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  1. Old Portorans: Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Willie Wilde, Max Adrian, Nigel Dodds, Neil Hannon, Andrew Clarke, Harry West, James Kilfedder
  2. Songwriters From Northern Ireland: Van Morrison, Gary Lightbody, Duke Special, Neil Hannon, Bap Kennedy, David Mcwilliams, Wesley Burrowes
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  5. The Divine Comedy Members: Neil Hannon, Joby Talbot, Simon Little, Stuart 'pinkie' Bates, Grant Gordon
  6. The Divine Comedy: The Divine Comedy Albums, the Divine Comedy Members, the Divine Comedy Songs, Neil Hannon, Casanova, Promenade
  7. Songs Written by Neil Hannon: The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count, Generation Sex, National Express, Diva Lady, the Gentleman Who Fell
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  9. Atheists From Northern Ireland: Neil Hannon, Martin O'hagan, Eamonn Mccann, Billy Hutchinson, Luke O'reilly
  10. Russian Convetional Arms Transfers Since 1991: Implications for U.S. Naval Forces by Neil A. Hannon, 2001
  11. The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Hell, Volume 05 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-02-06
  12. The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Hell, Volume 01 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-02-06

1. Neil Hannon
Neil Hannon. The Divine Comedy interview Neil Hannon - Interviewedin November 1999. The Divine Neil Hannon - By Fiona Carter.

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Neil Hannon

2. Musikkguiden - Neil Hannon
Neil Hannon. Bandbiografi. The Divine Comedy -. Deltar på (album). Tom Jones- Reload (1999) - vokal. Produsent. Tom Jones - Reload (1999). Låtskriver.
27. mars 2003



kontakt oss

Neil Hannon Band-biografi Deltar på (album) Produsent Låtskriver Groovissimo
Ricochets - The Ghost of Our Love
(White Jazz)
Her lukter det 60-tall, knuste hjerter og klassikerstatus lang vei. Tidligere: American Suitcase - Summerman Ed Harcourt - From Every Sphere Songs: Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co. Agnethe VR - Inspired ... Hele listen Feedback Svidd Grevling - Risiko: Oppvask - Rasmus Nord (26.03.03) Svidd Grevling - Risiko: Takk skal du ha - Morgan Lunde (26.03.03) System of a Down - Toxicity: Æ blir svemmel! - mortn (26.03.03) Konsert: Supersuckers Dette - Freddy (25.03.03) System of a Down - Toxicity: Har bare lest noen lette tabulatur ja - metalliman (24.03.03) Melody Club - Palace Station: melody club - sara (24.03.03) Tolv Volt - Kalas: Ang. svigermor - Thomas (24.03.03) Massive Attack - Mezzanine: Teardrop - Martie (24.03.03) System of a Down - Toxicity: Kan det bli bedre? - Martie (24.03.03) 22 Pistepirkko - The Nature Of 22 Pistepirkko: 1985 - 2002: Great compilation - Leon Versmissen (24.03.03)

3. Neil Hannon
1. the divine comedy'nin esas adami, beyni. irlandali. papaz cocugu.(yok, 27.05.2000 0217 ~ 20.01.2001 2110). 2. ciddi anlamda hannon

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  • 6. News
    Translate this page Artists Bio - Pop Rock. Neil hannon neil Hannon. Né en 1970, en Irlandedu Nord, Neil Hannon se moque bien des guerres de religion
    Artists Bio - Pop Rock
    Neil Hannon Neil Hannon
    Né en 1970, en Irlande du Nord, Neil Hannon se moque bien des guerres de religion et décide de s'évader dans la composition de pièces symphoniques, qui finiront par se transformer en "chansons orchestrées". Liberation est son premier Album solo sous le nom de Divine Comedy (s'il fallait n'en écouter qu'un, ce serait celui-là), mais c'est son suivant Promenade , élus par la critique comme un des meilleurs albums de 1994, qui le dévoile définitivement. Son style se résume à un romantisme pur, une nostalgie subtile sur un air de pop qui idéalise son pays d'enfance.
    Discographie : Regeneration (2001)
    A Secret History (1999)
    Fin de siècle (1998)
    A short Album About Love (1997)
    Casanova (1996)
    Promenade (1994)
    Liberation (1993)

    7. Celebrities
    Paul and Stove Ooberman Ooberman Ooberman Danny Popplewell Stevis Danny PopplewellOoberman Danny Popplewell Ooberman Danny Popplewell Neil hannon neil Hannon
    Click on a thumbnail to see the full size photo. Thanks to Joop for the Melys photos.

    8. Neil Hannon - Divine Comedy
    Interviewed in November 1999.
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    The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon, locked in a room
    Neil Hannon Neil Hannon, the brain behind The Divine Comedy, has achieved unprecedented success since Chris Evans played Something For The Weekend on his Radio 1 breakfast show back in 1996. The tiny Ulsterman has been working with Tom Jones, Ute Lemper, Robbie Williams, Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen - and he's even found time to get married. So how exactly does he find the time to be a genius? We caught up with him at London's Royal Festival Hall... I'm in a room. It is quite a large room, without windows. Sandwiches wait on plates, a large fridge huddles in a corner, contents unknown.
    It would be serene, in a prison-like way, were it not for an elf leaping about first this way then that between two chairs, the sandwiches table and the door, which he now locks from the inside. "Want a beer?" asks Neil Hannon, leaping over to the fridge, opening its door and revealing a veritable treasure chest of grog, the sort of arsenal that would make Father Jack cry with joy. I accept, and he grabs one for himself too. In a bound he's leaped past me to the sandwiches table again. He rummages about, sending sandwiches fleeing in every direction. "Ooops... where's the bottle opener?" I shrug, wondering why so many venues provide bands with riders when basic opening devices are not supplied. Then my fears are confounded as he brandishes the recovered bottle opener at me, almost like a child with a new toy, lets out a giggle, opens the bottles and leaps across to the chairs, where a Dictaphone awaits his every utterance. "You have until two minutes to six." This is to be a short interview - just 15 minutes to cover a month's worth of questions. Oh well... We're underway.

    9. The Divine Neil Hannon
    By Fiona Carter.Category Arts Music Bands and Artists D Divine Comedy, The...... The title of the first album said it all. . Anybody who listensto music can't help but feel influences in neil hannon's songs.
    Links ELO Syd Barrett Vivian Stanshall My Bloody Valentine ... 22 Questions The Divine Comedy have hit the charts three times this year with a trio of catchy pop songs which belie the breadth and diversity of their repertoire. Musical styles converge from lavish orchestral extravaganzas through big Hollywood-style musical numbers to the ever so nifty pop melodies which have been Divine Comedy's route to chart success. Neil Hannon is frequently compared to Jarvis Cocker, and there is no denying that he shares a certain British quirky wit with the Tall Dark One, but he's not like Jarvis, he doesn't draw from the seamy side of working-class life. Oh no, not he. His is a magpie's nest of ersatz references plundered from art, cinema, literature, and music. He has never had a proper job. After mediocre performance at school he was accepted to do an Art Foundation course at Liverpool Polytechnic. He decided to take a year out to try his hand at music and never returned to the real world. In 1989 he formed The Divine Comedy. In 1991 he was signed by Keith Cullen's Setanta label, and in 1992 his fellow members couldn't sustain the poverty and disappointment of their unsuccessful life and deserted him. Cullen's patronage gave him the security to keep plugging on. Unperturbed by this abandonment, Neil seized this opportunity and reinvented The Divine Comedy. Gone was the REM-style indie-guitar-infested music. He took some songs he already had, and with a collection of musicians, followed his instinct and set about developing his own musical style.

    10. Neil Hannon Sigue Siendo The Divine Comedy
    neil hannon sigue siendo The Divine Comedy. hannon está preparando nuevo disco bajo el nombre de The Divine Comedy.
    Neil Hannon sigue siendo The Divine Comedy
    Hannon está preparando nuevo disco bajo el nombre de The Divine Comedy. Continuará, pues, en solitario con el mismo nombre tras la disolución del grupo el pasado octubre. En su web afirma que el motivo de la ruptura es que “echaba de menos la libertad que tenía al principio” y, tras plantearse cambiar el nombre o ponerse el suyo en solitario, decidió que “Neil Hannon era un nombre horrible para una estrella del pop, y The Divine Comedy significa mucho tanto para la gente como para mi”. 29.May.2002

    11. Roddy Cleere's Irish Music Show: The Divine Comedy
    Interview with neil hannon.




    Brian Downey

    What They Said 2000 1999

    Back to
    Almost Fabulous
    He was born in Derry on November 7th 1970, lived at Christchurch Rectory, 80 Northland Road, and is the son of a Protestant minister, now a bishop. The first Divine Comedy album, Liberation , was released in August 1993. Promenade followed shortly afterwards, in March 1994. Casanova was the third album from Neil and his band. This time it seemed that it would bring the commercial success which the British press had predicted. The first single Something For The Weekend was championed by Chris Evans. As the single rose from the Radio One C list to A list the week before release, Neil became more accustomed to TV, appearing on The Big Breakfast, Saturday Live and eventually Top Of The Pops. Suddenly The Divine Comedy were appealing to a whole new audience. The last single from Casanova was The Frog Princess on November 4th 1996; It reached number 15 in the UK chart. Now the new album A Short Album About Love is on release and has already received huge acclaim. I spoke with Neil Hannon and the band, recently in Ireland to promote the new album, on the new found success.

    12. HANNON, Neil : Ñïðàâêà,ôîòî,MP3,Real Audio,äèñêîãðà
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    Íîâûå CD

    ... Z Neil HANNON
    JONES, Tom Reload Producer, Vocals WILLIAMS , Robbie I've Been Expecting You Vocals (bckgr) Mad for It Producer

    pH, îñíîâàòåëü Çâóêîâ


    13. Linky Linky Linky
    Get Carter Featuring an illustrated interview with neil hannon, a review of theShepherd's Bush event, and how you too can adopt a donkey Indulgence An
    Divine Comedy Links
    Get Carter
    Featuring an illustrated interview with Neil Hannon, a review of the Shepherd's Bush event, and how you too can adopt a donkey

    An excellent new web site with discography, lyrics and loads of press cuttings
    Setanta Records

    Another fledgling site, this time for the record company that made it all possible
    Alan James PR Divine Comedy info

    Press releases and other interesting bits and pieces
    Rough Guide To Rock: The Divine Comedy

    The Rough Guide to Rock is an A to Z of bands, entries written by fans rather than hacks
    Baggage Issue 17
    An interview with Neil Hannon A Divine Chat Audio interview with Neil Hannon in MPEG2 format
    Other Stuff
    As if by magic... A web site devoted to the magical world of Mr Benn, the television programme that inspired Festive Road Bernice Bobs Her Hair Text of F Scott Fitzgerald's short story ILTweb Digital Dante Project The real Divine Comedy The complete poetical works of William Wordsworth 'Lucy' and hundreds more Scott Walker Scott 2 Two sites devoted to Neil Hannon's hero Back to top
    More music
    Supersonic A comprehensive guide to musical web sites Space Pages devoted to Pulp Back to top
    Things I Like
    These things are nothing to do with the Divine Comedy, but you may find them interesting anyway

    14. | Music, Opera And Film Reviews And Features
    Tour dates, exclusive interviews with neil hannon, Joby Talbot, Rob Farrer and Bryan Mills, mp3 downloads, lyrics directory, latest news and photos.
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    The Divine Comedy's site on The Divine Comedy, although still online, is not currently being maintained. It may come out of mothballs when Neil releases some new material, and when time allows. In the meantime, find content on The Divine Comedy, including interviews, gig reviews and album reviews, at You can still access the old site , complete with MP3 files, photo gallery, lyrics archive and features, by clicking here Directory:
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    15. | Directory
    Halstead, neil @ ICA, London. Hammond, John Ready For Love. Hannibal. hannon,neil. Hansard, Glen @ Auntie Annie's, Belfast. Harcourt, Ed - From Every Sphere.
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    Names of bands, artists, film titles and opera starting with "H": Haines, Luke - Christie Malry's Own Double Entry Haines, Luke - The Oliver Twist Manifesto Halstead, Neil - Sleeping On Roads Halstead, Neil - Seasons ... Hynes, Nina + Mundy @ Auntie Annie's, Belfast's articles directory categorises the site's content by alphabetic selection. Select the first letter of a band's name, an artist's surname or a film or opera title; eg. for Gary Numan select 'N', for Radiohead select 'R', for Minority Report select 'M'. Alternatively, use the search engine in the top left of this page. Directory:
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    16. Neil Hannon / The Divine Comedy
    Welcome to Enter 10090 visitors since 07/07/2002
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    10916 visitors since 07/07/2002

    17. BBC - Radio 2 - Shows - Jonathan Ross
    Send it to a friend! BEN FOLDS neil hannon Jonathan got very excitedthe other week when he finally managed to get Ben Folds on the show.

    18. The Divine Comedy - Regeneration
    Review of the new album by neil hannon et al, released on Parlophone on March 12th 2001.
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    The Divine Comedy - Regeneration (Parlophone) release date: 12 March 2001 TRACK LISTING:
    1. Timestretched
    2. Bad Ambassador
    3. Perfect Lovesong
    4. Note to Self
    5. Lost Property
    6. Eye of the Needle
    7. Love What You Do 8. Dumb it Down 9. Mastermind 10. Regeneration 11. The Beauty Regime From the hushed tones of opener Timestretched to the plodding finale The Beauty Regime, Regeneration seems to go out of its way to leave past jauntiness behind. There is, not entirely sadly, nothing here about coaches, woodsheds or Michael Caine characters. But we knew that long ago Neil Hannon had opted to shed the pretence and "be himself", supposing he could remember who that was. We also knew that some changes would be necessary to keep the vision. Regeneration was eagerly awaited. Musically, this album is not that much of a change of direction for The Divine Comedy, for the songs are every bit as glorious as their predecessors; and this is not really surprising, for the line-up is the same, with Hannon still accounting for all the songwriting credits. In the main, the arrangements and instrumentation are simpler and rather more stripped down than anything that went before. As Hannon acknowledged, the last studio album featured over 100 musicians - things were getting ridiculous. Despite the back-to-basics approach, Regeneration is still easily recognised as a product of the same band, albeit with the addition of producer Nigel Godrich.

    19. BBC - Northern Ireland - Across The Line
    neil hannon played a version of the Flaming Lips song, Race For The Prize at the Ambassador Theatre, Dublin last

    20. Neil Hannon / The Divine Comedy
    Guitar tablatures and chords, MP3s, competitions, downloads, wallpapers and guitar hints.Category Arts Music Bands and Artists D Divine Comedy, The......Welcome to. Enter 9788 visitors since 07/07/2002.
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