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         Rinehart Mary Roberts:     more books (22)
  1. Tish / by Mary Roberts Rinehart ; with illustrations by May Wilson Preston by Mary Roberts (1876-1958) Rinehart, 1916-01-01
  2. Biography - Rinehart, Mary Roberts (1876-1958): An article from: Contemporary Authors by --Sketch by Michael Cisco, 2003-01-01
  3. The romantics, by Mary Roberts Rinehart by Mary Roberts (1876-1958) Rinehart, 1929-01-01
  4. The amazing interlude. by Mary Roberts Rinehart illustration by Rinehart. Mary Roberts. 1876-1958., 1918-01-01
  5. NomadÃ?¯Ã'¿Ã'½s land, by Mary Roberts Rinehart ... Illustrated by Mary Roberts (1876-1958) Rinehart, 1926
  6. The circular staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart. by Rinehart. Mary Roberts. 1876-1958., 1908-01-01
  7. The altar of freedom. by Mary Roberts Rinehart. by Rinehart. Mary Roberts. 1876-1958., 1917-01-01
  8. The man in lower ten. by Mary Roberts Rinehart with illustra by Rinehart. Mary Roberts. 1876-1958., 1909-01-01
  9. K. / by Mary Roberts Rinehart ; with illustrations by Mary Roberts (1876-1958) Rinehart, 1915
  10. The breaking point, by Mary Roberts Rinhart by Mary Roberts (1876-1958) and Fogarty, Thomas (illus.) Rinehart, 1922
  11. The Altar Of Freedom
  12. THE bREAKING POINT. by Mary Rinehart [1876 - 1958]. Roberts, 1922
  13. Long live the king! By Mary Roberts Rinehart. with illustrations by Rinehart. Mary Roberts. 1876-1958., 1917-01-01
  14. Crown of Life: The Story of Mary Roberts Rinehart (The Forgotten Pioneers Series) by Sybil Downing, 1992-06-25

81. Best American Novels
a broader following. The Circular Staircase Mary Roberts Rinehart(1876—1958) Indianapolis Bobbs Merrill, 1908. A large rented

New Books

Forthcoming Books

The Best American Novels of the Twentieth Century Still Readable Today
by Eleanor M. Gehres A thought-provoking compendium of the best American novels of the twentieth century. What were the best novels written by Americans during the twentieth century? Does “best” necessarily mean the most influential at the time of publication, or that the book was a best-seller or held the highest standard of writing from purely an academic point of view? Eleanor Gehres, former Director of the Denver Public Library’s Western History Department, was assigned the task of evaluating the field of American literature in the twentieth century and came up with this book. Novels recommended by others were discarded if they did not pass Eleanor’s criteria: First, was the book important; and, second, was the book still a good read in the current day? Entries range from masterpieces, such as Fitzgerald’s

82. Robbie Emily Dunn Collection Of American Detective Fiction - Special Collections
Perhaps even better remembered is Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876 1958), who is oftenreferred to as the founder of the had I but known school of detective
Special Collections and Rare Books
Robbie Emily Dunn Collection of American Detective Fiction
The Robbie Emily Dunn Collection of American Detective Fiction was begun in 1981 with the initial intention that only women writers would be included. It quickly became evident that to exclude certain works written by men would be to exclude some interesting women detectives. The character of Bertha Cool, for example, allowed the inclusion of Erle Stanley Gardner writing under the pseudonym of A. A. Fair. Gardner keeps company with approximately forty other gentlemen writers similarly brought in to the collection by their fictitious lady sleuths.
The collection has grown to approximately 3000 volumes representing nearly 200 authors, 85 percent of whom are women. The earliest known American work in the genre written by a woman predates, as far as is known, the earliest American novel to feature a female detective. Historians of popular literature credit Seeley Regester (pseudonym of Metta Victoria Fuller Victor, 1831 - 1885) as our country's first woman to write a work of detective fiction. It is with her novel, The Dead Letter
The author remembered today as the "mother of detective fiction" is Anna Katherine Green (1846 - 1935) described in recent years as the J.B. Fletcher of her day since she was often asked to help solve real crimes. It is Green who gave us Amelia Butterworth, the first spinster sleuth, and Miss Violet Strange whose success rested on her possession of a clue-sensitive bloodhound.

Rindlaub, Jean (b. Wade), 1904 1991. Rinehart, Mary (b. Roberts), 1876 1958. Rinehart, William Henry, 1825 1874. Ringan, St, Ringgold, Faith, 1930.

84. Offline Seznam Personálních Autorit - Rinehart, Mary Roberts 1876 - 1958
Rinehart, Mary Roberts 1876 1958 Záhlaví, Název, Signatura. SLIDE,Anthony, They also wrote for the fan magazines, S 16406. © Mestská
Rinehart, Mary Roberts 1876 - 1958
Záhlaví Název Signatura SLIDE, Anthony They also wrote for the fan magazines S 16406 Offline poslední zmìny: 31.03.2003 kont@kt

85. NpcoSubjects08
Rice, Sam,1890 Rinehart, Mary Roberts,1876-1958Public appearancesWashington(DC) Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Combined ShowsPeople1920-1930

PicketsWashington (D.C.)1920-1930.

Pima Indians1870-1890.

Pipp, Wally,1893-1965.

Pitney, Mahlon,1858-1924Social life.

86. Musconetcong Valley Cemetery
In memory ofWife of John C. BurdDaughter of John Catharine Rinehart. Roberts,Thomas W. 1R2-1, 1908, 1983, Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Christine, 1-R2-1, 1911,
Musconetcong Valley Cemetery, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
On Asbury Road (near Main Street, between Hampton and Asbury).
This Cemetery listing has been made available due to the fine efforts in August 1998, by Brian
Gardner for his Eagle Scout Project. Brian donated his efforts to the Lebanon Township Museum. The
Museum has kindly shared this information with us, and has given permission for us to make this
available to everyone. Please, if you have found this listing helpful, consider making a donation to: Township of Lebanon Museum
57 Musconetcong River Road
Hampton, NJ 08827
It would be very kind if you mentioned that you found this listing on the web site.
Thank you! Hope you enjoy!!! Search these cemetery listings or the web powered by FreeFind
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Fountain Grove Cemetery Hampton Cemetery Musconetcong Valley Cemetery A B C D ... X-Z and unknown Last Name First Name Site Date of Birth Date of Death Aged Other Radle Family marker Radle Chris Husband of Harriet E. Rinehart Radle Harriet E. Rinehart

87. Untitled Document
Mary Roberts Rinehart 1876 - 1958 America's first woman war correspondentduring World War I for the Saturday Evening Post; wrote mystery novels
ACCOMPLISHED WOMEN BURIED AT ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY Commander Beatrice V. Ball , 1902 - 1963. U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. She was a senior officer in SPARS (Women's Coast Guard unit) founded in World War II. Lt. Ollie Josephine B. Bennett , 1874 - 1953. Pioneer woman doctor in World War I. Lt. Kara Spears Hultgreen , US Navy Was the first female pilot killed after the Department of Defense Risk rule was rescinded. Lt. Hultgreen was one of the first US Navy female combat pilots. Commodore (Rear Adm.) Grace Murray Hopper - 1906 - 1992 US Navy Was a mathematician, and a pioneer in data processing and computer science. Admiral Hopper invented COBOL and coined the term "bug" in computers. When she retired from the Navy in 1986, at the age of 80, she was the oldest officer on active duty. Captain Winifred Love , USN, of Newport, Rhode Island, 1914 - 1999. In 1967, Captain Love, who was among the first group of Navy women officers selected to the permanent rank of Captain, reported to her last command as director of training publications for the operating Fleet. In 1973 she retired after 30 years of distinguished service to her country. Captain Love has awards and decorations that include the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, the American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal.

88. Krimis Bei DuMont, Juni 2002
Translate this page Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876 -1958) schuf mit ihren romantic thrillers einen neuenTyp der Geheimniserzählung, der größte Anerkennung bei Publikum und Kritik

89. EBooks (e-Books, EBook): Digital Book Index: Search By Author
Rinehart, Mary Roberts, A Poor Wise Man, TxtG, n/c, GutenbergUS. Rinehart,Mary Roberts, Bab A Sub-Deb, 1917, MSReadr, n/c, UVaLib. Rinehart, Mary

90. Reading Companion To Mary Roberts Rinehart
A Reader's Guide to Mary Roberts Rinehart 1876 1958. Our Reading Selection
A Reader's Guide to Mary Roberts Rinehart
Our Reading Selection : Salvage, part 1 Salvage, part 2
Mary Roberts Rinehart
This webpage provides a bibliography of Rinehart's writing, as well as a narrative overview of her writing career. NorthSide: Mary Roberts Rinehart
A short article, written sometime before her death, from a site dedicated to the people from Pittsburgh. Rinehart E-texts
A collection of five Rinehart e-texts, including The Circular Staircase, considered to be a classic murder/mystery, and Bab: A Sub-Deb, one of her comic masterpieces.

91. The Mad Cybrarian's Library: Free Online E-texts - Authors R-Rz
text) (Gutenberg Text Zip). Rimbaud, Arthur Ver Erat(The LatinLibrary). Rinehart, Mary Roberts18761958. Rittenhouse, Jessie B. ed
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites
The Mad Cybrarian's Library
Authors: R-Rz
Rabelais, Francis Racine, Jean Baptiste:
  • Phaedra
Radford, Dollie
Raine, William McLeod:
  • Ridgway of Montana
  • Bucky O'Connor: A Tale of the Unfenced Border
  • The Vision Splendid
  • Wyoming: A Story of the Outdoor West
Raleigh, Sir Walter
Raleigh, Walter Alexander, Sir, 1861-1922 Ralphson, G. Harvey:
  • Boy Scouts in Mexico, or, On Guard with Uncle Sam
Ramsay, W.M.
  • St. Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen text(CCEL)
Rand, Ayn Randolph, W.C.N.

92. ƒƒAƒŠƒCE‚qEƒ‰ƒCƒ“ƒn[ƒg(Mary R. Rinehart)
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
ƒƒAƒŠƒCE‚qEƒ‰ƒCƒ“ƒn[ƒg Mary Roberts Rinehart U.S.A. Novel ƒyƒ“ƒVƒ‹ƒ”ƒ@ƒjƒABƒsƒbƒcƒ”ƒ@[ƒO¶‚Ü‚êB w—†ùŠK’ix The Circular Staircase wƒhƒA‚ÍŒê‚éx The Door u‰©F‚̊ԁv The Yellow Room
  • Tr:ˆ¢•”—¢”ü
Short Fiction uŒß‘OŽlŽžv Four A.M. u–_Œûgv The Lipstick u•ÇŽ†‚̉º‚Ì”àv The Papered Door
  • Tr:ŽOŽ÷Â¶
uƒCƒUƒxƒ‹‚̃AƒŠƒoƒCv Alibi for Isabel
  • Tr:¬‘q‘½‰ÁŽu(Takashi Ogura)
  • Tr:Š_“àá]
u‰ÊŽ÷‰€‚ÌŒ¢v The Dog in the Orchard
  • Tr:í“cŒiŽq
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93. Murdershop ®Ñ³æ - ²Ä¤T¤Q¤K´Á
»(The Circular Staircase, 1908)?.?(Mary RobertsRinehart, 18761958),«?»(The
¡m¤Q¤K¸¹¯f©Ð¡nThe Patient in Room 18
°Ò»ú£»¥j¼w¡D·Rªi«¢¯S¡]Mignon G. Eberhart¡^/µÛ ¡@¤NßNµØĶ ¡i¤º®e²¤¶¡j ¡i¾ÉŪ±ÀÂË¡j ¡E ¦pªG§Ú·í®Éª¾¹Dªº¸Ü
¡E ª½¨ì¦o«á¨Ó¦^·Q°_¨Ó
Rex Stout¡þ µÛ ­ð¹Å¼zĶ ¡i¤º®e²¤¶¡j ¦^¤W­¶

94. GIGA Chronological Author List "1875 To 1879"
novelist (1876 1916) Wilson Mizner , American dramatist (1876 - 1933) Mary RobertsRinehart , American novelist and playwright (1876 - 1958) Helen Rowland
Home Biographical List Reading List Internet Links ...
Quote Links
John Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir)
Scottish novelist (1875 - 1940)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
American novelist (1875 - 1950)
Aleister Crowley
English diabolist (1875 - 1947)
Alice McDonald Fleming
English poet (fl. 1900)
Zane Grey
American novelist (1875 - 1939)
Carl Gustav Jung
Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist (1875 - 1961)
Thomas Mann
American (German-born) novelist (1875 - 1955)
French actress (1875 - 1956)
Rafael Sabatini
Italian novelist (1875 - 1950) Albert Schweitzer French theologian, musician and medical missionary (1875 - 1965) Frederic Ridgely Torrence American librarian, editor and author (1875 - 1950) Edgar Wallace English poet and war correspondent (1875 - 1932) Mrs. C.T. Whitnall English writer (early 20th century) Sherwood Anderson American poet and story writer (1876 - 1941) Irvin S. Cobb American journalist and author (1876 - 1944) Ian Hay Scottish novelist and dramatist (1876 - 1952) Wallace Irwin American editor and writer of sketches, stories and verse (1876 - 1959) Maxim Litvinov Russian diplomat (1876 - 1951) Jack London American novelist (1876 - 1916) Wilson Mizner American dramatist (1876 - 1933) Mary Roberts Rinehart American novelist and playwright (1876 - 1958) Helen Rowland English-American writer (1876 - 1950) Rex Beach American novelist (1877 - 1949) George Warwick Deeping English novelist (1877 - 1950) Lloyd Cassell Douglas Godfrey Harold Hardy English mathematician (1877 - 1947) Col. William Hayward

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