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         Arbuckle Fatty:     more books (32)
  1. Frame-Up!: The Untold Story of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle by Andy Edmonds, 1991-01
  2. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle: A Biography Of The Silent Film Comedian, 1887-1933 by Stuart Oderman, 2005-07-27
  3. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts) by Robert Young, 1994-06-30
  4. The Day the Laughter Stopped: True Story Behind the Fatty Arbuckle Scandal by David A. Yallop, 1991-08-08
  5. Frame-Up!: The Shocking Scandal That Destroyed Hollywood's Biggest Comedy Star Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle by Andy Edmonds, 1992-11
  6. Fatty: Untold Story of Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle by Andy Edmonds, 1992
  7. The day the laughter stopped : the true story of Fatty Arbuckle / by David A. Yallop ; filmography Samuel A. Gill by David A. Yallop, 1976
  8. The day the laughter stopped : the true story of Fatty Arbuckle / by David A. Yallop ; filmography Samuel A. Gill
  9. Arbuckle, Fatty (1887-1933): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Samantha Barbas, 2000
  10. The Fatty Arbuckle case by Leo Guild, 1962
  11. THE FATTY ARBUCKLE CASE The Hollywood Story No One Dared Publish by Leo Guild, 1962
  12. 2 Portraits of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle by Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, 1920
  13. Films Directed by Roscoe Arbuckle (Study Guide): Fatty's Tintype Tangle, Fatty Arbuckle Filmography, the Butcher Boy, Fatty and Mabel Adrift
  14. Hollywood Tragedy - From Fatty Arbuckle to Marilyn Monroe -- A Prize Winning Reporter Digs Into the Front Pages Stories and Comes Up with the Real Facts by William H. A Carr, 1962

1. Who2 Profile: Fatty Arbuckle
FATTY ARBUCKLE • Comedian / Director. Birth Name Roscoe Conkling ArbuckleFatty Arbuckle was one of the first great silent film comedians.
FATTY ARBUCKLE Comedian / Director Birth Name: Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle Fatty Arbuckle was one of the first great silent film comedians. He's especially remembered for his work with Mack Sennett's Keystone Kops. In 1921, at the peak of his fame, Arbuckle was accused of involvement in the death of actress Virginia Rappe after a raucous party. Arbuckle was acquitted of manslaughter, but the incident ruined his career. He later directed films under the pseudonym William B. Goodrich.
Mr. Arbuckle appears with John Candy in our Who 2 loop Died Plump

Great fan tribute to "The Prince of Whales" Fatty Arbuckle Filmography
Huge list from the Internet Movie Database Fatty Arbuckle's Diner
British restaurant chain bearing his name Profile of an American Scandal
Details of the Rappe case; emphasis on media coverage Birth:
24 March 1887 Birthplace:
Smith Center, Kansas Death:
28 June 1933
(heart attack) Best Known As: Silent film comedian Shop for Posters at

2. Fatty Arbuckle: Tragic Comic
Find out about the career and scandal that ended it all for Roscoe FattyArbuckle. Fatty Arbuckle tragic comic. Roscoe here. arbuckle fatty.
Fatty Arbuckle: tragic comic
Roscoe Conkling Arbucke, silent screen star and alleged murderer, was born on March 24, 1887 in Smith Center, Kansas. His family was a poor one, constantly struggling and on the move. When baby Roscoe was just one year old they moved to California. Roscoe would grow into a stocky, overweight child. The nickname ‘Fatty’ was given him by local children and was to stick for life. In his late teens Roscoe began to acquire a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a singer. In this capacity he was to entertain in dance halls. His life was changed forever in 1912 when he met Mack Sennet, the owner of a fledgling movie production company known as the Keystone Film Company. bodyOffer(24910) In the portly singer, Sennet saw the makings of a slap stick comedian. He was soon featuring Roscoe in his two-reel silent comedies. When Sennet developed the Keystone Cops, Arbuckle was featured as one of the mainstays. Arbuckle’s popularity with the audiences was immediate. He soon had his own headline in the “Fatty and Mabel” series of films, which co-starred Mack Sennet’s girlfriend Mabel Normand. In 1916, Arbuckle defected to the Paramount Pictures Studios. Here he was offered the unique privilege of having complete artistic control over his movies. The Comique Film Corporation was created to accommodate this. Arbuckle’s movie success escalated over the next few years. By 1920 he was making seven reel features. In early 1921 Paramount was so convinced of Arbuckle’s goldmine potential that they offered him a 3 year deal at the unheard of rate of $1 million per year.

3. Fatty Arbuckle
Fatty Arbuckle. IQSeek newsletter. Arbuckle, Fatty RALPH - Ezine detailsthe trial of this silent-film actor who was accused of murder.

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Fatty Arbuckle

4. : Arbuckle Fatty / Keaton Buster
Chargement de la page arbuckle fatty / Keaton Buster
Chargement de la page : Arbuckle Fatty / Keaton Buster

Fatty Arbuckle. Although not a Los Angeles crime, the Fatty Arbuckle case is usuallythought of as a Hollywood scandal, so it is included here. The Scene.
Fatty Arbuckle
Although not a Los Angeles crime, the Fatty Arbuckle case is usually thought of as a Hollywood scandal, so it is included here. The Scene
Rosco "Fatty" Arbuckle was a silent film star whose popularity as a comedian was second only to Charlie Chaplin. His films had earned for him both the adulation of fans and a very sizable income. He was a huge man, perhaps in the neighborhood of 300 pounds, and his girth and pratfalls were enjoyed by millions of Americans. That popularity, and his career, came to a crashing end in 1921 when he was blamed for the death of a young actress. In September of that year Arbuckle was working on a film in San Francisco. There was what was later called an "orgy" at the St. Francis Hotel. Among those at the party was a young actress named Virginia Rappe, who soon left the party area to go into a bedroom with Arbuckle. Within a short time she began screaming. The first person to get to her was another actress named Maud Delmont, who later reported that Virginia said, "He hurt me." Within four days she was dead, and Arbuckle was charged with murder. The Victim
Although portrayed at the trial by the prosecution as a young innocent actress, Virginia apparently wasn't that innocent. She had had a number of abortions, including one shortly before her death. She also had gonorrhea at the time of death.

6. Fatty Arbuckle
Fatty Arbuckle. When Fatty Arbuckle walked into his bedroom bathroom to changeclothes, he found Ms. Rappe on the floor complaining about abdominal pains.
Fatty Arbuckle
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, weighing in at a mere 300 lbs., was an immense figure both on and off the silver screen. He was one of the most popular and beloved actors/funnymen in Hollywood during the 1910's and the early 20's. Born on March 24, 1887 in the small town of Smith Center, Kansas, Fatty had an aspiration to be in the lime light. Beginning as an acrobat (imagine that) in a carnival, he eventually crossed over into acting as a slapstick short film comedian in 1908. His career took off when he became an actor for Mack Sennett's Keystone Film Company (He was hired by a stroke of luck when Sennett's chief comedian, Fred Mace, left the company for more money). Working with such Hollywood notables as Mabel Normand Mack Sennett , and Buster Keaton , Fatty quickly became a mainstay in the world of silent motion pictures. Fatty's popularity in slapstick comedy pictures exceeded even that of Charlie Chaplain . By 1917, his reputation as a funnyman had brought him a weekly paycheck of $5000, and by the zenith of his career in 1921, he was making double that amount. On Labor Day weekend in 1921, after signing a million dollar contract with Paramount Pictures, he threw a party at the St. Francis Hotel where his career came to a dramatic end. On Labor day, September 5, 1921, an "actress" named

7. Fatty Arbuckle
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  • 9. Fatty ARBUCKLE
    Fatty ARBUCKLE. Doðum Tarihi 24 Mart 1887 / Smith Center KansasÖlüm Tarihi - 29 Haziran 1933 YÖNETTÝÐÝ FÝLMLER Bridge
    Fatty ARBUCKLE Doðum Tarihi - 24 Mart 1887 / Smith Center Kansas
    Ölüm Tarihi - 29 Haziran 1933
    Bridge Wives — 1932
    Windy Riley Goes Hollywood — 1931
    Red Mill — 1927
    Special Delivery — 1927
    Back Stage — 1919
    A Desert Hero — 1919
    The Garage — 1919
    The Hayseed — 1919 Love — 1919 The Bell Boy — 1918 The Cook — 1918 Good Night, Nurse! — 1918 Moonshine — 1918 Out West — 1918 The Butcher Boy — 1917 Coney Island — 1917 A Country Hero — 1917 His Wedding Night — 1917 Oh Doctor! — 1917 A Reckless Romeo — 1917 The Rough House — 1917 Bright Lights — 1916 A Creampuff Romance — 1916 Fatty and Mabel Adrift — 1916 He Did and Didn't — 1916 His Wife's Mistakes — 1916 The Waiters' Ball — 1916 Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition — 1915 Fatty and Mabel's Married Life — 1915 Fatty and the Broadway Stars — 1915 Fatty's Chance Acquaintance — 1915 Fatty's Faithful Fido — 1915 Fatty's New Role — 1915 Fatty's Plucky Pup — 1915 Fatty's Reckless Fling — 1915 Fatty's Tintype Tangle — 1915 Fickle Fatty's Fall — 1915 Love in Armor — 1915 Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco — 1915 Mabel and Fatty's Simple Life — 1915 Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day — 1915 Mabel's Willful Way — 1915 Mabel, Fatty and the Law — 1915

    10. Fatty Arbuckle
    FATTY ARBUCKLE The Silent One. That's Him On The Wallpaper as a Keystone Kop.Click On The Image Below To Go To The Fatty's Home Page. Return To First Page.
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    FATTY ARBUCKLE The Silent One That's Him On The Wallpaper as a Keystone Kop.
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    11. Fatty Arbuckle
    One of the great comedians of the early 20th century, who was accused of raping a young actress.
    At Keystone, Arbuckle worked with future legends like Chester Conklin, Ben Turpin, and a young Englishman named Charlie Chaplin, who would one day put on a pair of Fatty's oversized trousers and create one of the most instantly recognizable characters of all time, the Little Tramp. Arbuckle continued to grown in popularity as one of Sennett's frantic, chaotic Keystone Kops, and soon found himself transformed into a headliner in the popular "Fatty and Mabel" series of films, in which he starred with Senett's girlfriend Mabel Normand. By the time of his defection to Famous Players-Lasky, a division of Paramount Pictures, in 1916, Arbuckle was as big a star as the enormously popular Charlie Chaplin. Paramount offered Arbuckle complete artistic control over his pictures, and created the Comique Film Corporation especially for him. Only one major movie maker would be offered complete artistic control ever again, and then only on one pictureOrson Welles, for Citizen Kane. Even during the silent era, when films were made in much less time than today, this was a tremendous workload. Arbuckle felt entitled to a little recreation time, and announced his intention to take a drive up to San Francisco on the morning of Saturday, September 3, in his custom Pierce-Arrow automobile with two friends, director Fred Fischbach and actor Lowell Sherman, to celebrate his new $3 million contract with Paramount Pictures. Then and now, Roscoe Arbuckle had a bit of a reputation as a man who worked hard and played hard. Some of Arbuckle's contemporary defenders have gone to great lengths to refute the perception of the beloved comedian as an aggressive partier, but they seem to be in the minority. It is known that Arbuckle had gin and whiskey delivered to his suite at the St. Francis Hotel, in violation of Prohibition and the Volstead Act, as well as a Victrola and several records.

    12. Where Fatty Arbuckle Is And Isn't Buried
    WHERE fatty arbuckle IS AND ISN'T BURIED by Robert Young, Jr. Legendarysilent film comedian and director Roscoe fatty arbuckle

    by Robert Young, Jr.
    Legendary silent film comedian and director Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was on the eve of a revival of his career in films as a performer when he took his third wife, actress Addie McPhail, to dinner the evening of June 28, 1933, at Billy LaHiff's Tavern in West 48th Street, New York City, to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. That afternoon, Arbuckle had completed shooting the last of five two-reel sound comedies contracted for by Warner Bros. In the offing was the possibility of again starring in features, as he had before accusations of rape and murder and three high profile trials on charges of manslaughter destroyed his million dollar-a-year career. He had been cleared. Nonetheless, film censorship czar and Hollywood apologist Will H. Hays, honoring the studio source of his $100,000 annual salary, banned him from in front of the cameras.
    At LaHiff's that warm June evening, Arbuckle was in high spirits, excited, and happy. "We had a lot of fun that night," Addie later recalled. Roscoe greeted and talked with friends while she played backgammon with LaHiff until the comedian said he was sleepy. It had been a long hard day. He had been up since first light and had spent most of the day exerting himself before the cameras. At one point he had had to take a break and catch his breath. Director Ray McCarey remembered him gasping and puffing.
    The Arbuckles left LaHiff's and returned to their suite in Manhattan's Park Central Hotel. Roscoe was in bed and asleep by 12:30 A.M. Addie spoke to him, but got no answer. The trace of a smile on his moon face, he was gone. Long taxed by his weight and exertions, his heart had quit. He was dead

    13. Generally Buster - Buster Keaton Silent Star
    This tribute to the silent star includes a biography, interviews, articles, film and tv show index, photo gallery, mailing list, and links. In particular it has sections covering his early career on the stage and in collaboration with fatty arbuckle.
    Generally Buster
    Who Was Buster Keaton
    The Keaton Heroine Keaton And Arbuckle Films Keaton Films And TV ... Where to Get Buster Books, Videos and Audio Tapes.

    14. Fatty Arbuckle
    Read a short biography of this silentfilm comedian who was charged with manslaughter and acquitted. Arts and EntertainmentEntertainment BiographiesA. fatty arbuckle. (Roscoe arbuckle). actor, director

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    You've got info! Help Site Map Visit related sites from: Family Education Network Arts and Entertainment Entertainment Biographies A Fatty Arbuckle (Roscoe Arbuckle) actor, director Born: Birthplace: Smith Center, Kansas The Butcher Boy (1917). Arbuckle was soon starring in and making feature-length films, including The Roundup Brewster's Millions (1921), and Gasoline Gus (1921). His acting career was abruptly ended when he was arrested on manslaughter charges in 1921. Although acquitted after three trials, the slanderous stories spread by the Hearst newspaper syndicate so soiled his public image that he was unable to find work in front of the camera. Buster Keaton offered him directing work, for which he was credited under the pseudonym William Goodrich. In the 1930's he returned to acting, making several successful short films that led to a contract with Warner Brothers to do a feature film. Arbuckle died in his sleep the night after the contract was signed. Died: Gregg Araki A Diane Arbus Search Infoplease Info search tips Search Biographies Bio search tips About Us Contact Us Link to Infoplease ... Privacy

    15. Roscoe Arbuckle "Fatty"
    fatty . Roscoe en uno de sus raroscortos sonoros. Mabel Normand y Roscoe arbuckle. Galería.
    Recuerdo de Roscoe Arbuckle "Fatty" Roscoe en uno de sus raros cortos sonoros Mabel Normand y Roscoe Arbuckle

    16. Los Cortos De Keaton
    Buster Keaton. Buster Keaton, Roscoe arbuckle fatty y el perro Luke. Cortometrajesmudos fatty en la feria (fatty at Coney Island, 1917) de Roscoe arbuckle.
    Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Roscoe Arbuckle "Fatty" y el perro Luke Cortometrajes mudos: Fatty asesino (The Butcher Boy, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty enamorado (A Reckless Romeo, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle Tres pies al gato (Rough House, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle Noche de bodas (His Wedding Night, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty en la feria (Fatty at Coney Island, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty doctor (Oh, Doctor, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle El Sheriff (Out West, 1917) de Roscoe Arbuckle The Bell Boy (1918) de Roscoe Arbuckle Buenas noches, enfermera (Good Night Nurse, 1918) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty y las estrellas (Moonshine, 1918) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty en la cocina (The Cook, 1918) de Roscoe Arbuckle (A Desert Hero, 1919) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty cartero (Backstage, 1919) de Roscoe Arbuckle El aduanero (The Hayseed, 1919) de Roscoe Arbuckle Fatty en el garaje (The Garage, 1919) de Roscoe Arbuckle

    17. Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle

    18. The Trial Of Fatty Arbuckle
    Francis Hotel, Delmont gave fatty arbuckle's name to the police. § §. In theshort history of the motion picture, fatty arbuckle is of central importance.
    FATTY Wanda Felix Mack Sennett recalled meeeting him: "A tremendous man skipped up the steps as lightly as Fred Astaire. He was tremendous, obese - just plain fat. 'Name's Arbuckle,' he said, 'Roscoe Arbuckle. Call me Fatty! I'm with a stock company. I'm a funnyman and an acrobat. But I could do good in pictures. Watcha think?' With no warning he went into a featherlight step, clapped his hands, and did a backward somersault as graceful as a girl tumbler." Adela Rogers St. Johns remembered the early days in Hollywood like this: "Everybody loved everybody. There were love affairs going on, and everybody had an excitement about the whole thing that I've never seen since. None of us knew even vaguely what we were doing. None of us knew what this picture business had come to; the greatest form of art and entertainment the world has ever known was put together there for awhile. It didn't last long but it was great, and here we were, right in the middle of the goldfish bowl, with everybody beginning to look at us." By 1921 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was one of the highest paid actor/directors in the motion picture business. But on September 5 of that year, during a weekend party he was throwing at the Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco, the water in the goldfish bowl turned murky. Virginia Rappe (Rap-pay), a girl attending the party, ran screaming from a bedroom, took sick and died four days later.

    19. Arbuckle, Fatty - San Francisco MuseumDownload A Film Of Silent Stars Fatty Arbu
    Roscoe 'fatty' arbuckle was one of the leading comedic film stars of the silent era and one of the most recognizable
    Early Motion Pictures
    Item 1 of 1
    Mabel and Fatty viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco, Cal.
    View this film.
    AVI Format....173,161,846 bytes ...To download the film for future viewing, be sure to set your browser to the "load to disk" or "retrieve to disk" option. United States : Keystone Film Company, 1915. NOTES
    Duration: 16:55 at 15 fps. Cast: Mabel Normand, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle; writer and producer: Mack Sennett. Photographed: January- February, 1915. Location: San Francisco, California. The 1915 Panama- Pacific Exposition was San Francisco's second fair (following the 1894 Mid- Winter Fair) and her first major exposition. The 1915 Fair celebrated both the opening of the newly- completed Panama Canal - a triumph of Franco- American engineering - and the newly- rebuilt San Francisco, vital and vigorous after recovering from the 1906 earthquake and fire. The Fair opened on February 20, 1915, and closed December 4, 1915, having attracted 18,876,438 visits by several million visitors. Mabel Normand and Fatty Arbuckle were major comedy stars of the silent screen. Mabel Normand (1894 -1930) was a brilliant comedienne and prankster with an irrepressible vitality who became a Mack Sennett star. She played opposite such greats as Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle and was perhaps the most talented comic star of the silent screen. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle (1887-1933), a vaudeville veteran, became one of Sennett's Keystone Kops in 1913 and rose to stardom. In 1917 he was accused of sexual assault in the death of starlet Virginia Rappe, who collapsed during a wild drinking party he threw in a suite of the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Although acquitted, Arbuckle's career was ruined.

    20. Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle Quicktimes
    Roscoe Conkling fatty arbuckle (18871933). One of Silent Comedy'sall-time greats, the much-loved Roscoe arbuckle was struck down
    Roscoe Conkling "Fatty" Arbuckle (1887-1933)
    One of Silent Comedy's all-time greats, the much-loved Roscoe Arbuckle was struck down in the prime of his career by a terrible scandal. He is the only comedian to have Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd all appear in supporting film roles.
    If you are interested in learning more about Roscoe Arbuckle, see:
    The Roscoe Arbuckle Website
    A Quick Link to Other Slapstick Quicktimes! On this Menu: Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle Charlie Chaplin Charley Chase Clyde Cook Lloyd Hamilton Gale Henry Buster Keaton Lupino Lane Harry Langdon Laurel and Hardy Max Linder Harold Lloyd Mabel Normand Our Gang Snub Pollard Larry Semon

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