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         Kubrick Stanley:     more books (100)
  1. The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick (The Philosophy of Popular Culture)
  2. Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures by Steven Spielberg, Christiane Kubrick, 2002-09-30
  3. Stanley Kubrick (German Edition)
  4. Kubrick's Hope: Discovering Optimism from 2001 to Eyes Wide Shut by Julian Rice, 2008-09-29
  5. Stanley Kubrick (Masters of Cinema) by Bill Krohn, 2010-11-10
  6. The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick (Library of Great Filmmakers) by Rodney Hill, Gene D. Phillips, 2002-06
  7. Narrative and Stylistic Patterns in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (European Studies in North American Literature and Culture) by Luis M. García Mainar, 2000-07-06
  8. Cinema of Stanley Kubrick: Third Edition by Norman Kagan, 2000-02-29
  9. Kubrick by Michel Ciment, 2001-09-26
  10. Stanley Kubrick: A Biography by John Baxter, 1997-08-05
  11. Depth of Field: Stanley Kubrick, Film, and the Uses of History (Wisconsin Film Studies)
  12. Stanley Kubrick: The Pocket Essential Guide by Paul Duncan, 2009-03-12
  13. Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange(ScreenPress Film Screenplays) by Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Burgess, 2002-02
  14. The Wolf at the Door: Stanley Kubrick, History, and the Holocaust by Geoffrey Cocks, 2004-08-02

kubrick stanley. Records 1 to 15 of 69. 2001 videorecording a spaceodyssey / a Stanley Kubrick production. Santa Monica, Calif. STANLEY

22. Epilog Person - Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) Amerikanisch-Britischer Filmregisseu
stanley kubrick ist der Sohn eines Arztes aus einer jüdischamerikanischen Mittelstandsfamilie mit Wurzeln in
Stanley Kubrick
Amerikanisch-Britischer Filmregisseur und Produzent (1928-1999)
Frühe Werke Wege zum Ruhm Meisterwerke Späte Werke ... Film Name: Stanley Kubrick
Geboren: in New York
Gestorben: in St. Albans/England
Frühe Werke
Stanley Kubrick ist der Sohn eines Arztes aus einer jüdisch-amerikanischen Mittelstandsfamilie mit Wurzeln in Österreich-Ungarn. Er wuchs in der Bronx auf und brach früh die Schule ab, um Fotograf zu werden. Mit 16 Jahren, noch während seiner Highschool-Zeit, schoß er ein Foto von einem Zeitungsverkäufer am Tag nach dem Tod von Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dieses Bild wurde sofort vom Magazin Look gekauft, und bereits mit 18 Jahren verdiente Kubrick sein Geld als freier Bildreporter für das Magazin. Nach einer Fotoserie über den Boxer Walter Cartier drehte er den 16-mm-Kurzfilm Day of the Fight (USA 1950), den er aus eigener Tasche finanzierte und mit 100 Dollar Gewinn an RKO -Pathé für deren Dokumentationsserie This Is America verkaufen konnte. Danach folgte die Kurzdokumentation Flying Padre (USA 1951) über einen Priester in New Mexiko, der seine Gemeinde mit dem Flugzeug besucht. Im Auftrag der Internationalen Seemannsgewerkschaft entstand Kubricks erster Farbfilm

23. Stanley Kubrick: The Master Filmmaker - Http://
Provides basic as well as uncommon knowledge about the life and work of the cinema genius.Category Arts Celebrities K kubrick, stanley......stanley kubrick The Master Filmmaker provides basic as well as uncommonknowledge about the life and work of the cinema genius.
Stanley Kubrick: The Master Filmmaker
"I would not think of quarreling with your interpretation nor offering any other, as I have found it always the best policy to allow the film to speak for itself."
Stanley Kubrick



Latest News - 09/09/02

Guest book Read Sign SK-TMF
All quotes, publicity photos, and sound excerpts are believed to fall under fair use laws.

24. The Authorized Stanley Kubrick Web Site
Official site dedicated to one of the most influential filmmakers. He makes intelligent, thoughtprovoking films.

25. Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide
Explore Warner Brothers' official tribute to this famous American filmmaker. Offers news, multimedia, biographical details and DVD details.
Welcome. This site is a source for information regarding the work of film director/producer Stanley Kubrick. The site leaves the interpretation of his films to the viewer and serves mainly images and sounds from Kubrick's films.
Below is a list of resources at this website and links to other websites. Also, the individual film sections also contain links to other web resources dealing specifically with that film.
Included for each film is a link to the Internet Movie Database. Use these links as a source of information such as cast and crew.
Enjoy. Please send any comments or suggestions to me Search the site:
kubrick kubrick kubrick
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Dozens of articles and sites
Discuss Kubrick Pages and groups to discuss Kubrick "The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle." Kubrick, 1970

26. Stanley Kubrick Online
Recensioni ed approfondimenti, oltre a molto altro materiale, con particolare attenzione all'ultimo film diretto dal regista americano.

27. Stanley Kubrick
Biografie des Regisseurs und Kritik von Eyes Wide Shut, dem auf Arthur Schnitzlers Traumnovelle beruhenden Films.
www. cosmopolis .ch
Nr. 8, 15. Oktober/14. November 1999
Aktuelle Ausgabe mit Archiv

Film Kunst ... Travel/Reisen
Stanley Kubrick - Biografie und Filme
Zum Tod des Regisseurs - Leben und Werk - Stanley Kubrick DVD Box Set. Bestellen bei, The Web
Traumnovelle in Die Dame Eyes Wide Shut , beruht. Dazwischen liegt eine lange Karriere mit relativ wenigen Filmen.
highschool , publiziert das Magazin Look ein Foto von ihm. 1945, im zarten Alter von 17 Jahren, kann er Look Look Day of the Fight Look Paths of Glory War and Peace
Spartacus Lolita Dr. Stangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Red Alert
von Peter George. 1968 folgt Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey A Clockwork Orange copycat crimes
Barry Lyndon The Shining Full Metal Jacket
, basierend auf der Novelle von Gustav Hasford, begonnen. Der Film kommt 1987 raus. Danach arbeitet Stanley Kubrick an mehreren Projekten, die nicht realisiert werden. Schliesslich kommt er auf Arthur Schnitzlers Traumnovelle Eyes Wide Shut
) nannte ihn einen "talentierten Idioten". Matthew Modine (

There are several 2001 entries in this guide to stanley kubrick's works.
(Web Version)
Many people have seen the films of Stanley Kubrick, but not all of them are aware of the extraordinary level of depth to be found in that director's work. To those who are interested in knowing more, this FAQ will tell everything it knows. This FAQ is actually a part of a larger page. To go above one level, click here You may want to download the full text version of this FAQ for later printing out and reading. To get it, click here . Give yourself about seven minutes to download with a 14.4 modem. For those who don't like "spoilers," be forewarned. There are many "spoilers" here. If you don't want to have details of the films revealed to you before seeing them, stop reading this FAQ now! This FAQ would not have been possible without the contributions of the people who frequent the ALT.MOVIES.KUBRICK newsgroup on USENET. Thanks to them. And to Uncle Sam, who gave us the Internet protocols.
  • How is this FAQ, D, different from FAQs A, B, and C?
  • What will Kubrick's new film, AI (Artificial Intelligence) be about?
  • Tell us something about Kubrick.
  • What are the similarities between Kubrick and James Joyce? ...
    Detail from Diane Arbus photograph
  • What are some brief insights on DR. STRANGELOVE?
  • 29. Svenska Stanley Kubrick Arkivet
    Besökare nr. 1783 Email Senast Uppdaterad 10/11 - 02 .
    Besökare nr. 2530 E-mail: Senast Uppdaterad: 10/11 - 02

    30. Stanley Kubrick
    Biographie, entretiens et articles, filmographie comment©e.
    Stanley Kubrick
    Website about stanley Kubrick Le site de stanley Kubrick, interviews, articles de presse, films, photos, livres. Tout sur le maître du 7ème Art.
    Enter Here - Register your domain name.

    31. Sommaire
    un monde autour de Stanley Kubrick In memoriam Stanley Kubrick Filmographie de Stanley Kubrick Biographie Bibliographie ... Publiez vox textes ! (Formulaire) Un film est - ou devrait être - beaucoup plus proche de la musique que du roman. Il doit être une suite de sentiments et d'atmosphères. Le thèmes et tout ce qui est à l'arrière plan des émotions qu'il charrie, la signification de l'oeuvre, tout cela doit venir plus tard. Vous quittez la salle et, peut-être le lendemain, peut-être une semaine plus tard, peut être sans que vous-même vous vous en rendiez compte, vous acquérez de quelque façon quelque chose qui est ce que le cinéaste s'est efforcé de vous dire. Stanley Kubrick (1964) Page d'accueil La musique que vous entendez a été composée par Couvrat-Desvergnes Tanguy

    32. Stanley Kubrick
    Life and work of stanley kubrick.Category Arts Celebrities K kubrick, stanley...... stanley kubrick Biography, Eyes Wide Shut, films, DVDs, books One of the most secretAmerican film directors, the late stanley kubrick, died March 7, 1999.
    www. cosmopolis .ch
    N° zero, October 25/November 30, 1999
    Film Music History ... Travel
    Stanley Kubrick
    Biography, Eyes Wide Shut, films, DVDs, books
    Day of the Fight , again on Walter Cartier. The year after, he leaves Look in order to become a movie director. He produces low-budget features like Fear and Desire (1953) or Killer's Kiss
    In 1954 Stanley Kubrick moves to L.A. where he forms a production company, together with his friend James B. Harris. After his divorce, Stanley Kubrick marries in 1955 Ruth Sobotka, a glamourous dancer of the New York City Ballet. A few films and another divorce later, he marries the German painter and actress Christiane Harlan in 1958. He met her on the set of his antiwar drama Paths of Glory . This time, Stanley Kubrick finds the love of his live. That same year, Marlon Brando hires him as director for his Western War and Peace . But Kubrick leaves in dissent and an indemnity of $100,000. Brando was always intervening in his work. After Kubrick leaves, Brando himself takes over the directing. In 1959, Stanley becomes the director of Spartacus . Anthony Mann was fired after only eight days of shooting. Stanley Kubrick takes the job although he has no influence on screenplay, production and distribution.

    33. Kubrick On The Web
    Kubrick on the Web
    Welcome to KUBRICK ON THE WEB. My intention is to make this a high-level index to anything and everything of quality on the Web that pertains to Stanley Kubrick and his films. The main source of information is the ALT.MOVIES.KUBRICK Faq. There are two versions:
  • Question-by question (for reading online) Browse the FAQ online. Especially good for those who have just rented a video and want fast information on a particular film. The "brief insights" sections are valuable for discovering the extremely subtle details in Mr. Kubrick's images.
  • Full text (for downloading) . The faq is a text file around 450k in size, and takes around seven minutes to download with a 14.4 modem. This will always be the most up-to-date version.
    For "live" discussion of Kubrick and his films, you can go to the following two newsgroups:
  • alt.movies.kubrick
  • rec.arts.sf.movies
  • Patrick Larkin's web site
  • Hal speaking!
  • The Internet Movie Database
  • The Internet Movie Database
  • 2001 Screenplay
  • 2001 Poem
  • The Internet Movie Database
  • The Internet Movie Database
  • The Internet Movie Database
  • The Internet Movie Database
    I will be making improvements to this server from time to time. Your contributions are welcome! Send suggestions and questions to
  • 34. Stanley Kubrick 1928 - 1999
    A selection of tributes, articles, and photographs of stanley kubrick. A selection of tributes Category Arts Celebrities K kubrick, stanley......stanley kubrick The website stanley kubrick 19281999 closed on September4 1999. Mandy and the Mysterious Woman stanley kubrick's Vision.
    [an error occurred while processing this directive] Stanley Kubrick The website "Stanley Kubrick 1928-1999" closed on September 4 1999. Its archive is now hosted here, so that this valuable resource is not lost to the Internet. Those familiar with the original site will find most of the images and text reproduced although I don't have the webspace to accommodate zipped movie and audio files, so unfortunatley they have had to been omitted. The original webmaster of this site requests anonymity, but you can email me . with any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them. Link to Christiane Kubrick's website Reminiscences from those who knew, or were influenced by Stanley Kubrick Two articles on the recent DGA tribute to Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick's will
    Eyes Wide Shut Some images from the 56th Venice film festival Some more images from the 56th Venice film festival An article by Stanley Kubrick from 1960, which seems to have echoes for "Eyes Wide Shut" Pictures of the "Eyes Wide Shut" set & some locations, with a picture of Stanley Kubrick on the set ... Mandy and the "Mysterious Woman"
    Stanley Kubrick's Vision Find below a selection of articles/photos/stills on Stanley Kubrick and his work:
    The Day of the Fight Monthly Film Bulletin- Dec 1980
    The Flying Padre Monthly Film Bulletin - Dec 1980
    Killer's Kiss Monthly Film Bulletin - July 1984
    The Killing Monthly Film Bulletin - July 1984
    Paths of Glory

    35. The Kubrick Site
    resource archive for documentary materials regarding, in whole or in part, the workof the late American film director and producer stanley kubrick (19281999
    The Kubrick Site has been established as a non-profit resource archive for documentary materials regarding, in whole or in part, the work of the late American film director and producer Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999). We'd like to thank the literally thousands of readers and participants in the Usenet newsgroup alt.movies.kubrick, many of whose contributions appear in these pages. The views and opinions There are two additional sites which will be of interest; they are Warner Bros. official website for the films of Stanley Kubrick and the Kubrick Multimedia Archive. The latter was the inspiration for the present textual site. Those wishing to view graphics, sounds, and other such media should go there. The Kubrick Site is a privately maintained project of the alt.movies.kubrick newsgroup and its participants, and no affiliation with Hobby Films Ltd., Warner Bros. Studios, Turner Broadcasting, or Time Warner Communications Corporation (including their subsidiaries or their licensees) should be inferred.
    and the Motif of The Voyage
    by Claudia Zimny
    Kubrick's Psychopaths
    by Gordon Banks
    Kubrick and The Fantastic
    by Michel Ciment
    Three Essays on
    Spartacus by Duncan L. Cooper

    36. Stanley Kubrick
    Biography and filmography.Category Arts Celebrities K kubrick, stanley...... video clip(s). stanley kubrick. IMDb home, Main Details Next, Help. (more).Find where stanley kubrick is credited alongside another name. stanley kubrick ., Stanley

    37. Stanley Kubrick
    Internet Movie Database provides a complete filmography for the late directing legend. Includes links to tributes and related merchandise.,+Stanley

    38. Stanley Kubrick, Il Regista Di Arancia Meccanica E Di 2001
    L'inarrivabile genio creativo di un artista schivo e dalla proverbiale meticolosit , presentato attraverso commenti e curiosit  sui suoi film.

    39. The Authorized Stanley Kubrick Web Site
    sites regarding the greatest of all filmmakers, the late stanley kubrick. However, work has kept me incredibly busy,

    40. The Unknown Kubrick
    This essay focuses on the legendary filmmaker's days as a photographer for Look magazine.Category Arts Celebrities K kubrick, stanley...... On viewing any of director stanley kubrick's masterpieces, it becomes immediatelyapparent that extreme care and precision is practiced for each and every
    by John Morgan On viewing any of director Stanley Kubrick's masterpieces, it becomes immediately apparent that extreme care and precision is practiced for each and every frame of his films. This is one of many elements that make Kubrick unique as a director. Many commentators have speculated that this is probably the result of the origins of Kubrick's career: namely, his apprenticeship as a still photographer. Strangely, while this fact is widely known and acknowledged, to my knowledge not a single commentator has ever gone back and blown the dust off of Kubrick's photographic work. This page is an attempt to rectify this situation. On his thirteenth birthday, Kubrick has told us, his father presented him with his first camera. Kubrick immediately took to photography, and it soon became one of his favorite hobbies. It was while he was still in high school, at age 16, that Kubrick happened to snap a photo of a newsstand owner on the morning following FDR's death. He soon sold the photograph to Look

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