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         Cruise Tom:     more books (101)
  1. Harper's Bazaar Magazine - July 1999 - Tom Cruise Cover
  2. Entertainment Weekly Magazine #777 : Tom Cruise and Jaime Foxx (August 6, 2004) by Entertainment Weekly, 2004
  3. US Weekly Magazine Issue #801 June 21, 2010 Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, Madonna Cuts off Gwyneth Paltrow, Bachelorette Ali's Crash Diet, Tom Cruise's MTV Party by US Weekly Magazine, 2010
  4. Penélope Cruz: "Estoy muy enamorada de Tom".(cantante Española habla de su relación con Tom Cruise, actor Americano)(TT: Penélope Cruz: "I am very much ... An article from: El Ritmo de la Noche by Enrique Kogan, 2001-10-01
  5. Tom Cruise, 1980s, U. S. This is not a book but an article, ad or vintage paper item by Kobal Collection, 1993
  6. Tom Cruise Purple
  7. Dépossession et intensification d'un Tom Cruise imaginaire (French and French Edition) by Bruno Dequen, 2010-06-14
  8. Tom Cruise (Spanish Edition) by Manuel Calvin Muslares, 1998-07
  9. War of the weird.(Culture Notes)(impact of Tom Cruise's beliefs about psychotherapy): An article from: Annals of the American Psychotherapy Association by Irene Rosenberg Javors, 2005-09-22
  10. Rain Man full size One sheet Poster Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, 1989
  11. Bolstering behavioral health's image: Tom Cruise's ranting about psychiatry is a wake-up call.(AS I SEE IT)(Interview): An article from: Behavioral Health Management by Douglas J. Edwards, 2005-07-01
  12. Attacks harm our patients.(antipsychiatry remarks by Tom Cruise)(Column): An article from: Clinical Psychiatry News by Robert T. London, 2005-08-01
  13. GQ Magazine May 2006 Tom Cruise by Gentlemen's Quarterly, 2006

61. Cool_girl8 's Tom Cruise Homepage
Biographical information, a few un thumbnailed pictures, his likes and hates, and his movie information.

62. Allexperts Cruise, Tom Q&A
Internet. Category cruise, tom, Sort By None. Name, Expertise, Status.

63. Welcome To
Bullock, Sandra, Pitt, Brad. Burton, Tim, Portman, Natalie. cruise, tom, Questionsabout Movies. Danes, Claire, Ricci, Christina. De Niro, Robert, Richards, Denise.

Biografia e filmografia dell'attore.
Nome: Thomas
Cognome: Cruise Mapother IV
Luogo di nascita: Syracuse, New York
Data di nascita: Luglio
Segno zodiacale: Cancro
Indirizzo: c/o PMK 955 South Carillo Drive, suite 200 Los
Angeles - CA90048, USA
Il passato Esordio : nel 1981 con un particina del melodramma "Amore senza fine" di Franco Zeffirelli, accanto a Brooke Shields e Martin Hewitt. Primo successo : nel 1986 con "Top Gun", grande successo commerciale, nel quale interpreta il giovane Maverick, pilota tormentato che solca i cieli a caccia di Mig russi e a terra amoreggia con la sua bella istruttrice Kelly McGillis. Con questo film Cruise fa breccia nei cuori femminili e diventa una star. Il personaggio : all'inizio non è che uno dei tanti marmocchi di Hollywood che recita in giubbotto di pelle e occhiali Ray Ban, ma si scrolla di dosso l'etichetta a suon di film. Ha la faccia pulita del bravo ragazzo, è spesso idealista, cinico ma saldamente convinto della validità dei suoi principi. Recentemente ha tentato coraggiosamente una strada alternativa interpretando il biondo, cattivo e gay vampiro di "Intervista col vampiro". E bisogna ammettere che è stato bravo. Segni particolari : fa parte della "banda bassotti" di Hollywood, supera infatti di poco il metro e sessanta. Proprio per questo sul set di "Intervista col vampiro" ha chiesto ed ottenuto delle scarpe rialzate per non sembrare troppo basso rispetto a Brad Pitt. È un adepto della chiesa di Scientology, gioca a baseball e a football. È molto amato dalla stampa per la sua disponibilità anche se non sembra brillare per l'originalità delle sue risposte.

65. Tom Cruise Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers, Posters, Desktop Themes, And Links @ Al
main actors tom cruise. tom tom cruise. main. posters. pictures.links. autograph. fan mail address. more on web. recommended sites.
altoEntertainment sites: celebs movies television cartoons ... rings also: online dating search altoCelebs for: - or - pick your destination here: Browse All Actors Browse All Actresses Browse All Models Browse All Musicians Browse All Comedians Browse All Classic Stars Browse All Chinese Stars Browse All Japanese Stars Browse All Sport Stars Online Dating Classifieds Shopping main actors : tom cruise Tom Cruise photos, videos, CDs, and memorabilia @ eBay
Tom Cruise
posters and photos @
Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise
posters and postcards @ PosterNow
download movies online. details here...
free: wallpapers and screensavers @ webshots! tom cruise
posters pictures links ... more on web recommended sites
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Born As: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV Date of Birth: July 3, 1962 Birth Place: Syracuse, NY Education: Studied for one year at a Franciscan seminary; Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, NJ (dropped out in senior year - 1980) Posters: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 16 Pictures: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Contact Tom Cruise: Click here to find Tom Cruise fan mail address!

66. Mission Impossible 2 - Movie Preview Online
tom cruise and Paula Wagner interviewed by

Mission: Impossible 2
Return To Me Titan A.E. O Brother, Where Art Thou? ... Skipped Parts Who is Online NEW Our new live forums offer an opportunity to talk about new and upcoming film events. Enter Forums RELATED LINKS
Doing the Impossible
misson: impossible 2
Tom Cruise and producer Paula Wagner explain why working with action specialist John Woo on Mission: Impossible 2 actually brought out Cruise’s romantic side. Alan Jones reports.
Current Issue Cover Home Page Get the News! Website questions?

67. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Cruise And Spielberg Back War
Steven Spielberg and tom cruise join the list of celebrities makingtheir views known on Iraq, voicing support for George Bush.
You are in: Entertainment News Front Page Africa Americas ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to UK Thursday, 26 September, 2002, 09:22 GMT 10:22 UK Cruise and Spielberg back war
Cruise and Spielberg have been visiting Rome
Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise have joined the list of celebrities making their views known on Iraq, speaking out in favour of President George Bush's stance. The pair made their feelings known at a press conference in Rome, where they have been promoting the Italian release of the blockbuster Minority Report. "If Bush, as I believe, has reliable information on the fact that Saddam Hussein is making weapons of mass destruction, I cannot not support the policies of his government," Spielberg said. The director added that those policies were "solid and rooted in reality". Cruise also spoke out in support of the US president. "Personally, I don't have all the information President Bush has," said the star. "But I believe Saddam has committed many crimes against humanity and his own people."

68. Rain Man Discussion
Detailed analysis of the film starring tom cruise and Dustin Hoffman, and links to similar movies. Sign up to be a movie scholar on the site.
Choose from hundreds of plot, theme, character, and setting options to find precisely what you're looking for!
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Dramas Movies - Reviews - Rain Man
Go to the exciting
Rain Man Message Board Search for another movie (click here) Resident Scholar Profiles
SCHOLARS: Amanda steve Would you like to be a scholar? Click here to submit a review! Rain Man
Starring: Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman
Review Summary "the main character is an autistic savant who inherits 3 million dollars from his father. this younger brother inherits a used car and some rose bushes he finds out that the benificary lives in a mental institution and goes to talk to him. while he is there he discovers that the man who inherits the money is his brother raymond (rain man). charlie plans to take his brother until he recieves his half of the money so he can pay to get his business out of finanical trouble. they end up traveling across country to vegas then los angeles on back roads and a long the way charlie forms a bond with his brother. to make a long great story short. raymond ends back in wallbrook (the mental institution) and charlie loses him business. but charlie vows to visit his brother."
Amanda, Resident Rain Man Scholar

69. 20th Century Fox: Minority Report
Site officiel du fim de Steven Spielberg avec tom cruise. D©couverte du monde de precrime, des d©cors cr©es par futurites et informations sur le film vid©os, bandes annonces et actualit©s.

70. Actor Archives: Tom Cruise
80+ pictures, a biography, and a recent filmography.Category Arts Celebrities C cruise, tom......The Actor Archives tom cruise. A collection of high quality picturesthumbnailed ready to download, as well as a large biography

Tom Cruise Pictures click here to add this page to your favorites

Name: Tom Cruise
Syracuse, NY
201 lbs
Recent Filmography:
Mission Impossible II - Ethan
Magnolia - Frank Eyes Wide Shut - Dr. Bill Jerry Maguire - Jerry Interview With The Vampire - Lestat ::: After traveling tirelessly across most of the United States and Canada as a child, Tom Cruise finally settled down in Glen Ridge NJ. Although his initial dream was to become a priest that soon faded and his passion for acting flared up. Tom Cruise Starred in the top grossing films of the 80's and keeps it coming into the new century with his latest 'Mission Impossible 2.' ::: Click here to read the Tom Cruise biography... Page 1/9 page 1 :: page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 ... page 9 page 1 :: page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 ... page 9 newest actor additions brad pitt christian slater russell crowe [ full actor list ] choose an actor - Alec Baldwin Antonio Banderas Antonio Sabato Jr. Arnold Schwarzenegger Ben Affleck Billy Zane Brad Pitt Brendan Fraser Bruce Willis Chris Klein Christian Slater David Boreanaz David Duchovny Denzel Washington Freddie Prinze Jr.

71. M:I-2 - Accueil
Site officiel fran§ais du film de John Woo avec tom cruise. R©sum©, bande annonce et photos.

72. Sommaire
Film de Stanley Kubrick avec tom cruise et Nicole Kidman histoire, distribution et r©alisation, affiches, photos et liens.
EYES WIDE SHUT Vous etes le visiteur LES AFFICHES DE SANTINI Le Casting Le Realisateur L'Histoire ... La Distribution Pour en savoir plus sur Stanley Kubrick et son oeuvre Allez sur: Pour toutes critiques, remarques, insultes, photos, idees ou autres: Ecrivez moi :

73. TIME Magazine: Being Tom Cruise
COVER STORY Being tom tom cruise celebrates his 40th birthday and the releaseof Minority Report The Review No artificial intelligence; just smart fun
Being Tom

Tom Cruise celebrates his 40th birthday and the release of Minority Report
The Review

No artificial intelligence; just smart fun
Spielberg's List

What a director who has it all wants to do next
Phillip K. Dick

His dark vision of the future is now
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Minority Report Preview
Film stills to hold you over until June 21st Minority Report Web Guide Worthy online destinations for fans of the movie and its principals Special Feature Summer Blockbusters Of the movies based on a story or novel by Phillip K. Dick, which is the best? Blade Runner Total Recall Barjo Screamers The Imposter Minority Report A Master's Final Work Stanley Kubrick's haunting film Eyes Wide Shut Tom Terrific Hollywood's top gun aims for best-actor status 12/25/89 Cover Collection Browse every TIME cover related to the movies FROM THE JUNE 24, 2002 ISSUE OF TIME MAGAZINE; POSTED SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2002 PHOTOGRAPH FOR TIME BY SAM JONES Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

74. Tom Cruise
A thumbnailed photo gallery, filmography, biography, awards received, and sounds clips.

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75. TIME Magazine: Being Tom Cruise
COVER STORY Being tom tom cruise celebrates his 40th birthday and the releaseof Minority Report The Review No artificial intelligence; just smart fun
Being Tom

Tom Cruise celebrates his 40th birthday and the release of Minority Report
The Review

No artificial intelligence; just smart fun
Spielberg's List

What a director who has it all wants to do next
Phillip K. Dick

His dark vision of the future is now
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Minority Report Preview
Film stills to hold you over until June 21st A Master's Final Work Stanley Kubrick's haunting film Eyes Wide Shut Tom Terrific In his fiery new film, Hollywood's top gun aims for best-actor status Cover Collection Browse every TIME cover related to the movies Indicates premium content. E-mail your letter to the editor PHOTOGRAPH FOR TIME BY SAM JONES About Tom What makes Tom tick? A behind-the-scenes look at the life of a mega-star BY JESS CAGLE Posted Sunday, June 23, 2002; 22:00 BST Tom Cruise always avoids the eyes of other drivers. Zipping confidently through midday Los Angeles traffic in his blue Porsche Carrera, he obscures himself with a baseball cap and sunglasses. Pausing at a light, a car to his left, he discreetly raises his tinted window. But he can't avoid himself. On the trip from Fox Studios to downtown Hollywood, he is driving straight toward an enormous billboard for

76. Biografía De Tom Cruise 1ª Parte
Biograf­a, filmograf­a y galer­as fotogr¡ficas.

77. Minority Report (2002): Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Steven Spiel
best. CAST CREW tom cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton Directedby Steven Spielberg more SYNOPSIS The sciencefiction thriller

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78. - Tom Cruise
Photographs for download or to send as an email postcard.
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79. Kataweb Cinema
Filmografia e schede sui film, offre un profilo biografico a cura di Massimo Nepoti.,4858,5625-schedape
Kataweb News VideoNews Extra ... Cerca Mercoledi, 26 Marzo 2003 Scrivi a kwCinema RICERCA film nome articolo homevideo ricerca avanzata in collaborazione con
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Trovalo qui con

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Tom Cruise
nato il
: Stati Uniti
luogo di nascita : Syracuse, New York biografia Filmografia Minority Report Vanilla Sky Mission: Impossible 2 Eyes wide shut ... Taps - Squilli di rivolta

80. »
Biography, filmography, images, screen captures, and related links.
Welcome to! The Best Tom Cruise fansite on the web! Here You'll find all the latest news, the biggest pictures gallery online, tons of media, interactivity and much more!
Latest News:
Little news [Movie News] Which Witch?
Kidman and Cruise launch dueling witch pics. As Nic's ''Bewitched'' redo hits the fast track, Tom plans a remake of ''I Married a Witch'' by Gary Susman
Tom Cruise is preparing to star in a Danny DeVito-directed remake of the 1942 comedy ''I Married a Witch'' for Sony Pictures, Variety reports, but we bet he wishes he could call it ''I Married a Witch, Then Divorced Her, and Now She's Making Her Own Married-to-a-Witch Comedy for the Same Studio.'' The Cruise news comes on the same day as word that Sony's ''Bewitched'' adaptation, which is to star Nicole Kidman, is now on the fast track, according to the Hollywood Reporter, with Nora Ephron (''You've Got Mail'') in talks to write and direct.
Cruise brought ''I Married a Witch'' to Sony five years ago, when he and Kidman were still married, with an eye toward starring in it with her. It's the story of a witch who puts a centuries-long curse on a family's male descendants, only to fall in love with one of them and retreat to a life of mortal domesticity. (The original starred Veronica Lake and Fredric March.) Sounds a lot like ''Bewitched,'' based on the 1964-72 sitcom, which Sony began developing for Kidman last September.
Neither deal is solid; DeVito tells Variety he expects to start shooting by the end of the year, but Sony has yet to list the film on its production slate. Kidman, too, has yet to sign on the dotted line, though the film is supposed to shoot early next year, according to the Reporter.

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