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61. Danielle Cormack @ Filmbug
Home danielle cormack Biography, danielle cormack. AwardwinningNew Zealand actress danielle cormack plays Raina in Cleopatra
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Danielle Cormack:
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Danielle Cormack
Award-winning New Zealand actress Danielle Cormack plays Raina in Cleopatra 2525, a dangerous young woman with the ability to control people's minds. Best known in the United States as the Amazon Ephiny in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, Danielle has been featured in numerous other television series, including Gloss, Hightide and New Zealand's top-rated primetime drama Shortland Street. Cormack won the 1997 New Zealand Film and Television Award for Best Actress for her work in the acclaimed feature film Topless Women Talk About Their Lives. She most recently starred on the big screen in the New Zealand films Via Satellite, Siam Sunset and Channeling Baby.
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Facts Occupation Actress Birthplace New Zealand Height 5' 6" (1m68)
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62. Danielle Cormack
Translate this page danielle cormack. L'attrice che ha interpretato l'amazzone Anfite (Ephiny) Indirizzo del suo Fan Club Ufficiale http//,
Danielle Cormack L'attrice che ha interpretato l'amazzone Anfite (Ephiny)... Indirizzo del suo Fan Club Ufficiale:

63. Texas Academy Of Mathematics And Science Class Of 2000
Cheng, YangChi; Chiu, Lydia; Clair, Rachel; cormack, danielle; Covington,Aubrey; Crager, Alfred; Cunningham, Eric; Cuvillier, James. D.
Class of 2003
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64. TAMS Family Weekend - Talent Showcase
Cidi Angela.jpg (25kb), Closeup Zack.jpg (29kb), cormack's w attitude.jpg(37kb), danielle Sis.jpg (24kb), danielle cormack Sis.jpg (23kb).
TAMS Family Weekend - Talent Showcase

65. FYE - Movies
Genre SciFi Other Starring cormack, danielle Urban, Karl O'Neill, Willa Lawrence,Michael Motu, Rangi Director Sinclair, Harry Notes Running Time 87

66. Deutscher Xena Fanclub / German Xena Fan Club
Für diese Seite gibt es keine deutsche Entsprechung. A Day to Remember Claire Stansfield and danielle cormack at the Dortmund Comics Fair.
A Day to Remember -
Claire Stansfield and Danielle Cormack at the Dortmund Comics Fair.
When it comes to meeting the stars of their favorite TV series, German Xena fans so far have not been very fortunate. Major conventions usually take place on the other side of the planet and - since the German fandom is rather small - the chances of luring actors or actresses from the show into the country have been fairly slim - until now, that is. For this year brought major improvements: With three conventions held in the UK, the chances of meeting actors or actresses from Xena: Warrior Princess increased considerably. And things got even better when Claire Stansfield announced that she would appear at the International Comics Fair in Dortmund (North Rhine-Westphalia).
It is quite telling that only a few incurable optimists within the German Xenite community really believed that the actress would actually show up. When Claire informed her fans two days before the event on her website that Danielle Cormack would come to Dortmund as well, the ensuing enthusiasm among the fans was still mixed with considerable disbelief. However, those fans who turned up in Dortmund on October 22 were not disappointed! At 11.00 AM Danielle Cormack, (despite suffering from jetlag, having arrived only a day before from New Zealand) and Claire Stansfield were on stage, ready to sign autographs and to answer the fans' questions. Since the number of fans who made it to the event was relatively small, those who turned up had ample opportunity for conversations with the two actresses who patiently answered questions and posed for photographs throughout the afternoon, apparently enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the event. They even agreed to an interview with the German Xena Fanclub DXF - and amidst a popping of flashbulbs and an ever-growing circle of Xena fans, we sat down, gave them our presents and started the interview.

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68. - Danielle Cormack
XBox. Tilbehør. Tilbud Kommende film Hvad er DVD Om Nyhedsbrev Filmnyt,danielle cormack. Er med i følgende film Titel, Siam Sunset (R2). Region, 2.

69. Untitled Document
Biography for danielle cormack Height 5' 6 .Mini biography.
Biography for
Danielle Cormack

5' 6"
Mini biography Danielle Cormack
Filmography as: Actress, Notable TV Guest Appearances
Actress - filmography
Price of Milk, The (2000) .... Lucinda
"Cleopatra 2525" (2000) .... Raina Amazon High (1999) .... Samsarra
Channelling Baby (1999) .... Bunnie
Siam Sunset (1999) .... Grace Via Satellite (1998) .... Chrissy/Carol Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (1997) .... Liz Game with No Rules, A (1994) .... Vera Last Tattoo, The (1994) .... Molly "Shortland Street" (1992) .... Nurse Alison Rayner Warner (1992-1993) "Gloss" (1987) .... Tania Filmography as: Actress, Notable TV Guest Appearances Notable TV Guest Appearances "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995) playing "Ephiny" in episode: "The Last of the Centars" (episode # 6.17) 30 April 2001 "Jack of All Trades" (2000) playing "Catherine the Great" in episode: "A Horse of a Different Color" (episode # 2.1) 7 October 2000 "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995) playing "Samsara" in episode: "Lifeblood" (episode # 5.16) 18 March 2000

70. GreenCine: Danielle Cormack - Online DVD Rental, For People Who Like To Watch
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71. GreenCine D - Page 2 Of 7 Online DVD Rental
Brisebois; danielle Ciardi; danielle cormack; danielle Darrieux; danielleDaven; danielle De Metz; danielle Gardner; danielle Hampton; danielle

72. Celebrities: C - World-Of-Celebrities - Your Online Source For Celebrities, Acto
Sw Atlanta, GA. 30303 USA, Cheung, Jacky (1), Corday, Mara (1). Campbell,Bruce (13), Cheung, Julian (5), cormack, danielle (4)
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c/o William Morris Agency
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73. Church Of Cormack
Tribute to danielle cormack, kiwi thespian behind the Amazon Queen Ephiny, on domain names, personal emails, url forwarding. Church of cormack. : domain names, personal emails, url forwarding
Church of Cormack
Tribute to Danielle Cormack, kiwi thespian behind the Amazon Queen Ephiny, on Xena.
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74. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On The Price Of Milk At Epinions
MPAA Rating, PG13. Release Formats, (to be determined) • DVD • VHS. RunningTime, 127. Stars, danielle cormack • Karl Urban. Return to top. Featured Resources,

75. Ehpiny
danielle cormack. I look at Ephiny as the perfect supporting character. You can alsocheck out the danielle cormack Fan Club for the latest info on her career.
Erstwhile Amazon Queen Danielle Cormack I look at Ephiny as the perfect supporting character. When she in on screen she moves the story along and doesn't waste time (would that we could say the same about that J person). Anyway, Ephiny is a well drawn character without too much fleshing out. Normally that would be a bad thing (not enough depth), but in a character that is only on two or so times a year, it's perfect. You can tell that Ephiny has a complete life off screen, thus, when she appears, it just makes the world seem more consistent.
Acting-wise, I guess I like Danielle, but I can't say as I've only seen her in one role (well, one and a half, considering the guest shot on Hercules). I suppose it doesn't matter much, as she does the character she is given so well. Having seen Danielle in person at Burbank ( pics to prove it ), I have to say that she seems really nice. A little overwhelmed by the reaction the fans had to her, but quite cool. Post Season Three Comments : Not a great year for Eph... First she's the babysitter in Maternal Instincts and then a punching bag in Bitter Suite. The fact that the whole amazon thread of Bitter Suite's opening was never resolved really bugs me. I'd love to see an episode were the amazons hunt Xena down and bring her to trial... Sort of a remake of The Reckonning with Gab trying to defend her and all. I have some more on the potential new Amazon Show too...

76. ¹«¼± ÃÊ°í¼Ó ÀÎÅÍ³Ý NESPOT
The summary for this Korean page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set. Cormack

77. Burbank 1998
Lucy Lawless Photos! Photos! by Lunacy. Pictures of Lucy Lawless, Hudson Leick,Kevin Smith danielle cormack, Rob Tapert, Karl Urban Robert Trebor. by Moira.
January 1998 Lucy Lawless
Photos! Photos!
by Lunacy Pictures of : Lucy Lawless,
Hudson Leick, Kevin Smith
Danielle Cormack, Rob Tapert, Karl Urban
Robert Trebor by Moira
Pictures of : Lucy Lawless,
by Maria Pictures of : Lucy Lawless,
by: Verda Pictures of Lucy Lawless by: Mistopholees Pictures of Lucy Lawless by Mistopholees Pictures of: Danielle Cormack, Kevin Smith,
Karl Urban, Hudson Leick
by: Mistopholees Pictures of: Danielle Cormack, Brad Carpenter Avicus, Kevin Smith, Hudson Leick Robert Trebor, Steve Sears, Robert Tapert Lucy Lawless Reviews! Reviews! (more to come soon) Review by: Pamela Marino - a digest of many reports Review by: Jacqrat Review by: Lunacy Review by: Other Interesting Sites with Pictures from Burbank! Amy's Burbank Photos! Back to The Lucy Con Chronicles

78. Character List
danielle cormack, Ephiny, 110. danielle cormack, Ephiny, 124. daniellecormack, Ephiny, 213. danielle cormack, Ephiny, 214. danielle cormack,Ephiny, 311.
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by Guest Stars/Cast Data collected from
Guest Stars
and Cast Character Episode
Aaron Devitt Lyceus Adam Middleton Black Wolf Sympathizer Adam Middleton Blind Soldier Adam Schlooz Guard #1 Adrian Keeling Miltiades Adrian Keeling Scylosian General Aidan MacBride Stewart Greek Soldier Ajay Vasisht Atlhan Ajay Vasisht Nikos Ajay Vasisht Vendor Alan De Malmanche Docenius Alan De Malmanche Old Man Alan Palmer Pharis Albert Sword Villager Alex Reekers Maya Alexander Campbell Miklan Alexander Tant Xenan [scenes cut] Alexandra Hoskins-Smith Girl #2 Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite Alexandra Tydings Pelia Alexandra Tydings Sidero Alison Bruce Melosa Alison Wall Minya Alison Wall Minya Alison Wall Minya Alistair Browning King Melos Allan Wilkins Thug Allen O'Halloran Scythian Soldier Allison Wall Minya Alvin Fitisemanu Hawker Alyssa Carr Hope, 10 Months Amanda Tollemache Thea Amron McCormack Warrior #1 Amy Morrison Fayla Amy Morrison Hope Andre Coppell Squad Leader Andrew Binns Hippocrates Andrew Kovacevich Garth Andrew Kovacevich Innkeeper Andrew Kovacevich Tor Andrew Thurtell Twickenham Andy Anderson Hesiot Angela Dotchin Soraya Ann Baxter Old Woman Anthony Ray Parker Bacchus Anthony Ray Parker Pinullus Anthony Ray Parker The Deliverer Anthony Starr David Anton Bentley Athol Anton Bentley Centurion Anton Bentley Perdicas Antony Starr Mesas Arch Goodfellow Kelton Ares Kevin Smith Asa Lindh Alceto Ashley Stansfield Sentry Aurora Philips Magdelus Barret Irwin

79. Movies From
danielle cormack, Birthdate Occupation normal actor. danielle cormack movies availableSort Products By TITLE, GENRE or RELEASED Show Format DVD, VHS or BOTH

80. Celebrites Et Stars: Trouvez Tout! 5000 Celebrites 30 000 Sites Choisis Choisis
Translate this page Publicité (annonceurs). About danielle cormack DCdroolers' Church of cormackAn Interview With danielle cormack The Official danielle cormack Fan Club.
Top 15 des Célébrités Photos de stars Forum Offrez: Posters ... Devenez une Célèbrité! Recherche par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... Contact, star absente NAVIGATION Accueil Ajouter aux favoris Recommander le site à un ami Joueurs de basket-ball ... Lien rompu SHOPPING Recherche: livres, DVD, CD, K7 Posters Publicité annonceurs) ...
The Official Danielle Cormack Fan Club

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