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  1. Femme Fatales Magazine (June 1998 Volume 7 Number 1) Heather Graham "Lost In Space" cover by Ed Wood, Barbara Carrera, et all 1997

41. Lost In Space Memories - A Tribute To The LIS TV Series And The Actors Of One Of
JUDY ROBINSON 2001 Space Odyssey Tour When marta returned from Australia, she broughta limited number of the programs from her appearance, and we have them!
2001 Space Odyssey Tour Glossy card stock 21 cm x 30 cm (roughly 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"). 12 pages plus cover. Limited supply available. $25 + $5 shipping and handling

42. Interview With Marta Kristen
Ray Dutczak talks to marta kristen. Ray How did you get the roleof Judy Robinson on Lost in Space? marta I was just finishing
Ray Dutczak talks to Marta Kristen
Ray: How did you get the role of Judy Robinson on Lost in Space
Marta: I was just finishing up a guest appearance on the Greatest Show on Earth TV series where I played a trapeze artist when my agent notified me that they were casting a new TV series. I didn't really want to get tied down in a television series at that point, but I went in for auditions. Next thing I knew, I was being interviewed by Irwin Allen himself. Instead of a screen test, he watched the Greatest Show on Earth episode. Ray: You didn't want to do Lost in Space?
Marta: I didn't want to do any series. I was very busy doing "serious drama" - guest appearances on just about every series that had an age appropriate part for me. I was considering moving to New York to pursue theater. So, it wasn't Lost in Space I was against, it was the idea of being tied down in any series for any length of time.
Ray: So what changed your mind?
Marta: Irwin Allen, once he made up his mind, was a very determined man. He personally called me for two straight weeks until I agreed to do the pilot. He promised the part would be substantial and that the character would develop as part of an ensemble. Of course, he had no way of knowing the direction the show would end up going in. Ray: Irwin must have been impressed with your talent.

43. Marta Kristen Current Month TV Schedule
TVNow presents marta kristen On TV Jan. 24 Feb. 28, Eastern Time ZoneUsed, Sorry! No listings found for this month. Other Entertaining
TVNow presents
Marta Kristen
March 24 - April 30
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44. Celebrities @ Marta Kristen. Celebrities, News, Gossip,
, Buy The Great American Songbook - Rod Stewart - $14.98. marta kristen.Filmography. •, Lost in Space (1998). •, Beach Blanket Bingo (1965).

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Marta Kristen
Cast Lost in Space (1998) Reporter No 1 Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) Lorelei Battle Beyond the Stars Lux Gemini Affair A Diary Julie Once Actor Terminal Island Actor
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45. Marta Kristen Movies, Biography, Pics, Bio
Movie sounds, quotes, and wavs marta kristen Movies. Biography, Bio, Filmography,Quotes. Advertisement marta kristen Movies Lost in Space.
Marta Kristen Movies
Biography, Bio, Filmography, Quotes
Home to more sounds, wavs, and movie clips
Marta Kristen Movies:
document.write(''); document.write('Buy the DVD! at" hspace="3" vspace="3">') document.write('Buy the DVD!'); Lost in Space
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46. #cienciaficcion: Television: Series De TV: Actor/Actriz: Marta Kristen
Translate this page marta kristen. marta kristen ha participado en las siguientes series en nuestra basede datos Enlaces. Ver ficha de marta kristen en la Internet Movie Database. Kristen

47. Voice Work Of Marta Kristen
Voice work of marta kristen. Character, Show, Episode. If you know of other voicework marta kristen has done, you may add credits. Top of voice actor page.

48. Marta Kristen
The TV Show Web Site marta kristen. The Many Faces of marta kristen.The Official marta kristen Website. marta kristen IMDb. marta
The TV Show
Web Site
The Many Faces of Marta Kristen The Official Marta Kristen Website Marta Kristen - IMDb Marta Kristen Page by William F Sopha ... BACK TO CAST PAGE

49. Marta Kristen
Me with marta kristen. She was just a sweetheart. I actually got tonguetiedwhen I met her. A beautiful lady.(Megacon, Orlando).
Me with Marta Kristen.
She was just a sweetheart. I actually got tongue-tied when I met her. A beautiful lady.(Megacon, Orlando) Bob May Robot Pics

50. Celebrity Photos And Photographs - Marta Kristen
photos. To find additional fotos including for marta kristen then checkout our celebrity links to the left. Thanks. marta kristen. marta
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Marta Kristen
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  • 51. Web - The 'Marta Kristen' Page
    The 'marta kristen' Page The Man from UNCLE Episode 011 (01.11)'The NeptuneAffair', played 'Felicia Lavimore'. Back to the Cult TV Home Page
    The 'Marta Kristen' Page
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    Episode 011 (01.11):'The Neptune Affair', played 'Felicia Lavimore'
    Back to the Cult TV Home Page

    52. - - Marta Kristen - Gallery - 1 - The largest free celebrity picture collection on the net- marta kristen. Celebrity - marta kristen - galleries 1 HOME

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    53. Marta Kristen: Les Meilleurs Sites Retenus Par Célébrités Sélection
    Translate this page Les meilleurs sites de marta kristen . C'est ici que vous trouvereztoutes les informations dont vous avez besoin sur marta kristen.
    Top 15 des Célébrités Photos de stars Forum Offrez: Posters ... Devenez une Célèbrité! Recherche par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... Contact, star absente NAVIGATION Accueil Ajouter aux favoris Recommander le site à un ami Joueurs de basket-ball ... Lien rompu SHOPPING Recherche: livres, DVD, CD, K7 Posters Publicité annonceurs) Marta Kristen
    Kato and the Captain's Completely Unofficial Marta Kristen Fan Site

    Marta Kristen Fan Site

    54. Marta Kristen Nude Celeb
    marta kristen. find pics of marta kristen from nude tv shows or nudemovies at nude celebrity pics marta kristen info. Possible
    Marta Kristen
    find pics of marta kristen from nude tv shows or nude movies at nude celebrity pics
    Possible Movie or TV Series Nude Appearance
  • Once (1974)
  • Gemini Affair (1974)
  • Terminal Island (1973)
    Current Bio
    celebrity nude photo famous ass celebrity pictures live girls
    TOP PREVIOUS ITEM NEXT ITEM ( 36 of 60 ). marta kristen TV GUIDE. PostedOctober 17, 2002, Updated November 17, 2002. Issued in 1965 by TV Magazine.
    Posted: September 26, 2002, Updated: November 17, 2002 "Uncle Odie's" Irwin Allen's Collectibles
    Gallery Item Members, please log in here >>> Or, to join, please click here. User Name: Password: Log In!
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    Description A very scare Sunday Advertiser TVue Weekly from July 17-23 1966. Cover features a caricature drawing of Mark Goddard (Major. Don West) on the flying jet pack, with laser rifle in hand. This Boston TV paper consist of 31 pages, and a nice article on the actor. I almost lost this eBay auction item at the last moment from a fellow LIS fan. I purchased this item on 2/3/02 from Victor Dwinal of Dixfield Maine. Value: $300. (Posted: 02/25/02)
    Owner Information Owned by: Robert Vanderpool
    The owner has 823 other items online.
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    56. -
    marta kristen. Lost in Space (1998) Reporter No. 1 Body Count (1998) MarilynHarvest of Fire (1996) Martha Troyer Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

    57. EBroadcast Internet Directories :: You'll Find It At The Internet Directories!
    -. IT NEWS. Australian IT. Cnet. ZDNet Australia. MORE IT AT eTOPIC..- - -. eTopic Arts Celebrities K kristen, marta (1) Add to favorites.

    58. The Austin Chronicle: Film Guide
    . Movies. marta kristen. Acting Credits in films reviewed by The Austin Chronicle.Terminal Island (1970). Browse Films by Title Browse Directors by Last Name.
    For the week Friday, Mar. 21 - Friday, Mar. 28


    Horns and Halos

    The Hunted
    ... By reviewer
    For Thursday, Mar. 27 About Schmidt

    Agent Cody Banks

    Antwone Fisher

    Browse archived Chronicle film reviews by title or stars screens music news cuisines ... Contact

    59. DigiGuide: The Best TV Guide - Marta Kristen
    Home » Library » marta kristen. marta kristen. Programmes in the DigiGuide Librarythat star marta kristen. Lost in Space; Lost in Space as Reporter No. 1.
    return fnHighlight( this, 1 ); return fnHighlight( this, 1 ); return fnHighlight( this, ); return fnHighlight( this, ); Search: All Web Sites DigiGuide Web Site DigiGuide Library myDigiGuide TV Library Community Products Shop Support ... Library
    Marta Kristen
    Programmes in the DigiGuide Library that star Marta Kristen
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    60. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
    February 10, 2003. Your Search for marta kristen returned 8 movies. 1. BODY COUNT(1998). SAVAGE SAM (1963). Your Search for marta kristen returned 8 movies. 1. Kristen&Search

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