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         Koehler Fred:     more detail
  1. Denver Pioneers Football Coaches: Bob Blackman, Bill Saunders, Percy Locey, Johnny Baker, John P. Koehler, Elmer Mcdevitt, Fred Dawson
  2. Dye book, containing the receipts, with an unerring and reliable instruction to weavers, manufacturers and others, in the method and processes and others, ... and processes for dyeing cotton, wool & silk by Fred. Aug Koehler, 1845
  3. The Human Side of Intranets:Content, Style, and Politics by Jerry W. Koehler, Thom Dupper, et all 1997-10-27
  4. Out In The Cold Again by Rube Koehler, Ted Bloom, 1934
  5. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by music Harold Arlen, lyric Ted Koehler, 1931
  6. A Selection of Songs suitable for school use, with pianoforte accompaniments, arranged by F. W. Grieve by Fred. W Grieve, 1909

1758, Aug. 28 Knauss, Anna Maria, and koehler,George fred. 1765, May 28 Knauss, AnnaMaria, and Myer,Tobias 1772, March 31 Knauss, Elizabeth, and Romig,fredk.
Church: MORAVIAN CHURCH, EMMAUS, Marriages 1758 - 1800, Northampton [Now Lehigh] Co, PA Contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Joe Patterson Typed and proofread by J. Goddard USGENWEB NOTICE: Printing this file within by non-commercial individuals and libraries is encouraged, as long as all notices and submitter information are included. Any other use, including copying files to other sites, requires permission from the submitters PRIOR to uploading to any other sites. We encourage links to the state and county table of contents. NOTE: This file is a combined groom and bride alpha listing so each couple should appear twice. It is as shown in the book. Visit or for more Moravian information. Pennsylvania Archives. Second Series. Vol. IX. Published under direction of Matthew S. Quay, Secretary of the Commonwealth. Edited by John B. Linn and Wm. H. Egle, M.D. Harrisburg: Lane S. Hart, State Printer, 1880. "Marriage Register of the Moravian Church, Philadelphia. 1758-1800," pages 151 to 154. [153] 1775, June 27 Andress, Catharine, and Christ,George 1762, July 9 Anton, Christian, And Jarry,Anna 1784, Dec. 7 Bauer, Gottleib, and Romig,Maria 1775, Sept. 26 Bauer, Michael, and Heil,Rebecca 1797, April 4 Boeckel, Elizabeth, and Romig,John 1775, June 27, Christ, George, and Andress,Catharine Edmunds, John, and Ehrenhard,Barbara 1766, April 22 Ehrenhard, Anna Maria, and Knauss,Henry Ehrenhard, Barbara, and Edmunds,John 1772, March 10 Ehrenhard, Christina, and Leibert,Martin 1760, Nov. 10 Ehrenhart, Elizabeth, and Leibert,George 1760, Aug. 25 Eisenhart, Andrew, and Lerch,Eva 1764, March 14 Eisenhard, Andrew, and Volchk,Dorothea 1791, Sept. 21 Everitt, Thomas, and Giering,Rosina 1774, June 28 Faber, Jacob, and Giering,Elizabeth 1764, April 23, Fass, Jacob, and Koehler,Catharine 1780, June 12, Frank, Hannah, and Knauss,Michael 1794, Oct. 21, Fuehrer, Frederick, and Knauss,Anna Barbara 1787, April 9, Geiring, Anna, and Geitner,John Louis 1780, March 7, Geiring, Catharine, and Ziegler,Abraham 1774, June 28 Geiring, Elizabeth, and Faber,Jacob 1793, May 13 Geiring, John, and Romig,Catharine 1792, Nov. 27 Geiring, Magdalena, and Steiner,John 1772, March 17 Geiring, Maria, and Wuensch,Fredrich 1791, Sept. 21 Geiring, Rosina, and Everitt,Thomas 1784, Dec. 7 Geitner, John Lewis, and Geiring,Anna 1798, May 20 Hall, James, and Leibert,Catharine 1775, Sept. 26 Heil, Rebecca, and Bauer,Michael 1762, July 9 Jarry, Anna, and Anton,Christian 1794, Oct. 21 Knauss, Anna Barbara, and Fuehrer,Fred. 1758, Aug. 28 Knauss, Anna Maria, and Koehler,George Fred. 1765, May 28 Knauss, Anna Maria, and Myer,Tobias 1772, March 31 Knauss, Elizabeth, and Romig,Fredk. 1766, April 22 Knauss, Henry, and Ehrenhard,Anna Maria 1787, April 10 Knauss, Jacob, and Kreiter,Anna Rosina 1772, March 31 Knauss, John, and Romig,Catharine [154] 1762, July 29 Knauss, Maria Cath., and Weiser,Christoph. 1765, Sept. 10 Knauss, Michael, and Romig,Elizabeth 1780, June 12 Knauss, Michael, and Frank,Hannah 1758, Aug. 28 Koehler, George Fred., and Knauss,Anna Maria 1764, April 23 Koehler, Cathaine, and Fass,Jacob 1787, April 10 Kreiter, Anna Rosina, and Knauss,Jacob 1798, May 20 Leibert, Catharine, and Hall,James 1760, Nov. 16 Leibert, George, and Ehrenhard,Elizabeth 1772, March 10 Leibert, Martin, and Ehrenhard,Christian 1760, Aug. 25 Lerch, Eva, and Eisenhart,Andrew 1765, May 28 Meyer, Tobias, and Knauss,Anna Maria 1796, July 30 Rauch, John Henry, and Romig,Elizabeth, 1772, March 11 Romig, Catharine, and Knauss,John 1793, May 13 Romig, Catharine, and Geiring,John 1765, Sept. 10 Romig, Elizabeth, and Knauss,Michael 1796, July 30 Romig, Elizabeth, and Rauch,John Henry 1772, March 11 Romig, Frederick, and Knauss,Elizabeth 1797, April 4 Romig, John, and Beockel,Elizabeth 1784, Dec. 7 Romig, Maria, and Bauer,Gottleib 1792, Nov. 27 Steiner, John, and Geiring,Magdalena 1764, March 14 Volck, Dorothea, and Eisenhard,Andrew 1762, July 29 Weiser, Christoph, and Knauss,Maria Cath. 1780, March 7 Ziegler, Abraham, and Geiring,Catharine

62. From January To March 2001: Node.attributes Read
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From: Dieter Köhler (
Date: Sun, Jan 14 2001
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  • 63. Frederick Uehling Obituaries Assembled By Harry H. Wagner.
    son and wife, fred and Barb Uehling of Omaha; two grandsons, Michael and Mathew ofOmaha; sistersin-law, Rose Mary Hansen of Omaha, Beulah koehler of Bellevue
    Please use your browser's Edit/Find function to locate a name, location, date or other items. You may also use your Page Up, Page Down, Line Up and Line Down keys to navigate the page. Click on one of the hi-lited cemetery names below to view the obituaries of people buried at that cemetery.
    ****************************************************************** Name on Tombstone = Kenneth C. Koehler Dates on Tombstone = 03-25-1920 - 10-30-1983 Parents = Obituary Summary Koehler Rites in Bellevue Funeral services for Kenneth Koehler of Bellevue, were held Wednesday morning at St. James United Methodist Church in Bellevue. Grave side services for Koehler, 63, were held at the Uehling Cemetery in the afternoon. Koehler was a retired Bellevue school administrator. Survivors include his wife, Beula, sons; Bruce of Bellevue and Kirk of Vancouver, WA, mother, Myrtle Koehler of Fremont, brother, Robert of Fremont and grandchildren; Logan, Bradley and Cory. KOEHLER, KENNETH ****************************************************************** Name on Tombstone = Emma L. Uehling

    64. 1860 Census - O'Fallon Township Continued
    49, Saxony Elvira, 47, Saxony Laura, 22 Emil, 21 Arthur, 19 Elvira, 16 Family 3454ALBERT Christena, 44, Saxony Julius, 42, Hannover koehler, fred, 23 Emma, 19
    Return To The 1860 Census Index Return To The 1860 Census Index

    65. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
    February 10, 2003. Your Search for fred koehler returned 2 movies. 1. PEARLHARBOR (2001). Your Search for fred koehler returned 2 movies. 1. Koehler&SearchT

    66. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
    February 7, 2003. Your Search for fred koehler returned 2 movies. 1. PEARLHARBOR (2001). Your Search for fred koehler returned 2 movies. 1. Koehler&SearchT

    67. MSN Entertainment - Movies: A.K.A. Birdseye
    the story and make a spectacle out of it, much to the chagrin of Sharpless, who hasbegun tracking Birdseye with the assistance of his son, Ben (fred koehler).

    68. Marr I
    10/20/83. A49. ISRAELSON,HULDA. RINGDAHL,PER O. 4/12/94. B71. ITTNER,LENA. koehler,fred.12/20/02. B185. Iuinon,Joseph. Trueblood,E. 8/14/18. C119. Iven,Mary. Mieghen,Louis.


    Marr AB-AN

    Marr AN-BE

    Marr BEA-BER
    Marr HE-HY

    Marr I
    Marr JA-JO

    Marr JOH-JOL

    Marr JO-KI

    Marr KI-LA
    ... Marr UNKNOWN
    Surnames IDE-IVSS
    NAME SPOUSE MARRIAGE DATE BOOK/PAGE Ide,Nettie Smith,Frank Ijokvist,Karin Dahlgren,Lars Ikkela,Lillian Dufourt,Frank ILYANIC,MIL. STUBLYARD,LILLIA Impelmance,John Leveck,Jennie Inderbitzin,Alda Dittrich,Charles Inderbitzin,Henriette Kress,John INGALLS,ALMOND STOFFER,MARG. Ingalls,Harrietta Gorhow,Robert INGALLS,INA NICHOLSON,HARRY INGALS,ANNA BECKER,HENRY INGEBRIGHTSEN,C. PEDERSEN,PATRA Ingerbrand,George Gleason,Agnes INGERBRIGHTSEN,H. ANDERASON,KAROL Ingerbriksen,Karene Hogan,Anton Ingman,Edward Ovist,Anna INGMANSSON,FREDER. NELSON,HERMAN Ingraham,Margaret McGrary,John INMAN,FRANK LUCIA,ADDIE Inman,Frank Macafee,Gertrude INMAN,MINNIE MINGAY,FRED Inman,William Hurd,Anna Innis,Isabetta Bettiser,Thomas Irish,Earl Tingley,Naomi IRISH,THOMAS SMITH,KATE IRONS,GEO. BURNS,MANNIE IRONSIDE,FRED ALM,MARG. IRR,CLARA BAKER,WM. Irvin,Maggie Getzer,Eugene Irvin,Mary Dodge,Andrew Irving,Anna Weissert,Frederick Irving,Bruce Anderson,Mary IRVING,CHS. SEELEY,LULU

    69. Verlagsgruppe Koehler/Mittler · Militärgeschichte
    Translate this page Sauermilch, Norbert fred Kanalinseln Militärgeschichtlicher Reiseführer.136 Seiten, 12,5 x 20,5 cm, 56 s/w- und 57 Farb-Abb., 9

    70. Verlagsgruppe Koehler/Mittler · Buchautor
    Translate this page Sauermilch, Norbert fred.

    71. IHSA Season Summaries
    4 5 1 fred Corray 1930 1 5 1 fred Corray 1931 2 4 1 fred Corray . 79 1 yr .438 197778 13 6 Jim koehler 1978-79 24 1 Jim koehler 1979

    Site Index About IHSA About ... Feedback
    Season Summaries
    Last updated on February 16, 2003.
    Season summaries include titles won, final place in state, final won-lost record, and head coach for all seasons submitted by the school or gathered from IHSA records. A few titles are missing ( complete list of missing titles ). Please submit changes or additions for your school to
    Boys Baseball
    Season Titles Pl W L T Coach Boys Basketball ... Feedback


    73. :: Men's Lacrosse :: Official Athletic Site
    Head Coach fred Acee. Meet Assistant Coach Maj. Rob koehler. Meet Assistant CoachEric Seremet. Send mail to Coach Acee. Prospective StudentAthlete Questionnaire.
    Meet Head Coach Fred Acee
    Meet Assistant Coach Maj. Rob Koehler
    Meet Assistant Coach Eric Seremet Send mail to Coach Acee Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaire Lacrosse coach prepares to rebuild team into top competitive contenders With his long and illustrious lacrosse career, which has spanned over three decades, Air Force lacrosse head coach Fred Acee has a resume that rivals that of any coach in collegiate lacrosse. Acee took the helm of the Falcon lacrosse program in the fall of 1998 with a great understanding of the history of the program. His goals then and his goal now are the same — to turn the Falcon lacrosse team into a NCAA playoff contender. Last season was disappointing for Acee, as the Falcons finished the season 3-12, but he is confident this year's record will be different. If vast experience is any indication of the tools needed to build future success, Acee's exceptional knowledge of lacrosse and coaching background ensure that the Falcons will have solid guidance in the years ahead. Over the past 30 years, Acee has made a name for himself as head coach at Farmingdale, a two-year college on Long Island. While there, he built the Rams into a national lacrosse powerhouse, capturing National Junior College Athletic Association championships in 1977, 1981 and 1987. In his three decades at the helm, the Rams advanced to the NJCAA final four an amazing 25 times. His overall record of 312-119-1 (.723 winning percentage) is testament to his coaching skills.

    74. Birdseye
    Translate this page In die Enge getrieben, greift Nolan zum Äussersten Er ernennt seinen16-jährigen Sohn Ben (fred koehler) zum inoffiziellen Mitarbeiter.
    Kritiken zur Weltpremiere von BIRDSEYE auf der Piazza Grande, Int. Filmfestival Locarno 2002
    Berner Zeitung, Madeleine Corbat, 8.8.02
    Blick, Christian Jungen, 8.8.02
    Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Birgit Schmid, 8.8.02
    Spielfilm, 90 Min., 35 mm
    Englisch mit dt./frz. UT
    Weltpremiere: Int. Filmfestival Locarno,
    Schauspieler: Fred Ward, R. Lee Ermey, Amy Hathaway, Fred Koehler, Johnny Whitworth, James Wolvett, Stefan Kurt
    Buch: Stephen Beckner
    Idee: Michael Huber und Stephen Beckner
    Regie: Michael Huber und Stephen Beckner Website:

    75. Birdseye
    With the deck stacked against him, Nolan plays his last card. He unofficiallydeputizes his teenage son Ben (fred koehler) to work alongside him.
    The spotlight is on Nolan Sharpless (Fred Ward), a no-nonsense investigator facing his toughest assignment. How can he solve a murder when the victim is a walking myth? His reputation on the line, Nolan soon finds his career trampled underfoot in the rush of suspects eager to manipulate the Birdseye legend for their own gain. With the deck stacked against him, Nolan plays his last card. He unofficially deputizes his teenage son Ben (Fred Koehler) to work alongside him.
    Critiques to the world premiere of A.K.A. BIRDSEYE on the Piazza Grande, Int. film festival Locarno 2002, 7.8.02
    Corriere del Ticino, Fabrizio Coli, 8.8.02
    Berner Zeitung, Madeleine Corbat, 8.8.02
    Blick, Christian Jungen, August 8, 02
    Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Birgit Schmid, August 8, 2002
    Feature, 90 Min., 35 mm
    English with german/french subtitles
    World Premiere: Int. Filmfestival Locarno 2002
    Production: Dschoint Ventschr (CH)
    World rights: Dschoint Ventschr (CH) Cast: Fred Ward, R. Lee Ermey, Fred Koehler, Amy Hathaway, Stefan Kurt

    76. 1999 Florida Cross Country Results
    Steve Callaway)updated 10/31/99 10/28/88 Bay Conference Results (fred Steir) added11/4/99 10/28/99 Pinellas County Championships (David koehler) 10/28/99
    Florida Cross Country 1999!
    The Discussion room is open. Please use it!
    Foot Locker South adds Web site! Click Here! Florida All-Star XC meet information Click Here Please send complete results (in e-mail form)
    I will post your results and create a link Check Out the OFFICIAL FACA State Honor Rolls! 12/4/99 FACA All-STAR RESULTS (Jim Lowenstein, Meet Director) 11/24/99 1999 All Classifications Compiled! (Rick Rothman, State FACA Chairman) 1999 STATE MEET RESULTS
    Date: Saturday, November 20, 1999
    Site: Brevard Community College Titusville, FL.
    Conditions: 70's, overcast, muddy course, several falls and lost shoes 4A BOYS RESULTS (Fred Finke, Lyman H. S.)
    (Fred Finke, Lyman H. S.)
    (Fred Finke, Lyman H. S.)
    (Fred Finke, Lyman H. S.)
    (Fred Finke, Lyman H. S.)
    (Fred Finke, Lyman H. S.)

    77. Department Of Aeronautics Technology, Fall 1999 Course Schedule
    157 KREIMAN,fred M 00 802 LAB 81167 N MW 02300520 AC 157 KREIMAN,fred M AVM231 BROCKWAY,TROYD PPIL196 VFR PILOT PROF LAB V 801 LAB 81490 APPT koehler,JOHN C
    Department of Aeronautics Technology
    Fall 1999 Course Schedule
    Course Title Ref Gr
    Cr Sec Type No GE Op Days Hours Room Instructor AVM111 BASIC AIRCRAFT ELECT 04 80A LEC 81060 F 0230-0320 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L LEC U 0930-1120 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L 801 LAB 81070 M 0930-1220 AC 149 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L 802 LAB 81080 T 0230-0520 AC 149 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L AVM121 AIRCRAFT DRAWINGS 01 801 LAB 81090 M 0230-0520 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L Closed 01 802 LAB 81100 W 0930-1220 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L AVM131 AIRCRAFT STANDARDS 04 80A LEC 81110 T U 0130-0220 AC 141 KREIMAN,FRED M 801 LAB 81120 T F 0930-1220 AC 141 KREIMAN,FRED M 802 LAB 81130 U 0230-0520 AC 141 KREIMAN,FRED M LAB M 0930-1220 AVM141 AIRCRAFT SCIENCE 03 80A LEC 81140 M W F 0130-0220 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L AVM151 AVIATION MAIN FUND 03 80A LEC 81165 N U 1130-1220 AC 141 KREIMAN,FRED M 801 LAB 81166 N T 0230-0520 AC 157 KREIMAN,FRED M LAB W 0930-1220 AC 157 KREIMAN,FRED M 00 802 LAB 81167 N M W 0230-0520 AC 157 KREIMAN,FRED M

    78. Department Of Aeronautics Technology, Spring 2000 Course Schedule
    AC 157 KREIMAN,fred M 802 LAB 81100 UF 08301120 AC 157 KREIMAN,fred M AVM290 J PPIL389PRB/AVIATN/STANDARD 01 80A LEC 81670 F 1230-0120 AC 140 koehler,JOHN C
    Department of Aeronautics Technology
    Spring 2000 Course Schedule
    Course Title Ref Gr
    Cr Sec Type No GE Op Days Hours Room Instructor AVIO243 FCC LICENSE STUDY 01 80A REC 80930 APPT ROOT,MONTY E AVM112 AIRCRAFT WELDING 02 80A LEC 80940 M 1130-1220 KREIMAN,FRED M 801 LAB 80950 T 0230-0520 KREIMAN,FRED M 802 LAB 80960 M 0230-0520 KREIMAN,FRED M Closed 803 LAB 80970 U 0230-0520 KREIMAN,FRED M 804 LAB 80980 F 0230-0520 KREIMAN,FRED M AVM132 AIRCRAFT FLUID POWER 03 80A LEC 80990 W F 1130-1220 AC 141 KELLEY,TERRYL D 801 LAB 81000 W 0830-1120 AC 160 KELLEY,TERRYL D 802 LAB 81010 W 0230-0520 AC 160 KELLEY,TERRYL D AVM142 AIRFRAME SYSTEMS 04 80A LEC 81020 T U 0130-0220 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L 801 LAB 81030 UF 0830-1120 AC 161 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L 802 LAB 81040 MT 0830-1120 AC 161 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L AVM152 AIRFRAME STRUCT/REPR 05 80A LEC 81050 M W F 0130-0220 AC 141 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L 801 LAB 81060 UF 0230-0520 AC 159 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L 802 LAB 81070 MT 0230-0520 AC 159 CLAUSSEN,JERRY L

    Y2KCAFE.CC KelleyFurey, Rosemarie, Kerchoff-Ranzette, Muriel, gemur@dmv.comKnapp, Robert, koehler, fred, hfkoehler@yahoo

    80. January 2000 Boston Chapter Board Meeting Minutes - March 2000 Bimmer - Boston C
    Wednesday, January 18, 2000 Present fred Beck, Will Farnsworth, Dennis Friedman,Carlos Giron, Joe Marko, Jr., John Sullivan Jr., Suzin koehler, Sue Rathbone
    January 2000 Boston Chapter Board Meeting Minutes
    by Will Farnsworth Home
    My Boston Chapter

    Boston Bimmer

    March 2000
    ... Boston Chapter Board Meeting Minutes Location : HMS Motorsport, Peabody, MA
    Date : Wednesday, January 18, 2000
    Present : Fred Beck, Will Farnsworth, Dennis Friedman, Carlos Giron, Joe Marko, Jr., John Sullivan Jr., Suzin Koehler, Sue Rathbone, Maria Anggraeni, Luka Serdar, Greg Scott, and Victor Cruz. 1. Call to Order (Fred Beck):
    • Fred called the meeting to order and handed out a copy of the agenda.
    2. President's Report (Fred Beck):
    • Group reviewed the Comp List. A suggestion was made to change the individual who receives the mailings from the General Manager to the Sales Manager. The Group reviewed the memo from National in regards to guidelines. The following staff positions are responsible for completing the following tasks/forms:
      • Chapter Comp Listing Request - Advertising Manager - S. Koehler Chapter Label Request - Advertising Manager - S. Koehler Postage Reimbursement Request - Treasurer - B. Augenstein Printing Reimbursement Request - Treasurer - B. Augenstein

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