very cold and die. That is why volunteers cleaned the sea otters so carefully after the oil spills in Alaska. Sea otters also faced great dangers from hunters who wanted their valuable coats. They were hunted so heavily in the 18-19th Centuries that they had to be placed on the U.S. government endangered species list. Now the populations have come back to a large extent, but conservationists would like to continue to protect them. Fishermen would like them off the endangered species list in order to protect the abalone harvest.

30. Sitka Educational Wildlife Tour, Puffins & Whale Watching In Southeast Alaska
Tours led by Captain Walt Cunningham to see birds, sea otters, whales, and coastal habitats of the Sitka Sound.
Educational Mar i ne Tours
Captain Walt Cunningham
709 Lincoln Street, Sitka AK 99835
You see tufted puffins, bald eagles and numerous unusual pelagic birds on your trip with Walt. Sitka Sound's beautiful panorama unfolds for you to view, as you learn about our marine neighbors, the sea otters, birds, the whales and our fisheries. You have a Captain with over thirty years of Alaskan wildlife, marine mammal research and boat experience showing you spectacular Sitka Sound. You'll experience a side of Sitka most guests never see. Comfort of an enclosed 26 foot boat
for your personalized trip, 2 to 4 people
specific questions, or to plan your trip
email Walt looking for a drop off in Sitka Sound
Sitka WhaleFest
Nov. 3 th th th credits available Though our celebration is new ( 4 years ) the Sitka WhaleFest is rapidly developing into an extremely popular event for the scientists active in marine sciences in the northern Pacific, our selves and our guests. If you desire to see, hear and take part in active question and answer session after each presentation with some of cutting edge cetaceans and pinnipeds scientists, you need to be in Sitka the first weekend in November

31. Ocean Friends Images - Home
Photographs of marine mammals; including whales, dolphins, seals, and sea otters.
Home Gallery Ordering Bio Contact ... Information
Paul Ratcliffe, an award winning and internationally published photographer, has been photographing whales and other marine life for over 20 years. Through these pictures, presented here at Ocean Friends Images , he hopes to show the beauty and majesty of these amazing animals.

32. Chris' Whale Watching Trips - Monterey, California
Whale watching excursions along scenic Monterey Bay. See whales, dolphins, and sea otters.
Chris' Whale Watching
48 Fisherman's Wharf
Monterey, CA 93940
The Skippers
Today's Whales

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Our Fleet
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Welcome! Chris' Whale Watching Trips offers whale watching year-round. From early December to early April, we have 26,000 grey whales in the Monterey Bay. December, January and Februaray, they are migrating from Alaska to Mexico to give birth to their calfs. From the end of February to early april, the whales return with their calfs. You'll also see killer whales and many different types of dolphins and porpoise. Sea lions and sea otters are also common. Our whale watching trips are 2 hours long and fully narrated by our skippers , some who have been doing this for 30 years. It's a beautiful and educational trip. The trips run every day. Call us for times. The cost is $18.00 for adults and $12.00 for children. School and group rates are available.
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The Skippers Today's Whales Request Info ...
SunStar Media

33. Sea Kayak Alaska: True North Kayaks, Homer, Alaska
Paddle protected waters inhabitied with sea otters, puffins and seals. No experience necessary.
Sea kayak Alaska's coastal wilderness Paddle with sea otters, bald eagles and puffins in protected waters surrounded by majestic peaks. Located near Homer Alaska, we are one of the largest and oldest sea kayak companies on the Kenai Peninsula. No experience necessary "These may have been the best days of our vacation." -David (New York

34. OTTERNET.COM Species Profiles- Sea Otter
There are, in fact, two kinds of sea otters, Southern sea otters, which live moreto the south than Alaskan sea otters. sea otters love to explore new foods.





Species Profile: Sea Otter
Enhydra lutris
The sea Otter is perhaps the best known otters. When you think of an otter, most probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the cute, cuddily face of the Southern Sea Otter. There are, in fact, two kinds of Sea Otters, Southern Sea Otters, which live more to the south than Alaskan Sea Otters. Other than the distinction in size and habitat, they are very much alike.
Sea Otters are unique marine mammals in that they use tools such as rocks to open their prey such as the shells of abalone. These social otters float in rafts in the Pacific Ocean just offshore. They have extraordinarily dense fur to keep them warm and are the heaviest otter species.
Next: North American River Otter Galleries Bottom Size From the head to the body it is 550 mm. to 1300 mm., the tail is 125 mm. to 330 mm., making the total length from 675 mm. to 1630 mm. Now that is BIG! Sea Otters are the heaviest of all the otters, and with the males weighing up to 45 kg that is not hard to believe. Feet The Sea Otter has small fore paws that have no noticeable fingers. The back paws look a lot like flippers because of the webbed toes. When swimming underwater, the Sea Otter is a great navigator. The hind feet push the sea otter foward in great swoops, and the front paws pull it along. The paws do not look really sensitive or manipulative, but surprisingly they are quite agile. Sea Otters have short semi-retractable claws on their paws. The otters can rub, roll, pull, and twist with lots of strength. They are agile enough to take buttons, belts, rings, and things in pockets with ease that only comes from pickpockets. The Sea Otter will use its paws to stash food from the bottom of the ocean in baggy pockets of skin under its forelegs. Once back on the top, floating comfortably on its back and anchored to kelp, the Otter will retrieve the food, sometimes opening it with a rock on its belly, and enjoy its meal.

35. Otter Bay Gifts - Sea Otter Clothing
, Choose Quantity. Children'ssea Otter Socks - sea otters are featured on these children's socks.......sea otters Clothing. Click to enlarge, Product
Sea Otters - Clothing
Desk Figurines Plush Assorted 1 ... Books Click to enlarge Product Description Choose Quantity Children's Sea Otter Socks - sea otters are featured on these children's socks. Children sizes: 4 - 6 (9 - 24 months)
6 - 8 (2 - 4 years)
7 - 9 (4 - 8 years)
Price $5.95 Size 4-6 Size 6-8 Size 7-9
Code #675 Soft Sculpture Sea Otter Bib - features Velcro removable 3-D toys and a Velcro back fastener.
Price $9.99
Code #391 Floating Sea Otter Cap
- Cute kid's cap with a floating sea otter on a chambray colored cap. 100% cotton. Be sure to checkout the matching T-shirt.
Price $10.45
Code #424 Floating Otter Tees
- Cute kid tees with a floating sea otter on a chambray colored shirt. Youth X-Small (2/4), Small (6/8), Medium (10/12) and Large (14/16). 100% cotton. Be sure to checkout the matching cap.
Price $10.99 Youth X-Small Youth Small Youth Medium Youth Large
Code #423 Youth Sea Otter 1 T-shirt - by Liberty Graphics. Printed with 100% water-based inks for your comfort and our environment. T-shirt color - White. Youth Sizes: XS - Med.

36. >>amy's Sea Otter Page<<
Information on a number of lutrine species. Includes pictures as well as habitat and behavior information concerning sea otters, Enhydra lutris.

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  • 37. Otter Bay Gifts - Sea Otter Assorted Merchandise
    sea otters Assorted 1.
    Sea Otters - Assorted 1
    Clothing Desk Figurines Plush ... Books Click to enlarge Product Description Choose Quantity Boxed Milk Chocolate Sea Otter - Milk chocolate boxed sea otter. Made with 4 ounces of guittard chocolate. Made by Gosanko Chocolate Art.
    Price $7.99
    Code #1024 Sea Otter Pewter Voltive Holder
    - pewter voltive candle holder with glass insert. Approximately 2-1/2" high.
    Price $7.99
    Code #1676 Sea Otter Sculpted Candle
    - This sculpted candle is hand-painted in several steps to create the illusion of carved stone. Approximate size: 3" x 5"
    Price $8.99
    Code #1196 Sea Otter Porcelain Votive
    - Votive comes with candle. Size 4" x 3-1/2"H. Boxed.
    Price $9.95
    Code #148 Sea Otter Pewter Frame
    - Holds a 6" x 4" photo. Overall size is 7-1/8" wide x 5-3/8" high.
    Price $13.49
    Code #2361 Sea Otter Crossing Sign
    - aluminum 12" x 12" sign. Corrosion and weatherproof. Two pre-punched holes for convenient mounting to walls, posts or fences. An Otter Bay Gifts exclusive item. Price $10.99 Code #2116 Sea Otter Garden Flag - Made from 100% Dupont Nylon. Size 12" x 16"

    38. Animal Bytes: Sea Otter
    Class Mammalia Order Carnivora Family Mustelidae Genus species Enhydra lutrisStatus sea otters once lived along most of the coastal North Pacific Ocean.
    sea otter
    Fast Facts
    Common Name: sea otter
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Mustelidae
    Genus species: Enhydra lutris
    Status: Sea otters once lived along most of the coastal North Pacific Ocean. That was before fur traders hunted them for their thick, luxurious pelts. By the year 1900, sea otters were nearly extinct. Today they're protected. The California population is still smallabout 2,000 sea otters spread over only about 226 km (140 mi.) of central California coastline. California sea otters are listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.
    Fun Facts
    1. Two separate populations of sea otters live in North America: Alaska sea otters and California sea otters. 2. The sea otter's brown to black fur is the finest and densest of any animal fur. On a large animal, there an estimated 650,000 hairs per square inch. A sea otter relies on its fur to keep it warmit doesn't have blubber as other marine mammals do. Natural oils in a sea otter's fur repel water and trap tiny air bubbles, providing a layer of warm air between the otter's skin and the harsh elements of its environment. 3. Sea otters spend up to 48% of the daylight hours grooming their fur. They groom by rubbing fur with their forepaws. Their strong claws comb and rake the fur. Then they roll and whirl in the water to smooth their fur.

    39. Ask Shamu: Sea Otter
    In the mid1700s Russian hunters began harvesting sea otters for theirpelts. sea otters were nearly extinct by the turn of the century.
    Ask Shamu: sea otter
    a rehabilitated sea otter is groomed at Sea World of California
    Did you know...
    Historically, the sea otter was found from the northern coast of Japan up through the Kurile Islands and the Commander Islands; across the Aleutian Islands; and down the coasts of Alaska, Canada, and the western United States to central Baja California. In the mid-1700s Russian hunters began harvesting sea otters for their pelts. By the late 1700s the Russians were jointed by American and English fur traders. The 1800s saw large-scale otter harvesting and fur trading operations. Sea otters were nearly extinct by the turn of the century. Less than 2,000 otters remained. The International Fur Seal Treaty of 1911 stopped further exploitation of sea otters. Populations have gradually increased since then. Presently, the sea otter lives in shallow waters off Alaska and Aleutian Islands, the Commander Islands, and along the California coast from Santa Cruz to Point Conception. Ask Shamu Index SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database

    40. Help Save The Sea Otters
    But from that high, the species has declined, and today there are only 1,950 southernsea otters left alive. Help save the sea otters! Dear Secretary Norton,.
    Sea Otter Animation Find Out More
    Adopt a Sea Otter

    Sea Otter Video

    Official Defenders Gear
    Defenders Home Page

    You can help save sea otters by using a Defenders of Wildlife credit card.
    Apply Today!

    Defenders of Wildlife does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.
    For many years, it appeared that the southern sea otter was destined to be a success story of endangered species, saved from the brink of extinction. After being rediscovered along the California coast in the 1930s, the population grew from only a few hundred beleaguered animals to nearly 2,400 individuals in 1995. But from that high, the species has declined, and today there are only 1,950 southern sea otters left alive. Sea otters are what scientists refer to as "keystone species," a term that refers to their functional role within their ecosystem. The feeding habits of the sea otter have a top-down effect on the marine ecosystem, meaning that their actions affect organisms lower in the food chain. Sea otters are also indicators of the health of that ecosystem. Scientists are not sure why sea otters are steadily declining along the California coast. The potential causes are disease, drowning in fishing gear, lack of food and habitat degradation. Research is desperately needed. Yet repeated federal budget cuts have eliminated money for even the most basic studies.

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