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         Hartnett Josh:     more books (30)
  1. Teen People June/July 2003 25 Hottest Stars Under 25! Josh Hartnett (Single Back Issue)
  2. OK Weekly Magazine Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo September 25, 2006 Issue (Ellen Pompeo, Rachel Bilson, Josh Hartnett, Megan Mullally) by OK Weekly, 2006
  3. Cracker: The Complete U.S. Series. DVD by Robert, Angela Featherstone, Josh Hartnett Pastorelli, 1998-01-01
  4. Entertainment Weekly June 29 & July 6, 2001 Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Josh Hartnett, Dave Matthews, Jurassic Park 3, Aaliyah, That 70s Show
  5. V Man Magazine Spring/summer 2006: Josh Hartnett
  6. Josh Hartnett
  7. Josh Hartnett Calendar 2004 (Calendar)
  8. Entertainment Weekly August 17, 2001 Josh Hartnett & Julia Stiles & Mekhi Phifer/O, Nicole Kidman/The Others, Mariah Carey' Meltdown, Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker/Rush Hour 2
  9. Josh Hartnett Album
  10. "La dalia negra".(Reseña de película): An article from: Proceso by Javier Betancourt, 2007-12-16
  11. La batalla de Pearl Harbor.(TT: The battle of Pearl Harbour.)(Reseña)(Artículo Breve): An article from: Semana

21. Best Josh Page Ever
Welcome to The Best josh hartnett Page Ever!
Click here to continue. Best Josh Page Ever The best page about Josh Hartnett, Biography, Filmography, many pictures, contact ...

22. Absolute Josh Hartnett Fan Site
hartnett, josh (hartnett, josh)
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23. { HARTTHROB } Josh Hartnett Fanlisting
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25. Josh Hartnett Pictures, Photos, Posters, Biography, Wallpaper, Filmography, Movi
josh hartnett pictures, screensavers, downloads, posters, photos, biography, wallpaper,filmography, movies, videos. Home Actors H hartnett, josh. Rings,_Josh/
Search ACTORS ACTRESSES ATHLETES MOVIES ... H > Hartnett, Josh Rings: More Josh Hartnett:
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26. The Heart Of Hartnett
Dansk side om josh hartnett skuespilleren kendt fra film som Pearl Harbor og 40 Days 40 Nights.
Forum Gæstebog
Kommer Snart Sister Sites Link mig Velkommen til den første danske Josh Hartnett site på nettet! Nyheder
Undskyld det er så længe siden jeg har opdateret siden, men vores lille mand laver ikke så meget her for tiden! Man jeg har da en lille artikel i kan få... - " Pearl Harbor" Helten Josh Hartnett har sat pigehjerter i brand kloden over, men selv har han det skidt med at være et sex-symbol: "Opmærksomhed er ikke noget, jeg higer efter. Jeg foretrækker at holde lev profil", udtaler han. Hartnett har da også holdet lev profil med det faktum, at han har en kæreste i sin hjemby, St. Paul, i Minnesota. "Jeg vill ikke have hendes navn frem, for hun skal ikke trækkes ind i rampelyset", siger stjernen. Bye Bye
Der er kommet billeder på siden nu..

27. Josh Hartnett Pictures
Home Actors H hartnett, josh Pictures Related Categories Auctions Address- Articles - Biography - Chat - Filmography - Interviews - News - Reviews,_Josh/Pictures/
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28. Tripod
Pictures, links, articles, and bios of Ben Affleck, josh hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr., Alec Baldwin, and James King.
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29. Here On Earth Discussion
Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of the film starring Chris Klein, Leelee Sobieski, and josh hartnett.
Choose from hundreds of plot, theme, character, and setting options to find precisely what you're looking for!
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Dramas Movies - Reviews - Here on Earth
Go to the exciting
Here on Earth Message Board Search for another movie (click here) Resident Scholar Profiles
Haven Tso
SCHOLARS: Would you like to be a scholar? Click here to submit a review! Here on Earth
Starring: Chris Klein, Leelee Sobieski, Josh Hartnett
Review Summary "A rich guy (Klein) was forced into a reconstruction project after being involved in an accident in a small town near his school. There he bumped into a local girl (Sobieski)who developed a triangular love affair with him and her boyfriend (Hartnett). "
Haven Tso, Resident Here on Earth Scholar
Overall Review Our unique search engine provides a wealth of detail about
books by breaking them down into many different literary
elements, all of which are searchable (click here).
Ratings are on a 1-10 scale (Low to High)
Time/era of movie: ... Return to Here on Earth topic page Free E-Books! Invasion of the Insectiods (click here) Insectoid Book 1 The Insectoids have destroyed most of the fleet in a cowardly sneak attack. Now, humanity's only hope is left with War Admiral Norman North and the surviving ships of the line, while Clifford Croft leads a

30. Josh Hartnett Page
josh hartnett Page Join the josh hartnett mailing list!!! If the above link doesnot work, you can go to and click on the find a list link.
Josh Hartnett Page This is the VERY first un-official webpage  dedicated to the one and only Josh Hartnett, star of the movies "Halloween H20", "The Faculty", and "Pearl Harbor". "Pearl Harbor" opened everywhere May 25th, so go see it and support Josh!FONT> Biography Filmography Articles and Quotes Click here for various pics!! Click below for pics from "The Faculty" Click below for a few pics from the Tommy ads!! Click below for some pics from "Halloween H20" Click below for an exclusive interview with Josh!! You are visitor number since August 18th, 1998! E-mail me at Tell me what you think- about Josh, this page, life in general...but PLEASE, if you're going to criticize, make it constructive criticism. Thank you! Or you can sign the guestbook... View My Guestbook Sign My Guestbook Also, Josh does not have an email address where you can reach him nor time to use a computer, so please do not ask. Thank you! Join the Josh Hartnett mailing list!!! If the above link does not work, you can go to and click on the "find a list" link. Then type "Josh Hartnett" and it should bring you to my list. This Hot Guyz Webring site is owned by

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31. Personal Page Of Jessie
This is about josh hartnett, OTown, and includes some random thoughts and pictures.
Cartoon Network (lol) IM icons- get them here! You need Java to see this applet. click below to email me Home (all of my regular things) NOTE- i will be adding more websites pretty soon- stop by often to see!
NOTE- a star means that its REALLY NEW Leah's Website Kira's Website P r o u d m e m b e r o f t h e
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Pics from our school trip! (8th grade) Quotes All of my pages are right beneath this little banner! All of the other pages that i like are beneath this banner! Avril Lavigne Website (complete with snippets of songs!) About Me (includes school, sports, and shoutouts!)

32. Josh Hartnett Pics Pictures Pix At
Biography, pictures, constant news updates with vidcaps and transcripts, filmography, active message board, games, and quiz on the Pearl Harbor star.


... Message Boards Who is that charismatic, good looking, and quiet young actor you have been hearing so much about? Well, if it's movies like “The Faculty,” “Halloween H2O,” and “Pearl Harbor” being used as bait, it's probably Hollywood rookie Josh Hartnett. After making a large splash onto the movie scene in 1998, starring next to Jamie Lee Curtis in the much anticipated series thriller “Halloween H20,” Josh became fresh meat to young girls everywhere. He graduated in the spring of 1996 and jetted off for acting school at New York's SUNY (State University of New York). He admitted in an interview for Cracker that he was kicked out for writing an “eloquent letter” to the program directors about their needs to fund the program better, and he sly fully added, “and something about a professor's daughter…” Refusing to give up his dreams to become an actor Josh high tailed it to L.A. and would eventually audition for Dawson's Creek six times and try a shot at a role in “Postmen” with Kevin Costner. After hard work and determination Josh got his big brake when Stephen Cragg offered him a part in the short-lived television series “Cracker.” This opened not only fellow actor's eyes, but people in Hollywood all together. According to Entertainment Weekly magazine, Josh's next role would be the hardest for him, not only to accept, but to deal with every day afterward. That movie, which would launch Josh into film super stardom was Michael Bay's epic “Pearl Harbor.” Josh admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he was “scared to take the role because I was a bit concerned that it might make me a bit more famous than I already am.” Reportedly, after a much needed trip across the river (from Minneapolis to St. Paul) and a brief discussion with his dad over a car wash, Josh decided to take on the role of Danny Walker next to Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale. The movie itself fell short of Titanic, not only in budget, but also in opening week box office sales, however, for Josh, he did not fall short of Leonardo DiCaprio style success off the film.

33. I Josh Hartnett UN-Official Fan Page Font Size= 6 /i
josh hartnett UNOfficial Fan Page. I know I haven't done the best jobof keeping this page updated so I will try to update it monthly now.
Josh Hartnett UN-Official Fan Page
I know I haven't done the best job of keeping this page updated so I will try to update it monthly now. Sorry but hopefully it will be worth the wait.
  • Met Josh? I've Got Your Stories Up!
  • 5 Pages of Pictures....and More Coming!
  • Weekly Josh Poll
  • Josh Wallpaper
  • ....AND MORE (look below!)
Josh Fans Speak Out!!

More Pictures

Met Josh?!?! Here Are Your Stories!!

Thanks for visiting my Josh page. I'm still working on it and still getting more articles, and if you want something to be added, email me at the address at the bottom of the screen!! I am currently gathering pictures to add to my picture page. So come back soon and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN THE GUEST BOOK!! ***You can talk to me on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) on the screen name ***NOTE: I have been receiving e-mails from people thinking I am Josh Hartnett so I thought I'd make an announcement that I am NOT Josh Hartnett or know him personally*** Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook

34. Cineclub - Filmkritik: 40 Tage Und 40 Nächte
Der Film mit josh hartnett wird ausf¼hrlich vorgestellt und besprochen, auŸerdem gibt es zahlreiche Bilder und die M¶glichkeit, den Film zu bewerten.
40 Tage und 40 Nächte
Josh Hartnetts Keuschheitsgelübde bringt ihm nichts als Schwierigkeiten - und vielleicht die große Liebe...
[Film bewerten]

Immer die aktuellsten Kinokritiken im Cineclub! Starttermin
Name Wertung Länge Unter-
haltung Span-
nung Action Musik Erotik An-
spruch Ein-
druck Ge-
40 Tage und 40 Nächte Genre: Komödie Diesen Film bewerten! Regie: Michael Lehmann Inhalt: Matts Freundin Nicole ( Vinessa Shaw ) hat mit ihm Schluss gemacht. Und er trauert ihr immer noch hinterher, seit 6 Monaten. Bei jedem Date, bei jedem Sex läuft alles wunderbar. Aber dann, wenn Matt ( Josh Hartnett ) feststellt, dass nicht Nicole sondern eine andere Frau mit ihm im Bett liegt, scheint jedesmal die Decke über ihm einzustürzen, eine tiefe Leere stellt sich ein. Da weder sein Job als Webdesigner noch sein Bruder, der Anwärter aufs Priesteramt ist, ihm weiterhelfen können, ist Matt der Verzweiflung nahe. Bis ihm - rechtzeitig zu Beginn der Fastenzeit - die Erleuchtung kommt. Wenn der Teufelskreis aus Matts Verlangen nach Sex und Liebe und dessen unvollständiger, einseitiger Befriedigung erzeugt wird, hilft nur ein Keuschheitsgelübde. 40 Tage und 40 Nächte kein Sex, kein Kuss, nicht Streicheln, Knabbern - und keine Masturbation... Während Matt in den ersten Tagen ganz gut zurecht kommt, braut sich in seinem Umfeld etwas Unangenehmes zusammen: Seine Arbeitskollegen haben von der Aktion Wind bekommen und nun nehmen sie Wetten an, wie lange Matt es wohl durchhalten wird. Je mehr Tage verstreichen, umso mehr wächst der Jackpot der Wette und damit die Bereitschaft, in Sachen Sieg ein wenig nachzuhelfen.

35. Zharz Josh Hartnett Trivia And Quizzes Quiz
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Home Members Celebrities Actors E-K Josh Hartnett
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Quiz Title Difficulty Played Online Author Josh Hartnett 2001
I LOVE Josh Hartnett so I made this quiz. Try it if you think you love him more than me! Easy Jul 02 01 robyndawson Do You Know Josh Hartnett?
Think you know a lot about Josh Hartnett. Take this quiz to find out. The questions will be hard if your not familiar with him, but if you know your hottie it should be easy for you. Easy Jan 04 01 Josh Hartnett Trivia! Here's a little quiz to test if you are the ultimate Josh Hartnett fan!! This quiz includes questions on his life and career. Average Jun 26 02 hayley.the.great

36. Voila - Mon Site
Galeries de photos des principaux interpr¨tes Ben Affleck, josh hartnett et Kate Beckinsale.
Ce site ou cette page n'existe pas

37. Hartnett, Josh Trivia And Quizzes
Special Lists Newest Quizzes Top Ranked Overall Easy Average Hard - MostPopular Options Create a hartnett, josh Quiz Special Instructions READ

38. Fanhost IRC Chat
Find information, news, downloads, images, links, a messageboard, and multimedia of actor josh hartnett.

39. Hartnett Site
Biographie, filmographie d©taill©e, photos et affiches, forum de discussion et liens.
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40. Match Yourself With Josh Hartnett
Match yourself with josh hartnett. In order to calculate the compatiblitybetween you and josh hartnett you need to enter your birthday. Hartne

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