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         Youth Activism:     more books (54)
  1. We Fight To Win: Inequality and the Politics of Youth Activism (The Rutgers Series in Childhood Studies) by Hava Rachel Gordon, 2009-11-06
  2. Beyond Resistance! Youth Activism and Community Change: New Democratic Possibilities for Practice and Policy for America's Youth (Critical Youth Studies)
  3. Black Youth Rising: Activism and Radical Healing in Urban America (0) by Shawn A. Ginwright, 2009-11-01
  4. Youth Activism: An International Encyclopedia, Volume II
  5. Youth Activism [2 volumes]: An International Encyclopedia
  6. Roots of Civic Identity: International Perspectives on Community Service and Activism in Youth (Volume 0)
  7. Next Wave Cultures: Feminism, Subcultures, Activism (Critical Youth Studies)
  8. Future 500: Youth Organizing and Activism in the United States by Jee Kim, Mathilda de Dios, et all 2002-11-30
  9. Rebel Girls: Youth Activism and Social Change Across the Americas by Jessica Taft, 2010-12-01
  10. Youth Service America: Youth Voice, Youth Activism, Civic Engagement, Global Youth Action Network, Service-Learning, National
  11. Learning and Leading: A Tool Kit for Youth Development and Civic Activism by Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development, 2004-05-01
  12. Youth Politics: Youth Activism, Youth Council, Youth Voice, European Youth Parliament, The Freechild Project
  13. Abbie Hoffman: Activism, Youth International Party, Cocaine, Conspiracy (crime), Protest, 1968 Democratic National Convention, Police, Jerry Rubin, David ... Rennie Davis, Chicago Seven, Rebellion
  14. Condoms4Life and the World Youth Day 4 All Coalition.(church reform, sexual and reproductive health and rights and youth activism): An article from: Conscience by Emily Neubauer, Molly O'Gorman, 2005-12-22

1. YOUTH ACTIVISM PROJECT National Clearinghouse
youth activism PROJECT national clearinghouse encourages youth to participate inpublic policy decisionmaking on health, educational, environmental, crime and
(formerly the
Activism 2000 Project) Enter your name and e mail
address to receive our
monthly e-newsletter! Name: Org.: E-Mail:
One quarter of the population in the U.S. is under the age of 18.
That's who participate in school and community activities
who spend more than $150 billion a year
and who care about the world in which they live.
However, that's also
of the population who cannot vote
and who are supposed to be seen and not heard
making for a resounding of the future who have not been encouraged to exercise leadership today. Shouldn't young people have a voice in issues that directly concern them? Youth no longer have to be shut out. More adults recognize that the long tradition of making decisions for youth without youth has failed.Getting the powers-that-be to take seriously the ideas and solutions offered by the next generation is not as difficult as you might expect. This site aims to prove that MINORS can play a MAJOR ROLE. Our national clearinghouse also provides help and information to parents, mentors, teachers, principals, policy-makers and other adult allies who want to collaborate with youth to achieve positive community change.

2. YouthShakers: Youth Activism
YouthShakers, youth activism Information and resources for young people workingin the field of sexualth health. This section focuses on youth activism.
Youthshakers is a global network of youth working on sexual health issues sexual health youth activism peer education young leaders youth activism youth advocacy and activism Discuss
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Quick Links
Youthshakers Message Board
Community Guide
Advocacy 101
Find out how to advocate for youth services and programs in your area.
What is the Barcelona YouthForce?
Read about youth activism at the XIV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Spain.
Access to Contraceptives What makes a family planning or sexual health service youth friendly? Find out Become an Advocate Find out what others are doing around the globe to advocate for youth-friendly services Get Local Do young people have access to contraceptives in your community? Find out more and take action IPPF Youth Manifesto Read the IPPF Youth Manifesto now, then sign on in support: Voice Related Yahoo Clubs World Youth Rights The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic Youth Activism Links Medical Students International Network Mandate the Future Home Sexual Health ... International Planned Parenthood Federation

3. Canadian Dimension: Youth Activism At The Crossroads
youth activism at the crossroads where next for anticapitalism?
Youth activism at the crossroads: where next for anti-capitalism? Canadian Dimension
January/February 2002
By Joel Harden
"I came here to protest the killing of turtles. IÕm going home determined to turn the world upside down."
These were the words of a young environmentalist who took part in the storied "Battle of Seattle." Her words are not unique: thousands upon thousands of youth across the globe are waking up to activism and taking their voices to the streets. As they challenge the worldÕs injustices, they are beginning to learn what will be necessary to end these injustices for good.
where next for anti-capitalism?
Contrary to popular fiction, youth revolts do not arise spontaneously. . . . There is nothing inherently radical about this time in our lives. Youth activism, of course, is nothing new. In the annals of recent history, from the heady days of 1968 to the present, young upstarts have figured prominently in struggles for a better world. Indeed, the exciting spirit of resistance in the past two years - particularly the anti-capitalist mood within the broader anti-globalization movement-has resonated loudest among the politically newborn. Here calls for reforms to trade deals have won less support than arguments surveying the ruins of capitalism itself. Amidst the tear gas and riot police in Seattle, Melbourne, Prague, Buenos Aires or Quebec City, there were few cries for "corporate responsibility." The most popular slogans are revolutionary claims: "This is what democracy looks like," "Our world is not for sale," "Human need not corporate greed," "A better world is possible."

4. OneWorld US Special Report
and fragmentary, evidence suggests an increasing interface between American youth activism and global engagement.
Back to OneWorld US Part II
Demographics and Values Part III
The Impact of Seattle Part IV
The Fairness Revolution Part V
Bringing Globalization Home Part VI
Scanning the Terrain Part VII
Anti-Sweats and Ethical Consumption Part VIII
Global Education Part IX
Different Approaches to Global Education Part X
Conclusion OneWorld US Special Report Youth Activism and Global Engagement: Part I This OneWorld US Special Report focuses on the intersection of activism among young people on college campuses and global issues. It represents excerpts from a longer report prepared for the Global Interdependence Initiative by Paul G. Aaron, with the purpose of identifying areas in which young activists and adults engaged in work on global issues might work together. The report will be published here in ten segments. Though anecdotal and fragmentary, evidence suggests an increasing interface between American youth activism and global engagement. Young people are playing important roles in a number of campaigns where international and domestic problems (and their solutions) overlap. Such campaigns include efforts to:
  • Reform and democratize institutions of global capital Ban landmines Stop sweatshops and press for labor rights Mobilize against draconian drug laws and the onslaught of the "prison-industrial complex" (and to link these domestic phenomena to worldwide patterns of social and racial exclusion)

5. Welcome To Millennial Politics
General Resources on youth activism A huge database of youth activism projects across the U.S., focused on the hiphop movement for social justice. Resources on funding, examples, and more.
Sign the
Youth Activism

New Year's Resolution
M.P. Responds to 9-11-01 ... Technology Terrorism / War Voting THE BOOK About the Book About the Authors About the Movement THE GENERATION Millennials Rising United Leaders THE NUMBERS You are visitor
since 3/25/99 Today is CLICK HERE TO SEE THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES TO MILLENNIALS! Find out more about the Outstanding Millennial Activists Contest Millennial Politics © 1999-2002 DO NOT REPRODUCE WITHOUT PERMISSION
  • Scott Beale published in Adam Magazine on Ways to Improve Your Community. ( more info Use Instant Runoff Voting to pick the name of our generation. ( more info Washington, DC and L.A. book clubs starting up. (

Youth empowerment resources including youth activism PROJECT Project tollfreehotline (800-KID-POWER) plus books, videos, workshops, training, consulting.
Mission Consulting and Other Services Order Form YOUTH! THE 26% SOLUTION Over 1/4 of the population - 26% - is under the age of 18. However, 26% also remains unheard on many issues that directly affect them. YOUTH! THE 26% SOLUTION reveals how young people with firsthand knowledge about many of today`s problems can succeed at getting decision-makers from school principals to their state senators to listen and respond to their ideas for change. YOUTH! THE 26% SOLUTION proves that minors can play a major role . . . in reducing drug abuse, improving schools, stopping violence, protecting the environment and pursuing other positive lasting solutions. This paperback features: * Numerous true stories about people age 9 and older that will inspire people of all ages to put their passion into action; * Dozens of exhibits including a youth-created survey, action plan, press release, mini-grant, youth ballot; and * Over 250 national organizations and news media outlets to promote maximum youth participation now.

7. WIRETAP - Youth In Pursuit Of The Dirty Truth
CoMotion works to build youth activism by providing training and technical assistanceto youth led efforts on the issue of gun violence across the country.
UNITE AGAINST WAR! April 12 will be a day of mass rallies in DC, SF and LA. Find out more info at About WireTap


Youth Resources: Activism
Youth Activism : Youth Media Youth Organizations Youth Culture Behind the Label - You Can Make a Difference
This Web Site is dedicated to dispensing social justice to large corporations around the world. Namely ending the abominable practice of setting up sweatshops and grossly explioting others.
Bikes Paint Messages As You Ride (Project BIKE)

An anonymous investment of $500 has allowed the distribution of a tool that turns any bicycle into a street-writing device. Bradley Pitts, a spokesperson for the group that created the tool, calls it "an efficient way to get a message out on the street... over and over and over again." C-Beyond A group that works to develop youth leaders who realize their individual and collective power to organize and create unity for the good of all people. We educate youth of color, low-income youth, young women, disabled youth, and lgbtq youth in Concord and Bay Point/Pittsburg, California. We believe that oppression affects everyone, we dedicate ourselves to fighting it in all forms, and we continue to struggle with respect and in unity for the liberation of all people. The Center for Commercial-Free Public Education What's the deal with all this talk of "captive audiences?" Why should you care if they put in a Pepsi machine in the hallway? Or paint a giant swoosh on your gym? Or force you to spend hours a day on a computer that runs ads for sweatshop clothing? The Center is dedicated to promoting commercial-free environments in schools. They can help you oust the corporations from your campus!

8. WIRETAP - 9.11-9.11: The Year In Youth Activism
WireTap is the independent information source by and for socially conscious youth. Today's youth activism is varied and diverse in scope, but the most savvy youth are connecting the dots among what may,

9. TakingITGlobal - Events - Youth Activism Summit
Contact Them PO Box 5372 Takoma Park, Maryland United States. / Opportunities / Events / youth activism Summit

10. General Resources On Youth Activism
youth activism for Social Justice. youth activism Organizations. youth activismDatabases. Publications. Other Resources. youth activism for Social Justice.

dult Allies A dultism ... orkplace Youth Discrimination W orldwide Youth Movement W orldwide Youth Organizations ... outh Suffrage Youth Activism for Social Justice
Youth Activism Organizations
Youth Activism Databases Publications Other Resources These are progressive youth-led or youth-focused activism organizations, websites, and resources that conduct or promote youth activism for broad social justice. Please write to The Freechild Project with your information and suggestions. Youth Activism for Social Justice Kids Can Make a Difference
An educational program for middle- and high school students, focuses on the root causes of hunger and poverty, the people most affected, solutions, and how students can help. The major goal is to stimulate students to take follow-up actions as they begin to realize that one person can make a difference. KIDS and World Hunger Year (WHY) publishes Finding Solutions to Hunger: Kids Can Make A Difference. Youth Empowerment Center This is the youth empowerment center website with information about several Bay Area youth organizing groups.

11. Funding Youth Activism
Financial Support for youth activism. There a lot of ways young people canget money for activism and social change. Funding for Youthled Activism.
Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living. - Mary Harris "Mother" Jones Washing ones hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. - Paulo Freire
dult Allies A dultism ... orkplace Youth Discrimination W orldwide Youth Movement W orldwide Youth Organizations ... outh Suffrage Grants and Awards for Youth Activism
There a lot of ways young people can get money for activism and social change. Lots of groups hold bake sales, car washes and sell handicrafts. If you are 12-30 years old and you want to avoid those activities, then check out this list. If you are an adult ally of young people, pass this list on to them and inspire change. Funding for Youth-led Activism Foundations supporting Youth-led Activism Funding Opportunities Do Something A national nonprofit organization that trains, funds and mobilizes young people to be leaders who measurably strengthen their communities. Do Something Grants support young people under the age of 30 who have creative, problem-solving ideas to improve their community. Do Something Grants provide up to $500 to young people with proposals that target a specific community issue, demonstrate a concrete plan of action, provide a detailed budget and display adequate supervision and accountability. Grants are awarded three times each year. For more information, call 212-523-1175, fax 212-582-1307, or e-mail

12. United World Colleges / TakingITGlobal Shared Databases
Home / Event Directory / youth activism Summit YOUTH FORUM ON SOCIAL INVOLVEMENTPhilippines (0208-2003); youth activism Summit United States (02-08-2003);

13. - Research - Hot Links - Student/Youth Activism
Home Research Hot Links Student/youth activism. RESEARCH TOOLS Hot Links.Student/youth activism. NGOs. United Students Against Sweatshops.

14. We Interrupt This Message
for Ourselves Soundbites and Cellblocks In Between the Lines Welfare Media ToolkitSuccess Stories Racism Economic Justice youth activism Criminal Justice


About Interrupt


Board of Directors

Advisory Board

L.A. Uprising - 10th Anniversary


Issue Brief
Programs Youth Media Council Voices for the Silenced 911 Peace and Justice Race and Media Project Publications Speaking for Ourselves Soundbites and Cellblocks In Between the Lines Welfare Media Toolkit Success Stories Racism Economic Justice Youth Activism Criminal Justice ... Contact Us
Success Stories
Racism Economic Justice Youth Activism Criminal Justice ... Environmental Education
Youth Media Watch Projects Training Youth Organizations to Challenge Anti-Youth Coverage
INTERRUPT has been training youth organizations to carry out youth-conducted studies documenting unfair news coverage of youth and crime. In 1998, INTERRUPT released Juvenile Injustice, an INTERRUPT-designed and youth-conducted study of the San Francisco Chronicle's coverage of youth and crime. The senior Chronicle news editors met with the youth, published their op-ed detailing the youth's criticisms and agreed to support a proposal for a youth media council to regularly review news media coverage of youth. In 1999, INTERRUPT trained youth organizations from across the country on how to set up and run youth media watch projects. These trainings were held at two Arselyn Foundation sponsored two-day events in DC and Los Angeles and a Violence Prevention Coalition training in Los Angeles. In 2000, INTERRUPT partnered with YouthForce in the south Bronx to conduct a youth study of the New York Times. INTERRUPT published the study report

15. Youth Activism
YOUTH CAMPUS ACTIVISM Updated February 2, 2002. 180 Movement for Democracy Education WTO Resources, long list of links Alliance
Link Crusader
Corporate Welfare WEBLOGS Activist Tools ... Yahoo! Groups [ Youth Activism ] Progressive Anti-Bush Media Other Forums To go to the BUSH=CROOK MSN The above graphic is from Community click here Web Resources for Democrats Updated February 2, 2002 - WTO Resources, long list of links
Alliance for Democracy
- University of Wisconsin-Madison students working for social justice Campus Activist Resources - Web resources for campus-based activists Campus Ecology Group - Working with the National Wildlife Federation Center for Environmental Citizenship - Networking young leaders to protect the environment Feminist Campus Network - activism online, news Free the Planet! - Students organizing for the Earth, ongoing environmental campaigns Global Youth Action Network - In partnership with TakingITGlobal, community, links *NEW* Global Youth Connect - Acting together for compassion, human rights, and responsibilities *NEW* Left Field - by Paul Ranogajec, progressive student alliance, lots of progressive links My Voice Counts Pioneer Grrrl's Liberal Page - Good links and info on fighting the right Sierra Student Coalition - The student-run arm of the Sierra Club, protecting the Earth

16. Rainbow Query: Search The Queer Internet For Youth Activism
Search For youth activism All of RainbowQuery. YouthActivism (Scroll down to view 1 to 10 of 11 entries).
Search For:
Youth Activism
All of RainbowQuery Youth Activism
(Scroll down to view 1 to 10 of 11 entries) Can't Find it Here? Search the Web. Try our search affiliate,! Rainbow Query
Site Map
Rainbow Query Home Search Tips Add a Link Category Index
What's Related To
Youth Activism
Anti-Violence Projects Bisexual Youth Campus Organizations Coming Out ... Youth Websites
Rainbow Daily News Bronski: Shove, the second time around Topeka rejects anti-discrimination law Gay spiritual activists move to home across street from Falwell PA borough bans gay discrimination ...
Britain`s only national campaigning group for young lesbians and gay men demanding equal rights. See Also: Activist Groups Great Britain Youth
Bill`s Story Personal page of the mother of a bisexual son who committed suicide, Gabi Clayton writes to save other sons and other mothers. See Also: Fight the Right Hate Crimes
One n Ten One In Ten is a national magazine and website that came from an idea at the National Gathering of Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Youth that was held in Sheffield April `98. See Also: Great Britain Magazines Youth Groups

17. OneWorld US Special Report
Though youth activism is a freefor-all, with no formal doctrines or rigid hierarchies,many of the most dedicated campaigners do endorse an implicit rank order
Back to OneWorld US Part I
Introduction Part II
Demographics and Values Part III
The Impact of Seattle Part IV
The Fairness Revolution Part V
Bringing Globalization Home Part VI
Scanning the Terrain Part VII
Anti-Sweats and Ethical Consumption Part IX
Different Approaches to Global Education Part X
Conclusion OneWorld US Special Report Youth Activism and Global Engagement: Part VIII Nurturing Activism’s Base through Global Education Though youth activism is a free-for-all, with no formal doctrines or rigid hierarchies, many of the most dedicated campaigners do endorse an implicit rank order. "There needs to be a distinction between different types of campus activists," commented a 22-year old, full-time political organizer. "You can’t lump them together. Anti-sweat groups are in a completely different league than say, the Campus Women’s Center. One attracts students who believe in direct democracy, who want to restructure the entire system, and who are willing to use militant means. The other attracts students who believe that while society is basically OK, there are a few social problems that remain unresolved, but force is not necessary, and that to get results you have to cooperate with those in power." Another similarly committed organizer argues that "activism, by definition, excludes social-service groups who fail to tackle the root causes of injustice." While this kind of categorical thinking has not produced the belligerent sectarianism that cropped up in earlier movements for progressive change, it may in fact indicate a tendency which, left unchecked, could ghettoize youth activism and reduce the scope and reach of its appeal and impact. Richard Flacks, a reliably generous and insightful analyst of social movements, offers his own definition of an activist: "It’s someone who gets up in the morning prepared to do something to make the world a better place, whether that means writing an article or a letter to the editor or blockading an administration building."

18. Youth Activism
youth activism youth activism is all around us and, thanks to the Internet, isgrowing worldwide. Just some of the activism sites are listed on the left.
Youth Activism Youth activism is all around us and, thanks to the Internet, is growing world-wide. Just some of the activism sites are listed on the left. Check out the Success page to see some of the results. Many of the Youth Program activities are conducted from the Arborwood Family Learning Center Return to Youth Home Page Donation Information

Volunteer Information
Contact us

tm ; of their respective companies.

19. Governor's Institutes Of Vermont | Current Issues & Youth Activism
summer enrichment programs for Vermont high school students, focusing on the Arts;Asian Cultures; Current Issues and youth activism; Education; Engineering
"Challenge the issues - meet new friends - make THE difference." Home FAQ Apply 2003 Alumni ... Winter Weekend
Email Blake Manosh, Webmaster
Site credits
Program Information:
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Learn from people who actually make policy
  • Analyze the connections between issues and our lives
This rigorous and empowering weeklong Institute examines the critical current issues, policy, and political questions that directly concern and impact young people today.
A typical program day consists of intensive issue groups, seminars and discussions with local and national policymakers, leadership skill-building workshops, arts, sports and local field trips, and an evening cultural activity improvisational theater, African dance, music, open mic, and so forth. Located on the scenic rural campus of the School for International Training in Brattleboro, the Institute brings together 40 of Vermont's most dynamic young students, and challenges them to ask and find answers to difficult questions. It provides opportunities for students to form strong friendships and partnerships with their peers and a dynamic faculty. It inspires students to get involved in political, social and global issues, and teaches them the skills needed to turn ideas into action.

20. Fields Of Hope :: Resources :: Youth Activism
youth activism, Home Resources youth activism, Teaching Tips forthis section. youth activism Young Workers' Health and Safety

Resources Teaching Tips
for this section.
Youth Activism
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