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         Bourne Jr:     more books (38)
  1. A Cross Borne: A Biography of Judge James Franklyn Bourne, Jr by Karen Lesla Williams Gooden, 1995-06
  2. Parcel Post in Foreign Countries: Prepared Under the Direction of Hon. Jonathan Bourne, Jr., Chairman of the Senate Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads ... (1912) by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Post Offices and Po, 2009-07-08
  3. Popular V. Delegated Government: Speech Of Jonathan Bourne, Junior, Of Oregon (1910) by Jonathan Bourne Jr., 2010-05-23
  4. Foreign Language Learning: Psycholinguistic Studies on Training and Retention
  5. Richard A. Bourne Co. , Inc Presents the James Ellwood Jones, Jr. Arms Collection At Unreserved Public Auction Volume II. by Richard A. Bourne Co. Inc, 1981
  6. Student workbook to accompany Psychology, its principles and meanings [by] Lyle E. Bourne, Jr. [and] Bruce R. Ekstrand by Ruth De Bliek, 1979
  7. Popular V. Delegated Government: Speech Of Jonathan Bourne, Junior, Of Oregon (1910) by Jonathan Bourne Jr., 2010-09-10
  8. Psychology Its Principles and Meanings
  9. Judges of the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island: Bruce M. Selya, George Moulton Carpenter, Jr., Benjamin Bourne
  10. PUBLIC AUCTION, .. JAMES ELLWOOD JONES, JR. ARMS COLLECTION., (2 VOLS.) by At The Auction Galleries Of Richard A. Bourne Co. Inc., 1981
  11. Early American Glass & Art Glass / Selling the Collection of the Late Elinor Keaney Plummer and the Late Charles Sumner Plummer, Jr., together with a private collection of Art Glass from New York State / Tuesday, December 8, 1992... by Richard A. Bourne Co. Inc., 1992
  12. Human Conceptual Behavior by Lyle E. Jr. Bourne, 1966-01-01
  13. Psychology: Its Principles and Meanings by Lyle E. Jr. & Ekstrand, Bruce R. Bourne, 1976
  14. Richard A. Bourne Co., Inc. Presents The James Ellwood Jones, Jr. Arms Collection in Two Volumes (complete) by Richard A. Bourne Co., 1981

1. Jr Bourne Fan Site Has Moved
Jr Bourne fan site has been moved to this location http//jrbourne.dazzlingstarz.comhttp// October 27, 2002 - 2 KB2. SpacemonkeyLU Sep '02 LU Sep '02 THE SPACEMONKEY Best viewed by NETSCAPE 800*600 © 2000-2002
Jr Bourne fan site has been moved to this location

2. JR Bourne
JR Bourne. JR Bourne, This picture is the sole property of Mr. JR Bourne.He kindly let me have it to post it here. If you want to
JR Bourne HOME (German) HOME (English) GATECON PICS JR Bourne

3. DBLP: Lyle E. Bourne Jr. Lyle E. bourne jr. List of publications from theDBLP Bibliography Server - FAQ Ask others ACM - CiteSeer - CSB
Lyle E. Bourne Jr.
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Ask others: ACM CiteSeer CSB Google ... J. Stuart Aiken , Lyle E. Bourne Jr.: Beyond the Knowledge Level: Descriptions of Rational Behavior for Sharing and Reuse. EKAW 1994 DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Michael Ley ( Tue Mar 25 16:34:13 2003

4. I904: John Mackintosh BOURNE JR. (1966 - )
John Mackintosh bourne jr. Birth 1966. Father John Mackintosh BOURNE MotherMiriam Norton GALE _ _
John Mackintosh BOURNE JR.
  • Birth
Father: John Mackintosh BOURNE
Mother: Miriam Norton GALE
John Mackintosh BOURNE JR.
_David Z. NORTON _Miriam NORTON ... INDEX
Last changed: 28 Aug 1998 Unparsed GEDCOM data: 1 NAME John Mackintosh BOURNE 2 GIVN John Mackintosh 2 SURN BOURNE 1 CHAN 2 DATE 28 Aug 1998 3 TIME 05:17:35 1 FAMC @F6457@ 2 PEDI birth
Genealogy Introduction Page
Documented Family Works in Progress Family Photos ... Family Reunion
This site maintained by Rick Harper
Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Wed Mar 8 00:00:38 2000
  • Birth : 26 FEB 1893, Adrian, Michigan
  • Death : AUG 1978
Father: Frank Alfred MONTGOMERY
Mother: Emma AMIDON
Family 1 Maude Carson HAINER
  • Marriage : 15 OCT 1920
  • Carl Tracy MONTGOMERY (2)
  • James Frank MONTGOMERY _Tirzah THOMPSON _Cordelia ANDRESS ... INDEX
    Last changed: 18 Jul 1998 Unparsed GEDCOM data: 1 NAME Carl Tracy Montgomery 2 GIVN Carl Tracy 2 SURN Montgomery 1 CHAN 2 DATE 18 Jul 1998 3 TIME 08:48:03 1 FAMC @F6173@ 2 PEDI birth
    Genealogy Introduction Page
    Documented Family Works in Progress Family Photos ... Family Reunion
    This site maintained by Rick Harper
    Created by Sparrowhawk 1.0 (4/17/1996) on Wed Mar 8 00:00:38 2000
  • 5. JR Bourne
    JR Bourne Age 32. Born disease. His full name is David Bourne, Jr. JR actually stands for junior but his family calls him by the letters.
    VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Tuesday, Mar 25 JR Bourne Age: Born: April 8, 1970
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Did You Know?
    • JR was born with cystic fibrosis and is now a devout advocate for raising money and awareness for the the disease.
    • His full name is David Bourne, Jr. "JR" actually stands for junior but his family calls him by the letters.
    • JR isn't a vegetarian, but only eats steaks and meat on rare occasions.
    • Before JR decided to study acting, he was a student at the university studying business.
    • He likes tofu for breakfast.
    • Although her name is secret, JR does have a significant other.
    • JR is the middle child with two sisters.
    • JR listens to all music except for country and heavy metal.
    • In his spare time, JR loves to play any kind of water sport.
    • JR plays Martouf on the television series 'Stargate-SG1."
    Actor Credits
  • The Inspectors
  • The Right Connections
  • Jungleground See Star Profiles ... Darkwolf
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  • 6. IMDb Name Search
    Similar pages,+JR Similar pages More results from JR Bourne Apprecation SiteBiography. Name, David () bourne jr. Birthday, April 8th 1970. Hobbys,Sailing, Hund Scooby. Favorite Color, Blue. Favorite Charity, Canadian, J.R.

    7. \\**ChyenneMountain**// ~ J.R. Bourne
    JR BOURNE Martouf. JR Bourne on syntynyt Kanadassa, Toronton kaupungissa.Ensimmäisen kosketuksen näyttelemiseen hän koki 8
    J.R. Bourne on syntynyt Kanadassa, Toronton kaupungissa. Ensimmäisen kosketuksen näyttelemiseen hän koki 8 vuotiaana kun hän pääsi Calgarylaiseen 13-osaiseen sarjaan nimeltä Parent Puzzle. Mutta palattuaan Torontoon hän ei jatkanut uraansa näyttelijänä vasta kuin 25 vuotiaana. Tuoreena 1.vuoden oppilaana Ryersonin Teatterikoulusta hän pääsi pieneen osaan Family Passions -sarjassa ja kaikki olivat niin tyytyväisiä Jr:ään että hän jatkoi 15 jakson ajan sarjassa. Myöhemmin saman vuoden kesänä hän pääsi ensimmäiseen sivuosaansa filmissä Jungleground.
    Piakkoin elokuvan jälkeen hän muutti Vancouveriin ja sai roolin Strange Luck tv-sarjassa jonka jälkeen hän näytteli mm. The Sentinelissä (Vartija), Milleniumissa ja Two-sarjassa. Seuraavaksi hänelle annettiin Elliotin rooli Madisonissa minkä jälkeen hän sai paljon vierailevan tähden rooleja Higher Ground, Outer Limits ja The Crow-sarjoissa mikä johti taas päärooleihin sarjoissa The Inspectors, Futursport ja minisarjassa Aftershock: Earthquake in N.Y.C.
    Mutta parhaiten me tunnemme hänet Martoufina Tähtiportista mikä poiki hänelle suuren kansainvälisen legioonan faneja.

    8. Lucian Located Malcolm H Bourne Jr.
    Lucian Located Malcolm H bourne jr. Info Hi, how is everyone today? To contactMalcolm H bourne jr., fill in the form below and click 'Contact'. Your Name H Bourne J

    9. BIDMC Pathology Dept. - Dr. Khosravi-Far's Lab Page
    24. Tisdale E, KhosraviFar R, bourne jr, Der CJ, Balch WE. 26. Khosravi-Far R, LutzRJ, Cox AD, Conroy L, bourne jr, Sinensky M, Balch WE, Buss JE, Der CJ.
    BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Abe K, Kurakin A, Mohseni-Maybodi M, Kay B, Khosravi-Far R. The complexity of TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand. Ann N Y Acad Sci 2000;926:52-63. 2. Pal S, Datta K, Khosravi-Far R, Mukhopadhyay DJ. Role of PKC z in Ras-mediated transcriptional activation of vascular permeability factor /vascular endothelial growth factor
    expression. J. Biol Chem 2000; 276, (4), 2395-2403. 3. Plattner R, Gupta S, Khosravi-Far R, Sato KY, Perucho M, Der CJ, Stanbridge EJ. Differential contribution of the ERK and JNK mitogen-activated protein kinase cascades to Ras transformation of HT1080 fibrosarcoma and DLD-1 colon carcinoma cells. Oncogene 1999 ;18(10):1807-17. 4. Khosravi-Far R, Campbell S, Rossman KL, Der CJ. Involvment of Rho family proteins in Ras signaling and transformation. Advances Cancer Res 1998;72:57-107 (invited review). 5. Zohn IM, Campbell SL, Khosravi-Far R, Rossman KL, Der CJ. Rho family proteins and Ras transformation: the RHOad less traveled gets congested. Oncogene 1998;17:1415-38. 6. Campbell SL, Khosravi-Far R, Rossman KL, Clark GJ, Der CJ. Increasing complexity of Ras signaling. Oncogene 1998;17:1395-413.

    10. MartyG´s Page
    JR Bourne (jako Martouf) Narozen 8.dubna 1970 Místo Toronto, Kanada. Vlastnímjménem se jmenuje David bourne jr. Má 2 sestry.
    Hv ìz dn á b rána (S ta rg at e S G- Biografie hercù seriálu Stargate SG-1 - vedlejší postavy: J. R. Bourne (jako Martouf) Narozen: 8.dubna 1970 Místo: Toronto, Kanada J.R. Bourne se narodil 8.dubna 1970 v Torontu. Vlastním jménem se jmenuje David Bourne Jr. Má 2 sestry. Nejprve studoval na univerzitì obchod, ale pak se rozhodl stát se hercem a zaèal jako mnoho jiných divadelními rolemi. Ale jeho vùbec prvním hereckým vystoupením bylo už v jeho 8 letech Alberta-shot - jakýsi tøináctidílný seriál. Natáèelo se v Calgary. Poté, jak už jsem uvedl, se až do 25 let zabýval studiem obchodu, než si znovu "vzpomnìl" na herectví. Zaèal chodit na Ryersonovu divadelní školu a brzy dostal první malièkou roli ve Family Passions a v létì téhož roku si také zahrál vedlejší roli ve svém prvním filmu - Jungleground . Brzy po dotoèení tohoto filmu se pøestìhoval do Vancouveru, kde brzy dostal roli v seriálu Strange Luck . Poté se objevil v seriálu The Sentinel (Ochránce - uvedeno i v ÈR)

    11. The Whistle
    poetry and writing to campus, by industrial engineering alumnus H. Bruce McEver,a businessman and a published poet, and professor emeritus Henry C. bourne jr.
    Georgia Institute of Technology Faculty/Staff Newspaper Online! The Whistle is published every Monday during the academic year and bi-weekly throughout the summer. Submissions to the events calendar should be e-mailed to
    , or faxed to Michael Hagearty at 894-6590, at least 10 working days prior to desired publication. Classified placement is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, call
    All phone numbers listed in The Whistle are in the (404) area code unless otherwise noted. Institute Communications
    Wardlaw Center
    Suite 233
    177 North Avenue
    Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0181 Georgia Tech is a unit of the University System of Georgia.
    Poetry at Tech: a marriage of verse and vectors
    Elizabeth Campell
    Institute Communications and Public Affairs
    Ivan Allen College, the School of Literature, Communication and Culture, and Professor Thomas Lux, the Bourne Chair in Poetry, will present the first Annual Bourne Poetry Reading, an evening of stellar poetic talent, before a sold-out crowd at the Ferst Center for the Arts.
    The Honorable Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta and chairman of GoodWorks International, will introduce poets Lucille Clifton, winner of the National Book Award and a past poet laureate of the state of Maryland; Billy Collins, the current U.S. poet laureate; Stephen Dobyns, acclaimed poet and author of 20 novels; and Rita Dove, a Pulitzer Prize winner and a past U.S. Poet Laureate.

    12. Stargate SG-1_La Sexta Raza/Personajes/Amanda
    Translate this page NOMBRE David. APELLIDOS bourne jr. FECHA DE NACIMIENTO 8 de Abril de1970 LUGAR DE NACIMIENTO Toronto, Canadá. David bourne jr. Sexta Raza/Cast/Actores/Actores_
    MARTOUF/LANTASH interpretado por JR BOURNE NOMBRE David APELLIDOS Bourne Jr. FECHA DE NACIMIENTO 8 de Abril de 1970 LUGAR DE NACIMIENTO Estudió Empresariales antes de dedicirse a convertirse en actor y apuntarse a una escuela de teatro. Le encantaría participar en una producción de Broadway y le gustaría poder hacer más papeles cómicos. Una de sus películas favoritas es "Paper Moon". En un principio fue a las audiciones para el papel de Cordesh, aunque pidi ó leer un trozo del papel de Martouf, decisión acertada ya que cuando Richard Dean Anderson vió la cinta dijo: "Creo que hemos encontrado a Martouf". "13 Ghost" "13 Fantasmas" "Aftershock: Earthquake in New York" "Futuresport" "The Inspectors"

    13. A James Baroody Jr - ResearchIndex Document Query
    Retrieving documents Order relevance to query. Timothy C. Rickard,Michael C. Mozer, and Lyle E. bourne jr. University Of James Baroody Jr.

    14. JR Bourne -
    JR Bourne. Jämför priser på dvdfilm i svenska och utländskaInternetbutiker. Sök Titel. JR Bourne. Bourne
    Sök: Titel Skådespelare Regissör
    JR Bourne
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    15. JR Bourne Appreciation Site
    This page is dedicated to the TokraMember Martouf, who is played by the very handsome actor jr bourne
    This page is best viewed with Internet Explorer and 768*1024 resolution This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

    16. Spacemonkey
    Biography, filmography and news for the Canadian actor.
    LU: Sep '02
    LU: Sep '02

    17. JR-BOURNE.COM - Official Website Of JR Bourne
    News, biography, filmography, appearances and images.

    18. JR-BOURNE.COM - Official Website Of JR Bourne
    Lyle E. bourne, jr. Telephone +01 303492-4210 FAX +01 303-492-8895, Also+01 303 492-2967 Office Muenzinger E237 I'm a psychology professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lyle E. bourne, jr. Professor. Faculty Fellow, Institute of Cognitive Science.

    19. JR Bourne
    This is a jr bourne fan site dedicated to the young actor. jr bourne is internationallyrecognized for his roll in Stargate Sg1 as Martouf.
    Jr Bourne is internationally recognized for his roll in Stargate Sg-1 as Martouf. He has appeared in numerous films and TV shows such as Cover Story, Thirteen Ghosts, Breaking News, Madison and The Outer Limit. Just as a remainder that this is a fan site. I don't know Jr Bourne and never met him. UPDATES: February 14th, 03 I have just obtained 10 pictures of The Favorite Game movie staring Jr. I have never seen pictures of the movie before and happy to be the first to post them. The movie will be released on March of this year through out Canada (English speaking cities and Quebec). Enjoy everyone. November 21st, 02 It seems The Favorite Game starring Jr is finally coming out. I have received an email with a Press Kit of the film attached. Unfortunately it doesn't include the movie release date. Click here if you like to read the movie Press Kit, it includes the movie synopsis, Jr bio, producer bio and other related info. November 18th, 02 You all know how dedicated Jr Bourne to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. His sister Kim MacGregor has written a children book which I am sure most of are aware off called " Yummy Yummy, Nummy Nummy, Should I Put This In My Tummy

    20. Http://
    Informationen rund um den Schauspieler jr bourne mit Filmografie, Biografie, Galerie, FanFiction, Forum und vielem mehr.
    Your browser does not support framesets. Please click here to be redirected to the final page.

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