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         Carangi Gia:     more detail
  1. Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia by Stephen Fried, 1993
  2. Gia Carangi
  3. Vogue Paris Magazine, August 1980 (GIA CARANGI COVER)
  4. Aids-Related Deaths in Pennsylvania: Gia Carangi, Ed Savitz, Kiyoshi Kuromiya
  5. Mannequin Américain: Kim Basinger, Charlize Theron, Tyra Banks, Gia Marie Carangi, Edie Sedgwick, Halle Berry, Barbara Blank, Padma Lakshmi (French Edition)
  6. Vogue Paris Magazine, February 1980 (GIA CARANGI inside)
  7. Vogue Paris Magazine, Sept, 1979 (Gia Carangi Inside)
  8. Vogue Paris Magazine, march 1980 (Gia Carangi Inside)
  9. Vogue Paris Magazine, April 1979, GIA CARANGI COVER

1. Gia Carangi
Gia Carangi A Legacy of Names for the gay, lesbian,bisexual, transgender and queer communities.

Histories Index

Paul Cadmus

John Cage

Pat Califia

Gia Carangi

Claudia Card

Edward Carpenter

Rachel Carson
... Shots in the Dark: The Wayward Search for an AIDS Vaccine by Jon Cohen
Gia Carangi
Online Resources Texts: Gia Carangi Texts: Queer Histories Texts: Authors Index ... Suggest a Name Names Index: A B C D ... Scholars Index Thing of Beauty : The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia by Stephen M. Fried Gia There's a reason why Cindy Crawford was dubbed "Baby Gia" when she first hit the modeling scene. Indeed, Crawford, now the world's best-known supermodel, greatly resembled model Gia Carangi, who went from high school to the cover of British Vogue in less than two years. Carangi appeared on many more covers of Vogue (French, British, Italian, and American) and Cosmopolitan before dying of complications from AIDs (she was an IV heroin user) in 1986. Now most people recognize Carangi's name from this powerful HBO film that stars Golden Globe-winner Angelina Jolie, who comes by her talent honestly. Jolie is the daughter of veteran actor Jon Voight, and her own training as a model serves her wellshe has the moves. Throughout, she's heartbreakingas no doubt the real Carangi waseffective, and stunning.

2. Teoma Search: Gia Carangi
We found no link collections for your search Gia Carangi. carangi gia carangi gia Gia carangi gia carangi gia Carangi

3. Gia Carangi
Gia Carangi. IQSeek Stephen Fried The man who started it all with hisdefinitive bio on the late, great, super model Gia Carangi! From

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Gia Carangi
  • IQSeek-The Smart Way to Search - Awarded (The Best Way to Search the Web) two years in a row! Use to instantly find the best and most accurate results from (all) the top engines. See why is truly (The Smart Way to Search).
  • Gia Carangi at Starpulse - Your one stop Gia Carangi resource, including links to biography, pictures, wallpapers, merchandise and more.
  • Gia Carangi at Starpulse - Your one stop Gia Carangi resource, including links to biography, pictures, wallpapers, merchandise and more.
  • Yahoo! Groups : Gia Carangi Network - Largest and most popular discussion group regarding Gia Carangi. Talk with other Gia fans and trade or post images.
  • Gia Carangi : Picture Perfect - Gia Carangi - At age seventeen, Gia Carangi was working the counter at her father's Philadelphia luncheonette, Hoagie City. Within a year, Gia was one of the top models of the late 1970's, gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, partying at ...
  • Gia Carangi at Starpulse - Your one stop Gia Carangi resource, including links to biography, pictures, wallpapers, merchandise and more.

4. Gia Carangi At CelebStuck Celebrities
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Gia Carangi



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Abacus Presents : Gia Carangi

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6. Gia Carangi
Gia Carangi. Back to Babes Page.
Gia Carangi Back to Babes Page

7. Gia_Carangi
Gia Carangi A Thing of Beauty . Gia was born in January of 1960. I At10am, November 18, 1986, Gia Carangi took her last breath. I
A.E.'s Biography Portfolio Hot Pix!! Gia ... MillionaireMuse Gia Carangi A "Thing of Beauty" Gia was born in January of 1960. I've read the book, visited the websites and scanned the internet for information. I own the HBO movie and purchased this April 1982 Cosmo cover at E-bay. Cover Controversy This is the last Cosmo cover that is so controversial. People speculate that this pose is fashioned to hide track marks in Gia's arms from drug usage. Francesco Scavullo , who shot this cover, stated Gia had 'gained some weight' and wanted to show her in her best light. I wanted this particular cover because it represents to me the beauty of everlasting friendship. A cover that Francesco Scavullo "gave" to Gia. ENTER: Just Gia My interest in Gia is deeper than the recent popularity she gained since the HBO movie, "Gia" starring Anjolina Jolie was released. She was a free spirit who was given an opportunity of a lifetime. A photographer spotted Gia and did a test photo shoot. The photos were given to Whilemina who fell in love with this Italian girl from Philly.

8. Biografia - Gia Carangi
Translate this page Biografia - Gia carangi gia Carangi, nasceu em janeiro de 1960, naPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania. Era caixa de lanchonete e aos 18
Biografia - Gia Carangi
Rochelle tinha razões para sua obsessão e contou: "Eu nunca soube o que era o amor antes de Gia e nem o que era uma cama maravilhosa. Eu era sua mulher, ela meu homem. Gia tinha uma forma deliciosamente fashion de ser butch. ". VOLTAR HOME

9. The Gia Carangi Shrine
gia Marie carangi, Super Model, Lesbian, Heroin Addict And One Of The First Women To Die From Aids! The Most Magnetic Beauty Of Her Day.
Update : October 31, 2002 Halloween ... Don't be fooled by the imitations...this is the first Gia Carangi website ever. Soon after I created it many more followed. Look at my poem "Ghost Ship" too. Now it's a major motion picture ! I swear some day I'm gonna sue the World! (Don't get me started...) Click on the Shaman to enter my world of stories and poetry. It's gritty and raw...kind of like Gia,
come to think of it. Check out Kleindeutschland, Seven Hills, End of Summer Night, or Ghosts of Bellevue for starters. Warning many who have entered the Wigwam have never made it back alive. For all sorts of Gia memorabilia click here
I am the daughter of Earth and Water, And the nursling of the Sky; I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores; I change, but I cannot die. P.S.
For the most comprehensive and best publication about Gia Carangi pick up Stephen Fried's "Thing of Beauty-The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia."

10. Gia Marie Carangi: Known Simply As Gia!
An organized collection of magazine images, interviews, and history on the late supermodel.
var enabled = 'no'; Gia's Words: Click to View List Entries.
Gia Marie Carangi: Known Simply As Gia!

Gia was born January 29th 1960. She died of AIDS November 18th 1986. Gia was the first of the Super Models born from the decadent disco era of the late 70's, early 80's. Gia was a heroin addicted lesbian and the most magnetic, super-charged beauty of her day! She had it all: fame, money, adoration and a body to die for! She also had unresolved problems and personal demons which she tried to suppress through drug use. This led to her untimely demise from AIDS. In my opinion, Gia would have been a survivor had it not been for AIDS. She had been through re-hab and was coming to terms with her personal problems. But time had run out for this fast living beauty ... Remember from Gia's mistakes ... "Remember the beauty behind the pain" ... Remember the woman inside the small lost child ... Web Site Contents: Click on a link to view. Thumbnail images all pages: click to view larger format. Best viewed with display 1024x768.
Please give to the only foundation that is supported by Gia's Mother, Kathleen Sperr! You will feel good about yourself and honor Gia's memory at the same time. Visit

11. > Postcards
Featuring the 1980's supermodel.
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12. Gia Carangi. Everyone Saw The Beauty, No One Saw The Pain. This Page Has Picture
Fan site with profile and image galleries.
Gia Carangi
Hi!!!!Welcome to my page. I got interested in Gia Carangi throught the HBO movie. Please bear with me because i have had little time to work on this page. If you have any suggestions of what i should add to my page, or what music you would like to hear, or if you would like to add a link to my NEW link page PLEASE dont hesistate to e-mail me. Thank-you very much!!! I have recently added music to all my pages!!
**IMPORTANT NOTE** If there is a link that is not working, or does not go where it is suppose to, please e-mail me and tell me!! Thanks This page was created on November 28 1998!!! Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook Links!!! This is my homepage.
Picture Gallery 1
Picture Gallery 2 Picture Gallery 3 ... Angelina Jolie in Gia Email:
***Whether nudity is ok by you or notthere is no, absolutly no nudity on this website. I think a website should have pictures that everyone can look at.***
If anyone has any pictures they would like to send me please feel free!!! I would really like to have more pictures on my page* :-)
A note from me

Send my page to another Gia fan!!!

13. The Gia Carangi Project
Contains a large collection of photos, interviews, and extensive biography.
var site="s12carangi"

14. Welcome To The Gia Carangi Foundation
The producers of The SelfDestruction of gia, along with gia's mother Kathleen Sperr, have formed the gia carangi Foundation. Includes gallery, history, and film clips.

15. Gia Carangi Pictures, Gia Carangi Pics, Gia Carangi Gallery
gia carangi Pictures, Wallpapers, Biography and Links Home Supermodels C carangi, gia. Biography. Picture Perfect
Gia Carangi Pictures has been expanded and can now be found here Click here if you are not automatically redirected in 2 seconds. In addition to pictures, we now have Gia Carangi wallpapers, biography, etc.

16. Gia Carangi Pictures, Photos, Posters, Biography, Wallpaper, Screensavers, Pics
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17. Gia Carangi Pictures
Send This Page To A Friend, Home Supermodels C carangi, gia Pictures RelatedCategories Auctions Articles - Biography - General -. More gia carangi,_Gia/Pictures/
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18. - United States - New - Entertainment - Celebrities - Models - Models A
A great resource for United States New - Entertainment - Celebrities- Models - Models AC - carangi, gia. carangi, gia Preview Category,

Home United States New Entertainment Celebrities Models Models AC carangi, gia. carangi, gia Category Profile, Manage Preview Profile.

20. Gia Carangi : Picture Perfect
Welcome to A free site devoted to keeping gia carangi's memory alive! Pleaseshow your support for by linking us, click HERE.

r.i.p. gia carangi

Gia Carangi: Picture Perfect
Gallery Message Board Links ... Vote for Gia!
Welcome to A free site devoted to keeping Gia Carangi's memory alive!
I just added two new polls to the Poll Page , register your vote!
Click here to go straight to the gallery and see the large gallery of pictures of Gia, many are free of marks.
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