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         Baio Scott:     more detail
  1. Spotlight on Scott Baio, Clark Brandon, Leif Garrett, and John Schneider by L. B Taylor, 1982
  2. TEEN BAG magazine (Shaun Cassidy on cover, Elton John, Valerie Bertinelli, Scott Baio, Anson Williams, Jimmy McNichol, Mark Hamill, Lynda Carter, Pamela Sue Martin, Willie Aames, Clynnis O'Connor, Randy Mantooth, Vol. 2, No. 1) by Various, 1978
  3. Scott Baio, Scott Baio - Vinyl LP Record by Scott Baio, 1982
  4. Chachi loves Joanie and Pam and Erika; Scott Baio faces exes on TV series.(TV - Articles): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-12-29
  5. Scott Baio is 45 and Single: Season 1 by Anchor Bay, 2008-01-01
  6. Spotlight on: Scott Baio, Leif Garrett, Clark Brandon and John Schneider by L. B., Jr. Taylor, 1982-10

1. DVD > Baio Scott: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
baio scott, DVD-STARTSEITE. ACTION, HORROR. baio scott-DVDs bei.DVD-CHARTS - baio scott, A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Scott.html

Darsteller Baio Scott DVD-STARTSEITE ACTION, HORROR KINDER, FAMILIE KOMÖDIE, DRAMA ... CHARTS IDEALO-PRODUKT-SUCHE MEHR PREISVERGLEICH PC, VIDEOSPIELE BÜCHER MUSIK SOFTWARE ... WEBSUCHE DVD .../Baio Scott Baio Scott-DVDs bei DVD-CHARTS - BAIO SCOTT A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Platz Bild Film-Titel Darsteller Regie Musik Erschienen Regio Bugsy Malone Jodie Foster Scott Baio Alan Parker ... Jodie Foster

2. Doublage En France
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3. Doublage En France
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baio scott. Records 1 to 1 of 1. Bugsy Malone videorecording / Paramount PicturesCorp. Hollywood, Calif. Paramount Pictures Corporation, c1996, 1976. SCOTT

5. Who2 Profile: Scott Baio
SCOTT BAIO • Actor. Scott Baio had his first starring role in 1976,appearing with Jodie Foster in the kid comedy Bugsy Malone.
SCOTT BAIO Actor Name at birth: Scott James Vincent Baio Scott Baio had his first starring role in 1976, appearing with Jodie Foster in the kid comedy Bugsy Malone. He joined the cast of the popular TV series Happy Days in 1977, playing Charles "Chachi" Arcola, and starred with Erin Moran in the spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi in 1982. Baio also starred in the TV series Charles in Charge Baby Talk and Diagnosis Murder (with Dick Van Dyke ) in the 1980s and '90s. Still occasionally seen on television, Baio went from a teen idol to a reputed ladies' man, dating Pamela Anderson , Brooke Shields and even Liza Minnelli (15 years his senior).
Extra credit : In 1997, around the same time that comedian Chris Farley died, a rumor started that Baio had been killed in a car accident. The rumor is false and without a clear origin.
Read about Baio's "death" and other death rumors in our loop I'm Not Dead Yet!
International Happy Days Fan Club

Includes a career recap and testimony of Chachi's popularity Baio Returns From the Dead
1998 piece on the rumors of his demise Scott Baio Filmography
Includes some of his work as producer and director Who Would You Kill on Charles in Charge?

6. Baio Scott - Actor - Stars On Web
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  • 7. Baio Scott - Attore - Stars On Web
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  • 8. Scott Baio
    Scott Baio Age 41. Born September 22, 1961 New York, New York. Did You Know?In 1997, the rumor mill reported that Scott had been killed in a car accident.
    VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Tuesday, Mar 25 Scott Baio Age: Born: September 22, 1961
    New York, New York
    Recent Headlines
    Did You Know?
    • In 1997, the rumor mill reported that Scott had been killed in a car accident. It was just a rumor and no one ever confirmed how or where the story originated.
    • Scott was inducted into The Man Show Hall of Fame for his past relationships with women such as Brooke Shields, Nicolette Sheridan, Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.
    • Scott narrated a video for adolescents titled "The Facts, Feelings And Wonder of Life."
    Actor Credits
  • Cursed
  • Bar Hopping
  • Mixed Blessings
  • Vanishing Act ... A Little Inside
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    10. Scott Baio
    Scott Baio. So, cute! And the two dogs are adorable too! Date of BirthSeptember 22, 1961 Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York Claim
    Scott Baio So, cute! And the two dogs are adorable too!
    Date of Birth: September 22, 1961
    Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York Claim to Fame: Scott grew up in Brooklyn, and quickly rose to teenage idol status. He is most recognized for his role as Chachi Arcola, Fonzie's cousin on Happy Days from 1977-1984. He also starred in Joanie Loves Chachi , a Happy Days spinoff with Erin Moran. He played Charles on Charles in Charge with Nicole Eggert, and many other not-so-recognized parts. For a short time, this manly little hunk of stardom was engaged to that tower of blondeness, Pamela Anderson. The Best Thing about Him: He was pretty darned cute in the '70s. The Worst Thing about Him: Now that he's old, not as cute, and can't get a decent show, he won't go away! Why We Picked Him: In case you haven't noticed, this is a has-been site. In other words, give it up Chachi! Everyone else knows it's over, it's time to let go. Possible Future Careers: Well, let's see. He was pretty good at making the little girls drool in the '70s, but he's old now, so that's out. He can't land any decent roles, so marrying a sugar momma is probably out of the question too, because we all know there'd be nothing in it for them. He should go back to being a nanny, which worked for him.

    11. SCOTT BAIO
    SCOTT BAIO. Copyright (c) 2001 rights reserved.

    12. Scott Baio -
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    13. Scott Baio
    Scott baio scott Baio's career began when he beat out thousands ofteenagers to nab the lead role in the 1976 film version of Bugsy
    Scott Baio Scott Baio's career began when he beat out thousands of teenagers to nab the lead role in the 1976 film version of Bugsy Malone which starred all children (including a young Jodie Foster as Tallulah). He made his name as Chachi in Happy Days and in the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi . He later played the title role in Charles In Charge and after quitting his part as Jack in Diagnosis Murder he played a lead role in Danielle Steele's Mixed Blessings He was born in Brooklyn, New York and his birthday is September 22, 1961. Back

    14. SCOTT BAIO Catalog For Rare CDs, CD Singles, Rare Records, Imports & Promos - SC
    SCOTT BAIO catalogue for new, rare, promo and collectable vinyl records,CDs and memorabilia. home SCOTT BAIO. SCOTT BAIO rare

    15. Redirect Me!
    Features tv and movie information, photo gallery, sound bytes, and career highlights.Category Arts Celebrities B baio, scott......Since your puny browser can't handle the fantastic power of frames, go to thenormal baio page to navigate the baio world in the nonframes manner.
    You will be redirected to The Not Really New but Sort Of Improved Baio Site immediately (or at least as soon as the yahoo ad in the upper right corner finishes loading). Good for you. If you aren't redirected, no need to panic. Just click: //

    16. Baio, Scott - Sitcoms Online Bio
    Read a bio of the 70s teen idol who played Fonzie's cousin, Chachi, on Happy Days, then go to the whereare-they-now section for updated news. scott baio biography. scott baio was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 22, 1961 to Mario (from Italy) and Rose
    Scott Baio: biography Scott Baio was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 22, 1961 to Mario (from Italy) and Rose Baio. The youngest of three children, Baio approached his mother at the age of nine and told her directly, "I want to be on television." The parents obliged and took him on a few interviews in New York. Before long, their son had achieved his dream and was appearing in commercials. While still a novice performer, Baio was selected from a field of 2,000 other child actors for the starring role in the 1976 film "Bugsy Malone." Following his feature-film debut, he appeared in the television movie "Luke Was There" and his television career was born. In 1977, he became a regular on "Happy Days" as Fonzie's cousin, Chachi Arcola. He also appeared on two sitcoms that Garry Marshall wanted him to appear in: Blansky's Beauties in 1977 and Who's Watching the Kids in 1978. In 1978, his family relocated to Hollywood to keep up with his demanding career. Besides playing Chachi, the busy teenager also appeared in the films "Skatetown, USA" (1979), "Foxes" (1980), and "Zapped!" (1982). In 1982, Baio co-starred with Erin Moran in their own show, "Joanie Loves Chachi," a "Happy Days" spin-off. The series was cancelled after a single season and both actors returned to "Happy Days" in 1983 for the final year. For more information on what Scott Baio has done after Happy Days, see the

    17. The One And (thankfully) The Only Scott Baio Homepage On The Internet!!
    scott baio!!! Yes, all you scott baio fan(s) out there, the time has arrived for theMan to have his own homepage, devoted exclusively to baio and noone else.
    Cool, collected, and always in charge, it's ...
    Well, there's no way around it. I'm just not doing a good job of making enough time to update this page on a regular basis. It seems to receive a fair amount of hits (tribute to Scott's undying popularity), but I haven't updated it in a looooong time. I'd even let the page's email address get temporarily deactivated by not checking it in a while, so (a) I lost all the emailed info I had which I was going to use for updates and (b) people sending me have been getting their emails bounced back to them. [The email address has been reactivated and works now.] Oh, the shame. Oh, the humanity. Consequently, I'm now accepting offers from internet-savvy Baio fans out there to take control of this page. If you're interested, email me and say so. Use of a free yahoo/geocities site is fine, so no $ expenditure will be required. Some level of motivation, sense of humor and HTML skillz are required, since I certainly don't want to turn it over to someone who wouldn't do any more with it than I've been doing lately. Anyways, I look forward to seeing if anybody wants to tend the page. It is neat to read all the emails and such that come in, so not a totally thankless task.
    Yes, all you

    18. Scott Baio, Scott

    19. Baio, Scott
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