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  1. Nona Vincent - Henry James by Henry James, 2010-01-28

1. Vincent Kartheiser
kartheiser vincent Preise und Angebote bei Idealo kartheiser vincent, DVD-STARTSEITE.ACTION, HORROR. HILFE. DVD. kartheiser vincent-DVDs bei., Vincent

2. Crime + Punishment Keena Monica, Kartheiser Vincent, Barkin Ellen, Wright Jeffre
Translate this page Crime + Punishment Keena Monica, kartheiser vincent, Barkin Ellen, Wright Jeffrey,DeBello James, Ironside Michael, Ferrell Conchata, Schmidt Rob DVD.
Crime + Punishment Keena Monica, Kartheiser Vincent, Barkin Ellen, Wright Jeffrey, DeBello James, Ironside Michael, Ferrell Conchata, Schmidt Rob DVD
Crime + Punishment
Auteurs: Keena Monica Kartheiser Vincent Barkin Ellen Wright Jeffrey DeBello James Ironside Michael Ferrell Conchata Schmidt Rob
Rubriques: DVD
Rubriques: Drame, Psychologique, Innocent, Manipulation, Séduction, Société, Adolescent
Seth Joshua, Reisz Michael, ...

Seth Joshua, Reisz Michael, ...

Seth Joshua, Reisz Michael, ...

Seth Joshua, Reisz Michael, ...
Della Reese The Story of the B...

3. Vincent Kartheiser
Vincent Kartheiser Age 23. Born May 5, 1979 Minneapolis, Minnesota. Did YouKnow? Vinnie is the youngest of six children. Vinnie was home schooled.
VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Thursday, Mar 27 Vincent Kartheiser Age: Born: May 5, 1979
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Did You Know?
  • Vinnie is the youngest of six children.
  • Vinnie was home schooled.
Actor Credits
  • The Unsaid
  • Luckytown
  • Crime And Punishment In Suburbia
  • All I Wanna Do ... Drug Wars: The Carmarena Story
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  • 4. Celebrity Biography - Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser Biography Lanky, darkhaired Vincent Kartheiser began his actingcareer with roles in children's features, quickly graduating to work in

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    Vincent Kartheiser Biography
    Lanky, dark-haired Vincent Kartheiser began his acting career with roles in children's features, quickly graduating to work in films exploring life's darker side. After small roles in the Minneapolis filmed productions "Untamed Heart" (1993) and "Little Big League" (1994), the Minnesota native broke through with a featured part in "The Indian in the Cupboard" (1995). Starring roles in "Alaska" (1996) and "Masterminds" (1997) followed, both adventures targeted to family viewers. In "Alaska", Kartheiser starred along with Thora Birch as a brother and sister on a rescue mission to save their stranded father in the Alaskan wilderness. "Masterminds" saw the young actor playing a prep school computer hacker who faces off against terrorist Patrick Stewart in an effort to set his fellow students free. These roles exposed him to an audience that gladly embraced his long hair, sexually nonspecific good looks and rebellious swagger, making him an instant pre-teen pinup favorite. Similarly adventurous, but clearly not children's fare, was Larry Clark's "Another Day in Paradise" (1998), in which Kartheiser starred along with Melanie Griffith, James Woods and Natasha Gregson Wagner as drug-addled criminals. He was cast as the particularly cocky Bobbie, a small time hood who hooks up with Woods' old timer Mel and Griffith's motherly Sid after running into a bit of trouble during a vending machine robbery. His fiery performance proved he was ready to tackle more adult roles. Next the young actor could be seen in "Ricky Six" (lensed 1998), based on a true story of drugs, Satanism and teen murder in affluent Northport, New York.

    5. Web-Recon | Young Actors | Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser, Vincent Kartheiser Crime and Punishment in Suburbia2000 MGM, Soundtrack Amazon CDNow CD Universe. Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser Vincent Kartheiser
    Crime and Punishment in Suburbia

    2000 - MGM


    CD Universe
    Vincent Kartheiser
    Another Day in Paradise
    1998 - Trimark Pictures
    CDNow CD Universe

    6. Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser. MOVIES HE'S BEEN IN Untamed Heart; The Indian In TheCupboard; Alaska; Masterminds; Strike! (The Hairy Bird). He's so hot ..
    Vincent Kartheiser
    • Untamed Heart
    • The Indian In The Cupboard
    • Alaska
    • Masterminds
    • Strike! (The Hairy Bird)
    He's so hot...... Here's some info submitted to me from Amanda (thanx Amanda :)
    Birthdate: May 5, 1979
    Full name: Vincent Paul Kartheiser
    Hobbies: playing pool, basketball, mountain climbing, and he is taking fencing lessons.
    Height: 5'10"
    Parents: Janet and Jim Kartheiser
    Siblings: Nathan,Andrea, Collette, Elise, and Theresa
    Books: Jane Eyer, Shakespear, Dostoyevsky, and Edgar Alan Poe
    Music: The Doors, Tool, Alice In Chains, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley, and Phish
    TV Shows: The Simpsons, and Beavis and Butthead
    Movies: Alaska: Sean Barnes(1996) Masterminds: Ozzie Paxton (1997) The Hairy Bird: Snake (1998) Untamed Heart: Orphan Boy (1993I think) Little Big League (1994I think) Iron WilHis part got cut out though The Indian in the Cupard: Gillion (1995-I think) well it seems that i lost most of my pictures, so if anyone is interested in sending me some new stuff, that'd be great! *Home* *About me* *Picture Album* *Willy (my cat)* ... *Poetry and Lyrics If anyone has any other info about VINCENT please email me!

    7. Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser. Mastermind Pic's Vincent Kartheiser plays Ozwald Paxtonin Mastermind's. 'Ozzy' Using A WalkieTalkie. 'Ozzy' Whining.
    Vincent Kartheiser
    Mastermind Pic's : Vincent Kartheiser plays Ozwald Paxton in Mastermind's.
    'Ozzy' Using A Walkie-Talkie

    'Ozzy' Whining

    'Ozzy' Looking Good

    Vince's Evil Grin
    'Ozzy' Up Close

    Misc Pic's : Here are some pictures that I picked up here and there.
    Vince Standing In The Door

    Vince A But Dirty But Still Adorable

    Vince With His Sunglasses Hanging

    Gorgeous Vince
    ... Vince With A Cute Smile still

    8. Max Galleries Movie Store: Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser. Title, Young Actor CoStars, DVD. VHS.
    Vincent Kartheiser
    Title Young Actor Co-Stars DVD VHS Alaska The Indian in the Cupboard Hal Scardino Also available - Paperback Book Hardbound Book Masterminds Go to The Store Stars Index Go to The Store Movie Title Index If you don't find what you're looking for in The Store at Max Galleries, feel free to search for it. Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Electronics Software Kitchen Wireless Phones Keywords: If you have questions about The Store at Max Galleries, please check our FAQ

    9. Shirtless Teen Idols: Vincent Kartheiser
    Vincent Kartheiser, Vote for this Site! kartheiser01.jpg 88.54 Kb550 x 768, kartheiser02.jpg 24.62 Kb 184 x 510, kartheiser03.jpg
    Home Actors Singers Athletes ... Links Vincent Kartheiser
    88.54 Kb
    550 x 768
    24.62 Kb
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    45.69 Kb
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    384 x 284
    15.60 Kb
    314 x 468 20.58 Kb 455 x 473 20.76 Kb 465 x 465 26.18 Kb 638 x 473 36.68 Kb 638 x 473 34.80 Kb 638 x 473

    10. The Celebrity Link Directory - Vincent Kartheiser
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    11. Vinnie Land: The Vincent Kartheiser Homepage
    Provides vital statistics, quotes, filmography, picture gallery and chat room.Category Arts Celebrities K kartheiser, vincent......Page Last Updated on 06/22/01. Check out What's Been Updated! This isa home page dedicated to a rising young actor, vincent kartheiser.
    Page Last Updated on: 06/22/01
    Check out What's Been Updated!
    This is a home page dedicated to a rising young actor, Vincent Kartheiser. He has starred in such movies as Alaska and Masterminds, as well as the upcoming film, Another Day In Paradise.
    Vital Stats Quotes Filmography Links ...
    The Message Board
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    12. The Original Vincent Kartheiser Page!
    Read the biography of this young actor, including his hobbies and favorite music groups. Browse the photo gallery, and check out his filmography. Disclaimer I am not affiliated or associated with Vinnie kartheiser, I am just an admirer of his acting and his movies!

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    Biography Photo Gallery Filmography Interviews ...
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    Much Thanks to Robert for helping me out TREMENDOUSLY!
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    Last updated... October 5th 1997
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    13. Kartheiser, Vincent
    Contains photographs and informative news.

    14. Dynamic Directory - Arts - Celebrities - K - Kartheiser, Vincent
    kartheiser, vincent Contains photographs and informative news. kartheiser, vincent - Provides vital statistics,
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    15. Vincent Kartheiser

    16. Vincent Kartheiser Page At The Z-Ride Young Actors And Musicians Site
    vincent kartheiser. About vincent kartheiser. Send Netflix! vincent kartheiser'sChildhood Projects on Video and DVD Available for Purchase.
    Vincent Kartheiser About Vincent Kartheiser Send Vincent fan mail at: Vincent Kartheiser c/o Douglas Management 515 Robertson Blvd. W. Hollywood, CA 90048 Birth Name Vincent Paul Kartheiser Date of birth (location) 5 May 1979 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Best known now for his role on the television series Angel, Vincent's start was as a child actor with roles including that of wayward teen, Eddie Chandler, whose life gets some help from above in Heaven Sent. Pictures of Vincent All images are captures from Heaven Sent. Click on the thumbnails for full size.
    Filmography (as a child actor aged 19 and younger) Another Day in Paradise (1998) .... Bobbie Strike! (1998) .... Snake - Flat Critter ... aka Hairy Bird, The (1998) (Australia) (USA: working title) ... aka All I Wanna Do (2000) (USA: new title) ... aka College femminile (1998) (Italy) ... aka Filles font la loi, Les (1998) (Canada: French title) Masterminds (1997) .... Ozzie Paxton Alaska (1996) .... Sean Barnes Indian in the Cupboard, The (1995) .... Gillon

    17. Index
    A totally multimedia vincent kartheiser web site. Packed full of photos, sound files, news and up to date information.
    web hosting domain names email addresses related sites My Vincent Kartheiser website (once known as Vinnie Nation) is now dead. It became too much to keep up with. Sorry everyone!
    web hosting
    domain names
    Powered by Ampira

    18. Vincent Kartheiser Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merc
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    Vincent Kartheiser
    posters and photos @
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    Kartheiser, Vincent
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  • 19. Animation Station Poster List: Artist Profile - Lumley, Joanna
    kartheiser, vincent Animation Station has thousands of movie posters and lobbycards. Artist Profile kartheiser, vincent Crime + Punishment In Suburbia.

    Artist: A B C D ... Z
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    Artist Profile
    Lumley, Joanna
    Cold Comfort Farm-folded

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    20. Vincent Kartheiser Fanlisting: Numero Uno
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    AllStarz ... The Ultimate Charm Nominated for:

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