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         Brooks Louise:     more books (101)
  1. Louise Brooks by Barry Paris, 1994-04-30
  2. Naissance Au Kansas: Buster Keaton, Dennis Hopper, Bobby Lashley, Louise Brooks, Lloyd Stearman, Milburn Stone, Amelia Earhart, Shirley Knight (French Edition)
  3. LOUISE BROOKS lulu forever / Louise Brooks Lily forever (album) / LOUISE BROOKS lulu forever / Luiz Brux Lili navsegda (fotoalbom) by Brooks, 2006
  4. Louise Brooks and the "New Woman" in Weimar Cinema. by Vanessa Rocco, 2007
  5. Rico and Wiseli (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press) by Johanna Spyri, 2007-11-02
  6. Gritli's Children (Dodo Press) by Johanna Spyri, 2007-11-02
  7. The Strange Journey Of Kippy Brooks by Louise Brooks, 1965
  8. Teenage Marketplace by Anne-Louise De Verteuil, Nicola Brooks, 1975-06-19
  9. Portrait D'une Anti-Star by Louise Brooks, 1977
  10. Heidi : Honor Books by Johanna; Brooks, Louise (translator) Spyri, 1927
  11. Early History of Divine Science by Louise McNamara Brooks, 1963
  12. Heidi Her Years of Wandering and Learning; How She Used What She Learned A story for Children and Those Who Love Children by Johanna Spyri translated by Louise Brooks, 1885
  13. Early history of Divine Science: An informal history of the early years of the Colorado College of Divine Science and the First Divine Science Church of Denver, 1896-1922 by Louise McNamara Brooks, 1963
  14. Veronica and Other Friends (Dodo Press) by Johanna Spyri, 2007-11-02

41. Silent Era: People: Actresses: Louise Brooks
Silent Era Home Page People Actresses louise brooks People active inthe silent era and people who keep the silent era alive. louise brooks.

Silent Era Home Page
People Actresses
People active in the silent era and people who keep the silent era alive.
Louise Brooks Born 14 November 1906 in Cherryvale, Kansas, USA, as Mary Louise Brooks.
Died 8 August 1985 in Rochester, New York, USA, of a heart attack. Louise Brooks began entertainment work as a professional dancer. Her work on Broadway led to an offer in films from Paramount. Acted in a series of Paramount films from the mid to late 1920s, before leaving the United States for work in Germany and her greatest artistic successes for director G.W. Pabst in the late 1920s. Sources: Paris-Brooks p. 11. Louise Brooks Silent Era Filmography Book: Lulu in Hollywood by Louise Brooks Book: Louise Brooks by Barry Paris Website: The Louise Brooks Society Silent Era Home Page People Actresses ... Top of Page

42. Silent Era: PSFL: Filmographies: Actresses: Louise Brooks
louise brooks. Silent Era Filmography louise brooks Biography. Silent Era HomePage PSFL Filmographies Actresses louise brooks Top of Page.

Silent Era Home Page
PSFL Filmographies Actresses
A growing source of silent film information.
Louise Brooks Silent Era Filmography
The Street of Forgotten Men
The American Venus

A Social Celebrity

It's the Old Army Game
Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen
Alternate Titles
Diary of a Lost Girl
Pandora's Box Louise Brooks Biography ... Top of Page

43. GI Montreal - Videoangebot Der Bibliothek - Brooks, Louise
with louise brooks von Richard Leacock. Veröffentlichung

44. Bomis: The Arts/Celebrities/B/Brooks, Louise Ring
Bomis The Arts/Celebrities/B/brooks, louise ring. Ring Rankings Click to visitthe Bomis Board for louise brooks. Ring sites. 1. The louise brooks Gallery.
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  • ...Arts/Celebrities/B Home My Bomis Webmasters ... Ring Rankings
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    The Louise Brooks Gallery
    The Louise Brooks Gallery Louise Brooks Society All about Louise Brooks - the silent film star best known for her distintive bob haircut and her role as Lulu in "Pandora's Box." Louise Brooks: Stuff Louise Brooks: Stuff The Louise Brooks Page The Louise Brooks Page The Quintessential Flapper The Quintessential Flapper Louise Brooks Louise Brooks Louise Chat for fans of UK solo singer, Louise Pandora's Box Over 200 images of Louise Brooks, many rare images. Sponsor sites DVDs - Compare DVD Prices - Louise Brooks The NexTag price comparison guide helps you find the lowest prices, including tax and shipping, on DVDs, CDs, books, computers and electronics. Read our merchant reviews before you buy.
  • 45. Re: Is It Brooks ? -- Louise Brooks Society Message Board
    Date Posted 212235 02/07/03 Fri In reply to Amanda 's message, ReIs it brooks ? on 212235 02/07/03 Fri No louise there, IMHO.
    VoyForums Homepage Create a New Forum Owner Login VoyForums News Help Desk VoyForums Exchange FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Directory/Categories Search VoyForums Contribute: Support VoyForums Main index Post a new message Archives: Subject: Re: Is it Brooks ?
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    In reply to: Amanda 's message, Re: Is it Brooks ? on 21:22:35 02/07/03 Fri
    No Louise there, IMHO. Its a familiar Johnston pose, tho. I gather from various photo sessions that Louise was more than once snapped with little or nothing on. She was very careful to bring court action against at least one photographer, but not all, it seems. I'll bet the photos that escaped were like gold for those French postcard collectors. ;) A lot of questionable Brooksiana out there, but there's some good stuff if ya blow away the chaff.
    I see there's a genuine film print of "The Old Army Game" out there. I would then have to invest in a projector, and god knows where that could lead. Let dogs lie, if they are sleepers.
    Rob in Dago
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    46. Tiscali Recherche - - Culture Et Loisirs
    Translate this page Nomade.Fr vous propose sa rubrique 'brooks, louise' ( Sous Catégorie Cultureet Loisirs Cinéma Acteurs, actrices brooks, louise ). brooks, louise.
    Accueil Recherche Culture et Loisirs Acteurs, actrices Brooks, Louise (1 site) Ajouter votre site Toutes les nouveautés de l'annuaire Nomade pour "Culture et Loisirs" TOUS LES SITES DE LA CATEGORIE Louise Brooks Dédicace
    Consultez la dédicace à Louise Brooks de Dogmaël Damien. Retrouvez des photos, la biographie et la filmographie de l'artiste ainsi qu'une petite galerie artistique sur le thème de Louise Brooks.
    Personnel Damien, Dogmaël Paris, France Tous Publics
    Ils trouveront vos reponses sur le net en un temps record ! RECHERCHE dans cette catégorie autres catégories Options Aide Haut de page Contactez-nous

    47. Encyclopædia Britannica
    Search Tips. Your search brooks, louise. Encyclopædia Britannica, louisebrooks, 1928. View articles on brooks, louise. The Web's Best Sites., Louise

    48. Encyclopædia Britannica
    brooks, louise Encyclopædia Britannica Article. MLA style brooks, louise. Encyclopædia Britannica 2003 Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service.

    49. The Definitive Film Resource: Actors: B: Louise Brooks
    brooks, louise; Entertainbilia louise brooks- videos, DVDs, posters, auctions, and other memorabilia; Entertain
    Blackstar Videos and DVDs Louise Brooks (alphabetical order by last name) main A B C ... In Association with Click Here for Great Posters at Great Prices ... link to

    50. Procurando Por Lulu...
    Translate this page Uma diva chamada louise brooks ! por Persephone Mary louise brooksnasceu em Kansas, Estados Unidos, em 14 de novembro de 1906.
    Siouxsie and the Banshees Echo and the Bunnymen Leia o Guestbook Assine o Guestbook Uma diva chamada Louise Brooks ! por Persephone Muitos tentam mas poucos conseguem chegar lá , no mito ; onde o ser humano abandona sua mediocridade de mortal para tornar-se eternamente vivo nos corações daqueles que o admiram. Louise Brooks foi uma mulher a frente de seu tempo.Raros foram os homens que não se apaixonaram pela moça exótica de cabelos grudados à cabeça.. Mary Louise Brooks nasceu em Kansas, Estados Unidos, em 14 de novembro de 1906. Aos 4 anos de idade já estava no palco de sua cidade e aos 17 encontrava-se "apenas" em New York. Ela nunca quis ser atriz, seu ideal era a dança.Uniu-se à Denishaw Dance Company, principal companhia de dança moderna americana. No ano de 1923 fez diversas apresentações nos Estados Unidos e Canadá. Em 1925 integrou-se no grupo Ziegfeld Follies, onde rapidamente conquistou destaque.No mesmo ano faz seu primeiro filme "The Street of Forgotten Men". Assina um contrato com a Paramounte Pictures e em 1927 muda-se para Hollywood e participa de diversas filmagens. Num momento em que todas as atrizes sonham com Hollywood, Lulu o abandonou.. O ano era 1928 e foi após uma discussão com o produtor B.P. Schulberg que a diva vai para a Alemanha a convite do diretor G.W. Pabst para filmar "A caixa de Pandora", seu maior sucesso.

    51. Hellcat: A Louise Brooks Page
    Welcome to Hellcat A louise brooks Page. Want more info on the name? Thelouise brooks Society Everything and anything Lulu related.
    I can't swear this picture is of Louise, but hey, it's cool. Welcome to Hellcat : A Louise Brooks Page. Want more info on the name? Well, if you're not terribly upset by profanity, click here This page is currently under heavy construction (or, aka, hardly worked on), but please be patient and look for big changes in the next weeks. I haven't worked on this page in over a year, but I promise, I will do some big work on it very soon (working AND attending school full-time is a bit hard on me and leaves me little free time!) Meanwhile, here are some great links to keep you busy: The Louise Brooks Society Everything and anything Lulu related. The creme de la creme of all of these sites! Louise Brooks: An appreciation . This is a pretty good site, even has crossword puzzles! A Shrine to Louise Brooks . A cute little site that I'm eagerly awaiting more from! Louise Brooks Stuff" . Sister site to the "An Appreciation" site, a little more high tech. Booksmith's List of Lulu merchandise . Booksmith is just wonderful, they also have a list of Jazz age books A Gallery of Louise Brooks Images" . Really good gallery, a great place to go if you want your pics in one page in an easy-to-get-to format.

    52. Louise Brooks / Lulu - Books From The Booksmith
    Welcome to louise brooks / Lulu Books. Return to the Booksmith HomePage, louisebrooks / LULU Welcome to the Booksmith's louise brooks / Lulu page.
    THE BOOKSMITH YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BOOKSTORE IN CYBERSPACE BOOK SEARCH SAVE 10 % AUTHOR EVENTS BESTSELLERS ... SEND EMAIL LOUISE BROOKS / LULU Welcome to the Booksmith's "Louise Brooks / Lulu" page. Here, you will find a selection of books and postcards related to the silent film star Louise Brooks, as well as Lulu , the character played by the actress in the classic silent film, Pandora's Box . We hope you enjoy browsing our webpage. Louise Brooks
    by Barry Paris
    (paperback, $19.95)
    This well written and well researched book is the only full length biography of Louise Brooks, and is a must read for any fan. It contains numerous pictures not reproduced elsewhere, as well as a comprehensive bibliography and filmography. However, as every Brooks fan knows, this acclaimed biography (named "Film Book of the Year" by Leonard Maltin in 1989) had been out-of-print for sometime. The good news is that this book has been republished as a paperback by the University of Minnesota Press. This edition will contain 624 pages and 130 black-and-white photos. Highly recommended.
    Lulu in Holywood

    by Louise Brooks
    (paperback, $19.95)

    53. Thomas Aaron Brooks / Louise Butts Birdsong
    m. 18 May 1854, Chambers Co., AL Thomas Aaron brooks, Louisa ButtsBirdsong. b. 1829, Georgia d. 1858, Alabama bur. occ. edu. rel.
    Birdsong Family- Generation 6 Search site Home Message Board Family Tree ...
    Sarah Clayton McCoy

    18 May 1854, Chambers Co., AL Thomas Aaron Brooks Louisa Butts Birdsong b. 1829, Georgia
    d. 1858, Alabama
    rel. b.
    29 Sep 1833, Georgia
    d. 1857, Talapoosa Co., AL
    occ. edu. rel. Children Alice Crayton Brooks Search site Home Message Board

    54. Brooks, Louise
    Click a letter for the index. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q,R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Or search the encyclopaedia HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA.brooks, louise. US actor.
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    HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA Brooks, Louise US actor. Her dark, enigmatic beauty can be seen in silent films such as A Girl in Every Port (1928) and Die Bchse der Pandora/Pandora's Box and Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen/The Diary of a Lost Girl (both 1929), both directed by G W Pabst. At 25 she had appeared in 17 films. She retired from the screen in 1938.
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    55. The Quintessential Flapper
    Introduction, images, and link.Category Arts Celebrities B brooks, louise......Icon of an Era. louise brooks never made it in Talkies. If you'd like to learna little more about our Miss brooks, check out the louise brooks Society.
    Icon of an Era
    Louise Brooks never made it in Talkies. Not because she wasn't good enough, but simply because she didn't care enough to take her film career seriously. She was the living embodiment of the flapper ideal, but with far more sophistication than any flapper could have hoped for. Movie stardom meant nothing to her, and she paid the price for failing to play the Hollywood game in the late '20s and early '30s. Born and raised in Cherryvale, Kansas, Brooksie began her show business career as a dancer with the well-known Denishawn Dance Company in the same period as Martha Graham. From Denishawn, she went on to Broadway in George White's Scandals and the Ziegfeld Follies. She lived the 1920's Broadway chorus girl high life fast and furious until the movies beckoned. Brooksie's American film career at Paramount was progressing nicely through the late '20s, although she hadn't quite achieved full-fledged "star" status by the time she went to Germany in 1928 to film G.W. Pabst's "Pandora's Box" and "Diary of a Lost Girl". These are the two films on which her modern "cult status" were primarily founded. Personally, I don't particularly like either film very much, but Brooksie's charisma and magnetism are irresistable.
    • My favorite portrait of Brooksie
    • A direct gaze from the siren
    • A very young Louise , probably from her Denishawn Dance Company days.

    56. Starpages: Louise Brooks News
    Click here. HOME louise brooks NEWS PAGE 1, SEARCH. Name Title. BROWSE. WEBSITES,POSTERS, NEWS, MOVIES, PHOTOS, CD. Page 1 louise brooks, 8 Aug 2002.
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  • 57. Starpages: Louise Brooks Web Sites
    Click here. HOME louise brooks WEBSITES PAGE 1, SEARCH. Name Title. BROWSE. Page1 311 votes Click here to vote for this site. 1. The louise brooks Page.
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  • 58. - United States - New - Entertainment - Celebrities - Actors - Actors B
    A great resource for United States New - Entertainment - Celebrities - Actors -Actors B - Actors Bri-Bry - brooks, louise. brooks, louise Preview Category,

    59. AZAALAS Louise Brooks Memorial Raffle
    The louise brooks Memorial Raffle Who was louise brooks? Many thanks to thosecompanies who made our 2002 louise brooks Memorial Raffle a success!
    The Louise Brooks Memorial Raffle: Who was Louise Brooks? "The Child Life Activity Center...a place where love never fails and hope continues on." For children and teens admitted to the hospital, there is a big, bright, beautiful playroom. The playroom is staffed by volunteers who supervise playroom activities and a child life specialist who help children cope with medical treatments and provide support throughout the child's hospital stay. Bedside activities can be arranged and siblings of a sick child are welcome to take part in playroom events if family supervision is provided. Please help Arizona AALAS by supporting our raffle. All proceeds go to the Child Life Activity Center. For information on how you can help, contact the raffle coordinator "Thank you for your support of the Child Life Activity Center. All children need to play, and sick children need it even more - they need it to heal, to restore themselves, and to reduce the trauma of hospitalization. Your gift helps to give all the children the space they need for the therapy of play." - Adaline Klemmedson, Director of Development, Community and Volunteer Services in a letter of thanks for last years contribution.

    60. Who Was LB
    Who was louise brooks? So much has previously been written aboutlouise brooks on other websites, I can't hope to add much new.
    Who was Louise Brooks? So much has previously been written about Louise Brooks on other websites, I can't hope to add much new. However, I would be remiss in not at least providing a brief autobiographical sketch of the actress, particularly for those who, by chance, may have stumbled upon this site before checking out "The Louise Brooks Society" and "Louise Brooks Stuff." Mind you, "My Take on Louise" strives to present Louise in a more human light, without all the fluff that's floating around out there. I have been in contact with a childhood friend of Louise, and, with her permission, hope to provide some anecdotes which may shed some insight on Mary Louise Brooks, the womannot the goddesswho fascinates so many of us. That said, here is a capsule sketch on Louise's life and career: Silent film star, Louise Brooks, also affectionately known as "Brooksie", began her life on November 14, 1906 in Cherryvale, Kansas, as Mary Louise Brooks, the second child of Myra and Leonard Brooks. Louise was precocious and showed a flair for glamour at an early age.

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