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  1. Rachel Blanchard
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1. Rachel Blanchard Universe
Complete biography filmography large photo gallery multi media links and more.

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Rachel blanchard rachel Blanchard Cher from the Clueless TV series. Checkout some hot pics way below! 4. Blanchard, Rachel Ravishing Rachel. Blanchard&src=bomis_wiki

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Rachel Blanchard photo gallery, filmography, biography, trivia and quotes and muchmore at, including high quality wall posters for sale.
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Rachel Blanchard


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5. Rachel Blanchard
Name Rachel Blanchard, Birthday March 19, 1976. Comments MoviesYear, SE, Title. 1982, 0, Kids of Degrassi Street, The (TV Series1982 Blanchard

6. Rachel Blanchard
Rachel Blanchard. Rachel Blanchard Fan Page Rachel blanchard rachel BlanchardCher from the Clueless TV series. Check out some hot pics way below!

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Rachel Blanchard
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7. Rachel Blanchard Photos, Rachel Blanchard Pics, Rachel Blanchard Pictures, Rache
Rachel Blanchard photos, Rachel Blanchard pics, Rachel Blanchard pictures,Rachel Blanchard biography, Rachel Blanchard nude. Rachel Blanchard.
MAIN PAGE FEMALE CELEBS MALE CELEBS Rachel Blanchard Rachel Blanchard was born on the 19th March 1976 in the wonderful city Toronto (Canada). She has two siblings, a brother and a sister. After attending Havergal college and graduating high school she went on to Queens university in Kingston, Ontario Canada. After her career starting as "Cher Horowitz" in ABC's TV serial "Clueless" she moved her psychology study to UCLA in Los Angeles.
Birth name:
Rachel Elise Blanchard
Date of birth
19 March 1976,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rachel Blanchard photos, Rachel Blanchard pics, Rachel Blanchard pictures, Rachel Blanchard biography, Rachel Blanchard nude

8. HSX : Movies : Market : StarBonds® : Rachel Blanchard
Rachel Blanchard began her career on the Canadian TVshow, The Kids of Degrassi Street, starring on the series from 1982 to 1986.......Rachel Blanchard.

9. Rachel Blanchard - Wikipedia
Translate this page Rachel Blanchard. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Rachel Blanchard(* 19. März 1976 in Toronto) ist eine kanadische Schauspielerin.
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Rachel Blanchard
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Rachel Blanchard 19. März in Toronto ) ist eine kanadische Schauspielerin Ihre erste Rolle hatte sie in einem Werbespot von McDonalds Unter hunderten von Bewerbern wurde sie schließlich für die Hauptrolle der Fernsehserie Clueless ausgewählt, nachdem sie ihr Talent in anderen Serien unter Beweis gestellt hatte. Auf die Kinoleinwand schaffte sie es mit dem Film "Der stählerne Adler IV" (
  • 2002 - The Wild Dogs 2001 - Chasing Holden 2001 - Nailed 2000 - Road Trip 1999 - Carrie 2 - Die Rache (The Carrie 2) 1996 - Eine himmlische Familie (7th Heaven) 1996 - Tucker James der Highschool Blitz (Flash Forward) Clueless - Die wichtigen Dinge des Lebens 1995 - Der stählerne Adler IV (Iron Eagle IV) 1995 - Ivanhoe, der junge Ritter (Young Ivanhoe)

10. Rachel Blanchard
Rachel Blanchard (1976 ). The Rage Carrie 2 (1999) Monica JonesGets shards of glass driven through her eyes when Emily Bergl
Rachel Blanchard The Rage: Carrie 2 Monica Jones ]: Gets shards of glass driven through her eyes when Emily Bergl telekinetically causes her eyeglasses to explode. Back to B Index Back to Main Index

11. Ravishing Rachel -- The Rachel Blanchard Page
Takes a look at rachel's roles, which include that of Cher in the TV version of "Clueless." Includes detailed biographical information about her. rachel blanchard one of the natural resources that make Canada the great country that it is
Rachel Blanchard: one of the natural resources that make Canada the great country that it is
The American TV public came to know Rachel Blanchard from her role as Cher in the silly TV series "Clueless", which attempted to recreate the humour that was captured so brilliantly in the motion picture of the same name. After the first season, many of us, understandably, expected "Clueless" to be cancelled. I certainly didn't anticipate what happened. When ABC axed the show, it was picked up by UPN. Although the ratings were worse on UPN than they were on ABC, the show stayed on the air because (the truth hurts) all UPN shows have bad ratings. Well, since all UPN shows fail (unless they happen to be "Star Trek" spin-offs) "Clueless" was finally cancelled. Rachel fans world-wide hope she gets a role on a decent show soon! Or maybe she will get some good starring movie roles!! One of the failings of the "Clueless" TV show was that the movie was successful without making Alicia look goofy, yet the producers of the TV show seemed to feel that the Cher character required foolish looking hairstyles and clothes. Although I had hoped UPN would turned down the idiot factor, the show still didn't concentrate on the comedy that made the movie work. Rachel is a most outstanding actress, and could have handled anything they dished out. Rather than trying to make her look funny, they should have improved the writing. Instead, the show remained quite bad, and now it's history.

12. Rachel Blanchard Fan Page
rachel blanchard. rachel blanchard. Cher from the Clueless TV series.
Rachel Blanchard
Rachel Blanchard
Cher from the Clueless TV series.
Check out some hot pics way below! INFO BORN: March 19, 1976 WHERE: Toronto, Canada HEIGHT: EYES: Blue Filmography Sign Guestbook View Guesbook
See Her In Action! You can check her out on Clueless, Tuesdays at 7:30 PM (CDT) on UPN. Visit TV Guide online for local times.
Pics below!
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Site News I plan on updating this site more often now that more and more people are visiting this site. Soon I hope to have some more pictures in a photo gallery. Also I plan on adding a biography. Webmaster
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Please fill out the site survey I should have some more pictures by 8/26/97 Check out these other Rachel Blanchard pages! Check out this site about Alicia Silverstone! Alicia Silverstone Luv Site My thanks to Ken Smith for some of the above pics!

13. Rachel Blanchard Gallery
Pictures, Screen Captures, Info and Links on rachel blanchard Last Update 7 JANUARY 2002. rachel blanchard Gallery. QUICK FACTS

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Last Update: 7 JANUARY 2002
Rachel Blanchard Gallery
  • Date of birth: 19 March 1976; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Attended Havergal College in Toronto
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14. Rachel Blanchard: Links And Pics Offered By
Here you can find links for and pictures of rachel blanchard. rachel blanchard. Date of Birth. March 19, 1976
Rachel Blanchard
Date of Birth
March 19, 1976

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15. Rachel Blanchard
Thumbnailed pictures and ecards.Category Arts Celebrities B blanchard, rachel......A site dedicated to rachel blanchard, includes images,pictures,ecards,prints,photos,filmography,videos,filmsand links. rachel blanchard.

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Rachel Blanchard
Born on: 19 March 1976
Birth location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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17. Blanchard, Rachel - First Home Page From North America
Scan some biographical data on the Canadian who plays Cher on TV's "Clueless " and view photos featuring her wholesome blonde good looks.

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19. Rachel Blanchard

20. Rachel Blanchard Profile And Gossips
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Polling Photos Fan sites Cartoon ... Movies Name: Rachel Blanchard Height: Sex: F Nationality: Canadian Date: March 19, 1976 Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Occupation: actress Education: Havergal College in Toronto Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada UCLA Claim to fame: as Cher Horowitz on TV Series: Clueless (1996) Contact: Click here
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More about Rachel Blanchard Do you have any information about Rachel Blanchard to share?

  • Rachel attended high school at Havergal College in Toronto.
  • Enjoys playing hockey in her spare time
  • Currently attending a small college in Canada, where she is majoring in psychology
  • Hair was dyed red for ROAD TRIP because producers wanted her to have a different look from Amy Smart
  • When acting on one project, an extra from around the set was picked to portray her father in a brief scene. Later, after the scene had been shot, the director looked over to where Rachel's father was standing and said we should have gotten you to play her father, you look perfect for the part, this was said without realising that he actually was her father.

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