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         Abbott And Costello:     more books (123)
  1. Horror Spoofs of Abbott and Costello: A Critical Assessment of the Comedy Team's Monster Films by Jeffrey S. Miller, 2004-03-08
  2. Abbott and Costello by Furmanek, 1991-06-01
  3. Smithsonian Legendary Performers: Abbott & Costello (Radio Spirits and the Smithsonian) by VARIOUS, 2003-02-01
  4. Abbott and Costello on the Home Front: A Critical Study of the Wartime Films by Scott Allen Nollen, 2009-02-09
  5. The Abbott and Costello book (The Popular Library film series) by Jim Mulholland, 1977
  6. The Official Abbott and Costello Scrapbook by Stephen Cox, John Lofflin, 1990-11
  7. Who's on First?: Abbott and Costello
  8. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (Universal Filmscripts Series Classic Comedies, Vol 1)
  9. The Abbott & Costello Story: Sixty Years of "Who's on First?" by Stephen Cox, John Lofflin, 1997-10
  10. Bud & Lou: The Abbott & Costello story by Bob Thomas, 1977
  11. Abbott & Costello [With 32-Page Booklet]
  12. Facts on File Dictionary of 20th Century Allusions: From Abbott and Costello to Ziegfeld Girls by Sylvia Cole, Abraham Harold Lass, 1991-01
  13. Bud & Lou : the Abbott & Costello story / by Bob Thomas by Bob (1922-) Thomas, 1977
  14. Abbott and Costello Show (Old-Time Radio Blockbusters 1-Hour Collections) by Various Artists, 2001-09

1. Abbott & Costello Quarterly On The Web
Welcome to the Web Edition of Abbott Costello Quarterly, the journal of theOfficial Abbott Costello Fan Club. 2003 abbott and costello Quarterly.

Here you'll find the latest News of interest to fans of Bud and Lou;
a F.A.Q. page for your questions; an Archive of back issues;
a link to join the Fan Club; and a transcript of "Who's On First?" Enjoy your visit!
Latest Update:
January 31:
Home Video (TV schedule for February; TV episodes DVD)

2. Abbott & Costello, Who's On First By Larry & Timothy Cappetto - (970) 254-9262
Classic abbott and costello comedy routine, Who's On First?
Denver, Colorado, KWGN WB 2 Morning Show
Portland, Oregon, FOX 12/UPN 49
Grand Junction, Colorado, NBC 11 NEWS 2003 Schedule/Booking Information If you would like to schedule the Cappetto's to come to your area and
perform the classic, "Who's On First" routine, please CLICK HERE.
Book the Cappetto's for 2003

Send us an Email and let us know you were here

3. Abbott And Costello Current Month TV Schedule
Check the monthly listing of dates, times, and channels for abbott and costello movies on television. TVNow presents. abbott and costello. On TV. Feb. 1 Feb. 28
TVNow presents
Abbott and Costello
March 24 - April 30
Eastern Time Zone Used Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd
90 minutes- 1952, Video
Directed by Charles Lamont and starring
Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Charles Laughton
Hillary Brooke, Leif Erickson, Fran Warren
Bill Shirley
The boys search for a pirate's treasure, with the pirate in hot pursuit. Tue Apr 1 06:00A TCM- Turner Classic Movies Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 105 minutes- USA, 1953, BW, Video Directed by Charles Lamont and starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Boris Karloff Craig Stevens, Helen Westcott, Reginald Denny John Dierkes Police officers Bud and Lou encounter the infamous shape-changing scientist while on assignment in London. Mon Apr 21 06:15A AMC- American Movie Classics Other Entertaining Web Sites Abbott and Costello Collectibles The Abbott and Costello Home Page Fansites Celebrity Locator

4. Abbott & Costello Web Site
The official page features the latest news and information, including new product and video releases, Category Arts Celebrities A abbott and costello......
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5. Abbott & Costello Quarterly: Fan Club
Thanks for your interest in the abbott and costello Official Fan Club! Thiswill answer many of your questions. 2002 abbott and costello Quarterly.
Thanks for your interest in
the Abbott and Costello Official Fan Club!
This will answer many of your questions.
What you get
How much?
The fan club was founded in 1986 by Ron Palumbo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bud and Lou's teaming in burlesque. (Ron is the co-author of the definitive Abbott and Costello book, "Abbott and Costello in Hollywood.")
Until mid-1999, the club was administered by Lou's daughter, Chris Costello, in California. The club currently operates out of PO Box 5566, Fort Wayne, IN 46895-5566. Of course, the Abbott and Costello families continue to be involved in the club, which has their full support.
Abbott and Costello Quarterly.
Abbott and Costello movies were available on home video. Club members successfully lobbied Universal and MGM to have every
Membership in the fan club also includes a subscription to four printed issues of the Quarterly. In the past, the Quarterly has featured interviews with Bud and Lou's family, friends and co-workers-including Lou's brother, Pat Costello; Bud's sister, Olive Abbott; Bud Abbott, Jr.; Hillary Brooke; and the late Ann Corio, to name a few. The Quarterly has also included articles on Sid Fields; Eddie Forman (who wrote episodes of Bud and Lou's TV series); Minsky's burlesque; the team's appearances on live TV; and more.

6. Abbott And Costello Comedy Collectibles - Home
Abbott, Costello, collectibles, 3 Stooges, Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy,Marylin Monroe, Who is on first, Buck Privates, novelty items, comedy.





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7. Abbott And Costello's "Who's On First Routine"
Official homepage features biographies, news and special events, a chat room, and merchandising information. Get details about joining the official fan club.
Abbott and Costello
"Who's on first routine"
These pages were created by Jonathan Fraser
You can reach me by e-mail at:

8. Abbott & Costello, Celebrities, Comedy, Abbott And Costello, Sitcoms!
History of the comic duo.Category Arts Celebrities A abbott and costello......Abbott Costello, celebrities, comedy, abbott and costello, sitcoms! Best of Abbottand Costello, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, movies, comedies and much more!
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9. Abbott And Costello, Forever
abbott and costello forever. Updated daily or at the least a few timesa week. Creating my own abbott and costello Computer game LOG.
Abbott and Costello forever. Thee most informative, fun site on the whole web dedicated to the 1940s top comedy team. Updated reguarly. today's date Winter
11:34 is the time in EST, USA
Quiet!!I am sleeping!! ENTER HERE Main page might take about 10 seconds to load with a 56K modem if you want your (or a friend's) birthday mentioned every year on the top of this page, then email me Updated daily or at the least a few times a week. Creating my own Abbott and Costello Computer game LOG Important message: if you visit the site, then you'll notice I never update that. the truth is I can't access that server anymore. THIS is the definitive A+C forever site now. Bookmark (or Add to favourites) Feel free to use this banner if you want to link this site to yours!

10. Abbott And Costello Radio Broadcast
abbott and costello radio broadcasts. It was So it's on with the Abbottand Costello show Lou Hey Abbott, what time is it? Bud It's
Abbott and Costello radio broadcasts.
Lou: Hey Abbott, what time is it?
Bud: It's time for the Abbott and Costello show! We are on the air for ABC here in Hollywood
Lou: Well what are we waiting for? let's go, with the Abbott and Costello show
(Lots of applause and whistling - music plays)
Announcer: (probably Ken Niles): yes, it's the Abbott and Costello show. Produced and transcibed in Hollywood tonight for your listening pleasure. Hold on to your chairs (or cheers) folks for here they are, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello (music ends)
(lots more applause, cheers and whistles)
Bud: Co- (laughing already) Costello! Costello! You're late again!
Lou: Well I was watching the girls admiring Lana Turner's new necklace
Bud: Lana Turner has a new necklace? Lou: Yes, made out of her old wedding rings! (Audience laughs) Bud: Hey, who was that girl you was with last night? Lou: ooooohhh. That's my new girl! Bud: What's she like Lou? Lou: What's she like? She likes bourbon, scotch, gin, rye, wine, bourbon

11. LikeTelevision - Jack And The Beanstalk
Full broadband movie presented by LikeTelevision.Category Arts Celebrities A abbott and costello......The LikeTelevision Movie channel proudly presents Jack and The Beanstalk- with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Like The Wizard of

Classic TV
Cartoons Movies History ... Help
Jack and the Beanstalk
Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Buddy Baer
Directed by Jean Yarbrough WATCH Preview Clip!
The LikeTelevision Movie channel proudly presents - Jack and The Beanstalk - with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Like The Wizard of Oz, the movie is in B/W and color. We begin the story in modern times - filmed in Sepia (B/W). Bud and Lou get a job baby-sitting for a precocious kid and his baby brother. The kid reads Jack and the Beanstalk and Lou drifts off into a color dream.
A cow with lipstick?
Bud Abbott as the butcher
Part one

Intro - B/W - Bud and Lou get a job as baby-sitters. When the parents leave, the baby starts crying and we get to see Lou's professional demeanor.
Part two
More babysitting scenes followed by Lou getting a bedtime story. Lou falls asleep and starts dreaming in color. He wakes up as young Jack and has a thing for his cow Henry. Bud Abbott plays the butcher. Part three Okay - there's a princess who has to marry a prince and vica versa. Neither one wants to go through it - so they both get captured by the giant and act like "plain folk". Jack helps each keep their real identity a secret. Jack and the Beanstalk Message Board E-mail This Page to a Friend!

12. Ivars Peterson's MathTrek -Abbott And Costello's Wacky Math
abbott and costello's wacky math.Category Recreation Humor Science Mathematics...... abbott and costello's Wacky Math. They're odd. Such nuggets of mathematical fun turnup not only in Buck Privates but also in other abbott and costello movies.
Ivars Peterson's MathTrek March 27, 2000
Abbott and Costello's Wacky Math
The Math in the Movies Web page ( ) provides an annotated list of films in which mathematics plays some sort of role. The choices range from the calculus lessons of Stand and Deliver to the mystifying numerology of the 1998 thriller Pi. Among the notable omissions are several movies featuring the comedy team of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Probably most famous for their "Who's on first" baseball routine, Abbott and Costello made arithmetic shenanigans the basis of a number of their comic dialogs. Abbott and Costello became a comedy team in 1936, becoming popular on the burlesque stage, then achieving wider acclaim by performing on radio. Released in 1941, their second movie, Buck Privates, was a box office hit. In this World War II comedy, Abbott and Costello play tie salesmen who accidentally enlist in the army to avoid getting arrested. The mathematical centerpiece of Buck Privates is a word problem reminiscent of those spoofed by John Scieszka and Lane Smith in the delightful book Math Curse (see The Cow in the Classroom,

13. Abbott And Costello's Who's On First? By Baseball Almanac
abbott and costello's Who's on First? Abbott Tomorrow. Costello You don'twanna tell me today? Who's on First? by Abbott Costello.
Support Baseball Almanac - Visit One Sponsor Each Visit Advertise Here Contact Us Our Newsletter Support Our Efforts ... Year In Review
Audio Moments
Who's on First? "Costello: Look, you gotta pitcher on this team? Abbott: Now wouldn't this be a fine team without a pitcher. Costello: The pitcher's name. Abbott: Tomorrow. Costello: You don't wanna tell me today?" - Who's on First? by Abbott & Costello O The Naughty Nineties compilation. T he general premise behind the exchange has Costello, a peanut vendor named Sebastion Dinwiddle, talking to Abbott who is Dexter Broadhurt, the manager of the mythical St. Louis Wolves.However, before Costello can get behind the plate, Abbott wants to make sure he knows everyone's name on the team... N ote: We mentioned above that words alone cannot do it justice. To that end we have included a complete audio sample of the original Who's on First? for you to listen to! Who's On First? by Abbott and Costello A Word-for-Word Transcript Abbott: Alright, now whaddya want? Costello: Now look, I'm the head of the sports department. I gotta know the baseball players' names. Do you know the guys' names?

14. The Unofficial Abbott And Costello Home Page
THE UNOFFICIAL abbott and costello HOMEPAGE. This page is dedicated to those twogreat comedians of RADIO, TELEVISION AND THE SILVER SCREEN. abbott and costello.
This page is dedicated to those two great comedians of RADIO, TELEVISION AND THE SILVER SCREEN. ABBOTT AND COSTELLO The five best movies by Abbott and Costello according to me! 1. Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (Generally considered their best) 2. Lost In A Harem 3. Hold That Ghost (One of their best mainly becaused it featured them and didn't rely on music) 4. The Time of Their Lives (Not their funniest movie but their best made with the best story) 5. Abbott And Costello Go To Mars (Worth it for the surreal scene in which Costello shoots a gun in space!)
OTHER ABBOTT AND COSTELLO PAGES ON THIS SITE The Abbott And Costello Filmography The Abbott And Costello Show Episode Guide The Abbott And Costello Cartoon Series Episode Guide Their classic routine "Who's on First" ... Their classic ROUTINES all on one page. (Including "Who's on First") OTHER LINKS AND PAGES A New The New Home of Abbott and Costello on the Net The World Wide Web version of the Abbott and Costello Quarterly SOUNDS AND MUSIC The Theme to the Abbott and Costello TV Show (MP3 Format) The Theme to the Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show (MP3 Format) DOWNLOAD ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SOFTWARE This page was last updated May 3, 2001

15. Abbott And Costello Learn Hebrew
abbott and costello Learn Hebrew. by Rabbi Jack Moline. ABBOTT COSTELLO Precisely!COSTELLO Now look at this logically. If me is who. And who is he.
Abbott and Costello Learn Hebrew
by Rabbi Jack Moline ABBOTT: I see you're here for your Hebrew lesson. COSTELLO: I'm ready to learn. ABBOTT: Now, the first thing you must understand is that Hebrew and English have many words which sound alike, but they do not mean the same thing. COSTELLO: Sure, I understand. ABBOTT: Now, don't be too quick to say that. COSTELLO: How stupid do you think I am...don't answer that. It's simple - some words in Hebrew sound like words in English, but they don't mean the same. ABBOTT: Precisely. COSTELLO: We have that word in English, too. What does it mean in Hebrew? ABBOTT: No, no. Precisely is an English word. COSTELLO: I didn't come here to learn English, I came to learn Hebrew. So make with the Hebrew. ABBOTT: Fine. Let's start with mee. COSTELLO: You. ABBOTT: No, mee. COSTELLO: Fine, we'll start with you. ABBOTT: No, we'll start with mee. COSTELLO: Okay, have it your way. ABBOTT: Now, mee is who. COSTELLO: You is Abbott.

16. Abbott And Costello Posters, Photos, And Rare Movie Posters
abbott and costello posters,. photos and rare movie posters. Movie Posters Search.
Welcome to where finding your favorite poster is easy. Shopping Mall more posters Tv collectables movie poster collecting Links
Abbott and Costello posters, photos and rare movie posters
Movie Posters

CATEGORIES what's hot Artist Galleries Abstract Animals ... World Culture
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Want to shop for Health Products
Who`s on First
22x34 Fine-Art Poster
by Unknown
Buy this Fine-Art Poster at

17. STEVE RAPPORT PHOTOGRAPHY - Abbott And Costello: Who's On First
Home Virtual Portfolio Comedy Corner STEVE RAPPORT PHOTOGRAPHY presentsabbott and costello's WHO'S ON FIRST? Abbott Costello THIRD BASE!
Home Virtual Portfolio Comedy Corner STEVE RAPPORT PHOTOGRAPHY
Abbott and Costello's
WHO'S ON FIRST? Abbott: Alright, now whaddya want? Costello: Now look, I'm the head of the sports department. I gotta know the baseball players' names. Do you know the guys' names? Abbott: Oh sure. Costello: So you go ahead and tell me some of their names. Abbott: Well, I'll introduce you to the boys. You know sometimes nowadays they give ballplayers peculiar names. Costello: You mean funny names. Abbott: Nicknames, pet names, like Dizzy Dean - Costello: His brother Daffy - Abbott: Daffy Dean - Costello: And their cousin! Abbott: Who's that? Costello: Goofy! Abbott: Goofy, huh? Now let's see. We have on the bags - we have Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know's on third. Costello: That's what I wanna find out. Abbott: I say Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know's on third - Costello: You know the fellows' names? Abbott: Certainly! Costello: Well then who's on first?

Similar pages Math Trek abbott and costello's Wacky Math, Science News Online Math Trek abbott and costello's Wacky Math. Food for Thought Chocolate Abbottand Costello's Wacky Math. Ivars Peterson. The Math in the
Abbott and Costello's
"Who's on First?"
This is my personal favorite comedy routine. Some people get tired of it, but it's a sure-thing laugh when I need it. If you agree, I provide you the opportunity here.
  • This is the complete text for you to read or role play with a friend.
  • The sound clips for this routine and many others from Bud and Lou are online here
Enjoy! Lawrence A. Tomassini

19. Ultimate Savers - Abbott And Costello
abbott and costello by BJ Screensavers, Check in out, you will not be dissapointed.Fill out the form below to download the abbott and costello screen saver.

20. Abbott And Costello - Wikipedia
abbott and costello. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. abbott and costello isthe name of a legendary comedy team made up of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.
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Abbott and Costello
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Abbott and Costello is the name of a legendary comedy team made up of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Abbott met Costello in while Abbott was working as a cashier at the Brooklyn theater . Costello asked Abbott to fill in for his straight man, who was ill. Throughout the , Abbott and Costello began their career performing together in burlesque shows, minstrel shows, vaudeville and movie houses. At Costello's request, all profits earned from the act were split 60/40, favoring Abbott, because, according to Costello, " Comics are a dime a dozen. Good straight men are hard to find. In they received national exposure for the first time by performing on the Kate Smith Hour radio show , which lead to the duo signing with Universal the following year. Abbott and Costello released their first film in

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