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         Brooks Louise:     more books (101)
  1. Glamour International Magazine 10 (October 1983, Special Guest Star: Louise Brooks) by various, 1983
  2. CORNELLI. Translated by Louise Brooks.
  3. Louise Brooks
  4. The Mill on Halfway Brook by Louise Elizabeth Smith, 2010-02-23
  5. Heidi by Johanna Spyri, 1954
  6. Pandora's box (Lulu); (Classic film scripts) by G.W. Pabst, 1971
  7. Heidi a Story for Children by johanna spyri, 1970
  8. Heidi (A Story For Children) by Johanna Spyri, 1954
  9. Rico and Wiseli, Rico and Stineli, and How Wiseli Was Provided for by Johanna Spyri, 1922
  10. Cornelli by Johanna. Translated By Louise Brooks. Spyri, 1938-01-01
  11. John Wayne And The Movies by Allen Eyles, 1976
  12. HEIDI: Shirley Temple Edition. by Jahanna. Spyri, 1959
  13. Heidi: Her Years of Wandering and Learning (and) How She Used What She Learned by Johanna, Spyri, 1885

81. Louise Brooks In Denmark
louise brooks IN DENMARK Interview with louise brooks by Vibeke Brodersen,when she was in Copenhagen on The Danish Filmmuseum in the winter 1957.
LOUISE BROOKS IN DENMARK Interview with Louise Brooks by Vibeke Brodersen, when she was in Copenhagen on The Danish Filmmuseum in the winter 1957.
appears in Kosmorama vol. 4. no. 31. december 1957 s. 88-90 Louise in Denmark Louise Brooks travelled with James Card to Europe in November 1957. The first stop was Copenhagen, where Card's good friend Ove Brusendorff (1909-1986) was director of the Danish Film Museum. Ib Monty, Brusendorff's young assistant then, now the museum's director, recalls the lady and her visit:
(Ib Monty to Barry Paris, Copenhagen, march 30, 1987) Every one of the Danish Film Museum's two dozen photos of Louise in Copenhagen shows her with a drink, a cigarette, or both, and usually a sullen glare as well. Ib Monty reviews of James Card book Seductive Cinema (1994) appears in Kosmorama vol. 41 no. 211, spring 1995 p. 42-43 : with to photographies from Louise Brooks visit in Copenhagen 1957. Ib Monty talks about Louise Brooks an interview: Real Audio file (307 kb) on danish, translated into english here Read Richard Whitehall article (from CINEMA, december 1966 (California))

82. MSN Entertainment - Celebs: Louise Brooks
Filmography. Awards. Links More. Find on TV. Music Info. louise brooks. Actor.Also Known As Mary louise brooks. Born November 14, 1906. Died August 8, 1985.

83. Hellcrown Dot Com Louise Brooks Gallery
cia/ufo. Free. louise brooks Gallery. Click on an image to see the full picture.There is more to louise brooks than meets the eye Find out more here.
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Louise Brooks Gallery
Click on an image to see the full picture There is more to Louise Brooks than meets the eye: Find out more here

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The best louise brooks sites. Here you can find all the informationyou need about louise brooks. Celebrity Link, louise brooks.
Louise Brooks
Date of Birth
November 14, 1906

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85. Movies Unlimited: Find Actor Results (Stage 2)
louise brooks Video Titles Available from Movies Unlimited. Memories Of Berlin TwilightOf Weimar Culture VHS. The Show Off (1926) VHS. Pandora's Box (1928) VHS. Brooks

86. Images - Looking For Lulu: Louise Brooks
With her trademark Dutch bob haircut and large expressive eyes, louise brooks starredin only a small group of movies, most notably GW Pabst's Pandora's Box
TV review by
Gary Johnson
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"I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you, it will be with a knife." Louise Brooks W ith her trademark Dutch bob haircut and large expressive eyes, Louise Brooks starred in only a small group of movies, most notably G.W. Pabst's Pandora's Box and Diary of a Lost Girl , but today she is revered as one of the great icons of silent cinema. Her story doesn't resemble a typical Hollywood success story. In fact, it's hardly a success story at all. The story of Louise Brooks is the story of a life lived with few compromises, of a life lived with little regard for the powers that held the purse strings in Hollywood, of a life lived for the momentas the quintessential jazz baby that she was. Louise Brooks failed to play by the rules. And she lived with the results of her stubbornness. After Hollywood blacklisted her and the only work she could find was in B movie productions, she finally left Hollywood altogether. Years later, unknown in New York, she virtually barricaded herself in her apartment and found consolation in bottles of gin. But her story didn't end there, and that's the real reason we still remember Louise Brooks today. Louise Brooks turned to writing and once her articles were published in Sight and Sound and Film Culture (and later the articles were collected in her book Lulu in Hollywood ), the world discovered that Louise Brooks possessed astonishing wit and insight. Through her writing, she gave us an insider's view of Hollywood and the vagaries of stardom.

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Louise Brooks
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88. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Louise Brooks
MetaSearch results for louise brooks (1 to 20 of 70), discount bins.Great deals on louise brooks and more. http// Brooks

89. Louise Brooks: Desktop Themes, Screensavers, Wallpapers, Image Galleries, And Sk
louise brooks screensavers, desktop themes, desktop wallpapers, winampskins, icqplus skins, image galleries, and biography. Home
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  • 90. Louise Brooks
    Av TJ Mulholand louise brooks är vacker. louise brooks är intelligent. louisebrooks har humor. louise brooks är stimulerande på många sätt.
    "It's Christmas Eve, and she is about to receive the gift that has been her dream since childhood: death by a sexual maniac"
    Louise Brooks.

    Av TJ Mulholand
    Louise Brooks har fått Henri Langlois, direktör för Cinémathèque française att säga: "Det finns ingen Garbo. Det finns ingen Dietrich. Det finns bara Louise Brooks!"
    En annan fransman, kritikern Ado Kyrou, säger: "Louise Brooks är den enda kvinna som har förmågan att förvandla vilken film det vara månde till ett mästerverk... Louise är den perfekta andesynen, drömmarnas kvinna, det väsen utan vilket filmens värld skulle vara en fattigdom."
    I Hollywood var Louise Brooks ingen stjärna – hon var en antistjärna. En söt liten "flibbertigibbet" vars charm bolagscheferna beräknade efter storleken på hennes beundrarpost. I Berlin gick hon av tåget och ned på plattformen och mötte Herr Pabst och blev en riktig skådespelerska. Regissören Georg Wilhelm Pabst hade en känsla för tingen och allt som nu skulle komma. Under hela inspelningen av Die Büchse der Pandora var det som om han hade upplevt vartenda steg av hela hennes liv och han visste precis vad hon kunde göra.
    The Chocolate Kiddies Revue : "Där inne ryter de precis som i ett menageri när köttet blir synligt i buröppningen." Det står så i hennes bok Lulu in Hollywood. Louise Brooks var även författare. Böcker läste hon gärna – i Hollywood visste ingen riktigt vad man skulle göra av en flicka med sådan image. Men Pabst visste. En film till gjorde de –

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    92. Which Silent Starlet Are You?
    Anything that has good soundtrack, including old musicals. ClassicMel brooks. Deep, dramatic films that make you think. Or cry.
    Which silent starlet are you?
    Your friends see you as-

    A clotheshorse. They love you for your style and class.
    America's Sweetheart, no one can hate you.
    A sex symbol. Face it honey, you've got 'It'!
    The 'face the camera loves', but you also love men. Frequently.
    The funny girl. People call you the 'Female Chaplin'
    Amazingly talented, with an etheral beauty to you.
    How would you get into the pictures?
    Visit a studio for fun and they'd be so struck with your beauty they'd hire you the next day.
    With a lot of help from your mom. Winning a fame and fortune contest. They saw your acting ability right away. Fighting your way up from a chorus girl, dancing no more. Modeling for ads and famous illustrators. Acting on the stage, acting anywhere, it doesn't matter, as long as you're acting. What do you look for in a guy? Confidence, he has to have a lot to go after you. Charm, always sweet and thoughtful Looks - must be extremely sexy He just has to have all his working parts Has to make you laugh It doesn't matter as long as he worships the ground you walk on Who'd you pick to direct your next feature?

    93. Solomon's Webpage Of Discontent
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    94. Dogmaël DAMIEN Créateur Graphique
    Le Territoire Artistique du Petit Prince des Arts

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