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  1. Enping: People From Enping, Ekin Cheng, Diaolou
  2. Radio Drama: Old-Time Radio, Serial, Tkkg, List of Radio Soaps, Audio Theatre, Ekin Cheng Radio Dramas

41. - Your Source For The Best In Kung Fu Movies
A E / F - J / K - O / P - T / U - Z Browse Alphabetically by FirstName. ekin cheng Birth Date ? . Filmography The Legend of

42. - Rent English And Chinese DVD Online - Join Now
cheng, Yi Kin ekin. Born To Be King StarringChan, Siu Chun Jordan, cheng, Yi Kinekin, Shu, Chi Date Released 200112-10 Points 2.75 Status Not Available., Yi Kin Ekin&typ=2

43. : Movie VCD :: Chinese / HK Movies :: Ekin Cheng
Running out of Time 2 VCD HK movie Running out of Time 2. Starring Lau Ching,Dior cheng (ekin cheng), Kelly Lin. Starring ekin cheng and Cecilia Cheung.

Searching for ekin+cheng, Title. The Storm Rider, K165 The Storm Rider~ Aaron Kwok, ekin cheng rent for 3.30 pts buy for $30 $14.99. Cheng

45. HK Idol's Photos On-Line-Shop
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46. Ekin Cheng Discussion Forum - Message Index
ekin cheng Discussion Forum. Hong Kong Stars Discussion Forums. RulesThis Can somebody give me ekin cheng's WEBSITE Please!!!! *NM* Taeki
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47. Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin
Display English Big5 You are currently displaying English. ekin cheng YeeKin.Cantonese Jeng Yi Kin. Mandarin Zheng4 Yi1 Jian4. Gender Male. Aliases Cheng Yee-Kin
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DB Discussion DB talk Bugs The data Suggestions ... About the database Display [English] You are currently displaying English Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin Cantonese: Jeng Yi Kin Mandarin: Zheng4 Yi1 Jian4 Gender: Male Aliases: Dior Cheng - Former English name Noodle Cheng - Alternate English Name Filmography Actor Girls Without Tomorrow (1992) Boys Are Easy (1993) Chi Ko Future Cops (1993) Kim/Ken Always Be the Winners (1994) Why Wild Girls (1994) Neighbour Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994) Let's Go Slam Dunk (1994) Boh San Mermaid Got Married (1994) Siu Chi Mean Street Story (1995) Wong Miu I'm Your Birthday Cake (1995) Lam Lok Shui Young and Dangerous (1996) Chan Ho Naam Young and Dangerous 2 (1996) Chan Ho Naam Young and Dangerous 3 (1996) Chan Ho Naam Feel 100% (1996) Jerry Feel 100%, Once More (1996) Marco Young and Dangerous 4 (1997) Chan Ho Naam We're No Bad Guys (1997) Young and Dangerous 5 (1998) Chan Ho Naam Storm Riders, The (1998)

48. Ekin Cheng Yee Kin | On Hong Kong Movie World
Filmography, biography and pictures of Hong Kong singer/actor ekin cheng Yee Kin(aka Dior cheng, Noodle cheng). ekin cheng. Coming Soon ekin cheng Gallery.
Ekin Cheng (Cheng Yee Kin, Cheng Yi Kin, Dior Cheng, Noodle Cheng) Actor, Singer Born: October 4, 1967 Ekin Cheng Yee Kin is one of Hong Kong's most popular entertainers. He started his career by enrolling in TVB's Artists Training Course, and began co-hosting . the children's program Shuttle 430 . It wasn't long before he was starring in highly rated dramas. Ekin made his film debut as a nerdy virgin who falls for Carina Lau in Girls Without Tomorrow . He soon signed with BMG records and launched a successful singing career, continuing to act as he developed his growing idol status. In 1996 he starred as triad member Chan Ho Nam in the smash hit The movie spawned four other sequels in which he starred, and led to other heroic lead roles in high profile action pictures such as The Legend of Speed A Man Called Hero and The Stormriders . His films are frequently tied in with current fads in popular culture- video games, comics, and other trends which tend to appeal to younger audiences.

49. Ekin Cheng
EKIN CHENG Cheng Yee Kin Pareja artistica de Jordan Chan complementan los defectos de uno con las virtudes del otro. Tengo que decirlo porque sino reviento.... es junto a Francis Ng mi actor favorito, y eso que a mi no me gustan los actores "guaperas".
Tokyo Raiders, Let's go slam dunk, Return to a better tomorrow, The duel, Dragon fire, Goodbye Mr. Cool, Legend of Zu... 2003. El Templo de Chanpoo.

50. Ekin Cheng Search Results At Video Universe
Buy ekin cheng movies DVD or VHS at Video Universe. Great service, secure orderingand fast shipping at everyday discount prices. ekin cheng DVD and VHS Movies. Cheng.htm
Search Results for Star:
Ekin Cheng Featured Item Born to be King
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51. Ekin Cheng Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merchandise
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  • 52. Ekin Cheng Biography
    ekin cheng. ekin it. A couple of notes about cheng's myriad of namesekin this is an anglication of cheng's Chinese name YiKin;
    Ekin Cheng
    Ekin Cheng Yi-Kin is one of the most popular stars in Hong Kong today, much to the chagrin of many Western fans of Hong Kong movies, who always seem to ask the question "why is Ekin in so many movies?" The answer is simple Ekin sells. With a two-pronged attack consisting of film roles and popular songs (often mixing the two), Cheng quickly rose to "idol" status and seems poised to stay there for a while. Cheng was born on October 4, 1967 in Hong Kong. During high school, his good looks got him work doing commericals. After graduating, Cheng competed in a singing contest which he lost. However, one of the judges saw some talent in him and suggested TVB, the Shaw Bros. studio's television network. Cheng then enrolled in TVB's martial arts school, but found that he didn't have much talent in that area (something which would become apparent in later years), and so switched to a general acting school, where he found more success. After graduating, Cheng found work on several TVB shows, including Space Shuttle 430 , a children's program that also gave Stephen Chow and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai their start in the entertainment industry.

    53. Running Out Of Time 2
    Cheong Script Yau NaiHoi, Au Kin Yee, Milkyway Creative Team Producer JohnnieTo Stars Lau Ching-Wan, ekin cheng, Kelly Lin, Lam Suet, Ruby Wong Rated IIA
    image courtesy of HK Flix Rating:
    Year of release: 2001
    Company: Milkyway
    Genre: action/drama
    Running time: 95 min.
    Directors: Johnnie To, Law Wing-Cheong
    Script: Yau Nai-Hoi, Au Kin Yee, Milkyway Creative Team
    Producer: Johnnie To
    Stars: Lau Ching-Wan, Ekin Cheng, Kelly Lin, Lam Suet, Ruby Wong
    Rated IIA for mild violence and language Related links:
    DVD Review

    Picture Page
    Ekin Cheng biography Lau Ching-Wan biography ... Main Page This DVD is available for purchase at
    Running Out of Time 2
    Ekin Cheng. Image courtesy of Mei Ah. In this sequel to the popular Milkyway movie, Lau Ching-Wan returns as a beleagured cop, who once again must engage in a game of cat and mouse with a thief, this time Ekin Cheng. Ekin has stolen some valuable pieces of art from Kelly Lin's company, and she must get them back before she can merge with another company, and so it's up to Lau to get the pieces back. There are a couple of sub-plots thrown into the mix (most notably one with Lam Suet and his gambling problems), but mostly Running Out of Time 2 is one long chase scene, and that is its' main problem. The chase scenes just aren't exciting. One involves Lau and Kelly going after a badly animated CGI eagle, and another has Lau and Ekin engaging in what has to be the world's worst bicycle race.

    54. Comparación De Precios
    Categoría Películas y Gente Buscar. Ver con Fotos Sin Fotos. ekin cheng, Títulosde películas con 'ekin cheng' 16 Títulos Encontrados.
    Regístrese Foros Nuevos Los Mejores ... Buscar Comparación de Precios Shopping Home Computadoras Electrónica Películas ... Libros
    DVD VHS Laserdisc Buscar
    Ver con Fotos Sin Fotos
    Ekin Cheng
    Limita tu búsqueda selecionando el rol de el contribuidor: Muestra todos los rols Star Cameo
    Títulos de películas con: 'Ekin Cheng' - 16 Títulos Encontrados ordena por: Título Fecha Popularidad Ve solamente el formato especificado: Todos Los Productos DVD Laserdisc VHS
    TheStorm Riders
    (1998) - Foreign Films
    Actores: Ekin Cheng Aaron Kwok Director: Andrew Lau
    DVD Collectors Edition Letterbox Letterboxed Collector's Edition NR 128min (Tai Seng Video Marketing, Inc.)
    AMan Called Hero
    (1999) - Foreign Films
    Actores: Ekin Cheng Nicholas Tse
    DVD Letterbox Import NR 102min (Tai Seng Video Marketing, Inc.) VHS Letterbox NR 119min (Tai Seng Video Marketing, Inc.) Legend of Speed (1999) - Foreign Films Actores: Ekin Cheng Cecilia Cheung DVD Letterbox Import NR 107min (Tai Seng Video Marketing, Inc.) See all 1 Non-available releases TheDuel (2000) - Foreign Films Actores: Andy Lau Ekin Cheng DVD Letterbox Special Edition NR 106min (Tai Seng Video Marketing, Inc.)

    55. Ekin Cheng: Free Screensavers, Wallpapers, Skins, News And Ring
    ekin cheng free screensavers, desktop wallpapers, winamp skins, icqplus skins, newsand ring. Charismatic People, ekin cheng, Link. Birth date Birth Place -.
    PMNdisplay(""); Musician(Male) Musician(Female) Musician(Group) Actor ... Home Ekin Cheng Link
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    WinAmp Search Ekin Cheng
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    More Ekin Cheng Picture @ MediaMiner
    Ekin Cheng DVD

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    56. Ekin Cheng: Free Screensavers, Wallpapers, Skins, News And Ring
    ekin cheng free screensavers, desktop wallpapers, winamp skins, icqplusskins, news and ring. Charismatic People, ekin cheng, Link. WinAmp.
    PMNdisplay(""); Musician(Male) Musician(Female) Musician(Group) Actor ... Home Ekin Cheng Link WinAmp Ekin Cheng
    Ekin Cheng
    by : misky

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    57. DVDs Starring Ekin Cheng
    There are 5 DVDs starring ekin cheng Showing items 1 - 5. Duel, The(Two Discs) (DVD) Usually ships within 5-6 days A master swordsman
    Title DVD Director Star There are 5 DVDs starring Ekin Cheng - Showing items 1 - 5 Duel, The (Two Discs) (DVD)
    Usually ships within 5-6 days
    A master swordsman challenges a reclusive master to a duel. During the days leading up to the duel strange things take place in the palace... Read more Stars: Andy Lau Ekin Cheng Nick Cheung Man Called Hero, A (DVD)
    Usually ships within 5-6 days
    Story about a man called Hero and the revenge he exacts, when his family are murdered. Plenty of fighting action as Hero is a martial arts master. Read more Stars: Ekin Cheng Qi Shu Nicholas Tse Kristy Yang ... Stormriders, The (Two Discs) (DVD)
    Usually ships within 5-6 days
    Computer graphics are used for the special effects combining with explosive martial arts for this Hong Kong epic. Read more Stars: Ekin Cheng Qi Shu Aaron Kwok Sonny Chiba ... Tokyo Raiders (Wide Screen) (DVD)
    Usually ships within 4-5 days
    Story based in the Tokyo Underworld about a gang leader with a hard reputation who crosses too many people. The police, a rival gang and a powerful bu... Read more Stars: Tony Leung Ekin Cheng Kelly Chen Young And Dangerous 3 (Wide Screen) (DVD)
    Usually ships within 5-6 days
    Chan is now an important member of the Hung Hing Society and is pursued by Crow and Tiger from a rival gang...

    58. What's With Ekin Cheng?? -
    Wushu Tabloid Fodder Posts 39 (1/22/03 23629 pm) Reply, What's with ekincheng Posts 58 (1/22/03 45825 pm) Reply, Re What's with ekin cheng

    59. The Faye Wong Music/Ekin Cheng Bashing Thread -
    Gold Community community Idol worship The Faye Wong music/ekincheng bashing thread, BTW, how do I change my 'ekin cheng Apologist' subtitle?

    60. ?(Cheng, Yi Kin Ekin)
    BMG ? MTV1 Hong Kong Karaoke BMG ekin cheng MTV 1 VCD ?(cheng, Yi Kin ekin), US$8.89,

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