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         Biotechnology:     more books (100)
  1. Separation and Purification Techniques in Biotechnology by Frederick Dechow, 1990-01-14
  2. Plant Molecular Biotechnology by S. Mahesh, 2009-07-01
  3. The Public, the Media and Agricultural Biotechnology: (Cabi) by Dominique Brossard, Thomas C Nesbitt, et all 2007-05-21
  4. Basic Biotechnology
  5. Potato Biology and Biotechnology: Advances and Perspectives
  6. Technology Transfer in Biotechnology: A Global Perspective
  7. Business Development for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry by Martin Austin, 2008-05-21
  8. Separation Processes in Biotechnology (Biotechnology and Bioprocessing) by Juan A. Asenjo, 1990-06-28
  9. Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, Lab Manual w/CD by Ellyn Daugherty, 2007-01
  10. Making PCR: A Story of Biotechnology by Paul Rabinow, 1997-11-10
  11. Animals as Biotechnology: Ethics, Sustainability and Critical Animal Studies (Science in Society Series) by Richard Twine, 2010-09
  12. Proteins: Biotechnology and Biochemistry by Gary Walsh, 2001-12-12
  13. Advances in Fungal Biotechnology for Industry, Agriculture, and Medicine
  14. The Biotech Investor: How to Profit from the Coming Boom in Biotechnology by Tom Abate, 2004-01-01

41. Agriculture 21
Food and Agriculture Organization's agriculture website. Includes a news magazine plus guides and links to information on livestock, biotechnology, land/water development, crop production, plant protection, agricultural support systems.
The news...
Water for the future... Increased water productivity in agriculture is the key to averting the threat of freshwater shortages in many developing countries. That is the message FAO will deliver to the Third World Water Forum to be held in Kyoto, Japan from 16 to 23 March 2003. More ; see also our Spotlight articles at right... Options for agriculture... The vision "that science would naturally lead to social progress" has been severely eroded, the Assistant Director-General of FAO's Agriculture Department, Louise O. Fresco, told a European Union forum on "Sustainable agriculture for developing countries". See FAO News , read the full speech here (PDF, 94K)... Cactus pear... New from our Crop and Grasslands Service: Cactus as forage , presenting the latest scientific and agronomic information on the use of the cactus pear ( Opuntia ) as forage for livestock. Order the publication from , see also Spotlight New on the menu for livestock... Rift Valley fever... Our EMPRES programme on transboundary animal diseases is mobilizing to block outbreaks of Rift Valley fever in livestock in Senegal, Mauritania and the Gambia. Through an ongoing FAO project for small farmers, EMPRES is mounting a public awareness campaign to promote rapid detection of infected animals.

42. BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
Definitions for over 8300 terms associated with genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, chemistry, Category Science Biology Reference......
W elcome to BioTech's life science dictionary! Please read the Search Instructions first.
Search Terms: AND OR Search Definitions:
Contains this word/letter/fragment
Begins with this word/letter/fragment
Find terms that contain the entered word in their definitions Looking for a chemical acronym? Try searching BioTech's Chemical Acronyms Database This free resource was developed by our staff members and contributors and is still very much under construction. Currently, most of our 8300+ terms deal with biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology and genetics. We also have some terms relating to ecology, limnology, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine. Don't expect to find common or exotic animals here; there are far too many species to cover even a fraction in a resource like this. However, we've included medically- and biotechnologically-relevant organisms such as bacteria, worms, fungi, and some plants. We are adding new terms as quickly as our funding permits. Feel free to send us word suggestions or other comments
  • If you want to look up a specific animal, try

43. NCGA - Main Menu
Represents America's corn growers. Conducts scientific research, education and promotion of corn and its many uses. Areas of interest include biotechnology, ethanol, trade, transportation, federal farm policy, and scientific research and business development.

State Sites: Colorado Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Michigan Minnesota Missouri NE Corn Growers NE Corn Board New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Virginia Wisconsin
NCGA Urges House Leadership to Preserve 2002 Farm Bill (3-18-03)
Joined by 11 national commodity organizations, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today sent a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) urging Congress to preserve funding of the farm bill. More On This Story NCGA Urges USDA to Consider Alternative for Valuing Crops (3-18-03)
The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) along with 10 other organizations Monday encouraged the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to consider recommendations on disaster assistance benefits. More On This Story More NCGA News
2003 Commodity Classic Photo Album
IRM Compliance Survey Executive Summary, December 2002

44. Australian Biotechnology Association
National body of companies and individuals dedicated to the development and prosperity of the Australian Category Regional Oceania Science and Environment Biology......Please be advised that The Australian biotechnology Association has changed it'sname to Ausbiotech Ltd and has a new website which can be found at www
Please be advised that The Australian Biotechnology Association has changed it's name to Ausbiotech Ltd and has a new website which can be found at
Readers wishing to access the Australian Biotechnology Directory should now use the following address:
This site is temporarily hosting the Directory while a new Directory is being constructed

45. Lonzabiotec - Welcome
The world's leading contract manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins derived from mammalian cells. Lonza Biologics specializes in development and manufacturing services to meet the needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry
document.write(''); Profile Historical Milestones Our People document.write(''); Trade Fairs Press kit document.write(''); Biotransformations Microbial Fermentation Corporate Home Search ... Press kit if(newsTable) document.write(unescape(newsTable)); Important legal notices and privacy statements
Please read our before proceeding
document.write(unescape(newsLayer[0])); document.write(unescape(newsLayer[1])); document.write(unescape(newsLayer[2])); Since 1983, Lonza Biotec has offered custom microbial fermentation and biotransformation services to supply intermediates and biologically active products to the life-sciences industry. Lonza considers exclusive custom manufacturing its core business and we pride ourselves in having perfected it to the benefit of our customers.

46. Biotechnology And Applied Biochemistry
Online submission and peer review biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry now invitesyou to submit your next paper online using the simple and straightforward
Full Text Author Keywords Title
NEW - Immediate Publications - manuscripts are now published online in pdf format as soon as they are accepted. Online submission and peer review
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry now invites you to submit your next paper online using the simple and straightforward instructions available at:
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry is published by Portland Press Limited on behalf of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB). The success of many biopharmaceuticals relies on the development of stable formulations and/or delivery systems. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry serves to facilitate the continued development of these systems to fulfil their commercial potential. With an international editorial board chaired by Parviz A.Shamlou , the focus of the journal is directed towards the publication of original articles and reviews concerning the expression, purification, characterization and application of biological macromolecules in therapeutics and diagnostics. The journal publishes Commentary from members of the commercial biotechnology community on registration and clinical matters. Mini-reviews provide the reader with timely updates in fast-moving areas.

47. BioPortfolio Home Page
Information, networking, and promotion for the biosciences, life sciences, and biotechnology industries based in Cambridge, UK.
Sponsored by: BioWeb: Advanced BioNews: Advanced Jump to .. Home Membership Services ... Subscribe BioCorporate BioWatch Tracking BioNewsCast Members Login Search our resources ... BioWeb Search Engine BioNews Search Engine Management Reports Search by Channel News Service ... BioNewsCast News Headlines Jobs and Resumes ... Search Jobs Jobs by category Jobs by Location Jobs by Company Job Agent Directories ... Search by Name Search by City Search by State Search UK companies Search CRO companies Search for Suppliers Search for Products Channels ... Bookshop Reports Marketplace Analysis Equities Bulletin
BioPortfolio is the essential web resource for scientists, executives, investors and the consumer with an interest in who what where, when and why biotechnology will impact on our lives. We have created proprietary databases and search engines that will support your business and private interests in the most exciting technology of the 21st Century.
View our pdf brochures: BioPortfolio Membership: Individual


PG Economics: GM Crops in Europe – planning for the end of the moratorium BioPortfolio operates 14 Channels
please scroll down and click on the titles to review thank you BioPortfolio Membership Services
BioPortfolio offers its members:-
  • BioCorporate - internet access to the BioCorporate Directory of 10,000 companies (
  • 48. Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.- The Power To Question
    Home, What's New, Quick Jump.
    Quick Jump Tumor Suppressor Genes/Apoptosis Cell Cycle Proteins Transcription Regulators Homeodomain Proteins Steroid Receptors Protein Kinases and Phosphatases Growth Factors and Hormones Membrane Receptors Signaling Intermediates GDP/GTP Binding Proteins Neurobiology Channel Proteins Lymphocyte Signaling Cell Adhesion Proteins Structural Proteins Non-Mammalian Proteins Phospho-Specific Antibodies Expression Vectors and Fusion Protein Tags Chemicals Laboratory Supplies Support Products

    49. Botresearch - Gardening Tips, Tutorials, Research Protocol
    a botanical research and biotechnology organization specializing in tissue culture, photomicroscopy, and the production of educational materials for universities.
    Sharing botanical knowledge with industry, educational institutions and the general public. has three separate sections covering gardening, education and research.
    Welcome to The Gardens. This site covers gardening tips, featured plant, answers your questions, and a fun quiz to test your plant knowledge. This section of is updated quarterly. Be sure to bookmark this page and return often! Garden Site Subscribe to Newsletter Message Board Specializing in the development of research protocols for the micropropagation of both endangered and non-endangered species of vascular plants which includes numerous species of ornamentals. Professional Site It is the purpose of this series of articles to serve as a tutorial or aid to those students at the university level who are taking botanical courses. This series will address each topic on several different levels. The basics will be presented for those taking elementary level courses, followed by advanced concepts for advanced levels. There will be a section at the end of each topic that will discuss current relevant research for those graduate students needing the latest research on the topic. Educational Site ©1998-2003 Botresearch, John Covanes

    50. Biotechnology - Office Of International Information Programs, U.S. Department Of
    Presents speeches, articles and links on biotechnology policy, regulations, and science. The page Category Regional North America Departments Agriculture......This is a US Government site on biotechnology. It presents speeches, articlesand links on biotechnology policy, regulations, and science.
    Global Issues Updated 7 March 2003 QUICK SEARCH POLICY Official Texts
    Fact Sheets


    Government Agencies

    SUBJECT IN DEPTH Publication
    Food Safety: Regulating Plant Agricultural Biotechnology in the U.S.
    Electronic Journals
    May 2002
    Biotechnology: Food Security And Safety

    October 1999 RESOURCES FAQ about Biotechnology English
    Regulations/Agreements U.S. Regulations
    Int'l Agreements
    Events Calendar Biotechnology Public Diplomacy Calendar Websites International sites Industry Associations Union of Concerned Scientists Yahoo News Full Coverage ... Threatens Africa's Hungry BIOTECHNOLOGY EVENTS CALENDAR Of Note Currently Underway Looking Ahead March ... June By Charles W. Corey Washington File Staff Writer "Misinformation about the so-called dangers posed by biotechnology is threatening lives in Africa," and the European Union is "partly to blame for the situation," charged U.S. Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa). In a March 5 speech to the Congressional Economic Leadership Institute (CELI), Grassley said, "By refusing to adopt scientifically-based laws regarding biotechnology, the EU has fed the myth that biotech crops are somehow dangerous. Ironically," he added, "the European Union itself has approved some biotech crops as safe. At the same time, the European Union has refused to end its moratorium on biotech authorizations, a situation that has led other countries to assume that biotech products are somehow dangerous."

    51. Biotechnology Japan
    The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    2003 ”N 03 ŒŽ 19 “ú (…) ‘‡ƒJƒ^ƒƒOBIOSEARCH E-mail NEWS(–³—¿)“o˜^ LŒfÚ‚Ì‚¨–â‚¢‡‚킹 Welcome to Biotechnology Japan ƒoƒCƒIƒeƒNƒmƒƒW[‚ÌŒ¤‹†‚âŽY‹Æ‰»‚ÉŒg‚í‚éŠF‚³‚ñ‚̏î•ñƒTƒCƒg •Ä‘Œ»’n•ñ2003AƒoƒCƒIŠÖŒWŽÒ‚ðW‚ß‚½u‰‰‰ïI—¹AƒCƒ‰ƒN‚ɍŌã’Ê’«AƒIƒŒƒ“ƒWŒx‰ú‚É ‚²“o˜^A‚Ü‚¾‚Å‚·‚©H
    “o˜^ŽÒ5–œ3302l“Ë”jAŽc‚è1700l ƒxƒ“ƒ`ƒƒ[ƒoƒŒ[
    ‰ÔŽs“dŽqŒ°”÷‹¾‹ZŒ¤Š ê–åî•ñƒTƒCƒgiResearch
    ‹¤“¯Œ¤‹†•åW–žÚ ê–åî•ñƒTƒCƒg–ÚŽŸ
    12•ª–ì‚̐ê–åî•ñ‹k BioSearch Ver.3
    ‹@ŠíŽŽ–ò‘‡ƒJƒ^ƒƒO ê–åƒTƒCƒgulàv
    ‰¤Žq»Ž†A‹l iResearch‘æ2’e
    •ª–ì‚ð–â‚킸–³—¿‚ōR‘̍쐻 iResearchê–åSiteVÝ
    ‹¤“¯Œ¤‹†‚̃`ƒƒƒ“ƒX–žÚ ƒoƒCƒI¤“XŠXBioMall
    ‚Ç‚ñ‚Ç‚ñ‚²Šˆ—p‰º‚³‚¢ VŠF‚Ìhomeƒy[ƒW2003 1381l‚ªî•ñ”­M Company Information NikkeiBP-BookStore NikkeiBP SiteMap Find`X ...

    52. COROMED, Inc.
    Contract research organization providing clinical research and development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

    53. North Carolina Biotechnology Center
    Information on biotechnology business, research and education in North Carolina, sponsored by the Category Regional North America Society and Culture Organizations......The North Carolina biotechnology Center is a private nonprofit corporation developingthe state's biotechnology industry. This is our home page.
    Trimeris HIV drug approved
    New class of HIV-1 treatments gets FDA fast-track approval.
    Trimeris Wins Helix Award

    Durham company recognized by BIO and Long Island Life Sciences Initiative.
    Gentris and Sankyo Partner

    Gentris' platform will help Sankyo understand drug intereactions.
    Biotech timeline

    Find out how the science got started.
    Search this site
    Site Map

    March 20 BPD Seminar March 24 Biotech Forum Center headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Quick Links: Journalists N.C. Pavilion at BIO 2003 Site best viewed with Internet Explorer 5 or better Last site update March 14, 2003

    Universitywide biotechnology research programs with existing faculty members as well as technical services for, and collaborative projects with, industry. Core service facilities include DNA, fermentation and bioprocessing, animal cell culture and micropropagation, among others.
    Dr. Philip I. Marcus, Interim Director
    184 Auditorium Road, Unit 3149; Storrs, CT 06269-3149
    Telephone: (860) 486-5011; Fax: (860) 486-5005
    The University of Connecticut Biotechnology Center (UCBC) was established in 1986. The UCBC is dedicated to developing a center of excellence in biotechnology research and to fostering biotechnology industry in Connecticut. This mission is achieved through: Research and Service: The Center promotes University-wide biotechnology research programs with the existing faculty members as well as new recruits. It also offers technical services to scientists on and off the campus. Industrial Liaisons: The Center establishes research collaborations with industry, promotes technology transfer, and offers biotechnology industrial associates programs. Education: The University offers a Masters of Science Degree in Biotechnology. Masters Program
    In order to encourage research collaborations and provide technical services to faculty members and scientists at interested companies, the Biotechnology Center has established the following Core Service Facilities: Animal Cell Culture DNA Biotechnology Fermentation and Bioprocessing Flow Cytometry and Confocal Imaging ... ABL Plant Tissue Culture Unit and Transgenic Plant Unit Protein and Instrumentation Transgenic Animal
    By joining research expertise throughout the campus, the following biotechnology research programs have been organized:

    55. Linux For Biotechnology
    A collection of biotechnology related software for Linux.

    56. Agricultural Biotechnology-Home Page
    Welcome to USDA's Agricultural biotechnology Website. New! Request for nominationsfor new USDA biotechnology advisory committee announced.
    Welcome to USDA's Agricultural Biotechnology Website
    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is one of three Federal Agencies, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), primarily responsible for regulating biotechnology in the United States. Products are regulated according to their intended use, with some products being regulated under more than one agency. New! Request for nominations for new USDA biotechnology advisory committee announced.
    Notice to Users:
    This website is now compliant with Section 508 of the Federal Accessibility Initiative. However, many pages within this site may have moved and may have a new URL. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. Agricultural Biotechnology:
    USDA's Role
    Advisory Committee ... USDA

    57. Molecular Biology And Biotechnology Web Course Tutorial
    Virtual text book comprising 37 chapters with emphasis on application of bacteria, but covering practical techniques, with practice examination questions.

    58. Welcome To BioTech
    Includes a searchable dictionary and chemical acronym database. Features information on bioinformatics, Category Science Biology biotechnology Education......
    W elcome to BioTech! Our goal is to enrich the public's knowledge of biology and chemistry. We aim to serve everyone from high school students to professional researchers. For more information, visit About BioTech Our illustrated Dictionary will give you information on thousands of life science terms. If you seek chemical information, try the Chemical Acronyms Database . And you can quickly locate BioTech pages and other Web sites using our Search Page Introduction to Glycolysis is an interactive textbook supplement that will help you learn human biochemistry. Cyberbotanica , a virtual chapter in medicinal botany, describes various botanical compounds used in cancer treatment and the plants that produce them. In Science Resources , you'll find annotated lists of biomedical Web sites for scientists, educators and students alike. Our Professional Resources section will point you to jobs, funding, grad schools, biotechnology regulations, and more. Bioinformatics will introduce you to this fascinating hybrid of computer science and biology and will lead you to the best bioinformatics sites on the Web. Also be sure to check out BioMedLink , a mega-database of biomedical sites we developed for BioMedNet If this is your first BioTech visit, try the

    59. FAAR Biotechnology Group
    Consultation services including technology assessment and analysis, business and research planning, intellectual property management and regulatory affairs. Company and division profiles, services and product information.

    60. Syrrx: Gene To Drug Research
    of research, press releases, careers, and a virtual tour.......A biotechnology company in the field of structural proteomics, the process of generating protein structures from genetic information.
    Syrrx, Inc. is a drug discovery company committed to redefining the way medicines are discovered. At the forefront of rational drug discovery, Syrrx leverages high-throughput structural biology, high-throughput screening, combinational and medicinal chemistry together with computational methods to discover small molecule drugs to address unmet medical needs.
    Syrrx Successfully Enforces Submicroliter Crystallization Patent

    Syrrx Researchers Report Structures of Multiple Cancer-related Proteins Determined Using Proprietary Nanovolume Crystallization™ Technology

    Nobel Prize Awarded to Syrrx Scientific Advisory Board Member, Kurt Wüthrich, Ph.D


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