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         Blegvad Peter:     more detail
  1. The Book of Leviathan by Peter Blegvad, 2008-06-24
  2. The Phantom Museum: And Henry Wellcome's Collection of Medical Curiosities by Peter Blegvad, A. S. Byatt, et all 2003-06-01
  3. The Book of Leviathan by Peter Blegvad, 2001-05-01
  4. Picture Story 2 by Mark; Blegvad, Peter; Dizi; and Martin Millard Beyer, 1986
  5. THE BOOK OF LEVIATHAN by Peter Blegvad, 2000-01-01
  6. Book of Leviathan by Peter Blegvad , 2000-10-05
  7. PICTURE STORY 2 (Phosphene, Men's Adventure, Tuberculosis) by Jerry; Blegvad, Peter; Dizi; Millard, Martin; Katchor, Ben; Beyer, Mark Moriarty, 1986
  8. The Ganzfeld #3 by Alfred Hitchcock, Julie Lasky, et all 2003-04-02
  9. Stones in My Passway (Opuscules of the London Institute of Pataphysics) by Peter Blegvad, 2002-05-01
  10. Freedom Rules: New Forms for the Making of Poems by Roger Adkins, Peter Blegvad, et all 2004-08-15
  11. Peter and the Troll Baby (A Golden Book) by Jan Wahl, 1984-12

1. Blegvad Peter Lyrics
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Blegvad Peter Lyrics
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2. Blegvad Peter Fanpages
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Blegvad Peter Fanpages
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3. Peter Blegvad
Short biography from a site dedicated to the Canterbury music scene.Category Arts Celebrities B Blegvad, Peter......Peter Blegvad Vocals, Guitar. Born August rock . Even in theseearly days, music was not Peter Blegvad's only talent. Murray
Peter Blegvad
Vocals, Guitar Born : August 14th, 1951 - New York City (USA)
Past Bands : Slapp Happy (1968-74), Faust (1973), Slapp Happy/Henry Cow (1974-75), Kew.Rhone (1976), The Lodge (1982-88), Golden Palominos (1985-87)
Current Activities : solo, Peter Blegvad Trio
A Short Bio:
Peter Blegvad was born in New York City to a Danish father and an American mother, and was raised in Connecticut before his parents moved to England in 1965, "due to the deteriorating climate in the States following the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King" and the threat of Peter and his brother Kristoffer being drafted and sent to Vietnam. Blegvad had started writing songs the previous year, aged 13, largely under the influence of Bob Dylan and the Beatles. It was while at boarding school (St.Christopher School, Letchworth) in Hertfordshire that he first met his future musical accomplice, pianist Anthony Moore. They started playing together along with Blegvad 's friend Neil Murray, an aspiring drummer who later moved to bass and enjoyed a very successful career playing that instrument. Remembers Murray : "We went under several names, but the one I remember is obviously Slapp Happy and the Dum-Dums... In fact Slapp Happy was referring to

4. PETER BLEGVAD Catalog For Rare CDs, CD Singles, Rare Records, Imports & Promos -
PETER BLEGVAD catalogue for new, rare, promo and collectable vinylrecords, CDs and memorabilia. PETER BLEGVAD. PETER BLEGVAD

5. Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad. Onetime member of SlappHappy?, TheGoldenPalominos?,solo artist, artist, musician, cartoonist. Wrote an excellent

Peter Blegvad, Headcheese. Selected texts with drawings by this unique artist/musician.Atlas Press. PETER BLEGVAD. Cheese milk's great leap for immortality .

THIS PRINTED HEAD IS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES OF WHICH 50 ARE SIGNED HEADCHEESE PETER BLEGVAD "Cheese: milk's great leap for immortality" ISBN 947757 70 8
paperback OUT OF PRINT
(available as part of complete set, for details click here ABOUT THIS BOOK Selected texts with drawings by this unique artist/musician. THIS PRINTED HEAD IS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES OF WHICH 50 ARE SIGNED
BCM Atlas Press, London WC1N 3XX, UK

7. Lyrics - Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad. Chris Cutler once said he could never understand why PeterBlegvad wasn't hugely successful and famous. Me neither. Child then.
Peter Blegvad
Chris Cutler once said he could never understand why Peter Blegvad wasn't hugely successful and famous. Me neither.
Child then
(from Slapp Happy, Ca va I could run before I learned to walk,
Tore the tongues out of my shoes so they wouldn't talk -
I was a child then.
Seven years at a private school
Only taught me how to play the fool -
I was a child then,
But I would do the same again. My counsel is my own to keep
And yes, my conscience lets me sleep. My sisters would behave like trees,
Whispering of mysteries
That were beyond my ken.
Midnight out by Crater Lake Wondering which pill to take - I was a child then, But I would do the same again. Take another backward leap And yes, my conscience lets me sleep If I'd known then what I know now I'd have done it anyhow. I never thought at forty-five I'd still be alive. Sold my soul for the highest bid, Feel no remorse for what I did - I was a child then, But I would do the same again. My counsel is my own to keep And yes, my conscience lets me sleep.
Bee dream
(from the album Just woke up Each of us has in our soul A portion of eagle, a portion of mole

8. Experimental Music Chronicled - G R O U P S (A Through B)

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9. Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad. (b. 14/8/1951, USA). Peter Blegvad's oblique wit has foundexpression in drawing, writing, pedagogy, and above all, music.
Peter Blegvad
(b. 14/8/1951, USA)
Peter Blegvad's oblique wit has found expression in drawing, writing, pedagogy, and above all, music. He has been member of several bands. In 2001 he put out his comic, 'The book of Leviathan'. The beautiful artwork recalls the old American artistic tradition and is reminiscent of the work of Chris Ware See thousands of comic artists in the Lambiek Comiclopedia
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10. Peter Blegvad Home/Forside Peter blegvad peter Blegvad Discography http// Blegvad on ESD Home/Forside Peter Blegvad Peter Blegvad Discography Peter Blegvad on ESD Excite Music : Peter Blegvad

11. Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad. (m9216-31a). Backstage. Copyrightmarc marnie. Return to Stagefright Bannerpage.
Peter Blegvad

12. Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad. Buy and sell used Peter Blegvad CDs. Discount prices best selectionon Peter Blegvad music. Peter Blegvad. Peter Blegvad. Peter Blegvad.

13. Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad. Zeme puvodu UK Komentar Pisnickar puvodem z New Yorku,clen legendarnich Slapp Happy. Po jejich rozpadu vydal radu
Peter Blegvad
Zeme puvodu: UK
Pisnickar puvodem z New Yorku, clen legendarnich Slapp Happy . Po jejich rozpadu vydal radu alb znacne promenlive kvality a zamereni a hostoval v nejruznejsich avantgardnich projektech. Zcela vycerpavajici diskografii naleznete na nize uvedene adrese. /LA/ Linky
Kompletni diskografie

Peter Blegvad page



14. Peter Blegvad
Peter Blegvad CDs, Music, Discography, News, Biography and Information availablefrom Guitar Nine Records. Guitarist Web Sites! Peter Blegvad.
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John Paul Jones
"The Thunderthief"
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Peter Blegvad - Artwork
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... Peter Blegvad
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15. A Peter Blegvad Page
Selections of his writings.Category Arts Celebrities B blegvad, peter......~ a peter blegvad page ~. words. Amateur. warning _Amateur_ has extensiveinline graphics. On Numinous Objects and Their Manufacture. music.
~ a Peter Blegvad page ~
On Numinous Objects and Their Manufacture
Peter Blegvad Discography
by John Relph Recommeded Records Discography
by Phil Zampino articles and images are reproduced with permission from Peter. Peter Blegvad page created by Malcolm Humes , with many thanks to John Relph and Phil Zampino for their direct and indirect contributions. Last updated 9/05/95.

16. Peter Blegvad On ESD
peter blegvad on ESD As of January 2000, these titles have been deleted and will be difficult to find in record stores. Ex Slapp Happy/Henry Cow songsmith, with a highly individual style.
Peter Blegvad on ESD
As of January 2000, these titles have been deleted and will be difficult to find in record stores. Ex Slapp Happy/ Henry Cow songsmith, with a highly individual style. Peter has worked with (among others) the Golden Palominos, Michael Stipe and Jack Bruce. He’s one of the world’s wittiest singer-songwriters, and is destined for wide public recognition. His new recording Hangman's Hill is released November 1998 by Recommended Records Press
  • "Blegvad’s most recent CD gathers all his strands together brilliantly - a mix of wry balladry and pared down Lennonesque rock." - The Guardian
  • "Chillingly good tunes are matched with an elegant irony." - NME
  • "There’s a knowingness and pithiness in his wordplay that will delight the sternest of hearts." - Q

Just Woke Up For more information about Peter Blegvad, visit

17. BLEGVAD, Peter : MusicWeb Encyclopaedia Of Popular Music
MusicWeb Encylopaedia of Popular Music edited by Donald Clarke formerly the Penguin Encyclopaedia of Popular Music
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18. IHT: Peter Blegvad's Cult Mix Of Tunes And Cartoons
PARIS For 20 years peter blegvad has rushed ''from drawing table to typewriter to guitar with no sense of strain or
In Today's Newspaper
  • Front Page
  • International
  • Opinion
  • Finance ...
    Peter Blegvad's Cult Mix of Tunes and Cartoons
    By Mike Zwerin International Herald Tribune PARIS - For 20 years Peter Blegvad has rushed ''from drawing table to typewriter to guitar with no sense of strain or contradiction.'' If he is only a cult hero in both of his disciplines, cartoonist and musician, the cult is cultured and growing. He is admired by an increasingly international variety of informed people, no longer limited to his neighbors in West London, where he lives with his wife and two children. Reflecting on his careers, Blegvad sighed: ''A success I ain't.'' He had been considering the continuing necessity, at the age of 48, to pinch pennies, but the sigh had been ironically weighted and he quickly reconsidered. Meeting weekly journalistic deadlines can turn him ''sullen and uncommunicative'' and his music projects tend to be money losers but still, he says, ''people pay me to do what I love to do.'' He has been called ''too modest,'' ''intimidatingly tall'' and ''a genius.'' For almost eight years, Blegvad the cartoonist drew the strip ''Leviathan'' for the London paper The Independent on Sunday - 377 strips in all. In February, it was replaced by ''The Pedestrian,'' also by Blegvad. ''Meeting deadlines is constant anxiety,'' he said. ''The form of 'inspiration' I am most familiar with is called 'last-minute panic.'''

19. Leviathan
Archives of the comic strip that ran in the Independent on Sunday newspaper from 1992 to 1999.Category Arts Celebrities B blegvad, peter......bottle1

20. Peter Blegvad's Numinous Objects
(Part One of a Potentially Endless Work). By peter blegvad (Amateur). reproducedhere with permission from peter blegvad and assistance from Phil Zampino.
On Numinous Objects and Their Manufacture
(Part One of a Potentially Endless Work)
By Peter Blegvad (Amateur)
acompanying graphics Morphological Key (74k JPEG)
First Morphological Table
(62k JPEG) Second Morphological Table (62k JPEG)
Third Morphological Table
(77k JPEG) Objects proliferate as never before, but they are mostly dead husks, the shells of things, wherein no daemon . resides. We own them merely, or covet them, we are not nourished. Meanwhile, the fundamental appetite for numinous objects grows ravenous. Nevermind that it remains unconscious in most citizens and unacknowledged by the authorities. Only numinous objects can make possible the communication between people and so-called "dead matter" . which must be established if we wish to avert calamity. I am not here referring to fetishes , which are a means to evoke a system of belief and not properly ends in themselves. Nor am I referring to fantasy constructs like, for example, a fine thing, but it is only feebly numinous compared to a block of sodium in a meadow, its edges mollified by the tongues of cows into a lopsided loaf like snow. And, while my more sceptical readers my scoff, it is a fact that if this salt-lick be removed from the meadow and placed in a confined enclosure or, better still, sealed into a lead container, its numinous charge will be boosted many fold

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