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  1. Notes on Medical Microbiology: Including Virology, Mycology and Parasitology by Katherine N. Ward, A. Christine McCartney, et all 2008-12-29
  2. Introduction to the History of Mycology by G. C. Ainsworth, 2009-06-18
  3. Fundamentals of Diagnostic Mycology by Fran Fisher MEdMT(ASCP), Norma B. Cook MAMT(ASCP), 1998-01-15
  4. Progress in Mycology
  5. Manual of Clinical Mycology by Norman F. Conant, etc., 1971-09-10
  6. New Insights in Medical Mycology
  7. Topley & Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Infections, Volume 4: Medical Mycology by Libero Ajello, Roderick J. Hay, 1998-12-15
  8. Topley's and Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Infections Vol. 3: Medical Mycology by William G. Merz, 2007-05
  9. Medical Mycology: The Pathogenic Fungi and the Pathogenic Actinomycetes by John Willard Rippon, 1988-03
  10. Pathogenic Fungi in Humans and Animals (Mycology)
  11. Clinical Mycology by Elias J. Anaissie, Michael R. McGinnis, et all 2002-07-15
  12. Principles and Practice of Clinical Mycology by F. C. Odds, 1996-05-13
  13. Medical mycology manual, by E. S Beneke, 1971
  14. A Century of Mycology

21. Dr. Fungus: Fungi, Fungus, Fungal
Yeast infections. (Chronic Candidiasis). mycology IN THE NEWS
- Select a category - The Fungi Mycoses Drugs Laboratory About Us Welcome to Doctor Fungus, your on-line reference to all things mycological! Fungi can cause a wide variety of infections.
In People
In Animals In Plants Yeast infections ...
(Chronic Candidiasis)

Date: Feb. 03, 2003
Refractory Aspergillus pneumonia in patients with acute leukemia and a successful therapy with combination caspofungin and liposomal amphotericin.
As reported by
Date: Dec. 19, 2002 Caspofungin vs. Ampho B for Invasive Candidiasis
A new clinical study evaluated the investigational use of caspofungin acetate for the treatment of invasive candidiasis (an infection that spreads to organs), including candidemia (an infection of the bloodstream). As reported by Date: Nov. 29, 2002 Black Mold Panic Has Families Fleeing Their Homes View News Archive MYCOLOGY FACTOID New! What fungus causes mycosis fungoides? Answer You see the word for filamentous fungus written as both 'mold' and 'mould.' Which is correct?

22. Duke Mycology: Mushrooms Of North Carolina
Information on Rytas Vilgalys's research group, evolutionary biology of mushrooms, and mushrooms of Category Science Biology mycology...... The photos and collections were made during the fall of 1995 as part of a classassignment for Introductory mycology (Bot 220, taught by R. Vilgalys) at Duke
photo by Maggie Whitson, Duke University
M ushrooms
N orth
C arolina
The fungi shown on these pages may be found in the forests of central and coastal North Carolina. The photos and collections were made during the fall of 1995 as part of a class assignment for Introductory Mycology (Bot 220, taught by R. Vilgalys) at Duke University. Students were required to prepare a collection of 50 specimens representing a cross section of mushroom diversity from North Carolina, with notes and photos. The best student photos were selected for this homepage. Many of the specimens shown on these photos were collected during field trips to several interesting habitats in North Carolina, including the piedmont, sandhills, and coastal forest regions.
List of Species
Credits the Duke Mycology Lab Evolutionary Biology ... other Mycology web pages
Please email comments, corrections, or suggestions to:
Rytas Vilgalys,

Last revision: 26 April 1996
Links2Go Key Resource

Fungi Topic

23. ScienceDirect - Experimental Mycology - List Of Issues
Similar pages mycologyThe mycology Pages have moved to http// update your bookmarks.
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Experimental Mycology Bookmark this page as:
(Now known as Fungal Genetics and Biology
= subscribed = non-subscribed = complimentary
Volume 19
Volume 19, Issue 4 , Pages 241-337 (December 1995) Volume 19, Issue 3 , Pages 171-238 (September 1995) Volume 19, Issue 2 , Pages 91-169 (June 1995) Volume 19, Issue 1 , Pages 1-90 (March 1995) Volume 18 Volume 17
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24. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - Reviews In Medical Microbiology
Journal of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Covering developments and techniques in medical microbiology, virology, mycology, parasitology, clinical microbiology, and hospital infection.
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25. Mycology - Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book (PPIGB)
mycology from A to Z
Mycology: ...from A to Z Fungal Culture Collections Fusarium Websites ... Mycotoxins
... from A to Z:

Actimocycetes-Streptomyces Internet Resource Center (ASIRC) . Directory of Researchers, Databases, Links, Meetings, On-line Library, Methods and Techniques. Airborne Pathogens of Cereals - COST 817 Septoria tritici Anamorph Information Network (AnaNET) , Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Research Branch, Canada. AnaNET is an informal network on the taxonomy of anamorphic fungi and the identification of these fungi. It is primarily a quarterly newsletter. Aspergillus Web Site , hosted by School of Biological Sciences, Manchester University, UK. This site is designed to provide information on pathogenic Aspergilli for clinicians and scientific researchers. Register on first visit (in section content). Detailed content on all aspects of Aspergillus pathogenesis and research, more constantly being added. Curently downloadable images, Laboratory protocols and research discussion lists are available. Botanical Epidemiology and Modelling Group , Department of Plant Science, University of Cambridge, UK. Research Interests: Spatial and temporal models for soil-borne plant disease, spatial and temporal spread of diseases, monoclonal antibodies to detect and quantify populations of

mycology and morphology. MykoWeb mushrooms, fungi, and mycology resources witha focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. Fungal Genetics Stock

27. Forest And Shade Tree Pathology - Home
Online textbook of forest pathology, covering fungi (mycology), principles of tree disease and major diseases, wood anatomy and chemistry, dwarf mistletoes, hazard trees, disease ecology and management, cankers, rusts, needlecasts, and root diseases.
Online Textbook
This is the home page About this site
General Topics
Disease Profiles
In-depth but concise overviews of important diseases or disease types. Each disease has its own page. More will be added as time permits.
Email accounts available:

Cartoon courtesy of Ryan Hart, State University of New York Ranger School '95 Forest pathology is the study of tree diseases . In this web site, Forest and Shade Tree Pathology, we cover major diseases of trees, considering their causes ( etiology ), factors that affect their spread (

28. LIAS
mycology.Net. an Internet Site Containing Information about Diversity of Fungi.The current page normally uses a navigation frame on the left side.

29. Weiterleitung
covers the entire field of marine botany including marine microbiology and marine mycology. Its purpose is to disseminate original knowledge, to provide synopses of global or interdisciplinary interest, and to stress aspects of utilization. Published by Walter de Gruyter.

The. Forest mycology and Mycorrhiza Research Team. has a NEW WEBSITE. Forest mycology Personnel. James Trappe , Professor and Guru.
Forest Mycology and Mycorrhiza Research Team
has a

An ectomycorrhiza of Douglas-fir T his site will now focus on faculty and students from Oregon State University, Department of Forest Science who collaborate with the PNW Forest Mycology Team . We are actively pursuing research on the effects of various forest management approaches on ectomycorrhizal fungi in an ecosystem context. The development of survey and management protocols for conserving and monitoring biological diversity of forest fungi is another important area of concentration. We are also conducting research and developing monitoring protocols for commercially harvested forest mushrooms. Our team has particular expertise with those fungi that produce hypogeous sporocarps (truffles). About a dozen mycological field studies are in place or planned throughout the Pacific Northwest region. The integrated research and extended perspective offered by our studies will produce information on long term interactions between mycorrhizal fungi, sustainable ecosystem productivity, and forest management practices. Forest Mycology Personnel James Trappe , Professor and Guru

31. Roger's Home Page - 1. Geography Of Trinidad And Tobago
Genealogy and personal family history, and a list of included surnames. Illustrations and diagrams of fungi from a teaching package on mycology, plus nature scenes from Trinidad and Tobago.
click here For the topography of Trinidad, click here To see some of its towns and villages, click here For the topography of Tobago, click here To see some of its towns and villages, click here You are visitor number Send mail Life Sciences Home Page
National Herbarium Home Page

Friends of Botanic Gardens of Trinidad and Tobago
Last Update: 5 December 1999

32. Journal Catalogue - Cambridge University Press
Field mycology. Field mycology is a new publication devoted to theidentification and study of wild fungi in Britain and Europe.

33. WebRing: Hub
A ring of Ohio web sites on astronomy, birding, butterflies, gardening, herpetology, mycology, spiders, and wildflowers.

34. Home Page
Distributor of diagnostics products and laboratory equipment for territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, allergy, autoimmune, blood grouping diagnostics products.
biotehnology clinical diagnostics microbiology

35. Clinical Mycology Online
A resource for mycologists working in the clinical setting

36. Ekologi Och Geovetenskap - Umeå Universitet
Research groups include Aquatic Ecology, Environmental Change Assessment, Evolutionary Ecology, Forest Biodiversity, Joatka Research, Landscape Ecology, Lichen Ecology, Phylogenetic mycology, and Stream Ecology.
Ekologi och geovetenskap Presentation



Organisation Aktuellt Utbildning Forskning Samarbeta med Univ. Universitetsbiblioteket


Ekologi och geovetenskap

Marint forskningscenter
Ekologi och geovetenskap Umeå universitet Informationen kontrollerades den 10 april 2002 Ansvarig för sidan: Postadress: 901 87 Umeå Tel: 090-786 63 58 Fax: 090-786 67 05 E-post:

37. Microbiology/Virology/Immunology/Bacteriology/Parasitology Text Book On-line
PART FIVE mycology. More mycology information can be found hereIf patient, CHAPTER EIGHT Medical mycology glossary.
information can be
found here: If your browser
does not support hover
buttons use these links
to go to other sections:



Images © Dr Dennis Kunkel, and © Geraldine Cooper, David Haldane and Todd Hatchette and MicrobeLibrary (used with permission) Fungi are eukaryotic organisms that do not contain chlorophyll, but have cell walls, filamentous structures, and produce spores. These organisms grow as saprophytes and decompose dead organic matter. There are between 100,000 to 200,000 species depending on how they are classified. About 300 species are presently known to be pathogenic for man. There are four types of mycotic diseases: 1. Hypersensitivity - an allergic reaction to molds and spores. 2. Mycotoxicoses - poisoning of man and animals by feeds and food products contaminated by fungi which produce toxins from the grain substrate. 3. Mycetismus- the ingestion of preformed toxin (mushroom poisoning).

Offer doit-yourself magic mushroom kits, mycology supplies, mushroom spores, and absinthe kits.

39. Microbiology And Immunology On-line
Dr. Richard Hunt and his colleagues at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine have created Category Science Biology Microbiology......The search engine below does not yet search parasitology or mycology.Today is. Welcome to Microbiology and Immunology Online This
The search engine below does not yet search parasitology or mycology Today is
Welcome to Microbiology and Immunology On-line
This internet textbook covers all aspects of microbiology and immunology and is based on our course for second year Medical Students INTRODUCTION IMMUNOLOGY

Only a some of the accompanying PowerPoint files and the Acrobat files are now protected This site has achieved the highest ratings for comprehensiveness, clarity, layout and visibility on the web. See Here Contributors Please tell us where you come from or tell a friend about this book here Department Home page
Medical School
University of South Carolina
THIS MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY TEXTBOOK WAS RECENTLY FEATURED IN THE NET WATCH SECTION OF SCIENCE See here The USC Medical School Graduate program is now accepting applications for the fall of 2003. Click above for more information

40. Department Of Plant Pathology - Ithaca
Concentrations within the field are Plant Pathology, mycology, Molecular Plant Pathology, Plant Disease Epidemiology, and Ecological and Environmental Plant Pathology.
Faculty Detailed information about Graduate Studies in Plant Pathology at Cornell Fellowships, Classes Map, Web pages for individual classes Web pages for extension programs Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium (CUP) New York Certified Seed Potato Program Sites at Cornell dealing with aspects of Plant Pathology Sites dealing with international aspects of Plant Pathology Area Maps and Information, Professional sites dealing with Plant Pathology National Needs Fellowship information Plant Path GSA Home For Plant Pathology Department information, contact R. Loria, Chair and Professor Department of Plant Pathology 334 Plant Science Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853 Tel: 607-255-3245 Fax: 607-255-4471 Page established April 1995 and maintained by Ken Sandlan

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