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  1. The Book of Lasts: The Stories Behind the Endings That Changed the World (Book Of... (Cassell Illustrated)) by Ian Harrison, 2008-05-06
  2. Last Man on the Moon 5cpp by Gene Cernan, Don Davis, 1999-03

81. Drama - Amy Johnson
gene cernan. What would you like to ask gene cernan, the last manto step on the Moon? Join the NASA astronaut as he takes you on

visiting exhibitions online let's talk ... downloadable resources
Amy Johnson It is 5 May 1930. You are about to take off on a solo journey that will take you 11,000 miles to the other side of the world to Australia and it's a race against the clock. Let Amy Johnson tell you about the adventures and problems she encountered along the way and find out how the daughter of a fish merchant returned from Australia as one of the most famous women of her time. This character is suitable for all ages and last approximately 20 minutes.
Gene Cernan
What would you like to ask Gene Cernan, the last man to step on the Moon? Join the NASA astronaut as he takes you on a journey that began on 7 December 1972. Find out what it is like to experience a rocket launch, what it feels like to be weightless and what problems this causes when trying to operate a spacecraft. Take a small step into the giant world of space! This character is suitable for ages 8 upwards and lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Push Harder Mr Jones
Is the possibility of a pregnant man fact or fiction? Are we tampering with nature or are we at the beginning of a scientific revolution that will radically change our society? As the capabilities of science expand, the world as we know it today is bound to change. In the past the idea of a househusband was not even considered, but today it is acceptable. But could this really go a stage further...? Meet Mr Jones and get answers to all the questions you might want to ask the world's first pregnant man!

82. Pavilhão Do Conhecimento
Translate this page PROGRAMA (entrada livre) 18.00h – 18.30h gene cernan responde a perguntas das criançasmais jovens (apoio na tradução) 18.30h – 19.30h Conferência “O

83. Moon Panoramas By Mike Constantine
Apollo 17 Station 1 Pan gene cernan Low-Res VR Geophone 3 Pan - Jack Schmitt Low-ResVR Station 5 Pan - gene cernan Very Hi-Res (by email request only) Med
By Mike Constantine
Welcome to! Here you will find hi-res panoramic photos which were taken by the Apollo Astronauts when they visited the Moon between 1969 and 1972. The pans were assembled in Adobe Photoshop, each one is made from several separate NASA photos obtained from Kipp Teague and from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Choose your desired mission by clicking on the patches below:
Apollo 11
1 Hi-Res pan Apollo 14
1 Med-Res pan
1 Low-Res/VR pan Apollo 15
3 Hi-Res pans
1 Low-Res/VR pan Apollo 16
2 Hi-Res pans
2 Low-Res/VR pans 1 Desktop Wallpaper Apollo 17 3 Hi-Res pans 1 Hi-Res VR 2 Low-Res/VR pans 1 Desktop Wallpaper Contact Mike Constantine var site="s10apollo"

84. Last Man On The Moon
LAST MAN ON THE MOON. by Jay Lake. gene sat crosslegged among the ferns,watching the cernan rattle down the mass driver track. Gleaming
by Jay Lake
Gene sat cross-legged among the ferns, watching the Cernan rattle down the mass driver track. Gleaming metalloceramics flickered among the narrow aspen trunks. The thin, fast prevailing Lunar wind flashed the leaves in a fractal Morse code. Overhead, Earth glowed brown and orange, rippling coriolis storms so violent their movement was discernible to the naked eye. Sonic booms echoed around the forested gray basin of Aristarchus. The Cernan slid up the ramp that climbed the crater wall, impelled toward Lunar escape velocity by aging electromagnets. Gene saw the little ship crest the cliffs, lurch over Mare Procellarum like a soft underhand pitch, then stagger toward orbit. Attitude jets flared magnesium-bright in the receding distance, keeping her course true. "Well, that's it." Gene stood, brushing gray dust from his overalls. He bowed to houston and to mir, then headed toward an access hatch in six-meter bounds, flying over a scented riot of fern, rhododendron and wild rose. A startled jackrabbit leapt twenty meters across a ravine before vanishing into the aspen. "Good luck, buddy," Gene whispered after the rabbit. He opened the hatch and dropped down the shaft, braking with one hand on the ladder rail to step into the Shutdown Room. Equipment racks stood empty, discarded optical couplers scattered loose among furniture mounts studding the floor. The clean-up crew hadn't bothered to salvage the power gridding it wasn't worth the weight to cram it onto the last flights. The place smelled of damp concrete and human neglect.

85. Space Items - Page 1
10 hours. Color. Autographed Last Man On The Moon by gene cernan Astronaut genecernan left man's last footprint on the Moon as commander of Apollo 17.
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We Accept These Fine Cards: From The Earth To The Moon DVD Set Based on the best-seller by Andrew Chaikin, this HBO series from Tom Hanks is brilliant! Runtime: 720 minutes. MPAA Rating: Not Rated American In Space - The First 40 Years DVD NASA - 25 Years DVD Set A five volume set of quality DVDs featuring 15 mission synopses, 5 space vehicles and 5 film clips, all from original NASA film. Direct scene access - call up any scene at the punch of a button. Approx. 10 hours. Color. Autographed "Last Man On The Moon" by Gene Cernan Astronaut Gene Cernan left man's last footprint on the Moon as commander of Apollo 17. Written with best-selling author Don Davis, this book chronicles the fear, love, and sacrifice demanded of the few men who dared to reach for the Moon. Each book has been signed by the last man on the moon - Gene Cernan! Real Shuttle Tile This actual piece of Space Shuttle Tile Material was made for Columbia, the first Space Shuttle to fly in outer space. Packaging includes a clear plastic box with an authentic piece of Space Shuttle Tile Material resting on a sky blue foam insert. It is an excellent educational piece for kids and also makes a great conversational piece. This tile material protects the shuttle during flight. The plastic box is 2 x 2 inches and the tile is 1/2 inch to 1 inch in size. The size and shape will vary. More Items available at "The Space Store."

86. Eugene Cernan
Translate this page . Eugene (gene) Andrew cernan, . Dernière mise à jour mai 2002 Naissance 14 mars 1934, à Chicago, Illinois, États-Unis. Antécédent
Eugene (Gene) Andrew Cernan
Naissance : 1er vol : Gemini 9A 3 j. 00 h. 21 min. Apollo 10 8 j. 00 h. 03 min. Apollo 17 12 j. 13 h. 52 min. Total : j23 . 14 h. 16 min. Sortie spatiale : Retraite : Remarques : Voir aussi :
biographique de la NASA
de l' Encyclopedia Astronautica de Mark Wade
Page d'accueil
Explorateurs de l'espace Claude Lafleur

87. Prohlídka Mìsíce
AS17147-22526 gene cernan testuje lunární vozidlo. (gene cernanv pravém okénku), AS17-152-23274 Východ Zeme z Apolla 17.
Apollo 17
Velitelská sekce: AMERICA , Mìsíèní sekce: CHALLENGER
Eugene A. Cernan
Ronald E. Evans
Harrison H. Schmitt

7. 12. 1972 se v ranních hodinách nad pobøežím mysu Caneveral objevilo nové slunce: k Mìsíci se vydala poslední výprava programu Apollo. Noèní start musel být o tøi hodiny odložen, protože na tøetím stupni nosné rakety se objevila závada: automatické èasovací zaøízení nevydalo pøíkaz k natlakování kyslíku v tanku tøetího stupnì. Na grandiózní podívanou se i pøes stále se zmenšující zájem veøejnosti sjelo na pùl milionù divákù z celé Ameriky. Èlenem posádky byl tentokrát i první profesionální geolog Harrison H. Schmitt, který mìl kupodivu pøi startu klidnìjší tep (115 za minutu) než jeho ostøílení leteètí kolegové (130 za minutu). Let úspìšnì skonèil pøistánim 19. 12. 1972 v Tichém oceánu. Místo pøistání: údolí v pohoøí Taurus-Littrow (30,75° E, 20,17° N)

88. Gene Cernan
TV Tome is your guide to gene cernan. Biography, roles and appearances, gossipand more. TV Tome, gene cernan. Links, Contribute Edit Details. IMDb Info.
Gene Cernan
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Biographical Information Notes News Crew Credits Acting Appearances
Guest Starring Roles
Late Show with David Letterman - Guest (cameo) - Show #0626
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89. City Of Houston Office Of The Mayor -- Mayoral Press Releases
Model To Be Displayed In New Visitors Information Center
March 2, 1999 Apollo 17 astronaut Captain Gene Cernan presented a model of the International Space Station to the City of Houston on Monday, March 1st . Mayor Lee Brown accepted the model on behalf of the City. The International Space Station is the largest scientific cooperative program in history, drawing on the resources and scientific expertise of 16 nations. "This gift will embody both the bright future and the stellar past of our City and its glorious history of space exploration," said Mayor Brown. Captain Gene Cernan was commander of the Apollo 17 flight, the last mission to the moon in 1973. He also flew on the Gemini 9 and the Apollo 10 space flights. "Houston has become and still remains Space City USA, and with the advent of this space station I think it will become Space City for the entire universe," said Captain Cernan. The enhanced model of the International Space Station, produced by Johnson Engineering, will be displayed in Houston's new Visitor Information Center located in the City Hall rotunda. Similar models will be displayed by the 16 nations participating in the International Space Station project.

90. Autographed Items
Autographed gene cernan Framed Photo Astronaut gene cernan became the eleventhhuman to set foot on the moon and the last man to leave the lunar surface.

Offering Aviation History and Adventure First-Hand!
Autographed Items! Yes, Check-Six offers a vast array of autographed items for the space collector! Autographed Buzz Aldrin Framed Photo This dramatic, full color photograph of Dr. Buzz Aldrin on the Moon's Sea of Tranquillity was created from the NASA archive negative and is personally hand-signed by Dr. Aldrin, pilot of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Module Eagle. The historic Apollo 11 mission accomplished the goal set by President John F. Kennedy to put a Man on the surface of the Moon by the end of the decade of the 1960’s. This goal was accomplished by the Apollo 11 landing on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. 20x24 framed. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and is matted and framed with a historical plaque. Premiere Space Editions is the world's leading dealer in authenticated high-quality Apollo Astronaut-autographed photographs from the Apollo Moon missions and related Apollo-Era memorabilia. Autographed Edgar Mitchell Framed Photo This full color photograph of Dr. Edgar Mitchell in the Moon's Frau Mauro Highlands has been created from the NASA archive negative and is personally hand-signed by Dr. Mitchell, pilot of the Apollo 14 Lunar Landing Module Antares. The Apollo 14 crew accomplished the third manned moon landing of the Apollo Program on February 4, 1971. Dr. Edgar Mitchell became the sixth human to set foot on the surface of the Moon. 20x24 inches framed. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and is matted and framed with a historical plaque. Premiere Space Editions is the World's leading dealer in authenticated high-quality Apollo Astronaut-autographed photographs from the Apollo Moon missions and related Apollo-Era memorabilia

91. Astronaut Bio: Eugene A. Cernan
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas 77058. NAME Eugene A. cernan(Captain, USN, Ret.) NASA Astronaut (former). Married Jan Nanna cernan.
Biographical Data
National Aeronautics and
Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas 77058 NAME: Eugene A. Cernan (Captain, USN, Ret.)
NASA Astronaut (former) PERSONAL DATA: Born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 14, 1934. Married - Jan Nanna Cernan. They have three daughters, and one grandchild. His hobbies include love for horses, all competitive sports activities, including hunting, fishing and flying. EDUCATION: ORGANIZATIONS: Fellow, American Astronautical Society; member, Society of Experimental Test Pilots; member, Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Society), Sigma Xi (National Science Research Society), Phi Gamma Delta (National Social Fraternity), and the Explorer's Club. SPECIAL HONORS: Awarded two NASA Distinguished Service Medals, the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, the JSC Superior Achievement Award, two Navy Distinguished Service Medals, the Navy Astronaut Wings, the Navy Distinguished Flying Cross, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Special Trustees Award (1969), the Federation Aeronautique Internationale Gold Space Medal for 1972, the Cities of Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York Gold Medals, the VFW National Space Medal in 1973, Daughters of The American Revolution Medal of Honor, Induction into the U.S. Space Hall of Fame, the Challenger Center's "Salute to the U.S. Space Program" Honor, Slovak World Recognition Award and Slovak Presidential Medal of Honor.

92. Katalog - Wirtualna Polska
Serwis Katalog w Wirtualna Polska S.A. pierwszy portal w Polsce.
Poczta Czat SMS Pomoc -Katalog -Polskie www -¦wiatowe www -Wirtualna Polska -FTP/Pliki -Grupy dyskusyjne -Encyklopedia -Produkty Katalog Katalog ¦wiatowy DMOZ ... Celebrities > C Fakty o Katalogu Pomoc Regulamin Serwis szukaj ... Ostatnio dodane
NAWIGACJA Fakty o katalogu


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... Wirtualna Polska

93. Directory Vaionline: Siti_Mondiali/Arts/Celebrities/C/Cernan,_Gene
Astronaut Biography Eugene A. cernan NASA EXPERIENCE Captain cernan was one of fourteen Target Docking Adapter; and cernan, the second American to the predetermined target. cernan subsequently served as backup pilot
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Arts Celebrities C : Cernan,_Gene

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94. - Eugene Cernan
Eugene cernan Astronaut. cernan, a retired United States Navy Captain,received his commission through the Navy ROTC Program at Purdue.
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Kelly Jones
Eugene Cernan
Astronaut Born: March 14, 1934
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA Date Joined NASA: October 17, 1963
Year Left NASA: Space Flights:
Time in Space:
23.59 days Number of EVAs: Total EVA Time: 24.25 hours Eugene Cernan MISSION ASSIGNMENTS
  • Gemini 7 Assignment: Capcom Gemini 6A Assignment: Capcom Gemini 9A Assignment: Proposed Backup Crew Gemini 9 Assignment: Prime Crew Flight Duration: 3.01 days Gemini 12 Assignment: Backup Crew Apollo 207 Assignment: Proposed Backup Crew (mission cancelled) Apollo 7 Assignment: Backup Crew and Capcom Apollo 10 Assignment: Prime Crew Flight Duration: 8.00 days Apollo 14 Assignment: Backup Crew Apollo 17 Assignment: Prime Crew Flight Duration: 12.58 days
  • Graduated from Proviso Township High School in Maywood, Illinois; received a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1956 and a master of science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California; recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Law degree from Western State University College of Law in 1969, an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from Purdue University in 1970, and Drexel University in 1977. Petroleum Economics and Management Seminar, Northwestern University, 1978.

95. Cernan Center: Earth And Space Exhibits
APOLLO 10 SPACE SUIT. This was the space suit worn by astronaut GeneCernan on the Apollo 10 mission. This space suit was never
Earth and Space Exhibits
The Cernan Earth and Space Center has a number of earth and space exhibits in its main lobby, as follows:
APOLLO / MARS LANDSCAPE DIORAMA . This large exhibit, covered by a plastic dome, is a two part exhibit. One half of the exhibit commemorates the successful Apollo missions to the moon, while the other half celebrates the present and future exploration of Mars. The Apollo side of the diorama contains models of the lunar module (the Apollo spacecraft that brought two astronauts to the lunar surface each mission) and the lunar rover, which astronauts used in the final three Apollo missions (15, 16 and 17) to extend the range of their lunar explorations. The Mars side of the diorama re-creates the rocky and sandy Martian landscape, complete with scale model of the Sojourner probe. APOLLO 10 SPACE SUIT . This was the space suit worn by astronaut Gene Cernan on the Apollo 10 mission. This space suit was never worn on the moon, since the Apollo 10 mission was not designed to land astronauts on the surface. Instead, this mission served as the final "dress rehearsal" before the first lunar landing mission of Apollo 11 two months later. OTHER APOLLO ARTIFACTS . This case contains a variety of Apollo artifacts, including the gloves worn by astronaut Harrison Schmitt (who explored the lunar surface with Gene Cernan on Apollo 17), a coverall garment worn by Gene Cernan en route to the moon and several pieces of Apollo spacecraft navigation equipment.

96. Astronaut Autographed Items
Our Apollo astronaut autographs come from the leading dealer in authenticatedhighquality Apollo Astronaut-autographed photographs.
Our Apollo astronaut autographs come from the leading dealer in authenticated high-quality Apollo Astronaut-autographed photographs. The pictures are authentic NASA photographs created from the NASA archive negatives by special arrangement with NASA. Each photograph is personally hand-signed by the photographed Apollo Astronaut and are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic and are obtained directly from the astronauts.
The remainder of our autographed photos are either personally obtained by the President of The Space Store from the individual astronauts or have been extensively authenticated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email
Reaching For The Stars by Alan Bean - Signed by 24 Astronauts SHIPS SEPARATELY

Apollo 13 Autographed Gene Kranz and Jim Lovell Photo

Apollo 17 Autographed Photograph
Autographed Edgar Mitchell Framed Photo SHIPS SEPARATELY

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