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  1. Forever Dobie: The Many Lives of Dwayne Hickman by Dwayne Hickman, Joan Roberts Hickman, 1994-10
  2. Publicity Still "Dobie Gillis" (Dwayne Hickman & Sheila James) by Dwayne Hickman, 1961
  3. Forever Dobie: The Many Lives of Dwayne Hickman
  4. DOBIE! Songs By DWAYNE HICKMAN, Star of the Twentieth Century Fox Television Production THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS. (LP Record) by Dwayne (Dobie Gillis) Hickman, 1960-01-01
  5. Forever Dobie First Edition Signed by Dwayne Hickman and Joan Roberts Hickman, 1994

1. - Dwayne Hickman
Dwayne Hickman I've done a lot of things in my life. But to manypeople, I'll always be Dobie Gillis. . No kidding. Six years ago

2. Dwayne Hickman
This page was updated on April 9, 2001.

3. Dead Or Alive? - Dwayne Hickman
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Dwayne Hickman
Info: Played Dobie Gillis in the TV series "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis"
Date of Birth:
Current Age:

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  • 5. Dwayne Hickman Also Known As Dobie Gillis Offers Personlized Paintings And Video
    Best known as Dobie Gillis. Official site.Category Arts Celebrities H hickman, dwayne......dwayne hickman known as Dobie Gillis offers personlized paintingsand videos and photos and memorabilia. dwayne hickman, Greetings
    Dwayne Hickman
    Greetings and welcome to this great new way for us to stay in touch! For those of you that are into collecting T.V. and movie memorabilia, this is the place to acquire photos as well as other cool stuff from my television shows, pilots and feature films. You'll find excerpts from my book "Forever Dobie" and videos of my first television series, "The Bob Cummings Show" where I played Bob’s nephew, "Chuck MacDonald".
    I have been in show business since I was six years old but my true love has been art and architecture. I am very excited to have the opportunity to share some of my work with you. Visit my Gallery where you will find something for everyone. If you are just beginning to collect I am offering framed four color prints. If you are a more serious collector you may be interested in my unframed Limited Edition Giclée Prints or my framed, Limited Edition Prints on Canvas which I personally enhance. My original oil paintings are on exhibit at The Charles Hecht Gallery in La Jolla, California and the Gallery Americana in Carmel, California.

    6. The Lively Set Presents Dwayne Hickman
    Interview with the actor, focusing on his role as Dobie Gillis on 1960s television.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated
    Sharyn Peacocke talks to Dwayne Hickman, aka Dobie Gillis LIKE WOW!
    Destination: cyberspace. Rewind to the '60s. A park bench. A cute teenager in a check shirt emulating Rodin's Thinker, pondering how to get a girl - just one beautiful, gorgeous, soft, round, creamy girl. Rapping with his good buddy Maynard G. Krebs. Chasing the unattainable Thalia. Dodging Zelda Gilroy. Dobie ... wants a gal who's dreamy ...
    Dobie ... wants a gal who's creamy ...
    Dobie ... wants a gal to call his own ...
    Fast forward. Like wow, man - is he really 65? That makes me, us . . . gosh, never mind. I tell him I'm a fan and ask if we can chat. "Sure," he says, and pulls out all stops to make me comfortable. Almost forty years on, he seems much the same - affable, warm, witty, polite. Dwayne Hickman, aka Dobie Gillis, perches on a stool in the courtyard studio of his Santa Monica home expertly applying paint to a canvas. Upstairs in a loft office overlooking the mountains and sea, his wife Joan Roberts Hickman keeps tabs on their official website using a home computer, the nucleus of their thriving family business. It's a long way from The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, the ground-breaking 1960s sitcom starring Dwayne Hickman as Dobie, the lovable teenager whose sole ambition was to win a girl.

    7. The Dwayne Hickman Gift Shop
    the perfect collectible gift pieces and we are now ready to share these unique itemswith you as we launch the addition of The dwayne hickman Signature Gift
    Featuring unique collectibles, jewelry, stationery and fine gifts I have received many requests from friends, family, fans and collectors to offer a line of gifts featuring my paintings. The response to my artwork has been overwhelming and I want to thank all of you for your phenomenal support. My wife and partner, Joan Roberts, and I have spent many months searching for the perfect collectible gift pieces and we are now ready to share these unique items with you as we launch the addition of "The Dwayne Hickman Signature Gift Collection" to my web site... Inside the Gift Shop you will find a selection of fine gift collectibles that fit every budget. Each piece will be offered in four different images featuring prints from my House and Landscape series. These collectible gift pieces are of the highest quality. Our manufacturer provides many of these same designs for gift shops in the finest museums and historical homes in the country. They include The Guggenheim Museum in New York City, The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., The Norton Simon in Pasadena, California and the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island to name only a few. Take a moment and browse through the Gift Shop. We know that you will enjoy giving and receiving these beautiful collectible gift pieces. Enjoy!

    8. Photos
    Photo 5 dwayne hickman - Executive. $10.00
    I have opened my personal files to bring you special, and in some cases, one of a kind photos from "Dobie". The following are all available in 8"x10" format. At your request I will personally autograph yours with a special inscription to you. Photo #1: This is classic "Dobie". I was wearing plaid shirts long before Lands End and J.Crew made them so popular. Photo#2: "It’s only you Maynard" Bob and I are the original "Odd Couple" but we have been good friends nearly forty years. We also share the same alma mater, Loyola University. Photo#3: Propinquity brought us together. She was "Gilroy" and I was "Gillis". Now Sheila James represents my district in the California State Assembly. Sheila, also known as Sheila James Kuehl, is going to run for the state senate…Zelda, you’ve got my vote! Photo #4: "Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob, can I borrow the car?" Bob Cummings, Ann B. Davis and my "mom" Rosemary De Camp made up the cast of "The Bob Cummings Show" also known as "Love That Bob". Photo #5: Dobie becomes Boy Executive Photo#6 Here I am today and I am still wearing those check shirts…No wonder people say I don’t look any different than my "Dobie" days, I’m wearing the same clothes!!!

    9. Dwayne Hickman
    Similar pages,+dwayne Similar pages More results from Welcome to The ArtAffairs Grouphickman, dwayne Search Successful! Products Found Total=11, Pages=2Art Listings (19 of 11) Click on the image to see and learn more., Dwayne

    10. Dwayne Hickman -
    The younger brother of former child star Darryl hickman, dwayne hickman was himself a professional actor from the age
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    ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Dwayne Hickman The younger brother of former child star Darryl Hickman Dwayne Hickman was himself a professional actor from the age of 10. Dwayne's early film roles were essentially bits; one of his first worthwhile assignments was a 1950 episode of TV's The Lone Ranger, in which he played a young orphan who grew up to be Darryl Hickman After guesting on such series as The Stu Erwin Show , Hickman was cast as Bob Cummings ' girl-happy nephew Chuck on the popular sitcom Love That Bob (1954-58). Claiming to have no natural talent, Hickman has insisted that he learned everything he knows about comic acting from Cummings, whom he admired to the point of idolatry. In 1958, he landed his first major screen role, playing a small-town Brando wannabe in Rally Round the Flag Boys Max Shulman , author of the novel upon which the film was based, was impressed by Hickman, and recommended that the actor be starred in another Shulman adaptation, the weekly TV series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis . During the Dobie run, Hickman briefly enjoyed Top-40 radio airplay with his recording of the folk-song parody "I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter." When Dobie Gillis folded in 1963, Hickman returned to feature films, offering comedy support to

    11. Welcome To The ArtAffairs Group
    dwayne hickman Search Successful! The Brick House by hickman, dwayne Editions Marketplace, The Cottage at Twilight by hickman, dwayne Editions Marketplace,

    12. Dwayne Hickman Autograph
    Home dwayne hickman Dot Com dwayne hickman PO Box 3352 Santa Monica, CA 90403 Sent 08/15/00 Recd 02/02/01 Free Web Hosting by
    Home Dwayne Hickman Dot Com Dwayne Hickman PO Box 3352 Santa Monica, CA 90403 Sent: Rec’d: Free Web Hosting by

    13. MSN Entertainment - Celebs: Dwayne Hickman
    Music Info. dwayne hickman. Actor. The younger brother of former child star Darrylhickman, dwayne hickman was himself a professional actor from the age of 10.

    14. MSN Entertainment - Celebs: Tony Berg
    Actors Seymour Cassel, William Forsythe, Steve Franken, Crispin Glover, HarryHamlin, Darryl hickman, dwayne hickman, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, David Nelson

    15. Movies Unlimited: Find Actor Results (Stage 2)
    dwayne hickman Video Titles Available from Movies Unlimited. Cat Ballou(1965) VHS. How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (1965) VHS. Dr. Goldfoot Hickma

    16. Movies Unlimited: Product Page
    How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (1965) Fearful that buddy dwayne hickman will hit onAnnette Funicello while he's on Naval Reserve duty, Frankie Avalon gets witch

    17. The Lively Set Presents Forever Dobie
    THE LIVELY SET PROUDLY PRESENTS excerpts from. FOREVER DOBIE THE MANYLIVES OF dwayne hickman. by dwayne hickman Joan Roberts hickman.
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated
    Jack Benny became one of Dwayne's mentors during production of The Bob Cummings Show: "Uncle" Bob Cummings was eccentric, to say the least: During his success as a teenager on The Bob Cummings Show, Dwayne was persuaded to record a single, School Dance. He then reluctantly went on tour, which included an unforgettable appearance on American Bandstand: In Ski Party, Dwayne and Frankie Avalon met up again, but this time they were both dressed in drag:
    We were all decked out in our wigs and false eyelashes. As the [ski] lift slowly made its way up the mountain, imagine Frankie and me dressed in drag, hanging on to each other for dear life. Finally, we reached the top. Nearly frozen, we were helped out of the chair lift only to discover that it was too cold to film. The cameras were frozen, so we had to turn around and go back down the hill. We were both scared to death to get back on the lift, but it was either take the lift or ski down, and the latter was out of the question because neither of us could ski. We felt like two fools as we finally hit the ground and were greeted by nearly twenty real skiers on the way up the mountain. I told Frankie that no one would recognize us dressed like women, so he made his way toward the lodge as I followed close behind. A tall, gorgeous blonde passed me and, as our eyes met, she stopped and said, "I know you, you're Dwayne Hickman. Look, everybody, it's Dobie Gillis".

    18. Dwayne Hickman
    dwayne hickman. Find where dwayne hickman is credited alongside another name.dwayne hickman . Email this page to a friend. Update information, Dwayne

    19. Dwayne Hickman
    TV Tome is your guide to dwayne hickman. Biography, roles and appearances, gossipand more. TV Tome, Click here to visit our sponsor. dwayne hickman.
    Dwayne Hickman
    Links IMDb Info
    Biographical Information Dwayne Hickman Photo from: promo photo Notes News Crew Credits Designing Women - Director
    Get a Life
    - Director
    Harry and the Hendersons
    - Director
    Head of the Class
    - Director
    Open House
    - Director
    Sister, Sister
    - Director
    Acting Appearances
    Starring Roles
    The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959) - Dobie Gillis
    Love That Bob
    (1955) - Chuck MacDonald
    The Bob Cummings Show
    (1955) - Chuck MacDonald Guest Starring Roles Gilligan's Island - Network Executive - Surviving Gilligan's Island Clueless - Tripp Mariens - Parent Trap Clueless - Tripp Mariens - Back from Bakersfield Clueless - Tripp Mariens - Bakersfield Blues Clueless - Tripp Mariens - The Intruder Murder, She Wrote - Brian Thursday - Murder According to Maggie Ellery Queen - Linville Hagen - The Adventure of the Wary Witness Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Sergeant J. Orkin - The Youth Killer Love, American Style Love and the Persistent Assistant Love, American Style ... The Lone Ranger - Johnny Barton - Sunstroke Mesa The Lux Video Theatre Captive City The Lone Ranger - Younger Don Emmett - Two Gold Lockets Co Starring Roles Love That Bob The Beauty Contest There is no editor for this person.

    20. MovieGoods - Search For "Dwayne"
    CAST Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Molly Shannon, Dan Hedaya, Loni Anderson, RichardGrieco, Elisa Donovan, Lochlyn Munro, dwayne hickman, Mark McKinney

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