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  1. Acteur de New York: Kristen Wiig, Hank Azaria, Mary Woronov, Josh Peck, Desmond Harrington, Rory Culkin, Bernie Kopell, Bobby Moynihan (French Edition)

1. Bernie Kopell
Bernie Kopell. DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM Entertainment/Celebrities/K/Kopell, Bernie- DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Celebrities/K/Kopell, Bernie.

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Bernie Kopell

2. The Celebrity Collector Bernie Kopell
Bernie Kopell Doc From The Love Boat, Has a Houseful of Tennis Trophies. By KenHall. Fans of Bernie Kopell can visit the star online at

3. - Bernie Kopell
Bernie Kopell. Bernie Kopell was born in 1933 in New York City. BernieKopell now has his own website and I strongly recommend a visit.
Bernie Kopell Bernie Kopell was born in 1933 in New York City. He moved to California to become an actor and had little success until he met and impressed Leonard Stern, which led to his role as Siegfried. Kopell made 14 appearances as Siegfried during the series. At the same time he appeared on Get Smart, Kopell had a role on That Girl. After Get Smart and That Girl ended, Kopell made tons of guest spots on just about every comedy show on TV, especially distinguishing himself in The Odd Couple. He hit it big as Dr. Bricker on the Love Boat, which still is playing in syndication. Kopell and Don Adams recently finished two Public Service Announcements for the American Diabetes Assocation. Kopell, who still acts in LA theatres, recently became the father of a baby boy, Adam. Bernie Kopell now has his own website and I strongly recommend a visit. It features a bio, a list of current appearances, and he offers autographed merchandise as well.
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4. Bernie Kopell
Bernie Kopell. Color ..$30 / B W ..$25.
Bernie Kopell

5. Bernie Kopell
Bernie Kopell, Around the world, Bernie Kopell is instantly recognizedas Dr. Adam Bricker , the ship's medic on board ABC's long
Bernie Kopell
Around the world, Bernie Kopell is instantly recognized as "Dr. Adam Bricker", the ship's medic on board ABC's long running hit comedy The Love Boat.
Bernie was born and raised in Brooklyn, went to Erasmus High and then went on to NYU where he majored in Dramatic Art. Following his graduation, Bernie fulfilled his military obligation in the United States Navy which curiously assigned him to be the librarian at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia, and later sent him out to sea aboard the USS Iowa, where Bernie got his first taste of life aboard a sea faring vessel.
Driving his taxi in 1958, Bernie got an unexpected "break". He picked up Dick Einfeld who was about to produce The Oregon Trail at 20th Century Fox. Bernie managed to convey to Dick during the ride to the airport that he was really not a "cab driver", but a temporarily misplaced actor. Einfeld cast Bernie as President Polk's secretary! Bernie got his SAG card and two entire lines- "Yes, sir." - "No, sir."
In the early 1960's, Bernie became associated with the Players' Ring Theater in Los Angeles. It was here that he performed a variety of character roles and discovered his facility for accents and dialects. His television debut was in 1961 as a Cuban heavy on the CBS soap

6. Doublage En France
Translate this page COMÉDIEN VO kopell bernie, Illustration -. Échantillonvocal -. Remarques Titre, Type, Rôle, VF, Remarques. Bernie

7. Doublage En France
Translate this page Piccolo, La Croisière s'amuse, Séries, Dr. Adam Bricker, kopell bernie,La Belle et le Clochard, Longs métrages animés, L'aide du cuistot, Gérard

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  • 9. Bernie Kopell
    This page was updated on February 28, 2002.

    10. Dead Or Alive? - Bernie Kopell
    Search, New Name, Comment, Instructions, Home, Profile, Send to friend,Last updated 02/02/2003. Go Back Alive Bernie Kopell Field Entertainment. Bernie

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    Bernie Kopell
    Info: Played ship's doctor, Adam Bricker, in the TV series "The Love Boat", appeared in the series "Get Smart"
    Date of Birth:
    Current Age:

    11. Bernie Kopell Sur Télé Souvenirs
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    12. Bernie Kopell
    Bernie Kopell. Good Neighbor Sam. Get Smart Again The Movie. Bug Buster. GreatestHeroes of the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah. Guide for the Married Woman.
    Bernie Kopell
    Good Neighbor Sam Get Smart Again: The Movie Bug Buster Greatest Heroes of the Bible: Sodom and Gomorrah Guide for the Married Woman Greatest Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Noah Greatest Heroes of the Bible: The Story of Moses Greatest Heroes of the Bible: Joseph in Egypt Greatest Heroes of the Bible: David and Goliath Greatest Heroes of the Bible: The Ten Commandments Greatest Heroes of the Bible: Abraham's Sacrifice Greatest Heroes of the Bible: Samson and Delilah Missing Pieces Follow Your Heart Combat High Railway Adventures Across Europe V. 1 Bug Buster Railway Adventures Across Europe V. 2 Missing Pieces Bug Buster Actors and Actresses: K Link-Web.Net

    13. El Pelotero Del Toro (basura Varia)
    Berniekopell bernie kopell bernie kopell bernie kopell bernie Kopell .
    El pelotero del Toro (basura varia) Boludeces torassicas: larveo intensivo link WOK software , alguna de y bastante del concepto EEEEEEEIIIIIIII!!!!!!! Atajos: BLOGs de mis amigos Otros BLOGs piolas Translate THIS into something like english Fin del cuento ver propagandas de mierda de argenfútbol mundial del ass 2002 me hace sentir una cosita fea.... una vergüenza ajena por no sentir lo mismo que el resto de mis compatriotas pero al fin mía por ser uno más de tanto argentino sorete. si, un sorete como ud. -disculpe la impertinencia- y como yo. que con ganar en el 'fulbol ya estamos hechos, 'somo 'lo 'mejore 'somo , toda esa mierda.
    'ta, a mi me chupa un huevo el 'fulbol, 'tamo de acuerdo pero... ¿uds. ven cada 1/4to. de cuadra a gente con especies de carritos mad max revolviendo basura o solo vienen a hacer turismo a chetolandia?
    amo a mi país, por vivir acá, porque soy de acá, y porteño cocorito, y todo eso. pero por momentos me dan ganas de pedirle a los

    14. Bernie Kopell Biography
    Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker. bernie kopell was born in New York City on June 21, 1933. He always seemed to be on television, his face always seemed familiar.
    Bernie Kopell
    Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker Bernie Kopell was born in New York City on June 21, 1933. He always seemed to be on television, his face always seemed familiar. He was Conrad Siegfried in Get Smart, in That Girl as Jerry Bauman, a neighbor of Ann's, and played many roles on Bewitched including a 100 year old apothecary, a Viennese psychiatrist, a blond hippie and a German Submarine Captain. His specialty is accents and dialects, and could handle Russian, German, Mexican and all others with ease.
    My wife and I had a wonderful dinner with Bernie and his lovely wife Catrina when we were recently in Los Angeles. We talked about the upcoming Love Boat cruise and Bernie shared many wonderful stories about his experiences in show business!
    Bernie also has his own web site.... check it out!
    Bernie Kopell now spends much of his time on the celebrity tennis circuit and is involved with projects on the Travel Channel including hosting "Railway Adventures Across Europe". (Picture May 1997) The following is from Bernie's excellent Web Site..

    15. Bernie Kopell: Links And Pics Offered By
    Here you can find links for and pictures of bernie kopell bernie kopell. Nationality. American. Listed in Category
    Bernie Kopell
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    16. Bernie Kopell
    kopell, bernie Site Listings bernie kopell official site with biography, photos,and news. IMDb bernie kopell - film and television appearances., Bernie

    17. Bernie Kopell - The Official Site
    Around the world, bernie kopell is instantly recognized as Dr.Adam Bricker from the Love Boat and Siegfried , Don Adams nemesis on Get Smart .

    18. Bernie Kopell

    19. Kopell, Bernie
    kopell, bernie. Title That Girl Vol. 1 Subject DVD Comedy Starring kopell,bernie Rose, Timothy M.B00004Y7ET Dokuchitz, Jonathan-B00004Y7EU
    Kopell, Bernie
    Title: That Girl Vol. 1
    Subject: DVD Comedy
    Starring: Kopell, Bernie
    Rose, Timothy M.-B00004Y7ET...

    Dokuchitz, Jonathan-B00004Y7EU...

    Pulaski, Frank-B00004Y7EV...

    Potts, Jonathan-B00004Y7EW...

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