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         Benedikt Michael:     more books (100)
  1. The Poetry of Surrealism: An Anthology
  2. For an Architecture of Reality by Michael Benedikt, 1992-01-01
  3. Sky (Wesleyan Poetry Program) by Michael Benedikt, 1970-01-01
  4. God Is the Good We Do: Theology of Theopraxy by Michael Benedikt, 2007-11-16
  5. Cyberspace: First Steps
  6. Sure. by Michael. BENEDIKT, 1977
  7. Achtung vor Anthropologie: Interdisziplinare Studien zum philosophischen Empirismus und zur transzendentalen Anthropologie : Michael Benedikt zum 70. Geburtstag (German Edition)
  8. 8 Poems: Time, Regular Wednesday Rendezvous, Tulips, Pink Buds, the Grand Guignols of Love, in Love With You, Ode to Hands, the Young Lovers by Michael Benedikt, 1966-01-01
  9. 8 poems [artist's portfolio], SIGNED by poet, artist and typographerRobert Anthony by Michael Benedikt, 1966
  10. Poetry 1969/72 Writing Folio Number Two by Michael BENEDIKT, 1972
  11. Modern French Theatre: The Avant-Garde, Dada, and Surrealism by Michael and Wellwarth, George E. Benedikt, 1964
  12. Modern French Theatre. The Avant-Garde, Dada, and Surrealism. An Anthology of Plays. by Michael [Ed]; Jarry, Alfred ; Cocteau, Jean et al Benedikt, 1950-01-01
  13. Deconstructing the Kimbell: An Essay on Meaning and Architecture by Michael Benedikt, 1992-01-01
  14. God, Creativity, and Evolution - The Argument from Design(ers) by Michael Benedikt, 2008-01-15

1. Michael Benedikt's Homepage Has Moved
"Benedikt, Michael" search on This category needs an editor Copyright © 19982002 Netscape Terms of Use Last update 937 PT, Sunday, May 19, 2002 - edit Guide To Sites in Michael Benedikt Mini-Web - calls Michael Benedikt 'Poet Laureate of The Net.'
Michael Benedikt's homepage has moved here . Please jot down the new addresss.

2. Mario Benedetti - The Academy Of American Poets
Biography, photograph, and selected poems.
poetry awards poetry month poetry exhibits about the academy Search Larger Type Find a Poet Find a Poem Listening Booth ... Add to a Notebook Mario Benedetti This bio was last updated on Dec 18, 2002. Shop for Mario Benedetti books at your local bookstore, through . (This link will open in a new browser window.) Learn more about why loves Little Stones at My Window
trans. Charles Hatfield,
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3. Michael Benedikt
Michael Benedikt. Roessner Professor of Architecture. Director, Centerfor American Architecture and Design School of Architecture
Michael Benedikt Roessner Professor of Architecture. Director, Center for American Architecture and Design School of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin Nominated by the School of Architecture for the University-wide Amoco Foundation Teaching Award, and Chancellor's Council Teaching Award, February 1993. Nominated for the national Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Distinguished Professor Award , November 1996. Areas: Advanced Architectural Design; Theory of Architecture: Theory of Economic Value; Graduate Design
Professor Benedikt's research focuses on innovative theories of architecture including studies of economic value, of cyberspace and virtual realities, depth and evolution, realism, spatial perception, and generally, the impact of the information age on architecture. He is the author of
-Deconstructing the Kimbell (Lumen Books, 1991),
-For an Architecture of Reality (Lumen Books, 1987),
and author/editor of
-Cyberspace: First Steps (MIT Press, 1991).

4. Michael Benedikt
Home. Information, People, Courses, Research, Events, Login . MichaelBenedikt. M Contact Information. University of Chicago 1100 E 58th
Michael Benedikt
Contact Information
University of Chicago
1100 E 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773)702-6614
Fax: (773)702-8487
Personal Homepage

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5. Michael Benedikt
Michael Benedikt. Michael Benedikt, Guozhu Dong, Leonid Libkin, and LimsoonWong. Relational expressive power of constraint query languages.
Michael Benedikt
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  • 6. Michael Benedikt
    Michael Benedikt. Michael Benedikt, Timothy Griffin, and Leonid Libkin.Verifiable properties of database transactions. Information
    Michael Benedikt
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  • 7. Michael Benedikt
    Michael Benedikt. Guide To Sites in email Benedikt, Michael - Of AnOnly Child's World - About single child families. Compares only

    Celebrity List
    Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
    Michael Benedikt

    8. Benedikt Tyllack
    Translate this page Hallo,. ich heiße benedikt michael Josef Tyllack. Geboren wurde ich am 13. 12.2001. Inzwischen habe ich 2 Zähne und bekomme schon lecker Karottenbrei.
    Hallo, ich heiße Benedikt Michael Josef Tyllack. Geboren wurde ich am 13. 12. 2001.
    Inzwischen habe ich 2 Zähne und bekomme schon lecker Karottenbrei.
    Damalige Maße:
    Größe 57 cm Gewicht 3215 g
    Heutige Maße (10.05.2002):
    Größe 69 cm Gewicht 7850 g Hier gibt's Bilder von mir und meinen Eltern. Mehr Bilder gibt's in der Bilder-Galerie
    Dieses Bild war auf der Geburtsanzeige vom Benedikt (Alter 2 Wochen). Benedikt mit seinen Eltern und Tante Lisa vor dem Gaudeamus-Ball 2002 im Deutschen Theater. "Keine Pampers mehr drin!"
    Wieviel Pampers braucht der Mensch? Konferenz der Kuscheltiere

    9. Untitled; Michael benedikt; ChristianCarli; Pierre Charrue Pierre.Charrue
    • Joel Albertone Rebecca Allen Julien Aubineau Michael Benedikt Christian Carli Pierre Charrue Raphael Claustre Guy Crockford Ali Day Bhavesh Irven Dayalji William De Cat Jurgen De Jonghe Christophe Defrance Brennan Goddard Catherine Goodrich Tamas Hauer Mark Hayes Lionel Herblin Thomas Hott Ralf Huber Greg Hudson Micala Jackson

    10. Michael Benedikt: 'THESAURUS' & OTHER NEW VERSE' (from 'OF:'--Mss.-In-Progress)
    Website devoted to the recognized poet and former poetry editor of Paris Review.Category Arts Literature Authors B benedikt, michael......The Thesaurus Other New Verse by michael benedikt. From OFA ManuscriptIn-Progress. ABOUTbenedikt. michael benediktPages at Academy of American Poets .
    by Michael Benedikt From OF: A Manuscript-In-Progress The Thesaurus; Or, From A Childhood Right In The Middle Of Everything
    Revised Folonari Red Wine Time Is A Toy Of Panty-Lines That Show
    Of Granny Smith's Green Apples
    New Of Sexual Style New Einstein (in progress)
    Of 'Turning Away From The World'

    [poem written in early-90's, submitted to The Paris Review
    Webversions of 5 of Einstein's 9 Stanzas are online here now.
    Major revision of 'Folonari' announced earlier as in work, completed in this edition.
    Also, there are minor (?) revisions to virtually all poems here. ( OF: , after all, being a Links To All Poems Currently At This Site Brief Author Bio Brief Bio. Most books referred to below are now briefly represented at various Other Benedikt Websites Contemporary US poet Michael Benedikt has published five collections: (Univ. Pittsburgh Press, l980); and with Wesleyan University Press, Night Cries (prose poems, l976); Mole Notes (prose poems, 1971); Sky (l970); and The Body (l968). Books he's edited include a 600-page, landmark anthology of global prose poetry: The Prose Poem: An International Anthology (Dell/Laurel, l976). Benedikt is also Co-Editor of 3 anthologies of 20th-Century Avant-Garde plays translated from the French, German, and Spanish (E.P. Dutton, l964/'66/'67), and is translator of many plays in those volumes. A former Poetry Editor of

    11. Michael Benedikt 'OF AN ONLY CHILD'S WORLD'--From OF: (mss.-in-progress)
    About single child families. Compares only-child status to the status of Earth as the sole habitable planet.Category Arts Online Writing Poetry Personal Pages B......MiniSite by michael benedikt. Last Modified 5/15/02. Webversion © l998 michaelbenedikt. Revisions © 2002. From manuscript-in-progress entitled OF Top.
    Mini-Site by Michael Benedikt [Last Modified 5/15/02] Brief Benedikt Bio.
    It's hard for anyone who hasn't grown up as an "only child"
    to imagine just what that's like, I guess!
    authority, having grown up once as an "only child," myself)
    I believe thatas with most other things about families (if not,
    in fact, as with just about everything else on earth
    In understanding this particular subject, too,
    A little stretch of the imagination can help... For example, I'll bet that you, yourselfeven
    just for openerscan imagine quite easily
    That "only" can mean sometimes kind of "lonely"
    And it's true: for an only child, right from the start, in the very same room For a kid to cry out in the night to, or as darkness falls, to talk to; Therefore, a child who is an only child will often fall asleep at night Listening to TV; or to the radio. Nor is there any older sister or big brother to turn to, daytimes, to share with an only child the benefit of his or her experience By offering advice on things like "How To Get Along In Life";

    12. Michael Benedikt--Early Poetry Books: THE BODY (Wesleyan L968) & SKY (Wesleyan L
    michael benedikt Early Books of Poetry
    Michael Benedikt Early Books of Poetry
    THE BODY (Wesleyan, l968) and SKY (Wesleyan, l970)
    This is the first page of a Website with Selected Poems from Benedikt's first two collections of poetry. Benedikt, l968 Also Online About Benedikt Online
    Site Contents Links To Other Pages Within This BODY-SKY Website
    Page 1Home Page
    This Page 2Selections from THE BODY
    Selected poems from first book of poetry by a much-published contemporary US Poet.
    THE BODY includes Benedikt's first poems in strophe formatwith long lines and verging on prose poetry.
    Subjects range from droll to dark. Black humor abounds.
    New in Y2K 3 dark love lyrics. Page 3'Dark Love Poems'
    New Page in '01: from THE BODY. Page 4'Spooky Poems for Halloween'
    Especially Eerie Selections from THE BODY. Also for year-round fans of horror poetry.
    Page 5Thematic Index to THE BODY and SKY
    New in '01: Educational page may also be helpful to those writing papers on l960's Cultural History.
    Complete bio. in Who's Who In The World Who's Who In America WW East WW Entertainment Who's Who In American Art , etc.

    13. Benedikt, Michael
    benedikt, michael. benedikt, michael, * 17. 11. 1928 Wien, Philosoph.
    A B C D ... Benedikt, Moriz
    Benedikt, Michael
    Benedikt, Michael, * 17. 11. 1928 Wien, Philosoph. Nach Studium an der Professor an der vor allem mit Fragen der Gesellschaftsethik, der Ontologie und einer transzendentalen Anthropologie. Werke: Der philosophische Philosophische Hinweise zum Lexikon Suche nach hierher verweisenden Seiten

    14. MICHAEL BENEDIKT: 'Xmas On Bay State Road, Boston' & Other Poems From Boston & C
    Writings by poet, michael benedikt, told in verse and prose.
    'Xmas on Bay State Road, Boston'
    by Michael Benedikt
    This is the Xmas 2002 New Year's 2003 Edition of this site Some poems have Holiday Music. Includes 3 Holiday Prose Poems.
    was written while Visiting Writing Prof. at Boston University some years ago.
    In addition to Xmas on Bay State Road
    All, completed only relatively recently: l997-2001. Some, accompanied here by mini-consoles for Xmas midi music.
    Fine-tunings at our Info on page here
    To view our Featured Site Award from, click here
    A little Quiet Xmas Music from A Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten Site Contents
    Verses about a Boston Xmas Verses about Mid-Winter Verses about Writing
    Prose poem about Xmas Presents Prose Poem about New Year's Day E x p a n d e d D e s c r i p t i o n o f S i t e C o n t e n t s Click Links for Poems Verse poem about Xmas: XMAS ON BAY STATE ROAD, BOSTON A Christmas Carol matters Verse poem re Mid-Winter: BROWNSTONE IN BOSTON Brief Lyric. A lonely house on a bleak, windy street, in snowy mid-winter. Verse poem re Writing: UP LATE WRITING Relatively brief Narrative. A writer in Boston is astonished afresh by his devotion to the art of poetry. (Late-night Net-Surfers, too, may have experienced the kind of temporal disorientation described in this poem).

    15. Center For American Architecture And Design - Michael Benedikt's CV
    June 2001. michael L. benedikt. Hal Box Chair in Urbanism
    HTTP 200 Document follows Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 00:16:31 GMT Server: NCSA/1.5.1 Content-type: text/html Curriculum Vitae (part 1 of 3)
    June 2001
    Hal Box Chair in Urbanism
    Director, Center for American Architecture and Design
    School of Architecture
    The University of Texas at Austin
    Austin, TX 78712
    (512) 471-9890, fax 512-471-7033, e-mail:
    Born: October 17, 1946, Adelaide, Australia
    Citizenship: U. S. A. Married: EDUCATION
    • Master of Environmental Design (M.E.D.) Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1975
    • Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1971
    • Professor of Architecture The University of Texas at Austin, - Architectural Design Studio, graduate and undergraduate, all levels - Visual Communications, as above - Graduate Seminars:
      • Perception of Space and Environment
      • Architecture and Reality
      • Problem Design and Programming
      • The Architecture of Depth
      • Cyberspace: A New Venue for Architectural Design
      • Theory of Economic Value
      • The Art and Science of Architectural Phenomena
      - Thesis Supervision and Independent Project Supervision - Instructor, Europe Program, Fall 1987, Fall 1999

    16. Michael Benedikt: JULY 4TH FIREWORKS--NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, & LAURA & ME
    2 lovers from NY NJ join in celebrations along the Hudson. About meaning of 'Independence' in 'Independence Day.' Poem by muchpublished US poet michael benedikt.
    Mini-Site by Michael Benedikt [Last Modified 7/4/02] About Author: Bio Websites Poem which follows is a happy poem set just south of Columbia University area of NYC's Upper West Side
    However , here's a note ( '01) re Columbia U. asof all thingsWriter-Evicting Landlord And, quite apart from that, Gen'l Info re Housing Discrimination More About the Narrative Poem at this Webpage each in our own way Independence Day! F O U R T H O F J U L Y F I R E W O R K S
    New Jersey, along the western Hudson shore, where my sweet lady Laura doth dwell in handsome high-rise
    facing Upper West Side Manhattan, hath big, natural cliffs (they're called "The Palisades")
    But compared to NYC for example, only relatively tiny firework-displays on July Fourth.
    On the other hand, in Manhattan, along the eastern Hudson shore where I doth dwell in low-rise,
    in area just south of Columbia University
    man-made cliffs
    various long-term Upper West Side residents like meas "The Stone Declevities"
    Which drop down via various zig-zagging stone stairways, from Riverside Drive to Riverside Park
    to scoot over to her lofty picture-window'd apartment o'er on opposite Hudson shore, there to behold

    17. Benedikt, Moriz
    Translate this page Beiser-Jochum, Trude - Benesch, Kurt (21/25). benedikt, michael, benedikt,Rudolf. benedikt, Moriz. © Copyright Moriz benedikt. Foto, um 1910.
    A B C D ... Benedikt, Rudolf
    Benedikt, Moriz
    Moriz Benedikt. Foto, um 1910.
    Benedikt, Moriz, * 27. 5. 1849 Kwassitz (Krasice, Tschechische Republik ), † 18. 3. 1920 Wien, Publizist. War ab 1872 Redakteur, ab 1880 Mitherausgeber , ab 1908 bis zu seinem Tod Chefredakteur der "Neuen Freien Presse" Literatur: W. R. Langenbucher (Hg.), Sensationen des Alltags, 1992. Hinweise zum Lexikon Suche nach hierher verweisenden Seiten

    18. Cyberspace: First Steps (Michael Benedikt)
    michael benedikt (editor). michael benedikt's own Cyberspace Some Proposals is the centrepiece of the collection, running to over a hundred pages.
    Danny Yee's Book Reviews
    Titles Authors ... Latest
    Cyberspace: First Steps
    Michael Benedikt (editor)
    The MIT Press 1991 A book review by Danny Yee While I enjoyed William Gibson's novels, I think the critical attention paid to them is completely excessive. I'm not overly fond of the term "cyberspace", either. The opening works of Cyberspace: First Steps confirmed both prejudices. "Academy Leader" is a short story - or rather three pages of jottings - by the master himself. Then, in David Tomas' "Old Rituals for New Space", we have William Gibson meets Victor Turner: apparently every time someone connects to cyberspace they undergo a rite of passage! Michael Heim's "The Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace" goes one better, with William Gibson meets Plato and William Gibson meets Leibniz: Plato's ideal forms are connected, somehow, with the "matrix of cyberspace entities" and Internet users should watch out lest the "Central System Monad" get them! In both works jargon flies in all directions and quotes from Gibson's fiction are considered better evidence than anything that happens on real networks. Sigh. Nicole Stenger's "Mind is a Leaking Rainbow" has two things going for it: it doesn't mention Gibson and it reads quite nicely as poetry. Allucquere Stone's "Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?" presents an interesting account of the history of communication media and early network environments before wandering into psychoanalytic territory where I can not follow.

    By michael benedikt. Poem chronicling the events surrounding Welles' 1938 dramatic radio production of War of the Worlds .
    Mini-Site by Michael Benedikt
    Click here for Brief Benedikt Bio
    Site established 1999Last Modified 1/00. Poem under construction. Here so far are
    the first 4 stanzas of a poem in 6 stanzasnotes on the conclusion of the poem follow the poem itself

    After the l938, Halloween-eve broadcast of his nationwide radio show "The War of The Worlds"
    based on a novel by H.G. Wells also entitled "The War of The Worlds."
    The program depictedby means of a series of realistic-sounding news announcments
    interrupting a program apparently devoted to popular music
    Landings on planet Earth by hostile Martians armed to the teeth with deadly "Ray Guns" in Grovers Mills, a small town in New Jersey. During its broadcast it made many local New Jerseyites hysterical As some ran to their closets to find firearms, while others went nutz looking for

    20. The Prose Poem. Michael Benedikt--Brief Prose Poems & Critical Prose
    These authormaintained pages include online texts of benedikt's poetry, prose-poem "micro-fictions, Category Arts Literature Authors B benedikt, michael......Prose Poems by michael benedikt Brief Prose Poems Critical Prose. michaelbenedikt TALKS ABOUT PROSE POETRY'. Interviewer Dennis Stone.
    Poems at this Site are from Night Cries [Last Modified fall '02. With New links since modification in '01] The Voyage of Self-Discovery Dress Soup The Atmosphere of Amphitheatre
    The Awards of Water
    New The Windowpane As Monocle Bed Tablets
    Lurching Lunch
    Food for Sight Oral Insomnia
    ('Midnight'; 'Going To Sleep; 'Tossed Salad '; 'The Pills and The Water'; 'Cool Places On Pillowcases' Click for Writer's Bio. In addition to poems from the 'Household Hallucinations' section of Night Cries , site includes
    most of Poetry Society of America Newsletter Interview on Prose Poetry
    with a few new passages in this edition. And, most of essay, "A Few Notes on The Future of The American Prose Poem"
    first published in The Prose Poem: An International Journal

    Interview has comments on lst modern prose poet, Aloysius Bertrand.
    Links at end-site incl. lst all- Bertrand site in English.
    Note: This site has a companion-site, . It includesin addition to other works from Night Cries
    info. re Benedikt's l976 landmark 600-page anthology of global prose poetry: The Prose Poem: An International Anthology.

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