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         Otters Sea:     more books (100)
  1. The southern sea otter (Endangered animals) by Ernie Holyer, 1975
  2. What Is a California Sea Otter? by Jack A. Graves, 1977-06
  3. Sea Otters and Seaweed by Patricia Lauber, 1976-10
  4. In Forbidden Seas. Recollections of Sea-Otter Hunting in the Kurils by H.J. Snow, 1910
  5. Saving sea otters: these furry swimmers help keep the ocean healthy, but sea otters are struggling to survive. Can scientists help?(life science): An article from: SuperScience by Ruth A. Musgrave, 2007-11-01
  6. Handbook of Marine Mammals - Vol 1: The Walrus, Sea Lions, Fur Seals and Sea Otter
  7. Sea otter population and transplant studies in Alaska, 1959 by Karl W. Kenyon, 1960-01-01
  8. The Sea Otter's Struggle by Jane H. Bailey, 1985-03-01
  9. Ode to Oliver: The Adventures of a Sea Otter
  10. The Story of Sea Otters by William Johnson, 1973-10-12
  11. Sea otter by Jane Annixter, 1972
  12. My Friend the Sea Otter (Schneider, Jeffrey. Ocean Magic Book.) by Jeffrey Schneider, John Schneider, 1991-02
  13. Threat to the Sea Otters (The Ecology Kidds) by Elaine Pageler, 1995-06
  14. Sea Otters (Crabapples) by Bobbie Kalman, 1996-10

61. Sea Otters Of Alaska
area including bald eagles, brown and black bear, coyote, Sitka deer, harbor seals,killer whales, Steller’s sea lion, river otters, sea otters, mink, weasels
News Room Educational Resources Order an Expedition Guide Contact Us
Sea Otters of Alaska
Research Mission:
Applying modern technology to the conservation of an ever-popular but declining species
Dr. Randall W. Davis
Professor, Department of Marine Biology
He has studied marine mammals, including sea otters, for over 22 years.
Dear Volunteer,
We will be living in a comfortable log cabin nestled in the spruce and hemlock tress overlooking Alice Cove. Despite its remote location, the cabin has a living/working area, fully equipped kitchen (propane stove and oven), RV-type toilet (supplemented with an outhouse), and hot shower (showering will be limited to 3 minutes/person/day). The cabin is heated with either wood or oil-burning stoves. Fresh water is plumbed into the cabin from a nearby stream. A generator and a bank of 12-volt batteries provide electrical power. Volunteers will sleep in heated Weatherport or house-tents erected on platforms near the cabin. Meals will consist mainly of food purchased in Cordova and brought to Alice Cove. Volunteers and staff will prepare food using pre-arranged menus, and we will eat dinners as a group.
I look forward to seeing you in Alaska.

62. Sea Otter Printout-
sea otters are sleek, furry, streamlined marine mammals that live along rockyPacific Ocean coasts. Diet sea otters are carnivores (meateaters).
Sea Otter Animal Printouts
Label Me! Printouts

Sea otters are sleek, furry, streamlined marine mammals that live along rocky Pacific Ocean coasts, bays, and kelp beds. They are found from the coast of California through Alaska and along the eastern coast of Russia to northern Japan. This type of weasel spends most of its time in the water, where it is fast and graceful; it is slow and awkward on land. The scientific name is Enhydra lutris (Genus species). The sea otter is a protected species because of previous overhunting (they were once hunted for their thick, dense fur). Anatomy : Sea otters are up to about 4 feet (1.3 meters) long and weigh from 45 to 82 pounds (20-37 kilograms). They have webbed hind feet which they use to swim; the forefeet are smaller. The claws are semi-retractible. The ears and nostrils close when the otter is underwater. Sea otters sleep and rest on their backs, usually anchored in a kelp (seaweed) bed. Fur : Sea otters are kept warm in the cold Pacific Ocean by their dense fur and high metabolism; they are the only marine mammal that has no layer of insulating fat. Sea otters have the densest fur of any mammal; the coat has over half a million hairs per square inch. Careful grooming with the forepaws keeps the fur waterproof. Oil spills cause the fur to lose its waterproof quality, causing the sea otter to get hypothermia, usually killing it. Diet : Sea otters are carnivores (meat-eaters). They eat

63. Surfing The Net With Kids: Sea Otters
sea otters. Friends of the sea otters. In January 1977, the US Fish andWildlife Service placed sea otters on the Endangered Species list.
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64. Discover Learning Web Journey - Sea Otters
Where do sea otters live? sea otters live in kelp forests and baysalong the coasts of the north Pacific Ocean. The only sea otters
your home online for
Learning Home
LEARNING Where do sea otters live?
Sea otters live in kelp forests and bays along the coasts of the north Pacific Ocean. The only sea otters near Vancouver live at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. Sea otters Milo and Nyac are permanent residents at the Aquarium and are always a treat to visit. Milo is short for Milenio. Milo is a male sea otter whereas Nyac is a female.
How deep can a sea otter dive?
A typical sea otter can dive 30 m deep and stay underwater for 1 to 2 1/2 minutes. If you and Nyac tried a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest, who do you think would win?
You - 36.7%
Nyac - 63.3%
What hurts sea otter populations?
In areas where the sea life that killer whales normally prey on is becoming scarce, killer whales have started eating sea otters. Eagles will also capture and eat young sea otters. Oil spills are particularly damaging to sea otter populations. Nyac is actually a survivor from the Exxon Valdez spill. The Exxon Valdez spill happened in 1989 when an oil tanker ran aground in the Prince William Sound off Alaska, spilling 232,000 barrels of oil into the ocean. She is providing valuable information on the long-term survival of animals exposed to oil. In the 1700s and 1800s fur traders hunted sea otters to extinction along the British Columbia Coast. Since then it has been made illegal to hunt sea otters. Milo and Nyac are pleased about the government protection but oil spills are a constant worry for their relatives along the coast. Only one tablespoon of oil on a sea otter's fur will reduce the otter's ability to keep warm and it will die quickly.

65. Those Naughty Sea Otters
Those Naughty sea otters. I'm not overly fond of sea otters. There, I said itand I'm glad. But do sea otters exhibit such responsibility? I think not.
Those Naughty Sea Otters
I'm not overly fond of sea otters.
There, I said it and I'm glad. In fact, I am more than glad. Suddenly, I have the lightness of spirit normally reserved for winning Olympic athletes, pilgrims in sight of the Promised Land and the criminally insane. Yes, yes, I know otters are cute, with their little squashed-in faces, hand-like paws and black button noses. And yes, I have seen all of those adorable little mannerisms: the paw-waving, the superciliosus smiles, the grooming; all of which inevitably evoke ooshy-gooshy responses in easily-swayed humans. And I also realize they are a growth industry in central California; tourists here gobble up sea otter curios like so much jalapeno-flavored popcorn. Every bar in Monterey offers "Sea Otter Margaritas", every trinket shop sells battery-operated plastic sea otter dolls that smash plastic rocks against plastic abalones and every department store pushes "Mother and Baby Sea Otter" garlic shredders made out of genuine redwood burl. Despite this outpouring of emotion, I still think otters are overrated. Now, I don't want a flood of anguished letters calling me bad names and casting aspersions upon my character. For one thing there's not that much to cast aspersions upon. So, save yourself some time. Don't hobble over to your writing desk, pull out that hideous monogrammed stationary, put quill to paper and pen some quasi-coherent complaint. I'm not suggesting we turn otters into hats. I just think the hoopla is overblown.

66. EVOS-Oil Spill Facts-Status Of Sea Otters
Detailed information about the current status of sea ottersin the Exxon Valdez oil spill region.
Q and A Spill Map Spill Photos Details about the Accident ... Topical Bibliographies Sea Otter Injury
By the late 1800s, sea otters had been eliminated from most of their historical range in Alaska due to excessive harvesting by Russian and American fur traders. Surveys of sea otters in the 1970s and 1980s, however, indicated a healthy and expanding population in most of Alaska , including Prince William Sound Today the only harvests of sea otters are for subsistence purposes. About 1,000 sea otter carcasses were recovered following the spill, and additional animals probably died but were not recovered. In 1990 and 1991, higher-than-expected proportions of prime-age adult sea otters were found dead in western Prince William Sound , and there was evidence of higher mortality of recently weaned juveniles in oiled areas. Recovery Goal
A return to conditions that would have existed had the spill not occurred.

67. Ocean Conservancy : Issues : Fish And Wildlife : Sea Otters
Learn about sea otters and the threats they face and how you can help.The Ocean pollution. sea otters, Related Links Materials. sea
Issues Fish and Wildlife : Sea Otters Threats to Our Oceans Fish and Wildlife Beluga Whales Bocaccio ... Law and Policy Giant kelp has no roots, yet can grow to 200 feet, and is the world's largest and fastest growing plant in the sea. Sea Otters Sea otters average four feet in length and weigh between 40-60 pounds. While their bodies are adapted for water - they have flipper-like hind feet and broad flat tails - sea otters are actually quite slow swimmers when compared to other marine mammals. Unlike most marine mammals, sea otters lack a thick layer of fat to insulate them from cold temperatures. Instead, they have an extremely dense coat of fur which helps to trap a layer of air close to their skin to keep them warm. Female sea otters are ready to bear young at three to four years, and normally give birth to one pup. Since pups are heavily dependent upon their mothers for up to one year, sea otters usually reproduce every other year. Sea otter pups are typically two feet in length and weigh between three and five pounds at birth. Southern sea otters are found along the central coast of California. They eat sea urchins, mollusks, squid, crabs, and clams. Their teeth are specially adapted to eating shellfish, allowing them to crush shells and scoop out meat. They will occasionally eat finfish, but their rounded teeth lack the sharp edges necessary to handle the slippery prey.

68. Sea Otter
sea otters are members of the weasel family, with large eyes and thick, dark brownfur. Killer whales normally don't eat sea otters because they are too small.
Center for Biological Diversity
Sea Otter ( Enhydra lutris
Sea Otter - mother and pup Aleutian Sea Otter California Sea Otter Other Sea Otter Conservation Groups The Otter Project
Friends of the Otter

Monterey Bay Aquarium
For Kids Otter trivia
Otter science

General Sea otter vocalizations
U.S. Fishand Wildlife Service

69. Gander Academy: Sea Otters
teachers. It presents a series of web pages listing world wide web resourceson sea otters. Gander Academy sea otters, Friends
Gander Academy
Sea Otters
  • Friends of the Sea Otter
  • Sea World: Sea Otters
    Sea otters once lived along most of the coastal North Pacific Ocean. That was before fur traders hunted them for their thick, luxurious pelts. By the year 1900, sea otters were nearly extinct. Today they're protected. The California population is still smallabout 2,000 sea otters spread over only about 226 km (140 mi.) of central California coastline. California sea otters are listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Sea Otter Page
    Hi there! You've come to the one stop otter shop. Here you can find everything you are looking for about sea otters. This site contains a collection of pictures, information on sea otters, and links to many other sea otter web sites.
  • Ask Shamu: sea otter
    Historically, the sea otter was found from the northern coast of Japan up through the Kurile Islands and the Commander Islands; across the Aleutian Islands; and down the coasts of Alaska, Canada, and the western United States to central Baja California.
  • An Introduction to Sea Otters
    Sea otters are the smallest marine mammals; they are furry creatures that spend almost all of their lives in the ocean. Although they resemble small seals, sea otters are not related to seals.
  • 70. Sea Otter Resources For Students
    Gander Academy sea otters, sea otters. sea otters Where do sea otters live? How manysea otters are there? Have there always been sea otters in British Columbia?
    Gander Academy
    Sea Otters
    General Resources

    General Resources
    Top of Page
    Sea Otters
    Sea Otters

    Where do sea otters live? How many sea otters are there? Have there always been sea otters in British Columbia? Are all sea otters endangered?
    Introduction to Sea Otters

    Sea otters are the smallest marine mammals; they are furry creatures that spend almost all of their lives in the ocean. Although they resemble small seals, sea otters are not related to seals. They are actually related to weasels, badgers, and minks.
    Sea Otters

    Sea Otters are playful animals that spend almost all their time in the sea. They eat, sleep, and even have their babies in the water. In the daytime sea otters float on their backs eating Abalone, their favorite food.
    Sea Otters
    The sea otter (Enhydra lutris) lives in shallow water areas along the shores of the North Pacific. Its range once extended from southern California north then west through the Aleutian Islands, to the Kamchatka Peninsula, and south to the northern islands of Japan. Sea Otters: Primitive Tool Users Sea otters are very well adapted to life in the ocean. They have webbed toes on their hind feet to aid in swimming. They also have very thick fur which offers protection from the cold. The fur also traps in air bubbles which help keep the otters afloat.

    71. Sea Otter Population Not At Risk...
    1998) evaluating potential risks to US Pacific Coast sea otters (Enhydra lutris)consuming shellfish containing tributyltin (TBT) found that sea otter
    MM_preloadImages('../header/z4pt5.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z3pt5.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z13.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z22.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z18.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z12.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z15.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z25.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z16.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z23.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z19.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z13.jpg'); MM_preloadImages('../header/z10.jpg');
    Environmental Research: Introduction Commonly Asked Questions
    Marine Mammals Sea Otters Sea Birds Marine Snails (Monitoring) Marine Snails - Imposex Aquatic Life ... References Performance Cost: Introduction Costs Technologies Longevity ... References Regulations: Introduction Overview Current Background: Introduction History Issue Summary Complexities of Risk Assessment ... References Sea Otter Population Not at Risk from TBT in Their Diet
    Researchers (MacLellan et al. 1998) evaluating potential risks to US Pacific Coast sea otters (

    72. Sea Otter
    Population Today there are fewer than 2,000 southern sea otters off the coast ofCalifornia. Southern sea otters typically reach about four feet in length.>> Marine Wildlife
    American Alligator ... Make a Difference SEA OTTER (Enhydra lutris)
    The sea otter has the thickest fur in the animal kingdom. Status: Threatened off California. Population: Today there are fewer than 2,000 southern sea otters off the coast of California. Almost 150,000 northern sea otters inhabit the coastline of Alaska, and there are approximately 9,000 in Russia (Siberia). Two hundred years ago, demand for the otter's pelt nearly led to its extinction. Threats: Oil spills, habitat loss, plastic entanglement, and conflict with abalone fishermen. Survival: The average sea otter lives 10 or 11 years.
    Unlike other marine mammals, the sea otter does not have a layer of blubber (fat) to help keep it warm. If an otter's fur gets coated with oil or any other substance, the otter can easily die from cold and exposure. The sea otter is the largest member of the weasel family. Southern sea otters typically reach about four feet in length. Females average 45 pounds, while males average 65 pounds. Alaskan or northern sea otters can reach up to 100 pounds.

    73. Corwin's Carnival Of Creatures -- Animal Planet -- Corwin, Creatures
    Social animals, sea otters live in family groups. Descended from river otters,sea otters are larger and are never seen in freshwater rivers or lakes.
    Lost? View the Carnival Map
    Visit the Video Zoo for amazing documentaries on animals from around the world.
    Special Exhibit! Sharks: Beyond the Jaws
    Back to Water Beasts Sea Otter Enhydra lutris
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Mustelidae
    • Male sea otters average 5 feet and 70 pounds; females average 4 feet and 60 pounds.
    • They are dark brown with lighter heads that turn grayish white with age.
    • Sea Otters live in shallow coastal waters, especially kelp beds.
    • They range from central California north to Prince William Sound, Alaska, and westward along the Aleutian, Commander and Kuril islands. They can also be on the southern tip of Siberia's Kamchatka Peninsula, and the southeastern coast of Sakhalin Island.
    III. DIET:
    • Carnivores, sea otters prey on bottom-dwelling invertebrate species such as abalone, urchins, clams and crabs. They are expert divers.
    • Highly intelligent, otters use rocks for cracking shells as they float on their backs while feeding.
    • They spend about eight hours a day diving and eating.

    74. California Experts Cite Multiple Threats As Sea Otters' Recovery Unravels
    Activists have successfully lobbied for restrictions on gill nets fishingnets that can entangle otters, sea birds and other wildlife.
    California Experts Cite Multiple Threats as Sea Otters' Recovery Unravels
    Cute and furry, Rosa and Mae are stars of the sea otter world. Every week, thousands of people crowd into the Monterey Bay Aquarium to watch these whiskered creatures as they frolic in a glass-paneled tank.
    In a matter of years, aquariums could be the only place people regularly see sea otters, say many marine scientists. After a strong recovery for most of the last century, sea otters are declining in California and across much of their range, particularly in the remote Aleutian Islands of the North Pacific.
    What is killing these marine mammals? Disease. Shark bites. Pollution. Fishing practices. In California, all these threats are thought to be part of a die-off that started in 1995.
    In the Aleutians, it's a different story. An entire ecosystem is out of whack. Whales, once the major prey of orcas and other predators, have declined because of excess hunting. Now, say scientists, orcas have turned their teeth on sea otters, killing tens of thousands in the last two decades.
    'Sea otters are going down the road to ecological extirpation,' said Jim Estes, a Santa Cruz-based scientist for the U.S. Geological Survey who has long studied the Aleutians. Sea otter recovery, he said, was one of the great conservation successes of the century. 'Now we are seeing it lost in our lifetime,' he said.

    75. | Trivia: Sea Otters
    Alaska Trivia More Alaska trivia pixel. sea otters Is the sea otterrelated to seals or to minks? Older sea otters often develop a silvery head.
    Search Find Help


    Search Alaska articles for...
    TIP: Separate words with AND or OR unless using an exact phrase.
    Alaska Business Search
    Business type Get List
    or Business name Location Anchorage Barrow Bethel Delta Jct. Denali Park Dillingham Dutch Harbor Fairbanks Haines Homer Juneau Kenai (city) Ketchikan King Salmon Kodiak Kotzebue Nome Palmer Seward Sitka Skagway Soldotna Talkeetna Unalaska Wasilla Wrangell Alaska Trivia More Alaska trivia Sea otters Is the sea otter related to seals or to minks? A sea otter eats one of its favorite foods a crab. (Erik Hill / Anchorage Daily News) Answer: The sea otter belong to the weasel family, along with the river otter and the mink. Adult males can reach 100 pounds and females 60 pounds, a weight belied by the gracefulness with which they float and dive. These whiskered swimmers are a favorite of kayakers and tour boat passengers. Russian crews first came to Alaska to collect sea otter pelts, said to be possibly the finest fur in the world, and nearly took the population to extinction. The pelt has dense underfur of brown, inch-long hair and sparse guard hairs. Older sea otters often develop a silvery head. Sea otters are adept at handling food with the toes on their front feet, feeding themselves sea urchins, crabs, clams, mussels, octopus and fish. After diving as far as 250 feet down and returning with food, they roll onto their backs, put the food on their chests and eat it piece by piece. Wild sea otters never eat on land.

    76. Animal FAQs - Alaska Sea Otters
    What do you feed the Alaska sea otters? What is the size of an Alaskasea otter? What are the Alaska sea otters' names? Where
    Alaska sea otters
    Beluga Whales



    Harbor Seals
    What are threats to Alaska sea otters in the wild?

    How did Shedd get its four Alaska sea otters? The three oldest are rehabbed orphans from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the youngest is an orphan from an Alaskan storm in 1990.
    How do Alaska sea otters keep warm if they don't have blubber? Alaska sea otters depend on their fur and a fast metabolism for protection from the cold. The fur is made up of outer guard hairs and extremely dense under fur. When the otters groom, they trap air at the base of the under fur to provide an insulating layer of air between their skin and the cold water. The guard hairs cling together, forming a protective covering that helps to keep the under fur dry. Natural oils in the fur also help to repel water. The fur must be clean and meticulously groomed. A sea otter also has an extremely fast metabolism. An adult eats the equivalent of 20 to 25 percent of its body weight daily, which amounts to about 17 pounds of food for an adult male.
    What do you feed the Alaska sea otters?

    77. Foot's Artworks - Images/Sea Otters - Foot Young
    Images from Foot's Artworks. Works by. Foot Young. Subject sea otters. Foot hasprovided an explanation of the cold cast bronze and cast mable methods he uses.
    Images from Foot's Artworks
    Works by
    Foot Young
    Subject - Sea Otters Foot has provided an explanation of the cold cast bronze and cast mable methods he uses. Below are thumbnails for the images available on-line. To view the full-size image, just click on the thumbnail or the title of the work. The size of the file that will be downloaded to your browser is indicated below each thumbnail.
    Sea Otter

    (file size 43K)
    Sea Otter
    Baby bronze
    (file size 14K)
    Sea Otter
    (file size 31K)
    Sea Otter
    (file size 52K)
    Sea Otter
    (file size 42K) Baby Sea Otter (file size 15K) Other subjects from Foot Young's work Whales Sea Lions Seals Dolphins ... Humans (terrestrial and extraterrestrial)

    78. Sea Otters
    Up. sea otters by Amanda. The sea Otter lives in shallow water areasaround the shores of the North Pacific. sea otters became scarce. 2001/Sea Otter.htm

    79. AA Smorgasbord For Sea Otters By Marianne Reidman
    He'd probably been warned not to disturb or harass sea otters in any way, and hemust have seen the posted signs cautioning people to stay at least 50 feet
    FALL 1996
    Cuisine and Table Manners Learned from Mom
    by Marianne Riedman
    The young California sea otter was sleeping soundly in her usual spot in Monterey Harbor. It was Female 515, also known as Josie, who had been raised here by her mother, amid the constant boat traffic and human activity. I watched with interest as a couple of kayakers glided by and stopped. I knew they might be in for a surprise, for Josie was a notorious harasser of kayaks and small rowboats, on which she liked to hitch rides. She seemed to find this particular type of kayak, which lies very low to the water, especially irresistible. By now the otter was staring intently at the kayakers. Josie stretched, twirled in the kelp and dove, disappearing beneath the glassy surface. Almost half a minute passed. Everything was quiet and the kayakers had started to paddle away. Suddenly, the otter exploded out of the water and landed on the back of one kayak, nearly tipping it over. I could see the shock and surprise on the kayaker's face. He'd probably been warned not to disturb or harass sea otters in any way, and he must have seen the posted signs cautioning people to stay at least 50 feet from the shy and easily disturbed otters. But Josie made this rule a little difficult to obey. As the man struggled to keep his balance, the young female slid off his boat and headed for the other kayak, but its occupant wasn't waiting around. He sprinted off as fast as he could, with Josie in hot pursuit. Since sea otters can swim up to six miles an hour in short bursts, it took a good two minutes of frantic paddling for him to outdistance her.

    80. Ocean Quest! Sea Otters
    sea otters were one species of animals that was affected by the oil spill. Therewere 400 sea otter rehabilitation volunteers and many more otters.
    Sea Otter Rehabilitation
    by Amber, Sixth Grade
    Seward Elementary School
    On March 24, 1989 the Exxon Valdez ran aground and the oil traveled far into Prince William Sound. Sea otters were one species of animals that was affected by the oil spill. There were about 400 sea otter rescue volunteers. The first thing that they needed to do was catch the otters.
    There were two ways that the people caught the otters; one way was that they would look through binoculars and find the otters that look distressed. Then they would take little boats out and trap the otters on land, where they couldn't move as fast as in the water. Another way that they could catch the otters was they found the place where the otters were most likely to swim through, then they would put a net down and catch the otters. They checked the net every hour or so. Sometimes, the fumes from the oil would make the collectors so drowsy it was very hard for them to collect the otters. In relation to the oil spill, it wasn't until 24 hours after the oil spilled that they helped the otters. After many otters were collected the people brought them to a large rented gymnasium in Valdez.
    One thing that was bad about having the otters out of the water was that they would get pressure sores from resting on plywood, plastic grates, and wire mesh. Sometimes, to improve the otters skin and fur they would put them in salt water pools or floating pens. The workers cleaned the tanks out about every 3 days.

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