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         Bass Ben:     more books (37)
  1. Transitions by Jerome Turner, Stuart Bass A.C.E, et all 2003-07-01
  2. Ben Bass
  3. Facilitating with Ease!, with CD (text only) by I. Bens by I. Bens, 2005
  4. An Olympian's oral history: Raymond "Ben" Bass, 1932 Olympic Games, gymnastics by Raymond Ben Bass, 1988
  5. Dyhernfurth and Shabtai Bass: a typographic profile by Herbert Cecil Zafren, 1971
  6. The Indy 500: 1956-1965 (IN)(ImagesofSports) by Ben Lawrence, W.C. Madden, et all 2004-04-18
  7. Notturno for Two Soprano, Bass and Orchestra ("Se lontan, ben mio, tu sei"), K. 438 Sheet Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 2009-06-24
  8. T. B. Harms' Combo-Orks for Small Dance Orchestra (C Book: Piano, Accordion, Guitar, Violin, Bass, Organ, Cello, Flute, Trombone, Bassoon and Oboe.) by Arranger: Ben Kendall, 1953
  9. Lifelog: A Celebration of the Twentieth Century by Ben Haller, Miriam Bass, et all 1990-11
  10. Complete Set of 2004 Back Issues (Bass Player Magazine, 2004) by Pino Palladino, Kim Deal, et all 2004
  11. Mass: SATB with Organ or Trombones, Bass, and Drums (MF 141) by Ben Johnston, 1974
  12. Tickets Please (Cinema Organ Styles, Bass Clef Edition) by Lee Prater, Bill McMains, 1974
  13. Bass Fishing Techniques - The Textbook For The Serious Bass Angler by Dr. Ben Duncan, Dr. Rob Parrent, 1993
  14. My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley by Ben Casnocha, 2007-05-25

1. Javier Vachon/Ben Bass
Ben Bass/Javier Vachon. Additions? Fan Club Information. The Official Ben BassFan Club. c/o Jean M. Freund. 8696 Manahan Drive. Ellicott City, Maryland 21043.
Ben Bass/Javier Vachon Stats Credits Web Pages Fan Club Information ... Factions Stats Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland Training: The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art; The Vancouver Academy of Music (classical and electric guitar); Second City (improvisation); with Jacques Lacoq in Paris Nominations/Awards: Nominated for the Vancouver Jesse Award's Outstanding Support Performance in a Musical for his role in Angry Housewives Credits Mr. Bass's credits include: Television
  • Airwolf : Code of Silence (Soldier)
  • Andrea Martin: Together Again (Bob Gabagool)
  • Bordertown : A Small Kindness (Trevor Andrews)
  • Friends to the End (aka A Killer Among Friends) (Steve Amaya)
  • Forever Knight (Javier Vachon)
  • No More Mr. Fall Guy (Joe Memphis)
  • Street Legal (Mel)
  • 21 Jump Street : Don't Pet the Teacher (Leonard Wayne)
  • Alexandra: The Last Empress (Yun)
  • Angry Housewives (Tim)
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Young Elvis)
  • As You Like It (Silvius)
  • Comedy of Errors
  • Cyrano De Bergerac (Christian)
  • Democracy (Pete)
  • Hamlet
  • In the Ring (Vic)
  • King Lear
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (Flure/Thisbe)
  • Not Available in Sotres (Geoff Hudson)
  • The Orphan Muses (Luc Tanguay)
  • Othello
  • The Provoked Wife
  • Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)
  • Shakespeare Gym (Company)
  • A Cool, Dry Place (1998)

2. TVNow Interview With Ben Bass
Ben Bass Friendly Vampire Talent Agent (c) 2000 Tony Bray/TVNow When I finallygot the chance to interview someone with Showtime's hilarious show about the
Ben Bass: Friendly Vampire Talent Agent
(c) 2000 Tony Bray/TVNow
When I finally got the chance to interview someone with Showtime's hilarious show about the psycho world of television, Beggars and Choosers , do you think I rushed for a quick burst of time with sexy Charlotte Ross, to be followed by a lifetime of rants from my darling wife? Not on your best day, Pancho. Life is a part of me that I want to keep. My "must talk to" list narrowed to three people: Brian Kerwin, an actor I've admired ever since catching him in the seldom-seen gem "Nickel Mountain" with Michael Cole. Billy McNamara, just because he's Billy and I was lucky enough to catch him for a long interview after "Copycat". And Ben Bass because he used to fly at night and drink blood. No contest. The vampire won hands down. For those zillions who were never lucky enough to see "Forever Knight", Ben came on near the end of the series' run as nice neck biter Javier Vachon. He immediately brought life to a role meant to represent death and won over my household, especially the already mentioned dangerous wife. L.A. Times

3. Northern Stars - Ben Bass
BEN BASS b. August 14, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland, Born BenjaminLanger Bass, Ben Bass has spent most of his career in Canada and

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August 14, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland Born Benjamin Langer Bass, Ben Bass has spent most of his career in Canada and studied at The Vancouver Academy of Music Titles in red indicate best performances. Dark Blue dates indicate updated entries. A Killer Among Friends (TV-1992) Bride of Chucky (98) A Cool Dry Place (98) Scanalous Me: the Jacqueline Susann Story (TV-98 ) Murder in a Small Town (TV-99) Bonanno: A Godfather's Story (TV-99) The 6th Day (2000) Strange Frequency ( TV-2001 TV Series: Forever Knight (1992) Beggars and Choosers (1999) Can you help update this information? Back To Top

4. Ben Bass
Ben Bass. August 14 1968 . Back. Back Home.
Ben Bass
August 14 1968 -
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5. About Ben Bass
Ben Bass. Ben Bass stars as Javier Vachon, a 16th century Lost Boy vampirein Forever Knight. About Ben Bass / FK Cast Credits /
TV Movies
TV Shows

21 Jump Street
No More Mr. Fall Guy
Friends to the End
Street Legal
Forever Knight
Stage Performances Hamlet Othello Comedy of Errors The Provoked Wife King Lear Cyrano de Bergerac In the Ring Shakesperare Gym As you Like It A Midsummer Night's Dream Alexandra: The Last Empress Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Ben Bass
Ben Bass stars as Javier Vachon, a 16th century "Lost Boy" vampire in Forever Knight. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Bass studied acting at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where he appeared in numerous stage productions including "Hamlet," "Othello," "Comedy of Errors," "The Provoked Wife" and "King Lear." He has also trained with Ecole Jacques Lacoq in Paris, The Vancouver Academy of Music and Second City. Bass settled in Toronto in 1987, beginning his professional acting career with an appearance in the hit television series "Airwolf." He then went on to appear in "21 Jump Street," "Bordertown," "No More Mr. Fall Guy," "Friends to the End," "Andrea Martin: Together Again" and "Street Legal." Bass earned a nomination for the Vancouver Jesse Award for Outstanding Support Performance in a Musical, for his performance as Tim in the Vancouver Arts Club Theatre production of "Angry Housewives."

6. Ben Harper Bass Tab
ben harper bass tab H. 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Home Celebrities - bass ben.

7. - Benbox
RAZOR 18 1993 1994. Sarah Azzara - vocals Robb Monn- guitars IvanPongracic - guitars Bill Fantegrossi - bass ben Azzara - drums.
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MP3's of drummer and producer Ben Azzara NEWS:
  • 08/08/02 Added Sarah Azzara interview from WAMU.
  • 04/15/02 Added demos from CC Dusters Rock Creek
  • SARAH AZZARA 2000 - present Sarah Azzara - vocals, guitars, keyboards
    Paul Miller - guitars, bass*
    Mike Ratel - bass
    Kendall Nordin - 2nd vocals
    Ben Azzara - drums, percussion
    go to website

    download WAMU interview

    download "Dangergirl" review
    New Songs from Dupont Circle
    Vilify Me
    w/ The Capitol City Dusters Like Louise Brooks
    Balcony Routine Open Your Window ... Andy Says Tina Plottel- 2nd guitar CAPITOL CITY DUSTERS 1996 - present Ben Azzara - drums Alec Bourgeois guitar, vocals Jesse Quitslund bass, vocals go to website Superbad Records Dischord Records Demos from Rock Creek E-2 (SIGNAL SOUND) Rock Creek Reagan's Brain Cancer ... Revolution Bill Colgrove - bass* Marc Lacasse - bass MAESTRO ECHOPLEX (aka. John Guilt) Last Night I Saw God on the Dance Floor - 2001 Ben Azzara - drums Anthony Broadman - banjo go to website From " Last Night I Saw God on the Dance Floor My head is disconnected ... I know, I know Last night I saw God on the dance floor TREIOPS TREYFID Reach the Explosion! 1997
  • 8. Ben Taylor - Bass
    BEN TAYLOR Virginia, where he worked his way through many organizations and ensembleson a wide range of instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass

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    Netfirms Web Hosting
    Before landing in the thriving musical environment of New England, BT grew up in Northern Virginia, where he worked his way through many organizations and ensembles on a wide range of instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, percussion, double bass). Settling on the electric bass (a Fender Jazz, to be exact), he was introduced to a life of improv by Washington DC vibraphone champ, Charles Bubeck , who also turned him on to James Brown, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Joni Mitchell's Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (still a Top 10 Desert Island Pick). During stints as a college radio DJ and music librarian, BT was immersed in the classic jazz and soul sounds of Miles Davis, James Jamerson, Idris Muhammad, and Larry Young. While he began developing his aesthetic with a variety of jazz, funk, and hip-hip groups, it wasn't until he hooked up with the other members of beat down sound in Boston that a distinct sound began to emerge. After countless groove workouts in the basement, BT began to perfect a pummeling synthesis of Jah Wobble thud and Motown thump. The last few years have seen an explosion of new influences and endeavors for BT, including a renewed interest in the clarinet and a hankering to let his inner-drummer come out. Currently residing in Chicago, he has performed with Chiyoko Yoshida and the Vibratory Complex, an improvisatory modern dance group.

    BENNY. How long have you been playing your instrument? about a year and three months When is your Birthday? October 18th Do you think chapstick is girlie?
    BENNY How long have you been playing your instrument?
    "about a year and three months"
    When is your Birthday?
    "October 18th"
    Do you think chapstick is girlie?
    "um, kinda"
    Who's your favorite band?
    "i like rancid, a lot"
    What creeps you out the most?
    "when i can't tell if someone is a boy or a girl"
    Where is your favorite place to play? "o man, i dunno somewhere in the east coast...or texas" What is your favorite food? "let see, uh tacos!" Do you think ska is dead? "no" What is your favorite color? "i like purple" these are direct quotes in case anyone cares or needs to know

    10. The Celebrity Link Directory - Ben Bass
    Ben Bass is one of the celebrities featured at the Internet's premier celebritysite! Get bios, pictures, movies, links, and much more! Click Here! Ben Bass.
    Ben Bass Name of HomePage Address The Official Ben Bass Fan Club Search The Net For More Celebrities!

    11. The Official Ben Bass Fan Club
    Includes information on his latest television, movie, and theatre appearances, recent pictures and Category Arts Celebrities B bass, ben......

    12. -= ==> Your Portal To The World Of Trombone Playing =-
    ben van Dijk is bass trombonist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic and professor at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Includes news, links, and performance tips.
    Welcome to, this domain is owned by Ben van Dijk
    Click the banner to proceed
    This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.x
    and a resolution of 800x600x32 or higher s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) This counter started on August 10, 2000

    Solo for Double bass in Wuppertal, Germany at the Aprés John Cage Fluxus concert,June 9th, 1962. Photograph by Rolf Jährling. back to ben Patterson fluxus
    Benjamin Patterson performing Solo for Double Bass in Wuppertal, Germany at the Fluxus concert, June 9th, 1962.
    back to Ben Patterson fluxus debris!
    back to fluxus debris main page

    14. Ben Winship-Bluegrass Mandolin And Bass Musician,Singer,Songwriter.
    Mandolin, bass and banjo player, best known as a founding member of and singer songwriter for the bluegrass band Loose Ties and as a member of the Judith Edelman Band.Bio, photos.

    15. Rockprojekt-Forum: Re: Kosten & Verstärker (E-Bass), Ben Am 23.8.2002 14:00
    bass). Rockprojekt-Forum. Geschriebenvon ben am 23. August 2002 140006 Als Antwort auf Re kosten
    Geschrieben von: Ben am 23. August 2002 14:00:06: Als Antwort auf: geschrieben von: Holger am 23. August 2002 07:40:05: Habe mir vor dem Kauf meines ersten Basses den gleichen gedanken gemacht und bin nach Beratnug eines Freundes bei einem relativ günstigen Passiv-bass von Cort gelandet. Dieses teil spiele ich z.-T.immer noch und kann mich nicht beklagen. (Preis war ca. 250 EURO)
    Ich würde Dir ein modell dieser Preiskasse empfehlen, die Dinger sind denke ich mal fast alle recht ordentlich.

    16. LookSmart - Ben Bass
    bass, ben Anne's Forever Knight's Page Access points of interest about thisForever Knight actor's life, education, and on- and off-screen credits.

    17. Thein Brass
    Founded in 1971 by Max and Heinrich Thein from Bremen, Germany. These trombones have been popularized by bass trombonist ben van Dijk. From this page you can select trombones from the instrument list.
    Always make a useful no-frames page, with a decent introductory text. Alternate navigation here

    18. Thelonious Monk - Videos
    Charlie Rouse tenor. Larry Gales - bass. ben Riley - drums. Crepuscule CharlieRouse - tenor. Larry Gales - bass. ben Riley - drums. Crepuscule
    Thelonious Monk - Videos
    Some videotapes and laserdiscs including performances, interviews and documentaries, as well as soundtracks. Thelonious Monk - American Composer.
    'Round Midnight; Blue Monk; Trinkle Tinkle; Epistrophy; Criss-Cross; Rhythm-a-ning; Pannonica; Evidence; Well, You Needn't; Nutty; Bolivar Blues; Just A Gigolo; I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart; Lulu's Back In Town;
    Plus interviews with Randy Weston, Ben Riley, Barry Harris, Billy Taylor, Orrin Keepnews and Thelonious Monk Jr.
    The notes from the video.
    Buy this movie from Videoflicks. "Straight : No Chaser" - Thelonious Monk
    Evidence; Rhythm-a-ning; On the Bean; 'Round Midnight; Well, You Needn't; Bright Mississippi; Blue Monk; Trinkle Tinkle; Ugly Beauty; Ask Me Now; Just A Gigolo; Crepuscule With Nellie; I Should Care; We See; Oska T; Epistrophy; Don't Blame Me; Ruby, My Dear; I Mean You; Lulu's Back In Town; Off Minor; Pannonica; Boo Boo's Birthday; Misterioso; Monk's Mood; Sweetheart Of All My Dreams;
    Concert and studio performances and interviews.
    The soundtrack is available on Columbia CK 45358
    Buy this movie from Videoflicks.

    19. Nude As The News: Portishead: Dummy
    ben French's review a fresh, bizarre, experience, built only with simple beats and bass lines taken from songs you barely recognize.
    Albums by this artist
    Portishead Dummy Go!, 1994 RiYL : James Bond Theme Music, Tricky, Massive Attack Portishead's Dummy is a ready-made soundtrack.
    Album-opener "Mysterons" has an odd sound at its opening that instantly brings to mind a cheesy '50s horror film. The synthesizers and organs of "It's Fire" conjure a half-dozen romance pictures. And the album's best-known track, "Sour Times," could be the centerpiece of almost any psychological thriller.
    The single-note guitar lines have a tone unlike any I can remember, except maybe the treble guitar figures of an old spy film. Lead singer Beth Gibbons croons with a voice both white and soulful, and along with the funky drums, album scratches and humming organs, gives this score its seductive underbelly.
    The record on the whole makes me wish I could spearhead the production of a James Bond flick with this soundtrack as a starting point for the plot's emotional core. The film would be directed by a visualist like Spike Jonze or Jonathan Demme, and it would star none other than Sean Connery. This film necessitates creators capable of matching the drama, mystery and cool of a performance of this music.
    To be honest, the hardest part of actually making a Bond movie for this album would be figuring out which song James takes his lady to bed during. I mean, Dummy has plenty of drama, but it's fairly short on action of the bang-bang sort. Its first half feels like a series of short surreal sexual scenes, better suited for the other kind of "action."

    20. A Discography Of Sir Roland Hanna's Works
    55061, 1994. Roland Hanna, When You Wish Upon a Star, (Ron Carter, GeorgeMraz, bass; ben Riley, drums), LOB, Inc. LFA3057, 1989. Sir
    Rahanna Music Inc. is an independent music publisher. Sales of non-Rmi titles are handled in association with The CDs available through Amazon are provided with this link:
    Sir Roland Hanna, Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 32 , Concord Jazz CCD 4604, 1994
    Sir Roland Hanna, Duke Ellington Piano Solos , MusicMasters 5045-2-C, 1991
    Sir Roland Hanna, Round Midnight , Town Crier TCD 513
    Roland Hanna, Manhattan Christmas , Fun House 35FD 1081, 1987
    Sir Roland Hanna, Swing Me No Waltzes , Storyville Records SLP 4018, 1979
    Sir Roland Hanna, Piano Soliloquy L + R Records 40.003, 1979
    Sir Roland Hanna, Spelman Fran Detroit , Sonet Records SLP-2646, 1979
    Roland Hanna, Bird Tracks: Remembering Charlie Parker , Progressive PCD-7031, 1978
    Sir Roland Hanna, A Gift From The Magi , West 54 WLW 8003, 1978
    Roland Hanna Plays The Music Of Alec Wilder , Urban Voices TKCB-70072, 1978 Sir Roland Hanna, Informal Solo , Hi-Fly Records P 102, 1974 Roland Hanna, , Black Lion Records, 1974 Roland Hanna

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