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         Araki Gregg:     more detail
  1. Images for a Generation Doomed: The Films and Career of Gregg Araki by Kylo-Patrick Hart, 2010-11-16
  2. The Living End: An Irresponsible Movie by Gregg Araki, 1994-12-31
  3. Japanese American Film Directors: Sessue Hayakawa, Chris Tashima, Gregg Araki, Philip Kan Gotanda, Kayo Hatta, Lily Mariye, Iwao Takamoto
  4. Films Directed by Gregg Araki (Study Guide): Smiley Face, Gregg Araki, Mysterious Skin, Nowhere, the Doom Generation, Totally Fucked Up
  5. The living end; an irresponsible movie, together with Totally f***ed up, another homo movie in twenty-one random celluloid fragments. by Gregg Araki, 1995
  6. Don't slam Sundance; the excitement around this year's Sundance Film Festival has been muted by talk of boycott in response to Mormon efforts to pass Proposition ... (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine) by Gregg Araki, 2009-02-01
  7. Totally Fucked Up by Gregg Araki, 1999
  8. BOMB Issue 41, Fall 1992 (BOMB Magazine) by Richard Tuttle, Anna Deveare Smith, et all 1992-09-15
  9. News From Nowhere - William Morris by William Morris, 2010-02-15
  10. The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 2010-07-25

1. Gregg Araki
Gregg Araki A Legacy of Names for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender andqueer communities. Click here for more info. Araki, Gregg (1959 ). FILMMAKER.

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Gregg Araki
Online Resources Texts: Gregg Araki Texts: Queer Histories Texts: Authors Index ... Suggest a Name Title Star Director Names Index: A B C D ... Scholars Index The Doom Generation by Gregg Araki Gregg Araki's self-described "heterosexual film" positively drips with homoerotic undertones as it follows the on-the-run exploits of a tough Valley Girl, her naive boyfriend, and a mysterious bi-guy. Filmed in an explosive style, and infused with the darkest of humor, this descent into teen hell makes for a tumultuously nihilistic ride. The Living End by Gregg Araki This self-described "irresponsible" black comedy centers around two HIV-positive men who set out on a lawless road adventure. Produced on a miniscule budget, the film presents an in-your-face reaction to society's disregard for the plight of PWAs. Film writer Jon finds his uneventful life changed forever when he meets and becomes involved with fellow "positive" Luke, a free-spirited and rageful drifter who precipitates their angst-driven journey into anarchy. The script might be thin and there is less-than-professional acting, but this eye-opening drama is a classic of 1990s independent queer cinema. A filmic rallying cry of, "Yeah, I'm HIV-positive and I blame society!"

2. : Araki Gregg
Chargement de la page araki gregg
Chargement de la page : Araki Gregg

3. Koobuycity - Nowhere (DVD) - Araki Gregg - DVD Et VHS D'occasion - Achat Et Vent
Translate this page Nowhere (DVD) Réalisateur araki gregg Editeur Pioneer. Parution 01/09/2000 Expédition Format DVD. Meilleur prix 4,40 € / 28
Accueil Livres / BD Musique DVD / VHS ... Informatique 1 260 700 produits disponibles Inscription Mon compte Panier Aide
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Aventure Comédie ... VHS Ne manquez pas Meilleures ventes C'est donné DVD ! C'est donné VHS !
frais de port

Achat DVD recto verso Nowhere (DVD)
Réalisateur : Araki Gregg
Editeur : Pioneer Parution : 01/09/2000
Acteurs : Bexton Nathan Duval James Mastroianni Chiara Robertson Kathleen ... True Rachel Sauf mention explicite précisant le contraire dans le titre ou le commentaire du vendeur, tous les DVD répertoriés sur Koobuycity sont en Zone 2 (lisibles par les lecteurs DVD distribués en Europe).
Liste des annonces Comme Neuf - Prix : / 36,08 F - Economie :
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4. Gregg Araki
Gregg Araki. Araki, Gregg IMDb - Internet Movie Database provides a filmographyfor the director as well as links to foreign fan sites.

Celebrity List
Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
Gregg Araki

5. RTSI - Filmselezione
Translate this page araki gregg. SPLENDIDI AMORI (HOTEL SPLENDOR), di Gregg Araki, con Kathleen Robertson,Johnathon Schaech, Matt Keeslar (Stati Uniti, 1999). Elenco in ordine. GREGG

6. Kiino Villand Photography | Gregg Araki
Gregg Araki Director, Writer, Producer Editorial for Spin Magazine Shotat his production studio for Nowhere Los Angeles, California 1995.
Gregg Araki [Director, Writer, Producer]
Editorial for Spin Magazine
Shot at his production studio for Nowhere
Los Angeles, California 1995

7. Gregg Araki
bir gregg araki filminde iki erkegin yanyana gelip de homoerotizme hizmet etmemesimümkün deildir, en azindan rüyaya yatarlar. (yaqari, 16.07.2000 1650). araki

8. Celebrity Wall Paper And Galleries Of Gregg Araki
Gregg Araki Galleries and Wall Papers. The sites below have all been reviewed bydmoz editors and should contain wall paper and galleries for Gregg Araki.

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Gregg Araki Galleries and Wall Papers
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  • Gregg Araki Galleries and Wall Papers - Complete directory listing from a to z.
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    Thanks for visiting's listing of celebrity wall papers and galleries sites. This site will be updated frequently with additional actor and actress links. If you are looking to purchase Gregg Araki movies and cds you can do so at
  • 9. Enfant Terrible Gregg Araki
    Translate this page Enfant terrible Gregg araki gregg Araki, 1959 in Los Angeles geboren, wuchsim Süden Kaliforniens auf und schloss dort 1982 sein Filmstudium ab.
    Enfant terrible Gregg Araki Filme in diesem Zyklus: Three Bewildered People The Doom Generation Nowhere
    Programmtelefon ++41 1 242 04 11 (Keine Reservationen) Last Updated: 25.1.2000

    10. Gregg Araki
    Catharton, Directors, Catharton Directors Fora Powered by YaBB « Gregg Araki», Welcome, Guest. Catharton Directors Fora Directors A Gregg Araki.

    11. Bright Lights Film Journal | The Doom Generation, Cast Interview (1)
    In an interview, araki talks about his filmschool influences Godard, Bresson and the violent nightmares he thoughtfully brings to audiences.
    Is Gregg Araki's new film really "a more radical personal and political film than Oliver Stone could have managed in his wettest of wet dreams?" Matt Severson says so, and Araki agrees.
    page 1 of BY MATTHEW L. SEVERSON Gregg Araki's fifth feature is destined to provoke controversy. Ostensibly a road film in the ultraviolent mold of True Romance or Natural-Born Killers, The Doom Generation goes against the grain of these studio-manufactured postmodern genre pieces and transcends their ultimately conventional vision of pop-media hipness. Araki has made a more radical personal and political film than the bombastic Stone could have managed in his wettest of wet dreams. And he has captured the cultural apathy and violent dissolution of the present in a manner unseen since A Clockwork Orange. This is familiar terrain for Araki. The Living End (1992) featured an HIV-positive male couple who flee Los Angeles after a sudden eruption of violence. As in The Doom Generation , the characters' journey is as much metaphorical as literal. Both films avoid the clichés of the road movie: there is virtually no traceable topography in his characters' odysseys, and no destination. The desolate L.A. universe Araki evokes lacks traditional iconography — no Bradbury building, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood landmarks, just convenience stores, vacant parking lots, and drab apartments, clubs, and hotel rooms. Billboards and signs pop up in the frame like grim Greek choruses: "Choose Death," "Welcome to Hell," "666." Punctuating these visual signs is the music of The Smiths, Jesus and Mary Chain, This Mortal Coil, Nine Inch Nails. Together the visual and the aural fuse the fragments of a black-comic, trancelike narrative that at first glance seems minimal or even slight. Araki strips his cinematic space to the bare psychological essentials. Parent-child clashes familiar from such films as

    12. Unofficial Gregg Araki Site
    Fan site with interviews, images, filmography, and movie details.
    Gregg Araki
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    13. Gregg Araki : K.U.T Klassieker
    Biografie en een overzicht van zijn films.
    Gregg Araki Teksten: David Spreutels Layout: Frank Moens
    Greg Araki

    Geboren december 1959 in Los Angeles
    Regisseur / Producer / Schrijver o Splendor ('99)
    o Nowhere ('97)
    o The Doom Generation ('95)
    o Totally F***ed Up (93)
    o The Living End ('92)
    o The Long Weekend O' Despair ('89)
    o Three Bewildered People in the Night Als ik de naam hoor dan is het eerste wat steeds in mij op komt de benaming die James Moran hem gaf in zijn artikel, namelijk a guerrilla film-maker for a queer generation. Deze verwoording kan niet juister zijn. De verwoording guerrilla komt van zijn Shoot–and-run technieken die hij gebruikt bij het filmen. De verwijzing naar de ‘queer generation’ vind zijn oorsprong bij het uitgaan van homoseksuele thema’s en karakters die aan de grondslag liggen van de nieuwe homoseksuele cineastische representatie. Araki geboren in L.A. en opgegroeid in Zuid California begon zijn carrière in 1987 na te zijn afgestudeerd aan de universiteit van Zuid California. Zijn eerste film kreeg de titel ‘’Three bewildered people in the night’’ . Dit met een budget van slechts 5000 dollar voor een 16mm zwart/wit film. De film ging echter niet onopvallend voorbij in de wereld van de onafhankelijke Amerikaanse film, en sleepte ook diverse prijzen in de wacht op het festival van Locarno.

    14. Gregg Araki Special 2001
    ƒnƒŠƒEƒbƒh‰f‰æ‚¾‚¯‚ªƒAƒƒŠƒJ‚̉f‰æ‚Å‚Í‚ ‚è‚Ü‚¹‚ñB
    ƒAƒ‰ƒL‚̉f‰æ‚̐¢ŠE‚ð‚ ‚È‚½‚à‘ÌŒ±‚µ‚Ä‚Ý‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚©H
    mail to

    K's Room

    15. Gregg Araki
    araki, greggGoogle, Directory Help Search only in araki, gregg Search the Web. araki, gregg,, Gregg

    16. Gregg Araki
    Internet Movie Database provides a filmography for the director as well as links to foreign fan sites.,+Gregg

    17. Links
    Nowhere the official site gregg araki Club Splendor Official Site Watch the Micronautsvideo The Jag Directed by araki Multimedia .Trailors for Nowhere and
    Links Nowhere the official site
    Gregg Araki Club

    Splendor Official Site

    Watch the Micronauts video The Jag Directed by Araki
    Buy the movie Totally F***ed Up

    Doom Generation Clique Gregg Araki Special Watch The Doom Generation Fan Pages GILLES BALMET's ART WORKS patford Edward Norton ... alcohol and demerol

    18. Cinema Q: Director
    Genre Save 60% on Genre! Try it RiskFREE for 90 days! Found 5 matches for araki,gregg Director Filmography for gregg araki. The Doom Generation (1995)., Gregg/
    Tuesday, March 25th Menu Films


    Studio Briefing

    Special Offer
    Save 65% on Premiere! Try it Risk-FREE for 90 days! Found matches for Araki, Gregg
    Director Filmography for Gregg Araki The Doom Generation Cast: James Duval Rose McGowan Teen lovers meet up with murderous drifter in this blood-soaked, sexually graphic, aiming-to-shock road movie/thriller. Bleak, edgy, independent film appeals to art-house devotees seeking a nihilistic tale of youth outsiders. Drama Suspense Comedy Cult ... Living End, The Cast: Craig Gilmore Mike Dytri Controversial, energetic, low-budgeted look at two HIV-positive anti-heroes on the road, against society. This pleases adventurous fans of provocative, constantly funny, irreverent, and thoughtful films. Erotica Drama Gay Cult ... Nowhere Cast: James Duval Rachel True Black-as-night comedy about nihilistic teens in L.A. confronting life, drugs, sexuality, and space aliens. Trippy, energetic look at teen angst will greatly please 20-something art-house fans looking for non-mainstream fare. Drama Comedy Cult Gay ... Totally F***ed Up Cast: James Duval Gilbert Luna Rough-edged, sexually frank portrait of angst-riddled gay teens coping with a straight world in this gritty coming-of-age tale. Underground drama fans and those seeking an offbeat, gritty coming-of-age tale enjoy.

    19. MovieMail - World Cinema Video Mail Order Specialist
    araki, gregg. Nowhere £14.99 Directed by araki, gregg With HeatherGraham, Christina Applegate Uncut. Third in a trilogy

    20. Star Seeker Directors: Gregg Araki
    Unofficial gregg araki Site detailed and updated site dedicated to him and his work

    Main Menu Help Advertise ... Directors : Gregg Araki Search Help C L A I M T O F A M E Director of teen films "Nowhere" and "The Doom Generation"
    M E R C H A N D I S E Buy this director's films today at!
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    F A N S I T E S Unofficial Gregg Araki Site - detailed and updated site dedicated to him and his work
    P R O F E S S I O N A L R E S O U R C E S Bite Site
    IMDb - Filmography

    IMDb - Bio

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