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  1. Within Reach: An Inspirational Journey into the Life, Legacy and Influence of Billy Barty by Michael Copeland, Debra Copeland, 2002-12-01
  2. Little People of America, Inc. souvenir book by Billy Barty, 1982
  3. Little People of America, Inc. Souvenir Book by Billy Barty, 1982-01-01
  4. A Thirty Year History/1956-1986, of the Los Angeles, California North Hollywood Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1. Billy Barty
Billy Barty. GLENDALE, CABilly Barty, the 3foot-10 actor whose careerspanned seven decades and all types of roles, died here Dec.
Billy Barty
GLENDALE, CABilly Barty, the 3-foot-10 actor whose career spanned seven decades and all types of roles, died here Dec. 23, 2000, of heart failure. He had been hospitalized for heart problems and a lung infection. He was 76. MSTies will remember him as the imp in episode 806 - THE UNDEAD. He kept doing movies during this period, but one movie he was *not* in, perhaps surprisingly, was 1939's "The Wizard of Oz." "I would have really liked being in 'The Wizard of Oz,'" he later noted. "But, when I went over to MGM, they told me I was too young. By law, anybody under the age of 18 could only work so many hours a day and had to go home at five or six o'clock at night. So the studio hired little people over 18 and worked them as long and as hard as was deemed necessary." In 1942, with Vaudeville on the wane, Barty went back to school, attending Los Angeles City College and Los Angeles State College, majoring in journalism. "I lettered in basketball and football, and, not only wasn't I ever seriously injured, the football coach designed seven plays around me. My position was left halfback and I once played in the L.A. Coliseum." In the late 40s, he drifted back into show business, getting his big break when he joined the Spike Jones band in 1952. Audiences adored him and before long he was being paid more than twice what a majority of Jones' "City Slickers" ensemble were getting. In 1957, Billy helped found The Little People of America to educate both average sized and diminutive people about the unique problems of the short statured. The organization provides medical, social and vocational guidance and has branches outside the U.S. in England, Germany, Australia and Holland. The Billy Barty Foundation, another offshoot, created in 1975, provides about $30,000 a year in scholarships. You can find out more at

2. Billy Barty
Billy Barty. Billy founded the Little People of America and the Billy BartyFoundation, which provided scholarships for other little people. Barty/billy_barty.htm
Billy Barty Billy was born William Job Bertanzetti in Pennsylvania in 1924. His parents were average sized. For a little guy, he sure overcame a lot of obstacles. Makes me think how lucky and lazy a lot of us really are. At his tallest, Billy was 3 foot 9, and a stone cold fox. Billy’s dad got a job as a machinist for Columbia pictures, and the family moved out to the West Coast. Billy had a terrific personality, and was a genuinely nice guy. It wasn’t long before his unusual looks landed him parts in a few films. He found steady work after that, but decided to chuck it all in, and go to school to become a sports journalist. After graduating, he returned to the business, and with television being the big thing, he found even more work. While constantly finding work, Billy also found time to start up several groups to bring the needs of "little people" public. His condition was called Cartilage Hair Syndrome Hypoplasia. Billy founded the Little People of America and the Billy Barty Foundation , which provided scholarships for other little people.

3. Billy Barty
Billy Barty. Mr. Barty was born in Pennslvania on October 25, 1924.His Billy Barty has been in show business most of his life. He
Billy Barty Mr. Barty was born in Pennslvania on October 25, 1924. His family moved to Hollywood when he was three, where he immediately started working in the motion picture industry. "My father carried me in his arms in front of the old Goldwyn studoies," he recalls,"and told me to do a head-spin for the director of 'Wedded Blister.' The director thought it was cute and put it in the movie." Billy Barty has been in show business most of his life. He travelled extensively in vaudeville with an act called "Billy Barry and Sisters." "My father managed the business side of things and my mother looked after our daily needs. My sisters always complained because the billing never mentioned their names. I had two sisters-5'4" and 5'5"- and I was only about 2'8" in those days." By the time he was ten, Billy had appeared in many films, playing the role of Mickey Rooney's kid brother in the Mick Maguire comedies and appearing in "Gold Diggers of 1933," "Footlight Parade" and other great Busby Berkely movies including "Nothing Sacred" and the original Warner Bros. production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," in which Micky Rooney played Puck and Billy played Mustard Seed. He took time off from performing to attend a professional school in Hollywood, along with such celeberties as Mickey Rooney and Jane Withers. "It was an accredited school," says Barty. "I finished my last two years of high school there before moving on to Los Angeles City College and, subsequently, Los Angeles State, where I majored journalism. I intended becoming a sports writer and annoucner, but I became involved with some amateur shows, and all of a sudden I was back in show business."

4. Gwildor - Billy Barty
Billy Barty. Billy Barty will be the first to tell you that spending as much timeas he did behind the mask of Gwildor began to do bizarre things to his mind.
Billy Barty Billy Barty will be the first to tell you that spending as much time as he did behind the mask of Gwildor began to do bizarre things to his mind.
"After about 14 weeks of this, your ideas about what really is strange looking get turned around," says the 73-year-old actor of the time spent inside the makeup of his "Masters of the Universe" alter ego. "In fact, by filming's end, it had gotten to the point where people not in makeup were beginning to look strange to me."
But the grind of taking complex makeup off and putting it on each day, something that took several hours in Michael Westmore's care at each end, didn't dampen Barty's spirits about playing the multidimensional Gwildor.
"Gwildor is this technological genius who is always on the brink of a major new discovery, but has no idea where this discovery will lead him," Barty remarks. "He's an eccentric personality who knows everything and yet is not quite sure of himself."
Barty, who recently returned from Israel where he completed the fairy tale features "Rumpelstiltskin" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," has spent a good part of his acting career having his identity masked by latex or rubber.

5. Voice Chasers - Actors - Billy Barty
Billy Barty Fan Mail Address Billy Barty 4502 Farmdale Ave. No. Hollywood,CA 91602 USA. Voiceography. Title, Character(s), Episode(s), Genre.
Billy Barty Stats:
Real Name: Guillermo Guiseppe Bertanzetti
Date of Birth: October 25, 1924
Birthplace: Millsboro, Pennsylvania
Height: 3'9"
Fan Mail Address:
Billy Barty
4502 Farmdale Ave.
No. Hollywood, CA 91602 USA
Voiceography Title Character(s) Episode(s) Genre "Fraiser" Chris "High Crane Drifter" Live Action Series "Journey Into Imagination" Figment N/A Theme Park Attraction - EPCOT Center, WDW "Rescuers Down Under" Bellmouse N/A Animated Film "Wildfire" Dweedle N/A Animated Series Voice Chasers, 1999
Last Updated: 04/15/99 Please read our Any problems or additions to the site, please e-mail us.

6. Billy Barty
Billy Barty. December 23, 2000. Actor, best know as a midget. He Barty.Last Updated Thursday, December 6, 2001 633 PM. Billy Barty.
Billy Barty December 23, 2000 Actor, best know as a midget. He started in films in the early 30's, usually playing tykes and then midgets. He is famous for roles in movies like "Willow". He started the Little People of America in 1957 and then The Billy Barty Foundation in 1975. Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Blessedness. From the front entrance, go left to the stairwell, go down the stairs. When you get to the bottom, go right, then make another right and go all the way to the end of the corridor. On the right hand side will be the Columbarium of Blessedness. On your right side is a wall you will be facing as you walk in.. On the other side of that wall, towards the bottom, is Billy Barty. Search IMDB for more about Billy Barty. Last Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2001 6:33 PM Billy Barty

7. Billy Barty
Billy Barty. from CNN Showbuss. Billy Barty, a 3foot-10 actor whose career spannedseven decades and all types of roles, died Saturday of heart failure.
Billy Barty
from CNN Showbuss By PAUL CHAVEZ, Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) Billy Barty, a 3-foot-10 actor whose career spanned seven decades and all types of roles, died Saturday of heart failure. He was 76. Barty had been hospitalized in Glendale for heart problems and a lung infection, said his publicist, Bill York. Barty appeared in his first Hollywood feature in 1927 at the age of 3 and performed for radio, television and on Broadway. He played a number of outrageous characters, including a wizard in the movie ``Willow'' (1988), a tongue-in-cheek role as a German spy in ``Under the Rainbow'' (1981) with Chevy Chase, a suspected stalker in ``Foul Play'' (1978), and an agent in ``Day of the Locust'' (1975). In the late 20s and early 30s, he played Mickey Rooney's kid brother in the ``Mickey McGuire'' series of comedy shorts. He later had several TV appearances, including his own children's show called ``Billy Barty's Big Show'' in Los Angeles in the 1960s, and he appeared on several shows over the past three decades, most recently an episode of ``Frasier.'' In 1957, Barty founded Little People of America, an advocacy group for others with dwarfism. He later started a non-profit foundation that bears his name to help improve the quality of life for little people, the term he said he preferred.

8. Billy Barty - Reviews On PubCrawler
Billy Barty Reviews on PubCrawler Other Reviews by this User. 1 Review from BillyBarty Beer Quality, Beer Selection, Food, Service, Overall. Awesome! Awesome! Barty
Billy Barty - Reviews on PubCrawler
Other Reviews by this User
Tuesday March 25, 2003 @ 05:15 PM EDT Join Search Reviews Articles ... Top Places Review from Billy Barty Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Good Great
Old Chicago ,Fort Collins,CO
Best beer selection in the region. Quality food, but it can get crowded w/ frat boy types from time to time. Tuesday March 25, 2003 @ 05:15 PM EDT Join Search Reviews Articles ... Top Places Please click here

9. Things That Suck
Billy barty billy Barty Billy Barty, Billy Barty/Sucking on my toe Billy Barty,Billy Barty/Taking me to bed Billy Barty, Billy Barty/Poke you in the head.
Things that suck
Things that suck Work No. Work you don't like Being told that wanting a job you like is naive. Now, Pete, there's no need to be bitter. Monica Lewinsky, and not even allegedly..... All these messages are suck. People that say that all the messages suck in bad grammar. Windows Protection Errors The feel of the hook. People who don't understand running gags People who whine People Farming military service crackers Fish Controlling the Stock Market Taking a bullet in 'Nam (well, that would suck, wouldn't it?) My wife, last night (whoo-hooo!) (Well, it was my birthday...) Licking the stain paranoid assholes who make everybody's life difficult Inept programmers foisting technologically inferior caca on me ramma framma frugy wagga neh neh neh A buncha goddam hoovers! That's "Hoosiers", and they don't bother me anymore. People who incorrectly corrrect you. The return of "Suck the Midget"! No, actually, I like that. — Billy Barty Billy Barty People who think that they're better than Billy Barty People who think they are Billy Barty.

10. Dead Or Alive? - Billy Barty
Search, New Name, Comment, Instructions, Home, Profile, Send to friend,Last updated 02/08/2003. Go Back Dead Billy Barty Field Entertainment. Billy

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Billy Barty
Info: Long, long career in movies and TV, appeared in "Willow" and "Under the Rainbow", founder of the Little People of America
Date of Birth: Date of Death: Age at Death:
Cause of Death:

Heart failure

11. Official Billy Barty & Friends Website
Featuring photos, products and information authorized by billy barty himself.Category Arts Celebrities B barty, billy......The Original, Genuine, Authentic, Unique, and True billy barty and FriendsWebsite! meta name=. Latest billy barty Tribute Book Update!!
Welcome to the Official, Genuine, Authentic, Unique, True... Through out his 70 year career of entertaining, Billy had a multitude of stage, screen and TV appearances to his credit and was considered to be one of the most recognized and talented "little people" of all time. This Website was created and managed by Billy's nephew Michael Copeland and his wife Debra.
Latest Billy Barty Tribute Book Update!! (as of 12/05/02) The Book "Within Reach" An Inspirational Journey into the Life, Legacy and Influence of Billy Barty is now available directly through!! See the Links below for details, thank you. (This is a tribute to Billy Barty. Although there is some biographical information, it is not a biography.) One dollar from each Book sold through will be donated to the Little People of America south Florida chapter. Click Book Cover to enlarge
What people are saying after reading "WITHIN REACH" - Click HERE
Click HERE for Pat Boone Excerpt from WITHIN REACH Click HERE for WITHIN REACH Order Form
(Above) "Billy Barty & Sisters" Billy with sisters Dede (right) and Evelyn Interviewed by (daughter) Christine Piper
Click each Movie Clapper for that page
It is with our deepest sympathy that we are announcing the passing away of Billy Barty on Saturday

12. Index
Nonprofit organization with a mission to guarantee an acceptable and improved quality of life for Little People.
Billy Barty, Founder October 25, 1924 - December 23, 2000 Our wonderful friend passed away peacefully in his sleep after a brief illness. The Barty Family and all of us at the Billy Barty Foundation thank you for your prayers in this time of great sorrow. We mourn the passing of this great humanitarian and thank God for the privilege of having known His humble servant. Please feel free to contact us via phone, fax, mail, or e-mail. Your messages of comfort will be forwarded to the Barty Family promptly. This message is straight from Billy's heart: Hi, I'm Billy Barty. Welcome to our Webpage!! I'm sure many of you are wondering what we're all about. For those of you who typed in the word "dwarf" on your search engine expecting to find the Disney homepage, stick around. You'll learn something and maybe even find a chance to do a good deed! I am a dwarf. This means I was born with a medically recognized condition that makes my body smaller than the average person's. The name of my condition is Cartilage Hair Syndrome Hypoplasia, but you can just call me Billy. Most of us with dwarfism prefer to be described as "Little People". And please, put the emphasis on the word "People." We did not spring from the pages of a storybook or emerge from an enchanted forest. We are not magical beings and we are not monsters. We are parents and sons and daughters. We are doctors and lawyers and realtors and teachers. We dream, cry, laugh, shout, fall in love, and make mistakes. We are no different from you.

13. - Legend Billy Barty Is Larger Than Life
By Steven Sato. At 3 feet 9 inches tall, there is no question that barty is small in stature. But he's got bigtime star power.
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Legend Billy Barty Is Larger Than Life
Hollywood Giveaway:
Win An Autographed Photo Of Shemar Moore Or Kristoff St. John
"(Billy Barty) is one of the last remaining icons of this town."
Actor Danny Woodburn
NBC's "Seinfeld"
From Vaudeville to talkies, he's worked with seven decades of stars. He's shared the screen with the likes of Mickey Rooney James Cagney Ruby Keeler Ginger Rogers Rod Steiger Val Kilmer Ron Howard Amy Irving and Goldie Hawn . Your grandparents may remember his movies from the '30s and '40s, and you may know him from blockbusters in the '80s and '90s. How many stars can boast that? In fact, he has one of the most prolific Hollywood careers, with more than 200 movies and countless television appearances to his credit. And through his work in film and television, Billy Barty has become a legendary actor. Barty's also worked tirelessly to change the public's perception of little people. Today, little people are finally taking their rightful role as respected actors, rather than novelties. And "Seinfeld's" Danny Woodburn and "Drew Carey's" Debbie Carrington prove that Barty's work has not been in vain.

14. The High Aldwin (from The Willow Movie Magazine)
Reprint of an article by Bill Warren, originally published in the Willow Movie Magazine.
The High Aldwin
Billy Barty
by Bill Warren When Ron Howard, George Lucas and the Willow team selected Billy Barty to play the High Aldwin, the magician ruler of the Nelwyn, undoubtedly they chose the 3' 9" actor due to his acting talent and star qualityBarty is probably the best-known little person in the acting profession.  But the choice was also soundly rooted in reality, for Barty is the founder of Little People of America, the most important and influential organization of its kind in the world.  In real life as in the world of Willow , Barty is a leader of little people. The Bugaloos and H. R. Pufnstuf .  In the 1970's and early '80's, he had oportunites, rare for a little person, to play dramatic roles.  He's proudest of his appearances it Day of the Locust and W. C. Fields and Me Because he has been in Hollywood so long, it's hardly a surprise that Barty and Willow director Ron Howard are old friends.  "I've known him since he was a boy," Barty notes.  "During the shooting of Willow, I called him aside at one point and said, 'Ron, I don't know how to address you.  Mr. Howard, Ronald, director, or how?'  He said, 'Billy, you've known me since I was nine.  Call me Ron.' "I always find out how the director wants it done.  Everybody interprets things differently, you know.  First of all, you hire people who are going to do the part right.  So by directing, you help them, you don't teach them.  In the case of

15. Billy Barty

16. Billy Barty Roast
The billy barty Foundation. Presents . A We love you billy. MilkenFamily To billy barty and the Little People. Congratulations
The Billy Barty Foundation Presents....
A Celebrity Roast and 70th Anniversary Salute to Billy Barty Universal City Hilton Hotel and Towers Sunday, October 18,1998 26th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic Braemar Country Club, Tarzana, California Monday October 19,1998
(While this event has already taken place, we believe it would be of public interest to view this page. July 20,1999.) A note from Billy Dear friends: Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you who are here tonight. I am so appreciative of all your generosity. What do you think are the most important, influential and appreciated words in our daily vocabulary? Would you agree with me if I said "Thank You." Those are the two words I say to those of you who are participating in our 26th annual awards dinner and golf tournament. The unbelievable list of friends who have contributed this year has been a Dream Come True. I want to say again, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." I have a feeling that we have been placed on this earth for a special reason and although I have not fulfilled all my missions, I am trying. I was blessed with a great mom and dad and two FANTASTIC SISTERS

17. Billy Barty
Filmography, trivia, links, and other details.Category Arts Celebrities B barty, billy...... billy barty. Find where billy barty is credited alongside another name.billy barty . Email this page to a friend. Update information, Billy

18. What A Character Billy Barty
Brief biography and filmography.

19. Billy Barty: Tombstone Tributes
TOMBSTONE TRIBUTES. billy barty by Adriana Baeza. billy barty was a husband,a father of two, a friend, and a hero to all his loved ones.
"Billy Barty"
by: Adriana Baeza
"A great man can negotiate success and pass any test, and only notice size when given the time to rest." That Quote sums up the diminutive dynamo Billy Barty, born William John Bertonzetti, who broke new ground in numerous films and television shows where he transcended his 3'9" status. Mr. Barty was a wonderful performer in Alice in Wonderland Willow Foul Play Tough Guys and Masters of the Universe . Mr. Barty also championed the cause of "The Little People of America, Inc." by promoting opportunities and equal pay for their characterizations. Billy earned his spurs with guest shots on TV series including Rawhide The Waltons , and Little House on the Prairie . He is also remembered for the two films he made with Elvis Presley, Roustabout and Harum Scarum Billy Barty was a husband, a father of two, a friend, and a hero to all his loved ones. He died of heart problems and a lung infection in Glendale, California. Wildest Westerns is published by Wildest Westerns Publishing
1146 N. Central Ave., #316; Glendale, CA. 91202.

20. Billy Barty
Filmography, trivia, links, and other details., Billy

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