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101 Burbank was danielle cormack's first convention appearanceever. 103 My name's danielle cormack, were her first words.
HERE'S DANIELLE (BR) [101-124]



I have omitted general declarations of affection from questioners in this report, since, as the Creation folk put it at the CON, we all love the guests that's why we were there. I have also omitted any antics from some of the "scarier" fans because... well, I just don't think that sort of behaviour should be encouraged.
Photo courtesy of Amy J. Putnam
Danielle's First Convention Appearance
[101] Burbank was Danielle Cormack's first convention appearance ever. She was going to attend WarriorCon last September, but she got a part in AMAZON HIGH and had to work instead. She had no idea what to expect from a convention, and earlier in the day, some of us were telling her what would likely happen (and as it turns out we were largely correct). "Now you're scaring me," she told us good-naturedly.
Photo courtesy of Debbie Cassetta
[102] And indeed Danielle looked a little overwhelmed at the cheers and standing ovation she got when she was introduced. Danielle has a lot of fans in the Xenaverse. In fact, in a recent survey of almost 4,000 participants conducted from Tom's Xena Page, Danielle's character Ephiny ranked third in popularity following Xena and Gabrielle. This was very evident in the warm reception she received at Burbank. [103] "My name's Danielle Cormack," were her first words. "I play Ephiny." She said this is her first convention, and asked to be treated gently. "I feel like I should break out into a rock song," she laughed while waiting to take questions, and the audience cheered.

22. (almost) All The New Zealand Web Sites You Will Ever Want! PIPERS Page Of New Ze
Whoosh interview with danielle cormack. cormack, danielle - Church of cormack!.cormack, danielle - Channeling Baby. cormack, danielle - Road Show scrapbook.
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23. Cherry Hill Convention, 2002
The other main attraction was the first convention appearence in fartoo long of danielle cormack, who played Ephiny on the show.
Home Episode Guide Reviews Articles ...
11th-13th August 2002
Creation advertised this year's Cherry Hill convention as a "Strong Women of Sci Fi" event. However, it was pretty much all-XENA, with Virgina Hey (Farscape's Zhaan) the only non-XENA actor. (And I wonder what Tim Omundsen thought about that strong women thing...) Of the guests, 3 had been at the UK Starfury convention a few weeks before - Hudson Leick, Claire Stansfield and Tim Omundsen. The main draw was Renee O'Connor in the Saturday evening entertainment. She was appearing in 'Love Letters', a play, with Tim Omundsen. The other main attraction was the first convention appearence in far too long of Danielle Cormack, who played Ephiny on the show. The weekend kicked off on Frday night with entertainment from Claire Stansfield and Danielle Cormack. They did some excerpts from The Vagina Monolgues , which Danielle has just completed with Lucy Lawless in Auckland. Claire also showed her 'dolly porn' as she calls it. Her home movies with the XENA action figure dolls. She showed the Alti/Callisto one that we saw at Starfury and also a new one with Danielle and Tim Omundsen. Apparently Alti has been dumped by Callisto in the latest installment! There was also some fanfiction reading. I wasn't at this, but apparently, the sound was particularly bad, and it was very difficult to hear. A problem that occurred on Saturday too.. The convention began with Claire Stansfield on the Saturday. Claire was fairly low key - or maybe it was the terrible sound system, and I could barely hear anything she said. She spoke about her recent audition for Quentin Tarentino again, and how she has given up acting. She mentioned that she is now developing a line of clothing and is working office hours these days. She mentioned seeing Lucy and Rob and the new baby the other week and said how sweet the new little boy is. She mentioned appearing in London at the Starfury convention, and how we were all drunk at the cocktail party! (We were not!!) and how out of breathe the punk dancing made her. She also mentioned how she was praying that she would fit into Tim Omundsen's jeans alright when they swapped clothes! She did a few rude impersonations of some possible yoga poses - she said her and Danielle were considering crashing Hudson's yoga class ($100 a pop on the Saturday thanks!)

24. Movies Unlimited: Find Actor Results (Stage 2)
danielle cormack Video Titles Available from Movies Unlimited. The Last Tattoo(1994) VHS. The Price Of Milk (2000) VHS. The Price Of Milk DVD (2000) DVD. Corm

25. Pasadena - Danielle Cormack
Pasadena, CA Jan 2123, 2000. Friday - danielle cormack. All photo's takenand copyrighted by TheRose or myself. Do not use without permission.
Pasadena, CA Jan 21-23, 2000
Friday - Danielle Cormack
myself . Do not use without permission. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture Friday ( Danielle Cormack Timothy Omundson The Bards Band (Kevin, Joel, Danielle and Tim) / Saturday (Jeremy Callaghan, Meighan Desmond, The Celopatra 2525 girls and Kevin Smith / Sunday (Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst) / It's all about Friends Questions or comments? Email me ©2000 Surabufix

26. Orlando - Danielle Cormack
Orlando May 1999. danielle cormack. Click on the picture to see the larger image.All pics taken and copyrighted by Surabufix. Do not use without permission.
Orlando May 1999 Danielle Cormack Click on the picture to see the larger image Back to my Convention Page
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27. Danielle Cormack, Burbank 1998
danielle cormack Photo Gallery 17 Jan 1998, Burbank Xena Con. Parties and peopleRobert Trebor danielle cormack Hudson Leick Kevin Smith Lucy Lawless
Danielle Cormack Photo Gallery
17 Jan 1998, Burbank Xena Con
It was Danielle's first con, her first exposure to a loud, boisterous, hardly shy mass of exuberant Xena Fans (get the idea?). While she was understandably nervous, and perhaps a bit reserved as a result, she appeared to have a good time with all of us. It was fun to hear the Kiwi accent....the actors all do a fine job of putting on an American accent for the show(s) so it's easy to forget they really are half a world away, filming in a whole 'nuther country. Danielle had a bit of a surprise when Karl Urban (Maell, Cupid, Julius Caesar) and Kevin Smith (Ares) popped out on stage. We knew we'd get more Kevin the next day, but it's too bad we didn't have more time with Karl; he looks like quite the entertainer.
The scanning didn't go as well as I would have liked, so the jpg's are a bit fuzzier than the actual photographs, but you can still see Danielle in her first Xena con haze. The thumbnails, as on other pages, are only small parts of the whole shot, not whole shots shrunken down. Danielle's are, for some reason, a bit darker than the others I shot, and she seems smaller because she stayed farther downstage, and didn't move around as much. Guess we were all a bit overwhelming for her first time at a Con :) Let me know if you like what you see.

28. Pasadena 2000: Photos Of Danielle Cormack
Pasadena 2000 Hercules/Xena Convention, danielle cormack 21 January 2000. Pleasenote that all photographs are © Amy J. Putnam. All Rights Reserved.
Danielle Cormack
21 January 2000 Contact me with any questions. Thanks! Click on the thumbnails for full size images
Tim Omundson Danielle Cormack Friday Night Cabaret ... Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst

29. Danielle Cormack
danielle cormack. danielle cormack OVERVIEW, ALSO KNOWN AS. FRESHEST MOVIE 52% ThePrice of Milk. GENRES FEATURING danielle cormack Select a genre

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30. The Price Of Milk (2001): Danielle Cormack, Karl Urban, Willa O'Neill, Harry Sin
charming. CAST CREW danielle cormack, Karl Urban, Willa O'Neill Directedby Harry Sinclair more SYNOPSIS Once upon a time, on

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31. Sword's Danielle Cormack Page & Cleopatra 2525
Sword's danielle cormack Page Cleopatra 2525. My Tribute sectionto Ephiny . Hi! Weclome to my danielle cormack Page! The awesome
"My Tribute section to Ephiny" Hi! Weclome to my Danielle Cormack Page! The awesome actress who was Ephiny on Xena Danielle is back as Raina in Cleopatra 2525 According to the fan club Danielle will be back on Xena in the Last of the Centaurs sometime this spring... Ephiny fans will see her one last time.... To me Ephiny was let go way to early she was outstanding as Ephiny !!! "Favorite pic as Ephiny" "Cool links about Ephiny" Cleo is on WGN 2am mon morning.... Welcome to Cleopatra 2525: Jennifer Sky-Gina Torres-Victoria Pratt. Too bad they had to cancel a great show...... It had potiential of making a hit. This Back 2 Back: Cleo 2525 Web Ring site is
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32. Danielle's Other Roles
Presenting Ms. danielle cormack Via Satellite 1998 - With Karl Urban (Thanksto the Official danielle cormack Site) The Last Tattoo - 1994 - as 'Molly'
Main Page
What's New

Pics Page 1

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Fountain Of Knowledge

Presenting Ms. Danielle Cormack
Acting Credits:

"Topless Women Talk About Their Lives" - 1997 - For which she won the New Zealand Film and Television Award for Best Actress (Thanks to the Official Danielle Cormack Site)
"Channeling Baby" - 1999 - With Kevin Smith (Thanks to the Official Channeling Baby Website)
"Via Satellite" - 1998 - With Karl Urban (Thanks to the Official Danielle Cormack Site) "The Last Tattoo" - 1994 - as 'Molly' "Siam Sunset" - 1999 - For which she received the Best Actress award at the Fantasporto Film Festival (Thanks to the Official Danielle Cormack Site) "The Price Of Milk" - 2000 - (Thanks to the Official Price Of Milk Website) Short Films: "Game with No Rules" "Snap" Misc Pictures Originally trained in theater, Cormack has performed in numerous plays including: "Trainspotting," "Arcadia," Michael Robinson's "Spare Prick" and "Return of the Summer Street Sever," "The Learners Stand" and "East"

33. Danielle Cormack
TV Tome is your guide to danielle cormack. Biography, roles and appearances,gossip and more. TV Tome, Click Here. danielle cormack.
Danielle Cormack
Links IMDb Info
Biographical Information Notes News Crew Credits Acting Appearances
Starring Roles
Gloss (1987) - Tania
Guest Starring Roles Xena: Warrior Princess - Ephiny - The Last of the Centaurs
Cleopatra 2525
- Raina - Out of Body
Jack of All Trades
- Katherine - A Horse of a Different Color
Cleopatra 2525
- Raina - Trial and Error
Xena: Warrior Princess
- Samsara - Lifeblood
Cleopatra 2525
- Raina - Mind Games
Xena: Warrior Princess
- Ephiny - Endgame
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
- Ephiny - Sky High Xena: Warrior Princess - Ephiny - The Bitter Suite Xena: Warrior Princess - Ephiny - Maternal Instincts Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Marie - Les Contemptibles Xena: Warrior Princess - Ephiny - Is There A Doctor in the House? Xena: Warrior Princess - Ephiny - Shortland Street - Alison Raynor There is no editor for this person. Volunteer

34. Danielle Cormack & Timothy Omundson
danielle cormack Timothy Omundson. What do you have there? danielle cormackwas once again her lovely, enthusiastic self for the convention.
c lick on the pic of your choice for the larger image... Timothy Omundson had the distinction of being the first convention guest of the year 2000. He was splendid, as usual. He was also quite cool during the cabaret. I'm told he had some very groovy moves (I was too distracted by the awesome guitar playing of Joel Tobeck). As he was about to autograph the photo, I asked to take a picture. He said sure, then posed with it. Man, look at those eyes! I think it's a rather original picture. What do you think? :) Danielle Cormack was once again her lovely, enthusiastic self for the convention. She rocked on Friday night for the cabaret. Loved her "Piece of My Heart" and "Bad to the Bone." She was also great during her time on stage. She's looking at my badge in this picture. She asked me what was on it. My first thought was Ryan Gosling, but I replied, "Erik Thomson. 'Cause I love him. [pause] You got to kiss him." Tim, who was sitting next to her, cut in with, "I didn't kiss him!" I laughed as Danielle had this still look on her face, then she said, "You've seen SNAP?" I nodded, to which she said, "How do you people do it? You've seen all my stuff!"

35. Danielle On Sunday
danielle cormack. click on thumbnail to view larger image
Danielle Cormack
[click on thumbnail to view larger image] Once again, Danielle was utterly charming and filled with LOTS of energy! And of course, she's quite lovely. [Kevin Smith] [Timothy Omundson] [Joel Tobeck] [Danielle Cormack] ... main SF99 page You can e-mail your comments to CONVENTIONS Kiari's Corner

36. The Price Of Milk (2001): Danielle Cormack, Karl Urban, Willa O'Neil, Rangi Motu
Or maybe it depends on how you see this joke while in their bathtub heated by hotcoals, lovers Rob (Karl Urban) and Lucinda (danielle cormack) polish off the
f i l m The Price of Milk
: Harry Sinclair
Cast : Danielle Cormack, Karl Urban, Willa O'Neil, Rangi Motu
(Lot 47 Films, 2001) Rated: PG-13 by Susan Brown
PopMatters Film Critic
e-mail this article Like Milk for Chocolate W hether or not you enjoy The Price of Milk is largely dependent on your reaction to the following running gag: stricken by an unbearable case of agoraphobia, the protagonists' dog, Nigel, spends the bulk of the film ambling around while hidden under a cardboard box. Or maybe it depends on how you see this joke: while in their bathtub heated by hot coals, lovers Rob (Karl Urban) and Lucinda (Danielle Cormack) polish off the last of their supper then proceed to wash the dishes off in the bath water. It's that kind of film. The sophomore effort by New Zealand writer-director Harry Sinclair, The Price of Milk Regardless, two things are certain. First, the specter of commitment looms heavy over these unmarried lovers as they toss and turn in their bed each night. Second, Rob and Lucinda are not the only ones fighting over the quilt. This is where things turn really weird. The morning after Rob proposes to Lucinda, she's admiring her ring while driving and accidentally runs down an old woman in the middle of the road. Remarkably, the woman is unscathed and heads into the brush, hissing ominous words of advice: "Keep warm." Soon afterwards, the quilt is stolen by a wily band of golfers (yes, you read that right) for their perpetually cold Auntie (Rangi Motu)... who bears a striking resemblance to the old woman in the road.

37. TV:SCI FI Channel:Xena: Warrior Princess:Danielle Cormack Movies
There are two danielle cormack movies now on video in Australia, Siam Sunset (AUS)and Via Satellite (NZ) If anyone wants a copy of them give me a yell. Mark.
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Danielle Cormack movies
Date: 05/24/2000
From: MarkTwo

There are two Danielle Cormack movies now on video in Australia, Siam Sunset (AUS) and Via Satellite (NZ) If anyone wants a copy of them give me a yell.
Mark Reply Title Created by Beginning Text There are currently no replies to this article.
First Australia now Greece too
Ding, Dong the clown is dead!
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Danielle Cormack movies

38. ORL '99 - Danielle Cormack
Orlando '99. danielle cormack. The images are all tiny to save roomto display them all. Each is 100 pixels wide with varying heights.
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Free Lake Scene Screen Saver
Orlando '99
Danielle Cormack
The images are all "tiny" to save room to display them all. Each is 100 pixels wide... with varying heights.
The Hair FLIP
Danielle and
her Shadow
The SHOE Shot
Shadows are
our friends!
Amazon Staff
Training Lesson
Staff Training Continued Danielle and Friend It takes TWO to Tango Now she's got another MIC "Flowers are a girl's best friends" Friday Night and Pre-Brunch Brunch Group Pix Friends 1 Danielle Cormack / Kevin Smith - Saturday Autographs - Both Days Friends 2 Kevin Smith - Sunday ... Ped

39. Danielle Cormack
Similar pages danielle cormackBurbank Convention. January 18, 1998. danielle cormack (Ephiny). BACK., Danielle

40. The Price Of Milk (2001): Danielle Cormack, Karl Urban, Willa O'Neill, Harry Sin
Movie Overview. Cast. • danielle cormack • Karl Urban • Willa O'Neill. Director.• Harry Sinclair. MPAA Rating. PG13 - drug use and sensuality/nudity.

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