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         Jackson Peter:     more books (99)
  1. Peter Jackson: From Gore to Mordor (Ultrascreen Series)
  2. Studies on the Mongol Empire and Early Muslim India (Variorum Collected Studies) by Peter Jackson, 2009-11-01
  3. Peter Jackson: A Film-Maker's Journey by Brian Sibley, 2006-11-01
  4. Arcadian Architecture: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson-12 Houses
  5. London; 2000 Years of a City and Its People by Felix; Jackson, Peter Barker, 1983
  6. Peter Jackson: From Prince of Splatter to Lord of the Rings by Ian Pryor, 2004-04-03
  7. There's Something About Mary: Essays on Phenomenal Consciousness and Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument (Bradford Books)
  8. Maps of Meaning: An Introduction to Cultural Geography (Contours) by Peter Jackson, 1989-08-01
  9. King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon from Fay Wray to Peter Jackson (Applause Books) by Ray Morton, 2005-11-01
  10. Indian Agent: Peter Ellis Bean in Mexican Texas (Canseco-Keck History Series) by Jack Jackson, 2005-07-27
  11. King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries by Peter Jackson, 2005
  12. Peter Jackson in Perspective: The Power Behind Cinema's The Lord of the Rings. A Look at Hollywood's Take on Tolkien's Epic Tale. by Greg Wright, 2004-08-10
  13. Abandoned on the Wild Frontier: Peter Cartwright (Trailblazer Books #15) by Dave and Neta Jackson, 1995-04-01
  14. From Hobbits to Hollywood: Essays on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (Contemporary Cinema 3)

1. Peter Jackson
Die Biografie des Regisseurs und Hinweise auf seine Filme im Fernsehen sind aufgeführt.Category World Deutsch Kultur Film Regisseure Jackson, Peter...... Geboren in Neuseeland. Filmemacher mit Herz und Seele Peter Jackson.

2. Peter Jackson
Translate this page Filmemacher mit Herz und Seele Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson * Dienstag,31. Oktober 1961 geboren in Neuseeland Er ist der Regisseur

3. DVD > Jackson Peter: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
jackson peter, DVD-STARTSEITE. ACTION, HORROR. jackson peter-DVDs bei.DVD-CHARTS - jackson peter, A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Peter.html

Regie Jackson Peter DVD-STARTSEITE ACTION, HORROR KINDER, FAMILIE KOMÖDIE, DRAMA ... CHARTS IDEALO-PRODUKT-SUCHE MEHR PREISVERGLEICH PC, VIDEOSPIELE BÜCHER MUSIK SOFTWARE ... WEBSUCHE DVD .../Jackson Peter Jackson Peter-DVDs bei DVD-CHARTS - JACKSON PETER A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Platz Bild Film-Titel Darsteller Regie Musik Erschienen Regio Herr der Ringe: Die Gefährten - Special Extended Edition (4 DVDs) Elijah Wood Sir Ian McKellen Peter Jackson ... Peter Dasent

4. Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson. 1838 1918. Photo of Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson wasa son of James Jackson (1801-1861) and Mary Ferguson (1808-1888).
Peter Jackson
Information and photos
from Cinda (McNeal) Crosley ( e-mail = )
wife of great grandson, Jackson Edward Crosley, July 2000 Photo of Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson was a son of James Jackson (1801-1861) and Mary Ferguson (1808-1888). James was brother to Archibald (1810-1883) and William (1808-1902) who were all born in Netherton, Carmunock Parish, Lanark County, Scotland. (See Jackson Brothers story, accessed from Ray Parsons' web page
Jackson Family
The second photo was unlabeled. However, the first man on the right, sitting, is Peter Jackson. The standing row from Left to Right is Robert, John and Lansing. The woman is probably Kate Jackson who raised Ida Lillian when Susan Jackson died. This is from info given by Maxine (Jackson) Crosley, now deceased. However, that does not explain who the elderly gentleman is (sitting) if James was deceased in Albany and his Mary his wife survived. Anyone's input would be appreciated.
To send note to Cindy Crosley
Click here to see photos
of 1)Susan Jackson (Peter's wife) and cousin Kate Ferguson and 2)Fred Jackson (Peter's son) and Mary (Marie) Jackson.
For Ray Parsons' home page and related stories click here.

5. Jackson Peter
Chargement de la page jackson peter

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Your search for jackson+peter yielded 72 results using author Displayingresults 1 to 25. 1. Lions of England Jackson, Peter Ordered

7. Peter Jackson -
Translate this page Übersicht über die zurzeit gespeicherten Filme (Anzahl 9492)Suchergebnis Suche nach Regisseur ?Peter Jackson“ Jackson, Peter. Jackson

8. DBLP: Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson. 2001. 15, Khalid AlKofahi, Alex Tyrrell, Arun Vachher, Tim Travers,Peter Jackson Combining Multiple Classifiers for Text Categorization.
Peter Jackson
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Ask others: ACM CiteSeer CSB Google ... Home Page (Link generated by HomePageSearch EE Jack G. Conrad Xi S. Guo , Peter Jackson, Monem Meziou : Database Selection Using Actual Physical and Acquired Logical Collection Resources in a Massive Domain-specific Operational Environment. VLDB 2002 Khalid Al-Kofahi Alex Tyrrell Arun Vachher ... Tim Travers , Peter Jackson: Combining Multiple Classifiers for Text Categorization. CIKM 2001 Khalid Al-Kofahi Alex Tyrrell Arun Vacher , Peter Jackson: A machine learning approach to prior case retrieval. ICAIL 2001 EE Khalid Al-Kofahi Brian Grom , Peter Jackson: Anaphora resolution in the extraction of treatment history language from court opinions by partial parsing. ICAIL 1999 EE Peter Jackson, Khalid Al-Kofahi Chris Kreilick Brian Grom : Information Extraction from Case Low and Retrieval of Prior Cases by Partial Parsing and Query Generation. CIKM 1998 EE Peter Jackson: Computing Prime Implicates. ACM Conference on Computer Science 1992 Peter Jackson: Computing Prime Implicates Incrementally. CADE 1992 Peter Jackson: Computing Minimal Refutations.

9. Peter Jackson - Filmdatenbank Online
Translate this page Filmdatenbank Übersicht über die zurzeit gespeicherten Filme (Anzahl 9492)Suchergebnis Suche nach Regisseur ?Peter Jackson“ Jackson, Peter. Jackson

10. Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson 2001 EL SEÑOR DE LOS ANILLOS TO The Lord of the Rings TheFellowship of the Ring Director JACKSON, Peter Música Howard Shore
Peter Jackson (Nueva Zelanda, 1961)
1994 CRIATURAS CELESTIALES - Puccini Puccini
T.O.: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Director: JACKSON, Peter
Archivo Midi epdlp

11. Jackson Peter Minett Mike O'Herne Pete Potter Terry Smith Craig Wren Doug Vere-J
jackson peter Minett Mike O'Herne Pete Potter Terry Smith Craig WrenDoug VereJones Peter Bad Taste. jackson peter Minett Mike O
Jackson Peter Minett Mike O'Herne Pete Potter Terry Smith Craig Wren Doug Vere-Jones Peter Bad Taste
Jackson Peter Minett Mike O'Herne Pete Potter Terry Smith Craig Wren Doug Vere-Jones Peter
Bad Taste
Comédie US Science-Fiction Satire Horreur Gore Invasion Extra-terrestre Parodie Violence Accident Méchant Effets spéciaux
Fantastique Horreur et Science-fiction Comédie
Lapsus Linguae You Got Me Frai...

Enslaved Monumension [IMPORT]...

Fila Brazilia Jump Leads [IMPO...

Natalie MacMaster Compilation ...

12. Peter Jackson
A web site devoted to:
Peter Jackson has lead a long interesting career in film making.
This site will give info from his early beginning projects right up to his current
ones. You'll find a bio, list of films, descriptions of each film and quotes from
them, interviews, pics (soon) and many more tidbits on this great film maker.
Alright, so i've decided to basically blow this site up. Well, not really blow it up, but give it a face lift. Within the next few weeks you'll notice a dramatic change. :)
Answers to some pressing questions:
No, this is NOT an official Peter Jackson site and yes, some of the interviews here
are from other places on the net. Oh, and NO I am NOT a kiwi! (New Zealander). My
kiwi friend is giving me a hand with this, but the task of doing the whole site was
a bit too much for her to deal with, so she's doing additional research. :) IS there an official site for Peter Jackson? Why of COURSE there is! The Bastards Have Landed (great name!) is located at: Some help on navigating this site: Films: A completele list of Jackson's film career Interviews: Bio: A biography about how Peter Jackson started out and his career since then.

13. Peter Jackson Online- Unofficial Site For All Things PJ
Interviews, reviews and multimedia.
Welcome to the all new look Peter Jackson Online, your Unofficial guide to all things related to the Kiwi Wunderkind. Bout time for an update methinks
The Great Escapades which is basically a little site about me and my mates and what drunken antics we get up to and lots of pictures! - - - -(Not so) Latest News! - - - -
Well, I'd be a fool if I didn't at least report on Fellowship's success at the BAFTA's and it's oscar nominations so here they are in east to read detail!
BAFTA Awards- What was won by FotR
Best Picture
Best Director (whoop! whoop!)
Achievement in Special Visual Effects
Best Make-Up/Hair Acadamy Award Nominations for FotR:
Best Picture
Best Director (You go, PJ!!)
Best Supporting Actor - Ian McKellen Best Adapted Screenplay - Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson Best Art Direction Best Cinematography Best Costume Design Best Editing Best Make-up Best Music (Score) - Howard Shore Best Music (song)- Enya Best Sound Best Visual Effects NEW TRAILER Now this is probably old news to all of you but I'd thought I'd report on it for the sake of things but those of you who haven't seen the new trailer go to

14. Peter Jackson: Artificial Intelligence
peter jackson Artificial Intelligence Research at Thomson Legal Regulatory. FastCounter by bCentral. peter jackson's Home Page
Peter Jackson Research Interests Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Text Categorization, Document Summarization playing bass , and writing the next book or paper.
Recent writing projects include completing the 3rd Edition of my textbook Introduction to Expert Systems , and launching a new book, Natural Language Processing for Online Applications , co-authored with Isabelle Mouliner.
Please feel free to check out my resume and publications pages.

15. The Bastards Have Landed! The Official Peter Jackson Fanclub
Bastards Have Landed! Home and official fan club of peter jackson, the man behind such films as Braindead (aka Dead/Alive), Bad Taste, The Frighteners and the coming Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Search TBHL Map Home The Man His Work Fan Communications ... TBHL Info
TBHL Contacts Lewman ICQ: 2339007 Reno ICQ: 24553650 Sam Y!: samantha_harris Hamish ICQ: 104813126 More Info
TBHL Insta-Poll test
3-06-03 Latest News
3 Is The Magic Number!

@ 11:48 am EST
Sceintists here at TBHL are attempting to find the awnser to the unawnserable question which is hounding all our minds: 'What is the best number which is less than or equall to three?" Our research suggests that - to fans of New Zealand film director Peter Jackson - 3 is indeed the magic number. No but seriously folks, the poll was a bit of an accident. It was a test poll that nobody got round to changing. However, as it's turned out to be probably one of our more popular polls, we'll leave it up fo just a little longer. ( What do you mean I'm just to lazy to change it!
2-28-03 Latest News
Peter Jackson Triple Bill: 9th-10th March

@ 4:08 am EST
For those who're in and around the Melbourne area, the Astor theatre is showing a Peter Jackson triple bill of Bad taste, Meet the Feebles and Brain Dead on the 9th and 10th of March. This theatre is supposed to have a huge curved screen, and excellant digital surround sound, and yet retains the charm of a little indy cinema.

16. Jackson, Peter
Landscape photography of the US, in both vertical and horizontal format. Includes some lightning and star photographs. Requires Flash.

17. Epilog Person - Peter Jackson (*1961) Neuseeländischer Filmregisseur
Biografie und ein Foto des Filmregisseurs.
Peter Jackson
Neuseeländischer Filmregisseur (*1961)
Lexikon Personen Film Name: Peter Jackson
Geboren: in Wellington/Neuseeland Peter Jackson wurde 1961 in Neuseeland in der Halloween-Nacht geboren. Schon im Kindesalter begann der aufgeweckte Junge mit der Super-8-Kamera seiner Eltern erste Filme zu drehen. Im Alter von 17 Jahren brach er die Schule ab. Als es ihm nicht gelang, einen Job in der neuseeländischen Filmindustrie zu bekommen, begann er eine Lehre als Fotograveur. Mit dem ersten Geld kaufte sich Jackson eine 16-mm-Kamera und begann mit der Arbeit an einem Science-Fiction -Kurzfilm. Drei Jahre später war aus dem Kurzfilm ein 75-minütiger Spielfilm geworden, den er komplett aus eigener Tasche finanziert hatte. Später griff ihm die New Zealand Film Commission finanziell unter die Arme, und Bad Taste Bad Taste Zu Jacksons weiteren Filmarbeiten zählen die bitterböse Puppen-Satire Meet the Feebles Meet the Feebles Braindead Braindead Einem größeren Publikum fiel Jackson mit seinem Drama Heavenly Creatures Heavenly Creatures Außerdem sorgte Peter Jackson als Ko-Regisseur der Pseudodokumentation Forgotten Silver (NZ 1995) für Aufsehen, die zwar eigentlich für das Fernsehen entstand, aber auf zahlreichen Filmfestivals zur Aufführung kam. Anschließend drehte er das augenzwinkernde Fantasy-Horror-Spektakel

18. Peter Jackson
( ), video clip(s). peter jackson. IMDb home, Main Details Next, Help. Page 1of 20. Find where peter jackson is credited alongside another name. peter jackson ., Peter

19. Peter Jackson free trial. peter jackson. categorized,+Peter

20. - News Übersicht
Recht umfangreiche Seite zur Verfilmung von peter jackson mit Neuigkeiten, Bildern und Artikeln, Multimedia, Forum, Chat, Links.
Forum Chat Termine offizielle Seite Unsere Partner: Der Oscar-Nachschlag 25.03.2003 von Cirdan Quelle: Als in der Nacht vom Sonntag auf den Montag in Hollywood die Oscars verliehen wurden, staubte der zweite Teil der HERR DER RINGE Saga leider nur zwei Exemplare des begehrten Preises ab Wir haben die Links zu Fotos, Dankesreden und den Video-Interviews mit den HERR DER RINGE Crewmitgliedern. mehr... Bilder zum dritten Teil (mit Bild) 25.03.2003 von Cirdan Quelle: Quintessential Websites Weitere Fotos mit Motiven zum dritten Teil der Ring-Trilogie sind im Internet aufgetaucht, darunter eine Aufnahme vom Minas Tirith Modell und Frau Eówyn im ledernen Brustpanzer, mit dem Schwert in der Hand. mehr... Zwei Oscars für DIE ZWEI TÜRME 24.03.2003 von Cirdan Quelle: CHICAGO schlägt das Ring-Epos Bei den 75. Oscar-Verleihungen bekam DER HERR DER RINGE - DIE ZWEI TÜRME insgesamt nur zwei Exemplare der begehrten Goldknaben. mehr...

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