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         Jewel:     more books (100)
  1. Jewels of the Sun: The Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy (Irish Trilogy, Book 1) by Nora Roberts, 1999-11-01
  2. The Jewel of St. Petersburg by Kate Furnivall, 2010-08-03
  3. Jewels of the Romanovs: Family & Court by Stefano Papi, 2010-10-31
  4. Murder, She Wrote: The Queen's Jewels (Murder She Wrote) by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain, 2010-10-05
  5. Three For All [Jewel Box 1] (Siren Publishing PolyAmour) by Raina James, 2009-03-27
  6. The Black Jewels: Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood / Heir to the Shadows / Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop, 2003-12-02
  7. The Family Chef: Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Family by Jewels Elmore, Jill Elmore, et all 2009-05-05
  8. Dreams Made Flesh (Black Jewels, Book 5) by Anne Bishop, 2006-02-07
  9. A Jewel in His Crown: Rediscovering Your Value as a Woman of Excellence by Priscilla Shirer, 2004-02-01
  10. The Georges and the Jewels by Jane Smiley, 2010-09-14
  11. The Invisible Ring (Black Jewels, Book 4) by Anne Bishop, 2008-06-03
  12. Heir to the Shadows (Black Jewels, Book 2) by Anne Bishop, 2007-08-07
  13. Shankara's Crest Jewel of Discrimination by Swami Prabhavananda, Christopher Isherwood, 1970-06
  14. Queen of the Darkness (Black Jewels, Book 3) by Anne Bishop, 2007-10-02

1. The Official JEWEL Website
The official site.Category Kids and Teens Entertainment Bands and Artists jewel......FLASH version. HTML version. site use agreement.Clearwater Project, Higher Ground For Humanity,

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2. Jewel Cave National Monument (National Park Service)
Midwestern supermarket chain features a store directory, and offers coupons and weekly specials. Customer Service 1800-jewel-61. (1-800-539-3561)
Jewel Cave
National Monument Located in Custer, SD TRAVEL BASICS CAMPING LODGING
With more than 128 miles surveyed, Jewel Cave is recognized as the third longest cave in the world. Airflow within its passages indicates a vast area yet to be explored. Cave tours provide opportunities for viewing this pristine cave system and its wide variety of speleothems including stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, frostwork, flowstone, boxwork and hydromagnesite balloons. The cave is an important hibernaculum for several species of bats. Jewel Cave National Monument was established by Presidential Proclamation on February 7, 1908
  • Learn More about the History of the Park DESIGNATIONS
    National Monument, February 7, 1908
    Cave tours and reservations

    Teacher Guide

    Freedom of Information Act
    park guide ... main
    Last Updated: Saturday, 08-Feb-03 12:05:40
  • 3. Jewel-Osco Grocery Store. Stop By And Pick Up Your Groceries Today.
    Corporate news, retail grocery history, investor relations, weekly specials, and store locator of Category Business Food and Related Products Retail...... Copyright © 2002 Albertson's, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Customer Service1800-jewel-61 (1-800-539-3561) Click here for our current stock quote.
    Wednesday, March 26, 2003
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    2002 Net Earnings Rise +15.6% Before Accounting Change
    Total Year EPS Up +2.9% Before One-Time Items
    BOISE, Idaho
    - Albertsons, Inc. (ABS:NYSE), one of the world's largest food and drug retailers, today announced fourth quarter and total year 2002 results. For the year, earnings before one-time items totaled $2.13 per diluted share, up 2.9 % versus the $2.07 per share earned in 2001. Fourth quarter EPS on the same basis totaled $0.52 per share, in line with both Company guidance and the First Call consensus of industry analysts, versus the $0.63 per share for the same period a year earlier. Continued
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    This Way
    ~Jewel (Audio CD) Joy - A Holiday Collection
    ~Jewel (Audio CD) Spirit
    ~Jewel (Audio CD) Chasing Down The Dawn
    ~Jewel (Audio CD) Pieces Of You
    ~Jewel (Audio CD) The Swing Session
    ~The Swing Session (Audio CD) Jewel Song - 20 Great Soprano Arias
    ~Crespin, Freni, et al (Audio CD) Jewel Of Heart
    ~Ustad Habib Khan (Audio CD) DVD Jewel - A Life Uncommon DVD The Jewel in the Crown DVD ~Jewel (Audio CD) The Jewel of the Nile DVD ~Michael Douglas Toys Just Jewels by The Bead Shop Jewel Girl Barbie by Mattel 14" Animal Alley Jewel Bear Blue by Animal Alley 18" Animal Alley Jewel Horse by Animal Alley Books Chasing Down the Dawn by Jewel Kilcher A Night Without Armor : Poems by Jewel Kilcher Jewel: A Novel (Oprah's Book Club) by Bret Lott Stuff Memorex Clear Slim Jewel Cases (25-Pack) Memorex CD Jewel Cases (10-Pack, Multicolor) JEWEL.COM For Sale A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this domain will be donated to charity Rate card Site statistics FastCounter by LinkExchange

    5. Jewel FAQ
    The Official jewel Kilcher FAQ Table of Contents jewel A Quick Biography The Very Early Years jewel was born May 23, 1974. She was raised on an 800-acre homestead in Homer, Alaska.
    The Official Jewel Kilcher FAQ
    Table of Contents
  • Biography
  • The Very Early Years The Rest Random Questions ... Who Will Save Your Soul new release You Were Meant For Me (radio promo) new release Knock Out 2 (compilation CD from Out magazine) Other tidbits Websites
  • Jewel - A Quick Biography
    The Very Early Years
    Jewel was born May 23, 1974.
    The Rest
    She was raised on an 800-acre homestead in Homer, Alaska . Since the age of five she has been performing, starting out with her parents doing numbers for tourists, in Eskimo villages, etc. Her junior and senior years of high school were spent at Interlochen Fine Arts Academy in Michigan. This is an expensive private school, and 70% of Jewel's tuition was paid for by a vocal scholarship. She thought she'd be going to sing the blues, but they had her sing opera instead. The remainder of the expenses were raised at what turned out to be Jewel's first solo concert. The citizens of Homer were supportive enough to cover the rest of the first year tuition, and summer jobs filled the gap the next year. After high school, Jewel came to San Diego to stay with her mom. After a brief sojourn to Colorado, she returned to San Diego, which she now calls home. She worked a variety of jobs including waitressing, but generally lost them when her interest in chatting with the customers surpassed her desire to do the actual job. Eventually she decided that working unfulfilling dead-end jobs was an unbearable way to live. She moved into her VW van, and with lots of peanut butter, carrot sticks, and a guitar, settled down to write songs. She soon started performing to sparse crowds at a coffeehouse in Pacific Beach called the Inner Change. (This was probably early 1993 by now.) Word started to spread, and soon she had a regular Thursday night spot and an ever growing audience. Her name began to show up in the local press and she nabbed a few choice opening spots. She took an extended trip back to Homer at the end of the year, and things really took off when she returned in early 1994.

    6. Everyday Angels
    jewel Kilcher pictures and biography. There's no bounds.". jewel. bio. jewel Kilcher came from what can be best described as an unusual background.
    Welcome to Everyday Angels, Aaron's Unofficial Jewel Page
    Welcome. This page is dedicated to Jewel Kilcher and her music. I've recently added a counter to this page, so you can tell that you are visitor number since December 14, 1995. I'm not updating this page as often as I used to since I don't have my full-time net connection anymore.
    Recent News
    • Jewel's new album should be in stores today. I'll be heading out at lunch to pick up a copy. November 17, 1998
    • This page may be woefully out of date, but the Official Jewel Site is now active. I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet, but it looks good so far (a little slow to load though). November 4, 1997
    • As you may have noticed, there have been no updates in quite a while. Here's the story. I had a new home lined up for these pages, but between the person agreeing to give me space and my moving the pages there, the person apparently disappeared. I've made some changes to the pages, but part of the changes were getting ready for the new site. Anyway, some updates are definitely on the way. I apologize for the web rot. November 4, 1997

    7. Jewel - Pieces Of UK
    Get tour details, find British articles, and see stills from the singer's film debut. jewel Pieces Of UK. Home. Site menu
    Jewel - Pieces Of UK Home Site menu Home Promotion Calendar What's New ... Official UK Jewel Forum Latest pictures
    Times 1015
    18th Oct 1997
    Jewel at Birmingham
    Symphony Hall
    Jewel arrives at the
    Manchester Apollo
    Jewel at the Royal
    Albert Hall (day two)
    Jewel at the Royal Albert Hall (day one) Jewel at the Portsmouth Guildhall Jewel at Birmingham Symphony Hall Jewel at Birmingham Symphony Hall Jewel at the Royal Albert Hall Jewel at the Guildhall Portsmouth Jewel at the Manchester Apollo Search Pieces Of UK Search this site powered by FreeFind Miscellaneous If you would like to add the Jewel Weblog to your sidebar please click the Add Tab button below Welcome to Pieces Of UK I've included news pages to The Works section for the latest Jewel album news and the latest Jewel movie news Also if you would like to discuss all things Jewel (and anything else loosely related) with other Jewel fans from the UK and around the world then please visit the Official UK Jewel Forum Calendar March All Access: Hot Couples, VH1 @ 23:30 (briefly features Jewel and Ty Murray) All Access: Hot Couples, VH1 @ 23:00 (briefly features Jewel and Ty Murray)

    8. Enter "This Way"
    Downloads, music and lyrics, pictures and updated concert news.
    Click to Enter Your browser does not support floating frames. Please go to the Jewel newsring for the latest Jewel news. This site was designed By Misty Swendryck All Items and information belonging to others may be designated to their righful owners.

    9. The Alfred Jewel
    Photograph and description of the Alfred jewel a beautiful gold and cloisonne ornament made in England Category Arts Art History Movements Medieval Art......Photo and description of the Alfred jewel. A beautiful gold and cloisonneornament made in the time of King Alfred the Great. The Alfred jewel.
    The Alfred Jewel
    This picture of the Alfred Jewel is reproduced by the kind permission of the Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum See the King Alfred page for information about King Alfred the Great. The Alfred Jewel bears the inscription "AELFRED MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN", "Alfred ordered me to be made" and dates from the reign of King Alfred the Great (ruled 871-899). The jewel is made of gold and cloisonne enamel, covered with a transparent piece of rock crystal. It was discovered in 1693, and is kept in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The function of the jewel is unknown. It may have been an "aestel", an object which Alfred sent to each bishopric when his translation of Gregory's "Pastoral Care" was distributed. Each aestel was worth 50 mancuses (gold coins), so was a very expensive object. The consensus is that an aestel was intended to be used as a book pointer. If this theory is correct, there should have been several such jewels. The Alfred Jewel was discovered four miles from Athelney, where Alfred had founded a monastery. On the other hand, it seems unlikely that such a beautiful object as the Alfred Jewel would have been lost or destroyed in all but one copy if several were made. Another theory is that the jewel was a symbol of office, either of Alfred or of one of his officials. Alfred often gave gifts to his bishops and other officials, and the inscription "Alfred ordered me to be made" may adorn such a gift.

    10. B-Movie Queen: The Jewel Shepard Universe
    Official site for actress author.
    New! See info about Jewel's upcoming new movie 'The Cooler.'

    11. Theosophy Library Online - Calendar Of Daily Readings From The Jewel In The Lotu
    Four daily inpirational and devotional readings from different faiths and philosophies. Also available by email subscription.
    Calendar of
    Daily Readings from
    The Jewel in the Lotus
    Subscribe to receive Daily Readings from the Jewel in the Lotus via email.

    ~ FOREWORD ~

    ... New Additions
    HERMES Magazine - Lead Articles 1975-1989
    Today's Readings from
    The Jewel in the Lotus
    The Jewel in the Lotus
    Home Page

    12., Your Jewelry Superstore.
    Features watches as well as gold, diamond and pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
    Jewelry Watches
    Accutron Watches
    Baume et Mercier Watches Breitling Watches Bulova Watches ... Sets How to Buy: Watches Jewelry Diamond Email Us
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    Sales Dept. Jewelry Dept. Watches Dept. Shipping Dept. Return Dept. Gifts By Price Jewelry Outlet Watches Outlet Diamond Outlet Add the sophistication of diamond earrings to your look. They're perfect with everything Celebrating life's special moments with exquisite diamonds. Engagement rings that will make a statement all on its own For gift she will adore Add a touch of luxury to your life with Jewels Warehouse's necklace and pendants collection From every woman's staple, a simple diamond Anniversary bands as the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

    13. The Official JEWEL Website

    14. DreamCatcher Jewels Of The Oracle II
    Official page includes 6 screenshots.

    Fanpage mit Biografie, Bildergalerie, Sounds und Links.
    sw="none";sd="none";ref=""+escape(document.referrer); Hier klicken wenn das Image nicht arbeitet Click here if the image link doesn't work

    16. Jewel Heart
    A spiritual, cultural, and humanitarian organization that translates the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Category Society Religion and Spirituality Tibetan Organizations......jewel Heart is a spiritual, cultural, and humanitarian organization that translatesthe ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism into contemporary life, under the
    Your browser doesn't support frames and can therefore not be used to view this site. We apologize.

    17. Jewel Staite Official Web Site
    Official site of actor Kaylee. Includes biography, photographs, and an interview.
    Celebrity Sites Music Television
    about us
    ... privacy 9:31pm PT
    Hello and welcome to , the Official web site of actress Jewel Staite!! This is, of course, THE place for information on actress Jewel Staite. Jewel's website has it all: images, multimedia, tv listings, fan mail, etc...You name it, we've got it. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your stay!
    September 12, 2002 : 'Firefly' link The Official Fox web site for Firefly is now online at August 1, 2002 : Jewel Interview Check out an interview with Jewel, done by some of her fans at
    Photo Galleries: Firefly Publicity more photos... Advertisement

    18. Jewels4Ever
    Presents gold jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants as well as engagement and wedding items.

    Wedding bands
    Loose diamonds Engagement Solitaires ... Return policy
    20467 Sherman Way
    Canoga Park, CA 91306
    e-mail to:

    19. - Jewel Main
    Biography, photo gallery, audio/video, webcasts, discography/album reviews, news, and message boards.

    20. Review: Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge / Gems Of Darkness - Adventure Collect
    As someone who really have enjoyed jewels, I also have enjoyed jewels II. What it lacks in freshness it makes up for in craftsmanship.
    Also known as Gems of Darkness General information Developer: Bardworks
    Publisher: H+a Entertainment , I. Hoffman + Associates, DreamCatcher Interactive
    Release date: 1997
    Media: 3 CD
    Genre: adventure, puzzle System requirements Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 3.1x. CPU: Pentium. RAM: 16 MB. HD Space: 16 MB. Video: 640x480 (16-bit color). CD-ROM: Double Speed. Sound: 8-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible. Other: Mouse, Speakers. Games in the series Jewels

    Jewels II
    Beyond Time
    Overall Story Production Gameplay Difficulty
    Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge
    Editorial panel: Bradford Roberts
    Review published on 25 May 1998. Review updated on 11 June 1998, 20 June 1999.
    Remake? Sequel? Requel?
    Solve this puzzle and collect one of the 24 Gems of Darkness!
    Puzzles await in the dark rooms across the bridge.
    The first challenge is figuring out how this device works. It takes only a few moments of playing Jewels II: The Ultimate Challenge [Jewels II], Courtland Shakespeare's 1997 sequel to his 1995

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