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         Kaufman Andy:     more books (39)
  1. Lost in the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman by Bill Zehme, 2001-01-09
  2. Andy Kaufman Revealed!: Best Friend Tells All by Bob Zmuda, Matthew Scott Hanson, 2001-04-01
  3. Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts!
  4. Andy Kaufman: Wrestling with the American Dream by Florian Keller, 2005-12-25
  5. Was This Man a Genius?: Talks with Andy Kaufman by Julie Hecht, 2009-06-16
  6. God...and Other Plays by Andy Kaufman, 2000-01
  7. Shining the Light on The Secret by Andy Kaufman, 2007-08-17
  8. The Huey Williams Story by Andy Kaufman, 1999-12
  9. Navigating the Winds of Change by Andy Kaufman, 2003-01-20
  10. Lost In the Funhouse: The Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman
  11. Elvis Impersonators: Andy Kaufman, Dread Zeppelin, Elvis Gratton, Kjell Elvis, Elvis Herselvis, Nude Elvis, Shawn Klush, Bruce Borders
  12. Lost in the Funhouse. the Life and Mind of Andy Kaufman by Bill Zehme, 1999-01-01
  13. Transcendental Meditation Practitioners: Clint Eastwood, Andy Kaufman, David Lynch, Jane Fonda, John Hagelin, Donovan, Shirley Maclaine
  14. Kaufman, Andy (1949-1984): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Patrick Jones, 2000

1. Andy Kaufman - Entertainer Of The Century
The Andy Kaufman Home Page Lots of biographical information, pictures, audio clips, and news (yes, news). Bold Type Bill Zehme - Interview with the author of the Kaufman biography "Lost in the Funhouse." Andy Kaufman - Revealed - The definitive book about performance artist Andy Kaufman by Bob Zmuda, a close friend and
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites
Vote for Andy Man on the Moon Movie Goofin' on Elvis Wrestling Stunts Tony Clifton His death Play the Andy Kaufman Dress Up Game Fun with mail Zmuda's New Book Please excuse dead links etc. No one is paying me to do this. It's not at the top of my list of priorities. I love Andy but... TIME magazine is having a 100 most influential people of the century Poll. Vote for Andy Kaufman Here Vote for Andy as one of the top ten entertainers as well as Person of the Century Vote now, vote often Man on The Moon Milos Foreman has teamed up with Jim Carrey to do this biopic of Andy's life. If you have already seen the movie READ THIS ... If you haven't seen it don't. It will spoil the movie. Milos Foreman did a good enough job of spoiling it himself, so no need to add insult to injury. It's like watching Rich Little impersonate Ronald Reagan for 2 hours. View the trailers here (9 mb)... Or check out the "official" Man on the Moon site.

2. Who2 Profile: Andy Kaufman
ANDY KAUFMAN • Comedian / Actor. After appearing Curse. Andy KaufmanHome Page A great site, with all you need to know about Kaufman, A
ANDY KAUFMAN Comedian / Actor After appearing on the inaugural broadcast of Saturday Night Live in 1975, Andy Kaufman became nationally famous as a comedian who provoked nervous laughter, if any at all. He impersonated Elvis Presley , read aloud from The Great Gatsby until the audience left in disgust, or touted himself as an "Intergender Wrestling Champion," fighting mostly women in what were seemingly real matches. He also co-starred in the hit TV series Taxi . Because it was hard to tell when Kaufman was kidding, even the news of his unexpected death was met with some skepticism.
Extra credit : Kaufman was played by comedian Jim Carrey in the 1999 film Man In the Moon
Kaufman and Chris Farley are guest stars in our loop on the Saturday Night Live Curse
Andy Kaufman Home Page

A great site, with all you need to know about Kaufman A Hollywood Yankee in King Lawler's Court
1997 article about the "fight" between Kaufman and wrestler Jerry Lawler Andy Kaufman Filmography
With a brief biography, from the Internet Movie Database CAK's Andy Kaufman and the World
Link-loaded fan site that tries to cover all the bases Birth:
17 January 1949 Birthplace:
New York, New York

3. Kaufman Andy
Andy Kaufman In Print The exclusive source for the original writings ofAndy Kaufman. kaufman andy Artist Official Site and Fan Page Links.

4. Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman, American standup comic and comedic actor astrologychart and biography. com. Andy Kaufman. Commentaries on the Chart.
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Andy Kaufman
Commentaries on the Chart Birth Date: 01/17/1949 (January 17, 1949)

5. Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman 1949 1984 Born New York, NY, United States Worked Memphis, TN,United States Los Angeles, CA, United States New York, NY, United States.

6. Andy Kaufman - Wikipedia
Andy Kaufman. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Andy Kaufman
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman January 17 May 16 ) was a New York born American comedian and composer Kaufman first caught people's attention with a character named "Foreign Man" in the early . "Foreign Man", who claimed to be from an island in the Caspian Sea , would appear on the stage of comedy clubs and perform a number of bad impersonations Archie Bunker Nixon , etc). The audience would be torn between being outraged that they had to sit through a really bad act, and feeling sorry for "Foreign Man". At that point, "Foreign Man" would launch into his Elvis Presley impersonation which was surprisingly good (Presley himself had said that Kaufman's impersonation was his favorite). The audience would then realize that they had been tricked, which became a trademark of Kaufman's comedy.

7. World Party Music
All rights reserved. kaufman andy. Click Price to add item to basket. Clicktitle for more info. CD's. Real Andy Kaufman, Import, $18.98. New Search. Andy

8. What They're Saying About Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman has become a true hero. To which I say thankyou. Dan Cook iloveyou andy kaufman andy ebbole andy is my hero brent harris
Thank You for Your Kind Words...
Here's what they're saying about Andy!
The Official Andy Kaufman Homepage Official Man on the Moon Website Andy Kaufman Revealed Andy Kaufman In Print For the greatest entertainer of all time. Andy Kaufman has become a true hero. To which I say thankyou. Dan Cook There will niver be another Andy Kaufman or a Tony Clifton they can try but it will never happen !! woooo hooooo Rebecca S Andy Kaufman was an inspiring and wonderful person. I know that a lot of people look down on him, but it's only because they didn't look into his practical jokes to see if they were actually jokes. Andy is one of my favorite actors/comedians, even though he passed away just five months before I was born. Vicki andy is my hero and always will be. i'm an andyaolic brian bowen Joey Andy is one of the greatest entertainers ever. i hate it when people trash him just because they dont understand his form of entertainment. he doesn't get the respect he need. Man on the Moon was an excellent portrayl of his life. keep up the good work. paul weber I only just found out about andy and what can i say i was blown away i mean what a funny man i mean well what can i say that none of you will already know philip westwood Ever since I have heard the name of Andy Kaufman, I have known the greatest form of entertainment that has ever existed; not comedy, not stand-up, but Andy. Everything about his life was entertaining; both on and off the T.V. As this new generation of "comedians" is born, it's hard to believe that very few have the name that has touched the lives to millions. So, in dedication to Andy, let's all raise our cartons of milk and our chocolate chip cookies to the greatest entertainer in the history of the world, Mr. Andy Kaufman.

9. Andy Kaufman
Andy Kaufman. Taxi Taxi Photo 8 in. x 10. Framed. SeeAlso Actors. Copyright © 2002
Andy Kaufman
8 in. x 10 Framed
See Also

10. Movies From
Andy kaufman andy Kaufman's performances were like no other. He not Kaufman,AndyMy Breakfast With Blassie, COMEDY, 11/16/1999, VHS,

11. TOA: The Other Arena, Biography
Andy kaufman andy Kaufman. But of course it wasn'ta Latka interview oran Andy Kaufman interview, it was a badguy wrestler interview. .

12. Andy Kaufman Videos For Sale
Andy kaufman andy Kaufman A parody of the intellectual film, 'My Dinner withAndre,' features Kaufman in coversation with wrestling champ Fred Blassie.
M r R obot TM
8822 Trevillian Road, Richmond, VA 23235 USA
Click on the link below to buy :
Man on the Moon
CD of the Movie soundtrack.
Man on the Moon
... staring Jim Carrey
To find out more information on a video (or to buy the video), click on the picture.
To find out more information on a video (or to buy the video), click on the picture.
This bizarre video features late comedian Andy Kaufman in his heyday as a performer in big-time wrestling matches. Initially wrestling only women, Kaufman's behavior angers Southern Champion Jerry Lawler, who launches a feud with the overmatched comic.
A parody of the intellectual film, 'My Dinner with Andre,' features Kaufman in coversation with wrestling champ Fred Blassie. The film takes place in a Sambo's Restaurant in Hollywood. Topics include toilet hygiene and wrestling with women.
To find out more information on a video (or to buy the video), click on the picture.
This special, which includes rare footage, was originally broadcast in 1981. Features, among others, Kaufman's renowned Elvis impersonation by nightclub entertainer Tony Clifton. To find out more information on a video (or to buy the video), click on the picture.

13. The Andy Kaufman Home Page
Lots of biographical information, pictures, audio clips, and news (yes, news).Category Arts Celebrities K kaufman, andy......andy's gift was not his talent or his skills itwas his genius, the genius of what he dared.

14. Find A Grave Andy Kaufman
Photo and location map.

15. The Mad Comedy Of Andy Kaufman (NY Rock)
A review of the andy kaufman retrospective at the Museum of Television and Radio through January 30, 2000.
More NY Rock banter:
Music News
Interviews Movie Reviews Concert Reviews ... Funny Pages Sitcom star, Elvis impersonator, inter-gender wrestling champion, and all-around karmic comedian, Andy Kaufman was a Renaissance man of the absurd. Since his death in 1984, his story has grown to mythic proportions. Jumping in on the hype, a month before the much-publicized Jim Carrey bio-pic opened in December 1999 ( Man on the Moon Undoubtedly, most of us came to know Kaufman as Latka Gravas on "Taxi," but thankfully the Museum's collection of TV appearances from 1975 to 1982 painted him more like he'd want to be remembered, as a pop-cultural prankster and entertainment terrorist. The retrospective began in 1975 with Andy's television debut that coincidentally was also the premiere episode of "Saturday Night Live." Unlike its current incarnation as a minor-league showcase for no-talent half-wits and a breeding ground for horrible movies, SNL was originally a show about taking risks with comedy. As such, Andy was snapped up to perform bits from his nightclub act, including a routine in which he lip-synched to "The Theme from Mighty Mouse." With just a simple swing of his hips and a demented flicker in his eyes, his mouthing the words, "Here I come to save the day!" managed to pack more raw comedy into three minutes than an entire season's worth of "Friends" episodes. Even more hilarious was his on-air apology the following week in which a disheveled and spooked-looking Kaufman reappeared on "Fridays" delivering a speech as if he were an American hostage forced to give a videotaped condemnation of "The Great Satan" at gunpoint. He explained that the incident from last week's show was just an "experimental piece" and that because of the uproar, "my job at 'Taxi' is in jeopardy and my agent is having trouble convincing anybody to hire me." The real kick in the pants occurred when the audience began to laugh and Andy stared blankly into the sea of faces and said, "I think you laughing is pretty tasteless. Thanks to last week, I'm in a separation with my wife... I was just trying to have a little fun," and then began to weep uncontrollably.

16. Celebrating Andy Kaufman Society, A Group For And About Fans Of Andy Kaufman.
Web society hosting a forum, interviews, and pages of fangenerated art, poetry and essays in tribute Category Arts Celebrities K kaufman, andy......andy kaufman society hosting an extensive forum, exclusive interviews, and oneof the largest collections of andy kaufman links online.
"Andy Kaufman made the world his punch line, and we're still trying to understand the setup." J. Brook of CAKS
NEW Site updated 3/08/03
List of Changes here Welcome to the website for the Celebrating Andy Kaufman Society! Here you'll find a place where fans contribute art, poetry, recollections, personal photos, etc. all relating to Andy Kaufman. So take some time to stumble around, remember the wonderful ground-breaking humor of Andy Kaufman, and, hopefully, take part in this one-of-a-kind website. And if you don't know, Andy Kaufman left this world in 1984 by way of a rare form of lung cancer. Before you start the merrymaking, please take time to visit the American Cancer Society website and donate money today. You can also stop daily at the Cancer Charities site; money is donated to cancer research just by clicking on banners there.
Photo: Gunther A ndy K aufman Q uestion(s) of the M oment:
Is there anything to the rumor that Andy's will, the one that pops up on Ebay every so often, was fake?
NEW Search the CAKS Website!

17. Andy Kaufman - Revealed
The definitive book about performance artist andy kaufman by Bob Zmuda, a close friend and collaborator.
A new and hilarious book about the life of Andy Kaufman by his best friend and collaborator, Bob Zmuda Available Online Now

Bob Zmuda talks about
Andy Kaufman
with Terry Gross
The Andy Kaufman biopic
Man On The Moon

Starring Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito and Courtney Love
Opens soon. The Book Andy Kaufman Tony Clifton Bob Zmuda ... Comic Relief

18. The Memphis Flyer: Cover Story - July 24, 1997
''Fifteen years ago, Jerry Lawler and andy kaufman blurred the line between reality and pretend with their strange wrestling feud. What really happened is still anybody's guess.''
Fifteen years ago, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman blurred the line between reality and pretend with their strange wrestling feud. What really happened is still anybody's guess.
by Jim Hanas t's one of those crazy things you always hope will happen on television, although, given the precautions and general uneventfulness of the medium, it almost never does. Fifteen years ago this week, professional wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler slapped comedian Andy Kaufman out of his chair on Late Night with David Letterman , striking if only for a moment through the plastic predictability of the small screen with a flash of spontaneity that seemed to surprise everyone involved Kaufman, Letterman, and even Lawler. "I promise you," he says today, "I was in a dilemma right up until the last second." NBC was inundated with phone calls from people who wanted to know if the altercation had been staged. Network lawyers interviewed the parties involved and determined that the producers had no part in planning what eventually happened in the segment. There had been a plan, but Kaufman getting smacked wasn't part of it. They were supposed to show footage of Lawler injuring Kaufman with an apparently vicious piledriver move at the Mid-South Coliseum three months earlier; Kaufman was supposed to apologize for making fun of wrestling; Lawler was to apologize for the injury; and then Kaufman was to burst into a rendition of "What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love."

19. Andy Kaufman Home Page Table Of Contents
Yes, despite what you've heard, andy kaufman is gone. EXCLUSIVE! THE andy kaufmanHOME PRESENTS andy'S HANDWRITTEN PAGES FROM The Huey Williams Story .
A ndy Kaufman never considered himself a comedian. If given the choice, he would rather have been introduced to audiences as a song-and-dance man. Andy felt being introduced as a comedian put pressure on the audience to laugh. Besides, sometimes they didn't laugh and Andy wanted it that way. Andy worked to create real reactions. He wanted people to laugh from the gut, get sad from the gut - or get angry from the gut. N o one could put a label on Andy because he was more than a song-and-dance man some say he was a performance artist. Perhaps they're right, Andy didn't tell jokes; he explored ideas. At any given moment he could be his invisible twin brother Dhrupick, a wrestler, a comic, Elvis Presley, an immigrant, a folk singer, Tony Clifton, an evangelist, Nathan Richards, a fakir , Tony Piccinnini, a magician, Nathan McCoy, a robot butler, a provocateur or a spy. D ismissed by many as eccentric, Andy's refusal to break character - to let the audience in on the joke - sometimes pushed his art over the edge. His performances were more avante-garde theater than traditional stand-up comedy. Offstage, he continued to push the limits of reality, and casual observers found it difficult to understand the real Andy Kaufman. Y es, despite what you've heard, Andy Kaufman is gone. Andy left us on May 16, 1984 Eighteen years later his legacy continues.

20. Andy Kaufman's Psychic Surgery
Three captioned photos of Ramon Labo operating on comedian andy kaufman.

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