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         Koehler Fred:     more detail
  1. Denver Pioneers Football Coaches: Bob Blackman, Bill Saunders, Percy Locey, Johnny Baker, John P. Koehler, Elmer Mcdevitt, Fred Dawson
  2. Dye book, containing the receipts, with an unerring and reliable instruction to weavers, manufacturers and others, in the method and processes and others, ... and processes for dyeing cotton, wool & silk by Fred. Aug Koehler, 1845
  3. The Human Side of Intranets:Content, Style, and Politics by Jerry W. Koehler, Thom Dupper, et all 1997-10-27
  4. Out In The Cold Again by Rube Koehler, Ted Bloom, 1934
  5. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by music Harold Arlen, lyric Ted Koehler, 1931
  6. A Selection of Songs suitable for school use, with pianoforte accompaniments, arranged by F. W. Grieve by Fred. W Grieve, 1909

81. SearchUK - Finds It Fast!
Home Top Arts Celebrities K koehler, fred. ADULT (18+),SHOPPING, FINANCE, GAMBLING, JOBS, TRAVEL, Beyond Chip A fred koehler,_Fred/
Home Top Arts Celebrities ... K > Koehler, Fred ADULT SHOPPING FINANCE GAMBLING ...
Beyond Chip: A Fred Koehler Tribute
- Includes articles, filmography, pictures, and special humor pages devoted to "Oz," in which Fred guest-starred.
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82. A Composer's And Lyricists Database - 'K' Biographies Continued.
I Love a Parade , by Harold Arlen, lyrics by Ted koehler Love Letters in the Sand ,by J. fred Coots, lyrics by Nick and Charles Kenny That Silver Haired
"K" Composers Robert A. "Bobo" King

b. Sept. 20, 1862 New York, NY, d. April 13, 1932 New York, NY
Nee: Robert Keiser
At only age six, Robert was already taking piano lessons. He took a job in Ditson's music store as a young boy. A little later, Leo Feist, the Tin Pan Alley publisher, hired the younster, and before long, he was writing pop songs. In 1903, he had his very first hit song with "Anona". King was one of those truly prolific composers whose output is not counted. He wrote songs under his own name, under pseudonyms (very often a feminine name), and even anonymously! As a result, there is now no way to estimate his total output. During WW1, King, like other composers, wrote inspirational war songs. Among them, we find:
"Lafayette, We Hear You Calling"
"When the Boys Come Home" In 1918, he went to work for Shapiro-Bernstein Music Publishers under a contract to produce 4 songs per month. Two of the songs he composed under this contract were big hits:
1918 "Beautiful Ohio", lyric by Ballard Smith

83. Hbaptismsg-m3
Translate this page Parents, 36. koehler, Henry A. koehler, Anna Kreft, Orvel fred, 3 Jan1900, 16 Aug 1900, fred Keller, Otilia Keller, 28. koehler, Chas koehler
SURNAME PARENTS CHILD BIRTH DATE BAPTISM DATE GOD PARENTS OR SPONSORS Pg GRAELING William Graehling, Anna Strauch William Luther 21 Sep 1909 19 Dec 1909 Parents HARTMAN John E. Hartman, Mary N. Bachman Willis John 6 Nov 1900 23 March 1902 John Sauer, John Zugschwerdt HARTMAN John A. Hartman, Katherine C. Hartman Esther Helena 16 Jan 1911 19 Nov 1911 Parents HARTMAN Alfons G. Hartman, Anna Hartman Paul Charles 2 Mar 1911 19 Nov 1911 Parents HARTMAN Emil Hartman, Elsie Hartman Marvin 8 Mar 1911 19 Nov 1911 Parents HARTMAN William H. Hartman, Emma Hartman Forest George 18 Jun 1911 19 Nov 1911 Parents HARTMANN John E. Hartmann, Mary Bachmann William Jacob 16 Jan 1899 2 Jan 1900 Jacob W. Hartmann HARTMANN Alfonce Hartmann, Anna Adolph Alferd 6 Feb 1905 13 Aug 1905 Emil Hartmann, George Adolf HARTMANN Wilhelm Hartmann, Emma Adolf Clarence Johann Alvin 2 July 1905 27 Aug 1905 Alfonce Hartmann, Johann Schreiner HARTMANN Karl Hartmann, Helena Appel Albert Friedrich 10 Oct 1904 10 Sep 1905 Fred Rumper, Parents HEIDE Herman Heide, Pauline Wieckey Rosa Pauline 1 Aug 1900 2 Feb 1901 Gustov Wieckey, Pauline Wieckey

84.       BJ's Page On - - - The Work Of FRED HALSTED           
about this film, 3 of the stars are interviewed by fred Halsted and leather gear also stars John Ayres, Jamie Bleu, Blake Cass, Jesse koehler, and Jeremy

Halsted intro
Halsted films Soundtrack
to A Night At Halsted's Interview
with Fred and Joey
blog pornology directors ...
  • L A Plays Itself / Sex Garage director, actor
    Fred Halsted's 1st film - amazing film, but, alas, the video version doesn't show the famous fisting scene - but it's the motorcycle-fucking (literally!) scene in Sex Garage that got an NYC movie theatre raided by cops in the early 1970's!!) This is when he met Joey Yale, who would later become his "life" amd business parnter. Starring: Rick Coates, Jim Frost, Fred Halsted, Joseph Yale in L.A. Plays Itself
  • Sex Tool director, actor
    Fred Halsted, Joe Yale, Tim Rhodes, and Val Martin (sorry, this one's sketchy, and I'm not sure if it's available anywhere on video)
  • Erotikus: A History of the Gay Movie narrator/actor
    directed by Tom DeSimone , Fred narrates (and jerks off in, although a reliable source told me to re-look at the scene, it's not Fred's cock!) this documentary about the history of gay films from the 40's and 50's - highlighting such firsts as the first totally nude model (Monty Hanson), the first cum shot, the first gay movie (Day of Fury), the first feature-length film, and others, - thru the mid 70's. (Starring: Fred Halsted, Ed Fury, Gary Conway, Glen Corbet, Stanley Jackson among others)
  • El Paso Wrecking Corp.

85. Fred Olsen Interview
banner by Kay koehler kayko graphicsback to main page. back to interviewlist. fred OLSEN INTERVIEW (appeared in Electric Dreams 3 5).
back to main page back to interview list
FRED OLSEN INTERVIEW (appeared in Electric Dreams 3#5)
UPDATE 2000:
In the last two years I have
renamed my approach from Dream Reentry Healing to Soul Tracking and Cellular
Transformation. The second term actually seems to be more descriptive and a
more accurate descriptor of my process.
I like the venue of this group.(the one called dreamchatters) Subscribe to Dream Catalysts dreamchatters archive Hosted by
What is DRH Question 2 - dream leading to study of dreams Question 3 - languages affecting dreams VQ What is the Dream Reentry Healing Technique?
back to top
VQ Was it one of your own dreams that led you to further "study" of dreams?
I was not as concerned with the question of meaning as with the process of transformation.
How are symbols formed and transformed in human consciousness? That question grabbed me.
VQ I read that you have been involved in translations into and out of other languages. Has that influenced the way you approach dreams?

86. 1917 Clay County NE Directory - Index K
Sheridan Township. Knudson, Mads. Sheridan Township. Koch, fred. Spring RancheTownship. koehler, Henry, Edgar Township. koehler, JH, Edgar Township. koehler,Jno.
INDEX K Kahman Bert Glenville Township Kahman Henry Glenville Township Kahman J. F. Glenville Township Kahman Jno. Glenville Township Kahman Rohlf Glenville Township Kalvoda Frank Spring Ranche Township Kamm Jno H. Glenville Township Kamps A. Lynn Township Karnatz A. C. Logan Township Karnatz L. C. Logan Township Karnatz Mary, Mrs. Logan Township Karnatz W. J. Logan Township Kaufman B. L. Eldorado Township Kauk David. Eldorado Township Kauk Herbert W. Eldorado Township Kauk Reinhold Eldorado Township Kearney Jno. Island Township Keasling F. C. Harvard Township Keasling Harry Eldorado Township Keeney Ernest L. Fairfield Township Keeney Arthur E. Fairfield Township Keller Ed. A. Harvard Township Keller Ferdie O. Harvard Township Keller Wm. J.

87. KULTours Music Musikvermittlung - Fred Wiegräfe
Translate this page KULTours music Reinhard Köhler Lehle 61 89075 Ulm Fon 0731 / 9 26 61 46 Fax 0731/ 9 26 61 47 fred Wiegräfe. (Solo, Duo, Trio),
KULTours Service Bands/Musiker Weiteres
KUL Tours music
Lehle 61
89075 Ulm
Fon 0731 / 9 26 61 46
Fax 0731 / 9 26 61 47
(Solo, Duo, Trio)
Einen kongenialen Partner hat Fred mit Chris Lachotta Bill Elgart

88. 01600-A
Translate this page 01616-B In A Tent 1793-A. Foxtrot. (Ted koehler, fred Magine, Jimmy Lyon).American Vox-Jazz-Band. Leitung Kapellmeister Gabriel Formiggini.
01600-A Fascination 1713-A Valse Lente M: F. D. Marchetti Boulanger Trio (Geige, Cello, Klavier) 01600-B Rokoko-Liebeslied 1712-A M: Erik Meyer-Helmund Boulanger Trio (Geige, Cello, Klavier) 01601-A Vox-Boston 1740-A Valse Boston M: Georges Boulanger Boulanger Trio (Geige, Cello, Klavier) 01601-B Ballgeflüster 1738-A M: Erik Meyer-Helmund Orchester Georges Boulanger 1602-A Hugo Foxtrot (NE 08/1924) (Cl. Williamson, S. Goold, Al. Silver) Orchester Bernard Etté 1602-B Romany Love Foxtrot (NE 08/1924) M: J. S. Zamecnik Orchester Bernard Etté 01603-A Im blauen Bock 1787-A Lied und Shimmy (NE 08/1924) M: Jara Beneš Orchester Bernard Etté 01603-B Ich suche dich Titine [Je Cherche Après Titine] 1788-A Onestep (NE 08/1924) M: Leo Daniderff Orchester Bernard Etté 01604-A Vielleicht ein andermal 1789-A Foxtrot aus Die tanzende Prinzessin (NE 08/1924) M: Walter Kollo Orchester Bernard Etté 01604-B Mach dir doch 'nen Bubikopf 1795-A Foxtrot aus „Die tanzende Prinzessin“ (NE 08/1924) M: Walter Kollo Orchester Bernard Etté 01605-A Für ein bisschen Liebe 1791-A Boston aus „Die tanzende Prinzessin“ (NE 08/1924) M: Walter Kollo Orchester Bernard Etté 01605-B Denkst du 1796-A Tango-Milonga aus „Die tanzende Prinzessin“ (NE 08/1924) M: Walter Kollo Orchester Bernard Etté 01606-A A Song Of The Saxophon 1801-A Novelty Blues (NE 08/1924) M: Tom Waltham Orchester Bernard Etté 01606-B Honolulu Blues 1804-½A Foxtrot (NE 08/1924) M: N. Goldstein

Don't Tell Mama, Kander, John; Ebb, fred. Down With Love, Harburg, EY; Arlen,Harold. From This Moment On, Porter, Cole. Get Happy, Arlen, Harold; koehler, Ted.
Song Title
A Cottage for Sale Conley, L., Robinson, W. A Foggy Day Gershwin, George; Gershwin, Ira After You've Gone Creamer, Henry; Layton, Turner All of Me Simons, S.; Marks, G. Almost Like Being in Love Lerner, Alan Jay; Loewe, Frederick Alone Together Dietz, Howard; Schwartz, Arthur Alright, Okay, You Win Wyche, Sid; Watts, Mayme Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home Arlen, Harold; Mercer, Johnny As Long As He Needs Me Bart, Lionel As Long As I Live Arlen, Harold As Time Goes By Hupfeld, Herman Baby (Is What He Calls Me) Butler, Kay Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Rodgers, Richard; Hart, Lorenz Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) Ager; Yellen Big Spender Coleman, Cy; Fields, Dorothy Black Coffee Webster, Paul; Burke, Sonny Blues in the Night Arlen, Harold; Mercer, Johnny But the World Goes 'Round Kander, John; Ebb, Fred By Myself Dietz, Howard; Schwartz, Arthur By the River St. Marie Warren; Leslie Bye Bye Baby Styne, Jule Bye Bye Blues Hamm; Bennett; Lown; Gray Cabaret Kander, John; Ebb, Fred Call Me Darling, Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear

90. AHL - American Hockey League - Milwaukee Vs. Houston
Home News Money Sports Inside the NHL Hockey home Scores News briefs Standings ... TV schedule More hockey Minors Junior Colleges Hockey directory ... Weather Site Web 11/14/2002 - 11:49 PM - Click reload often for latest version
Milwaukee vs. Houston
Box Score How They Scored Game Story
Nov 14, 2002
... Gannett Co. Inc.

91. Frederick Koehler

92. Class Act: Composers: "K"
Karger, fred (frederick Maxwell Karger Karlin, fred Compositionsused in films on Class Act For All We Know.
Kaempfert, Berthold

(more commonly known as Bert Kaempfert) Kahal, Irving
Kahn, Grace LeBoy Kahn, Gus German-born lyricist; wrote many hit songs. Portrayed by Danny Thomas in the biopic, I'll See You in My Dreams

93. Gilpin County Marriages - Grooms' Index K
Knuckey, Richard James, Williams, Mary Grace (Mrs), 1892 Aug 16. koehler, FredWm. Opey, Mary Ellen, 1881 Nov 13. Kofford, Thorwald, Moyle, Mary, 1896 Jun 24.

94. Memorial
Thomas A. Branigan George Ranges Edward R. Edwards John J. Burns Reuben Coyte. FredBollembeck William koehler, Sr. Frederick Hummel Stephen Kelly Jacob Bauer.
DEPARTMENT MEMORIAL MAY THEY ALL REST IN PEACE! "A Fireman's Prayer" when i am called to duty, god where ever the flames may rage, give me the strength to save some life whatever be its age. help me embrace a little child before it is to late ot save an older person from the horror of that fate. enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out i want to fill my calling and to give the best in me, to guard my every neighbor and protect his property. and if according to my fate i am to lose my life, please bless with your protecting hand my children and my wife. KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY ENGINE COMPANY NO. 1 FF. Fred Cavaliere DIED IN THE LINE OF DUTY FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU Fire Inspector Howard Cooper - 1986 On January 6, 1986 while on duty, Fire Inspector Cooper was preparing to issue a parking ticket to a vehicle parked in the fire lane of one of the local businesses when he became involved in a verbal confrontation with the operator of the vehicle. He called for assistance from the police department via radio. Upon their arrival, the police found Inspector Cooper slumped over the wheel of his vehicle having difficulty breathing. He was rushed to Englewood Hospital where he later died from a massive heart attack. Inspector Cooper, who was 64 years old, had planned to retire at the end of the year. ENGINE CO. 1

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