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  1. The Truth About the Japanese "Threat": Misperceptions of the Sam Huntington Thesis (Hoover Essays) by Tetsuya Kataoka, 1995-02
  2. Sam Henry's "Songs of the People"
  3. All about prehistoric cave men, (Allabout books, A-30) by Sam and Beryl Epstein, 1959
  4. Sam Huntington
  5. Who Are We The CHaIIenges to Americas National Identity by Sam Huntington, 2005-01-01
  6. Seagull Sam by Katie Clark, 2007-06-25
  7. All About Preshistoric Men by Sam & Beryl Epstein, 1959-01-01
  8. All About Prehistoric Cave Men by Sam and Beryl Epstein, 1959
  9. All About Prehistoric Men(Allabout Books #30) by Sam and Beryl Epstein, 1959
  10. "From death to life": Or the miraculous conversion of Sam Preston by Sam Preston, 1898
  11. SAM HENRY'S SONGS OF THE PEOPLE. Revised, with additions and indexes by Lani Herrmann. by Gale (editor). Huntington, 1990
  12. Uncle Sam's Camels : The Journal of May Humphreys Stacey Supplemented by the Report of of Edward Fitzgerald Beale

1. Huntington
huntington sam. in the movie Jungle to Jungle ( 1997) BornApril/ 01/ 1982. First guest appearances Law and Order (1990) First
in the movie " Jungle to Jungle ( 1997)"
Born:April / 01/ 1982
First guest appearances :"Law and Order (1990)"
First movie :Harvest of Fire (1996)
Recent movie :U-Boat (2003)
- 7 movies -

2. Sam Huntington
Sam Huntington Teen Beat Magazine, November 1997, Vol. 20, NO. 8 SamHuntington star of last spring's hit flick Jungle 2 Jungle, really
Sam Huntington
Teen Beat Magazine, November 1997, Vol. 20, NO. 8
Sam Huntington star of last spring's hit flick Jungle 2 Jungle, really roughed it during the filming of his very first movie. For the scenes that were filmed in Venezuela, Sam, along with the rest of the cast and crew, had to endure a very bumpy jeep ride, a canoe trip, an even bumpier jeep ride and then another canoe trip just to get to the shooting location! Working in rainy, muddy conditions in the middle of the jungle was no big deal compared to having a spider as big as a puppy walk across your chest, as Sam did! An experience like this might scare some actors away, but not Sam, who enjoyed most of it.
TEEN BEAT: Did you know how rough the conditions were going to be when you signed to do Jungle 2 Jungle?
SAM: No idea! But it was all right. I knew I was going somewhere tropical and it was a change from where I was.
TEEN BEAT: Did you ever have a moment then when you were like, why am I doing this?!
SAM: Oh yes! There was this one time where we were in Charlotte's apartment in New York and I was supposed to put the spider in the box. It kind of flipped out of my hands and caught a hold of my leg and started to crawl up my leg! It was so nerve-wracking! But what was bad about the spider was its tiny little hairs that would get on me and would itch like mad!
TEEN BEAT: The producers of the movie said that they knew you were right for the part of Mimi-Siku as soon as they saw you.

3. Huntingtons On The WWW
living Australia); Sam huntington sam Huntington (1982 - ); WilliamHuntington Home Page William Huntington (1745 - 1813); Zina's
WWW Links
  • Huntington Biographical Sketches Biography of our founder, Silas Huntington: Huntington University, Sudbury ON Canada Silas Huntington (1829 - 1905) American Architects' Biographies: H Charles Pratt Huntington (1874 -1919) Carl Carl Huntington (1948 -  ) Collis Potter Huntington Collis Potter Huntington (1821 - 1900) Colonial Hall: Biography of Samuel Huntington Governor Samuel Huntington, American Revolution Patriot Huntington Homestead Samuel Huntington Gov. Samuel Huntington (1731 - 1796) Congressional Biographical Directory Abel Huntington (1777 - 1858), Benjamin Huntington (1736 - 1800), Ebenezer Huntington (1754 - 1834), Jabez Williams Huntington (1788 - 1847), Samuel Huntington (1731 - 1796) Early American Presbyterians C Hon. Oristus Collins (1792- ) Early American Presbyterians I-J Hon. Joel Jones (1795-1860), Joseph Huntington Jones, D.D. (1797-1868) Edward R. Murrow's Wife Janet Huntington Brewster Janet Huntington (Brewster) Murrow (1910- ) Francis Huntington Snow Francis Huntington Snow (1840 - 1908) Fred T. Huntington Museum
  • 4. Shirtless Teen Idols: Sam Huntington
    Sam Huntington, Vote for this Site! Pics from Jungle2Jungle . Vhs Amazon(USA). huntington_j2j01.jpg 23.33 Kb 485 x 476, huntington_j2j02
    Home Actors Singers Athletes ... Links Sam Huntington
    Pics from "Jungle2Jungle" Vhs: Amazon (USA)

    23.33 Kb
    485 x 476
    27.92 Kb
    414 x 395
    24.61 Kb
    364 x 474
    26.72 Kb
    480 x 476
    57.29 Kb 602 x 372 86.25 Kb 850 x 476 29.35 Kb 424 x 476 29.44 Kb 386 x 475 32.16 Kb 585 x 476 24.92 Kb 396 x 474 24.44 Kb 371 x 475 35.13 Kb 417 x 476 45.34 Kb 506 x 374 Pics from "Detroit Rock City" Dvd: Amazon (USA) Vhs: Amazon (USA) 22.26 Kb 218 x 335 15.87 Kb 343 x 360

    5. Sam Huntington
    Sam Huntington. Huntington, Sam Fan Club - Features an interview,photo gallery, message board, fan club information, and links.

    Celebrity List
    Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
    Sam Huntington

    6. Max Galleries Movie Store: Sam Huntington
    Sam Huntington. Title, Young Actor CoStars, DVD. VHS. Detroit Rock City. EdwardFurlong Also available - Soundtrack. DVD. VHS. Jungle 2 Jungle, Frankie J. Galasso,DVD.
    Sam Huntington
    Title Young Actor Co-Stars DVD VHS Detroit Rock City Edward Furlong Also available - Soundtrack Jungle 2 Jungle Frankie J. Galasso Go to The Store Stars Index Go to The Store Movie Title Index If you don't find what you're looking for in The Store at Max Galleries, feel free to search for it. Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Electronics Software Kitchen Wireless Phones Keywords: If you have questions about The Store at Max Galleries, please check our FAQ

    7. Sam Huntington
    SAM HUNTINGTON Sports 1. Wakeboarding the George Clooney . My Snazzy Listof Links. The Sam Huntington Website This page has been visited times.
    My Snazzy List of Links
    The Sam Huntington Website
    This page has been visited times.

    8. Sam Huntington
    Sam Huntington. Jungle 2 Jungle. Harvest of Fire. Detroit Rock City. DetroitRock City. Not Another Teen Movie. Actors and Actresses H. LinkWeb.Net.
    Sam Huntington
    Jungle 2 Jungle Harvest of Fire Detroit Rock City Detroit Rock City Not Another Teen Movie Actors and Actresses: H Link-Web.Net

    9. The Sam Huntington Website
    sam huntington. Page 1 of 16
    The Sam Huntington Website
    This website is dedicated exclusively to the teen actor, Sam Huntington! Inside you will find Sam Huntington's complete credits on screen and stage - with lots of information about his roles! You'll find his biography , an Actor's Studio where you can learn tips about acting, lots of trivia , information about his feature films, "Jungle 2 Jungle" and "Detroit Rock City" ! You'll also find some EXCLUSIVE interviews , a cool picture gallery links , and much more!
    Enter Here Fan Mail Agent Information The Sam Huntington Website is designed to share the talent and accomplishments of the teen actor, Sam Huntington. All the information contained on The Sam Huntington Website is confirmed. Please secure prior written permission before using any information or pictures on this website. If you wish to do a link exchange, please let me know! Thanks! The Sam Huntington Website is the third generation of informational websites dedicated exclusively to Sam Huntington. It began with SamNet in March 1997, then Sam Huntington University in December 1997, and then The Sam Huntington Website in May 1999. Thanks for visiting! Come again!

    10. Sam Huntington Fan Club
    Our new home SHFC.
    Our new home: SHFC

    11. The Sam Huntington Website
    For supporters and admirers of the teen actor.Category Arts Celebrities H huntington, sam......The sam huntington Website A website for supporters and admirers of the teen actorsam huntington Welcome to The sam huntington Website! Thanks for visiting!
    The Sam Huntington Website
    A website for supporters and admirers of the teen actor Sam Huntington
    Welcome to The Sam Huntington Website! Thanks for visiting! Check out all the pages, and return often!
    New Main Page
    Webmaster About This Site
    Enter Here

    December 1, 1997:
    When I first began these efforts, back in mid-March 1997, it was Sam Huntington's talent that interested me. Child and teen actors are a hobby of mine. When I saw Jungle 2 Jungle for the first time, I was intrigued by the opening credits that stated "Introducing Sam Huntington." From that point on, I focused on this new, young actor. I was impressed by what he brought to the character of Mimi-Siku (not an easy role!), how Sam Huntington made him believable and endearing, someone we care about. He is very talented, and trying to break in to a crazy business where luck is often more important than talent and will. It is a very difficult career (both emotionally and professionally), especially for children and teens. It is my hope that it helps, in some small way, to know there are people out there who appreicate his talent.

    12. SHFC: Sam Huntington Fan Club
    Fact sheet, links, pictures.
    htmlAdWH('7002666', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7001988', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help The original SHFC has a new home!
    We are now located at:
    I can't thank you enough for all your support. You'll never know how much it means, and I'll work hard to deserve it.
    (C) 2001-02 SHFC

    13. Sam Huntington
    Information and filmography from the Internet Movie Database., Sam

    14. Sam Huntington Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merchand
    huntington, sam. Add Url. Entertainbilia sam huntington Posters, videos, CDs, DVDs,and other memorabilia. huntington, sam Internet resources.,-sam/
    altoEntertainment rings:
    actresses musicians models ... cartoon search Alto Entertainment for: - or - pick your favorite destination: Actors Actresses Musicians Models Other Celebs Movies Television Sports Games Anime Cartoon Comparison Shopping main actors : Sam Huntington Sam Huntington photos, videos, CDs, and memorabilia @ eBay
    Sam Huntington
    posters and photos @
    Sam Huntington
    books and videos @
    Sam Huntington merchandise @
    download movies online. details here...
    free: wallpapers and screensavers @ webshots! altoEntertainment
    actors actresses musicians ... cartoon shop @
    Huntington, Sam
    Add Url Entertainbilia: Sam Huntington
    Posters, videos, CDs, DVDs, and other memorabilia. Huntington, Sam
    Internet resources. Match yourself with Sam Huntington
    Calculate the compatibility between you and Sam Huntington. Actresses and Models: Sam Huntington Celebrity directory, fan mail, posters, pictures, wallpapers and download stuff. Find at eBay...
  • Daredevil
  • Norah Jones
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Spider-Man ... exchange link request publishers earn $$$: advertising networks affiliate programs Alto Entertainment Terms under which this service is provided to you.
  • 15. Sam Huntington In "Jungle 2 Jungle"
    Pictures, reviewer comments, and trivia.
    The Sam Huntington Website Sam Huntington in "Jungle 2 Jungle" Home Page Next page "Jungle 2 Jungle" (1997) is Sam Huntington's debut film. This Disney mega-hit family comedy is about a 13 year old boy (Mimi-Siku, played by Sam) who was raised in the rain forest by his physican mother (JoBeth Williams). His father (Tim Allen) comes to the forest village to finalize his devorce with his mother, whom he has not seen for 13 years, and meets the son he never knew he had. His father soon takes Mimi to New York City, where much of the plot develops. The film centers around their growing relationship and the comedic results of his father in Mimi's jungle and Mimi in his father's jungle. Sam's performance as Mimi-Siku is brilliant, making his character believable and endearing, someone we care about - as well as a great comedy partner for Tim Allen and Martin Short.
    "Sam Huntington turns in a naturally appealing performance as Mimi-Siku; he's got the stuff to be the next teen hearthrob."
    - Carol Buckland, CNN

    16. Sam Huntington
    Information and filmography from the Internet Movie Database.Category Arts Celebrities H huntington, sam......, Sam

    17. "Detroit Rock City"
    General information about the film Detroit Rock City and especially its star, sam huntington.
    The Sam Huntington Website Sam Huntington in "Detroit Rock City" Home Page Next Page "Detroit Rock City" is an adult coming-of-age comedy set in 1978 about a teen garage band called "Mystery" from Cleveland, Ohio who are big fans of the rock band, KISS. They manage to get tickets to a KISS concert, but Jam's mother (who feels KISS is evil) burns their tickets. But this doesn't hinder the fans! They will do anything to see the sold-out concert in Detroit! This is Sam's second major motion picture. His first was Disney's mega hit family comedy, "Jungle 2 Jungle" (1997) in which he co-starred with Tim Allen. The film largely centers around Sam's character, the drummer, "Jam." Also appearing in the film are KISS (appearing as themselves in their full 1970's regalia), Edward Furlong who plays band member "Hawk", James DeBello , who plays "Trip" in the band, Guiseppe Andrews , who plays band member "Lex", and Melanie Lynskey who plays Jam's girlfriend, "Beth." Lin Shaye plays Jam's mother. Others appearing in the film include Miles Dougal and Natasha Lyonne.
    From New Line Cinema, "Detroit Rock City" is directed by Adam Rifkin and produced by Gene Simmons (of KISS), Barry Levine and Kathleen Haase. Associate Producer is Tim Sullivan. The writer is Carl DuPre.

    18. Du Bist Nicht Allein - Das OnlineMagazin Für Schwule Jugendliche
    Stars Musiker Moderatoren. sam huntington. *01. April 1982

    News Reports Boomer ... Moderatoren Sam Huntington
    *01. April 1982 ::: Shortinfo ::: Geburtstag:
    01. April 1982 Geburtsname:
    Sam Huntington Heimatstadt:
    Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA Familienstand:
    ledig Filmographie:
    "Aus dem Dschungel, in den Dschungel", 1997, Disney
    "Detroit Rock City", 1999, New Line Cinema
    "Not another teen movie", 2001, Columbia Pictures Ein Aprilscherz war er nicht, aber an diesem Tag wurde er in Peterborough in New Hampshire geboren. Da seine Mutter eine Theater Schule für Kinder betrieb, lernte auch Sam früh von ihr die Feinheiten der Theaterkunst. Er trat mit Ihrer Gruppe "the black box" mehrfach auf. Später arbeitete er 3 Sommer lang für " Andy's Summer Playhouse ", welches hauptsächlich von Kindern betrieben wird. Darauf folgte ein Engagement bei den "

    19. Match Yourself With Sam Huntington
    Use to find a celebrity who matches you. sam huntington. In order to calculate the compatiblity between you and sam huntington you need to enter your birthday.

    20. Match Yourself With Sam Huntington
    Match yourself with sam huntington. In order to calculate the compatiblitybetween you and sam huntington you need to enter your birthday. Huntington

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