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         Kubrick Stanley:     more books (100)
  1. Stanley Kubrick Companion by James Howard, 2000-01
  2. Stanley Kubrick: 7 Films Analyzed by Randy Rasmussen, 2001-02
  3. Stanley Kubrick (Signo E Imagen / Sign and Image) (Spanish Edition) by Esteve Riambau, 2004-06-30
  4. Kubrick's Cinema Odyssey: by Michel Chion, 2001-08-01
  5. The Kubrick Facade: Faces and Voices in the Films of Stanley Kubrick by Jason Sperb, 2006-07-28
  6. Stanley Kubrick
  7. Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick by Frederic Raphael, 1999-06-22
  8. Stanley Kubrick: A Film Odyssey by Gene D. Phillips, 1977
  9. Stanley Kubrick by John Baxter, 1999-09-01
  10. Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey: New Essays
  11. The films of Stanley Kubrick by Daniel De Vries, 1973
  12. Stanley Kubrick (Pocket Essential series) by Paul Duncan, 1999-09-01
  13. Stanley Kubrick: A guide to references and resources (A Reference publication in film) by Wallace Coyle, 1980
  14. Eyes Wide Open : Stanley Kubrick by Frederic Raphael, 1999

41. Stanley Kubrick
Biograf­a del fallecido director ingl©s.
Stanley Kubrick
Otra página sobre Kubrick:
Stanley Kubrick : Una muy completa página sobre Kubrick, con comentarios sobre sus películas.

42. The Authorized Stanley Kubrick Web Site

43. Full Metal Jacket
A review of stanley kubrick's entertaining Vietnam war film. Includes insight as to why kubrick's commentary was a failure in this film.
Full Metal Jacket (1987) Directed by Stanley Kubrick Rated R - Strong Violence, Profanity
Director Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" is a Vietnam film that is not as affecting as it is entertaining. However, that is not a fatal flaw to the overall value of this film since it does feature one of the greatest film segments ever based on the military. The first half of this film, which takes place on a Marine boot-camp, is so dynamic with cruel conformity and colorful, inventive vulgarities that the second half of the film, set in Vietnam, almost suffers dramatically by comparison. There is little doubt that the boot-camp segments of this film is superior to the exploration of the soldier's attitudes and battle encounters in Vietnam of the film's second half. This superiority stems from two blistering performances by real-life drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey and Vincent D'Onofrio as Private Pyle, a slothful enlistee transformed into a disturbed and homicidal product. Ermey as Sergeant Hartman is cruel, intimidating and shockingly hilarious in his belittlements of his grunts. A viewer simply cannot take their eyes off this compelling performance since every moment featuring Hartman is a gem. D'Onofrio, on the other hand, is a despicable blend of stupidity and incapability and his acute transformation to a snapped man is subtlely magnificent. While the boot-camp scenes are absorbing in their well-oiled mechanations of transforming these men into lethal killers, the Vietnam aspect of this film does not contain a clear direction. The drama of the second-half of "Full Metal Jacket" lags considerably after the dramatic gold-mine of the Perris Island trainings. It still does have its moments, however. The sniper scene in a Vietcong village and the bizarre Mickey Mouse sing-along which closes the film (standard oddness from Kubrick) are great moments. Alas, they cannot compete with the brilliant opening montage of the recruits being shaved bald, the recruits vulgar introduction to Hartman, Pyle's brutal beating by his fellow troops or Pyle's homicidal/suicidal showdown in the barracks head.

44. Kubrick On The Web
ago it was, I had intended for this site to be a highlevel index to any and allWeb sites regarding the greatest of all filmmakers, the late stanley kubrick.

Kubrick on the Web The Kubrick FAQ
is now on CD-ROM. It's free, too. Click here
If you want to see a sample from the CD first, click here
(Note: it's in PDF format) EWS Reviews: The Master Collection
A collection of reviews posted to ALT.MOVIES.KUBRICK (AMK).
Due to its huge size (over 200 pages), I'm now distributing it exclusively via CD-ROM (see above). AMK on EWS
Insights from AMK. It's in PDF format, so if you need the Acrobat plug-in, click here Welcome to KUBRICK ON THE WEB. Once upon a time, and not too long a time ago it was, I had intended for this site to be a high-level index to any and all Web sites regarding the greatest of all filmmakers, the late Stanley Kubrick. However, work has kept me incredibly busy, and I have been unable to fulfill my self-proclaimed mandate. Luckily, others have stepped in to fill the gap, notably The Kubrick Site by G. Alexander and an update to this FAQ by R. Munday. In the meantime, this site has the complete Kubrick FAQ broken out question-by-question. At 159 typed pages when printed out, it has lots of food for thought. If you want a sample of the whole thing in PDF format, click on the link above.

45. A Clockwork Orange
Play's review of stanley kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.
A Clockwork Orange (1971) Based on the Novel by Anthony Burgess Directed by Stanley Kubrick Rated R - Strong Violence, Nudity, Strong Sexual Situations
"A Clockwork Orange" is Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, a true "horrorshow" that leaves nary a psyche unaffected. Brutal violence, unabashed misogyny and reckless societal reconditioning are the unflinching characteristics of this "future caution" tale. I say "future caution" because that is my interpretation of the title. That is not what is meant by either author Anthony Burgess or Kubrick, but it is fitting. "A Clockwork Orange" is set in the future and spins the ultra-violent tale of Alex and his gang (droogs) partaking in societal mayhem activities, such as, rape, assault, burglary, theft and murder. Since these are also contemporary criminal woes to society (both in the 1970s and late 1990s), the title can be interpreted as an ironic warning to nurture our young now, so the future does not look identical. "Clockwork" meaning forward or future, "Orange" meaning caution. "A Clockwork Orange" boasts one of the wildest and degraded lead performance ever. As Alex, the tale's protagonist, Malcolm McDowell gives an insanely stunning performance. From the blackly hilarious and violent "Singin' In The Rain" rendition to the "viddy" of sadistic films as a re-conditioning, McDowell is an attention vacuum. There is no way to escape his disturbing presence whether watching him inflict violence with symphonic style or receiving demeaning reactions. McDowell does both with an unflinching performance.

46. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining
Detailed analysis of the film, essays, audio clips .wav, pictures, and a forum.

47. Sommaire
Film de stanley kubrick. Images, extraits sonores, dialogues et personnages.

48. Barry Lyndon
Pr©sentation et analyse du film de stanley kubrick, photos et liens.
"It was in the reign of George III that the above-named personages lived and quarreled ; good or bad, handsome or ugly, rich or poor, they are all equal now." Certains ont eu du mal à cerner la psychologie de Redmond Barry. Souvent émouvant, parfois cruel, opportuniste et violent, Redmond Barry n'est pas un "héros" hollywoodien. C'est au contraire une figure humaine (décidément), avec toutes ses contradictions. Barry a ses grandeurs et ses faiblesses, ses ambitions et ses passions. Barry Lyndon n'est pas un film cynique, bien au contraire, c'est un film gorgé de la complexité humaine, des ses imperfections et de ses instants héroïques. Ainsi Kubrick pourra enchaîner des scènes d'adultères froides et des scènes déchirantes de rapports père/fils. Et cette émotion jamais gratuite, jamais mielleuse, en est d'autant plus foudroyante. Comme avec 2001, Kubrick a dompté la technique la plus sophistiquée pour la mettre au service de son histoire, des ses idées, de ses caractères. Et il y réussit encore mieux que dans l'Odyssée de l'Espace. Car dans Barry Lyndon, si l'on reste subjugué d'un bout à l'autre par l'incroyable perfection esthétique, il ne faut pas plus de dix minutes pour s'immerger totalement dans les enjeux de cette biographie qui ne se veut pas exemplaire. Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide m'écrire index Kubrick index

49. Britmovie | Dedicated To Classic British Films, Cinema, Movies, And Film Directo
Dedicated to classic British cinema, movies and films. An archive of cinema including Alfred Hitchcock, Michael Powell, David Lean, Ealing Studios, Danny Boyle, Carol Reed, stanley kubrick.
Britmovie - Dedicated to classic British films, cinema, movies, and film directors.
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50. Alan Bowker
Offers information on world travel, family, friends, stanley kubrick and Dolby labs.
Greetings from high atop the Red Hill in San Anselmo, California.
Just staying in touch!
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51. Un Monde Autour De Stanley Kubrick
Translate this page un monde autour de. stanley kubrick. photofilmo1.gif (45455 octets). 1928 - 1999. J'aiappris le décès de stanley kubrick le 7 mars 1999 à la radio, en voiture.
un monde autour de Stanley Kubrick
Depuis le 1er septembre 1999, vous êtes le visiteur n° Fréquentation du site depuis le 8 mars 2000 La musique de fond a été composée par Couvrat-Desvergnes Tanguy
... la fameuse scène d'orgie dans Eyes Wide Shut... Dernière modification du site le 9 décembre Site créé le 1er septembre 1999

52. Stanley Kubrick

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53. MetroActive Movies | The Brandon Teena Story
Richard von Busack's article about the movie incorporates Greek mythology and stanley kubrick into the review.
Movies Index SF Metropolitan MetroActive Central Archives The Changeling
This Charming Man: The charismatic life and horrific death of Brandon Teena The tragic 'Brandon Teena Story' By Richard von Busack In one version of an ancient Greek myth, the clairvoyant Tiresias was transformed from male to female. Jupiter then struck him blind as punishment for answering the question whether men or women enjoy sex more. Those born between sexes, as Teena Brandon was in Nebraska in 1973, have a sort of secret knowledge that the rest of us can only guess at it, bounded as we are by the fact of our own gender. The envy that knowledge arouses can be fatal. The young Brandon, who switched his/her name to Brandon Teena when taking a male identity, is the subject of the harrowing documentary The Brandon Teena Story , playing at the Castro Feb. 19-25. The documentary is an obsessive, deeply researched study of the last year of Brandon's lifea life that ended with murder just weeks after his/her 21st birthday. Filmmakers Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir interview the dozen or so people who knew Brandon in the small town of Falls City, Neb. The scrupulous details make this story all the more sickening. The worst part of the film is an audiotape and transcription of Brandon's interview with the sheriff, shortly after Brandon was driven out to a field and raped twice on Christmas Eve 1993. On the tape, then-Sheriff Charles Laux of Richardson County makes it plain that he has no compassion for freaks and makes the experience as degrading as possible for Brandon.

54. Stanley Kubrick
Translate this page stanley kubrick. stanley kubrick! 13 longs coécrivait Au choix *Biographie.*Filmographie. *Musiques des films de stanley kubrick. Ou
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick! 13 longs métrages seulement ont fait de lui l'un des plus grands réalisateurs de ce siècle, tant ils ont innové, choqué, et dénoncé leur époque, lui valant d'ailleurs de s'exiler en Angleterre pour fuir la Censure américaine. En si peu de films, il a touché à presque tous les genres cinématographiques : de la Comédie au film d'horreur, en passant par le film de guerre et la Science-Fiction. Des films qu'il ne se contentait pas de réaliser, mais qu'il produisait, et coécrivait... Au choix : Biographie Filmographie Musiques des films de Stanley Kubrick Ou si vous préférez retourner au SOMMAIRE pour tout un menu de vos STARS et CINEASTES préférés...

55. Dr. Strangelove
Play's review of stanley kubrick's insanely humorous Cold War black comedy.
Director Stanley Kubrick's silly apocalyptic paranoia tale is a wondrous and terrifying black comedy. This Cold-War comedy was the first of several Kubrickian masterpieces and resonates with the same exploration in frightening societal possibilities portrayed in his later classics. An insane general orders a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union after becoming convinced that the Russians are subversively contaminating "our precious bodily fluids." So starts a very unique blend of madness, mayhem and even suspense as the incompetent politicians of both countries try to sort out the mess before US war planes cause nuclear annihilation. One of the greatest moments of this wickedly amusing film is the conversation between the President of the United States and the drunk Russian Premier. Irreverency has never been displayed with more hysteria than in this uproarious exchange. Peter Sellers stars in three separate and hysterical roles as the President of the United States, an inquisitive officer and a mad German inventor. As the slightly unhinged Dr. Strangelove, Sellers is a classic cinematic treasure, as is his rebellious hand that steals every scene it runs rampant in. George C. Scott as the blood-thirsty, "Russkie" hating General Turgidson is hysterical, as is the wrestling match between him and the Russian Ambassador in the Pentagon War Room. Seller's line of "Gentlemen! You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!", the reluctance of a by-the-book soldier to shoot a Coke machine to save the world and Sterling Hayden's "General Jack D. Ripper" are only a couple of examples of the rich ironic flavor of this masterpiece. Hayden's "Ripper" is a fine example of the insanity of nuclear possibility.

56. The Kubrick Site: The Rolling Stone Interview
Interview of stanley kubrick.
The Rolling Stone Interview
by Tim Cahill
He didn't bustle into the room and he didn't wander in. Truth, as he would reiterate several times, is multifaceted, and it would be fair to say that Stanley Kubrick entered the executive suite at Pinewood Studios, outside London, in a multifaceted manner. He was at once happy to have found the place after a twenty-minute search, apologetic about being late and apprehensive about the torture he might be about to endure. Stanley Kubrick, I had been told, hates interviews. It's hard to know what to expect of the man if you've only seen his films. One senses in those films painstaking craftsmanship, a furious intellect at work, a single-minded devotion. His movies don't lend themselves to easy analysis; this may account for the turgid nature of some of the books that have been written about his art. Take this example: "And while Kubrick feels strongly that the visual powers of film make ambiguity an inevitability as well as a virtue, he would not share Bazin's mystical belief that the better film makers are those who sacrifice their personal perspectives to a 'fleeting crystallization' of a reality [of] whose environing presence one is ceaselessly aware.' " One feels that an interview conducted on this level would be pretentious bullshit. Kubrick, however, seemed entirely unpretentious. He was wearing running shoes and an old corduroy jacket. There was an ink stain just below the pocket where some ball point pen had bled to death "What is this place?" Kubrick asked. "It's called the executive suite," I said. "I think they put big shots up here."

57. The 'Eyes Wide Shut' Austrian Connection
Released in North America on July 16, 1999, stanley kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, is based on a work by the Austrian author, playwright, and physician Arthur Schnitzler
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The Austrian Connection
Arthur Schnitzler's Traumnovelle
The Austrian Arthur Schnitzler wrote
Traumnovelle in the 1920's. It is the
basis for the 1999 film "Eyes Wide Shut." R
eleased in North America on July 16, 1999, Stanley Kubrick's last film, "Eyes Wide Shut," starring Tom Cruise and his real-life (now "former") spouse Nicole Kidman, is based on a work by the Austrian author, playwright, and physician Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931). (See the video release below.) Schnitzler's Traumnovelle ("Dream Novella") was first published in 1926. It has long been available in English translation with the title Dream Story or Dream Novel.

58. Blackmailmag:cinema,musica,libri,fumetti,arte E Gallery Di Stanley Kubrick
News e approfondimenti su Cinema,Musica,Libri,Arte,Fumetti.Uno spazio dedicato al maestro stanley kubrick.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy NEWS CINEMA Mile About ... Frida Gangsof NewYork Il Film Gangs sul set Hollywood Gangs Gino ... EFA Speciale Salvatores: Io non ho paura Intervista Filmografia Archivio ... Ming
Racconti FUMAFUMA COniGLIONE Hollywood sul tevere ... SUGGERIMENTI?
Roma, ore 10.30 del 22 marzo, Greenpeace adombra il “capolavoro di diplomazia” dell’attuale governo con uno striscione 20 metri X 3 appeso sull’Altare della Patria:
Un impegno concreto: GUERRA
Poi dice che questi giovinastri non se le vanno a cercare: denuncia per procurato allarme, vilipendio della Repubblica, delle istituzioni costituzionali e delle forze armate. Contenti? Così vi passa la voglia di fare i burloni!
Passino i quintali di calcinacci scaricati davanti alla base Usa di Camp Darby. Passino i missili di cartapesta puntati contro la base Nato di Bagnoli. E le uova, i petardi, la vernice lanciati a Venezia sulla sede del consolato inglese. Passino i tamburi, gli schiamazzi e quelle cazzo di bandiere ad arcobaleno che tra un po’ i profughi venderanno anche ai semafori.

59. Moon Hoax, The
Credits stanley kubrick's cinematography as being the inspiration for NASA's purported lunar landing hoax.
The Project The People The Website Look it up in The Guide About About the Project
Random Article Articles Downloads Resources ... Interested in Science Fiction Books
Moon Hoax, The (SemiReal)
Another Masterpiece By Stanley Kubrick
    Author: C. Powers (lost on internet)
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    Great North Wind ( ) wrote: Does anyone really believe that human beings have actually set foot on the moon? I don't know, but I believe that if it wasn't for the sci-fi feats of Kubrick in 2001, the American brain trust would have offered us only audio of the so-called moon landing. It was 2001 that showed NASA how to stage a moon landing. Excellent observation. In fact, in early 1968, Mr. Kubrick was secretly approached by NASA officials who presented him with a lucrative offer to "direct" the first three moon landings. Initially Kubrick declined, as "2001: A Space Odyssey" was in post-production at the time, but NASA sweetened the deal by offering to allow Mr. Kubrick exclusive access to the alien artifacts and autopsy footage from the Roswell crash site. NASA further leveraged their position by threatening to publicly reveal the heavy involvement of Mr. Kubrick's younger brother, Raul, with the American Communist Party. This would have been an intolerable embarrassment to Mr. Kubrick, especially since the release of "Dr. Strangelove".

60. ThE REd DoOr
Historia, letras y discograf­a de bandas como Nirvana, The Doors, Pearl Jam y Tool. Adem¡s secci³n dedicada a stanley kubrick.
ThE rEd DoOr WeD eStA dE dIcAdaA a LoS gRaNdEs GrUpOs De ROcK y A sTaNlEy KuBrIcK...
cAdA sExIoN cOnTiEn La BiOgrRaFiA dEl GrUpO, iMaGeNeS dE lA bAnDa, LeTrAs dE sUs
cAnCiOnEs eN iNgLeS y EsPaÑoL, cAuSaS dE sU mUeRtE, o FrAsEs SeLeBrEs DiChAs PoR
AnN EsTaMoS BaJo CoNsTrUcCiOn...
Proximamente: BLACK SABBATH SeGuN eL cOnTaDoR eReS eL vIsItAnTe nUmErO Si EsTa WeB Te DeSaGrAdA Kien diablos soy...

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