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         Limbaugh Rush:     more books (101)
  1. The I Hate Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity. . . Reader: The Hideous Truth About America's Ugliest Conservatives by Clint Willis, 2004-09-09
  2. Rush Limbaugh in Night School. by Charlie Varon, 1998-01
  3. The Rush Limbaugh Story: Talent on Loan from God : An Unauthorized Biography by Paul D. Colford, 1993-09
  4. A Public Rebuttal to Rush Limbaugh by Cecil Mahurin, 1993-10-01
  5. The Rise of Rush Limbaugh Toward the Presidency by J. Bradford Davis, 1994-12
  6. The Way Things Ought to Be-Read By Rush Limbaugh by Rush Limbaugh, 1992
  7. Why Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong by Michael Rahman, 1998-10-01
  8. The Rush Limbaugh Quiz Book by Ted Rueter, 1995-04
  9. Rush Hour: Talk Radio, Politics, and the Rise of Rush Limbaugh by The Summit Publishing Group, 1997-04-15
  10. Rush to Us/Americans Hail Rush Limbaugh by H. King, 1994-09-01
  11. A Cat Named Rush Limbaugh, a Dog Named Howard Stern by Francis Pfaff, 1997-10
  12. Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot And Other Observations
  13. Rush! by Michael Arkush, 1993-10
  14. The Limbaugh Letter (The American Dream Is Not Over, 4) by Rush Limbaugh, 1995

21. Howard Stern Vs. Rush Limbaugh @ WWWF Grudge Match
A comedic look at an imaginary selfpropelled hot air balloon race around the world.
World Wide Web Fights presents
The Setting
The Scene: A brisk but sunny morning at Lakehurst, NJ, just south of New York City. A small crowd and several TV cameras have gathered around our two competitors, who are already at work preparing for their long flights. The Competition: Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern are busy inflating their hot-air balloons, while their crews load provisions into the baskets. However, no propane tanks are present. These balloons are powered by their occupant's self-generated hot air. Each must propel his balloon only by this method in an endurance race of epic proportions. The Course: As there is such a surplus of hot air present in this competition, the race will be around the world. Checkpoints will be set up in Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Chicago. The Finish line is back at Lakehurst. The contestants may stop as needed for food and water (Rush insisted on this). First one across the finish line (with balloon) wins. The referee of this match is Morton Downey, Jr., who was ineligible due to his show sucking so bad. His decisions are final.
Howard Stern

22. Rush Limbaugh Online : Cyber Emporium Of Rush Limbaugh Humor
Parody of the rush limbaugh official site.Category Society Politics Celebrities limbaugh, rush Opposition......rush limbaugh Online the cyber center of rush limbaugh humor. rush limbaughdoes not stand for honesty, integrity, accuracy or morality. rush limbaugh,
Rush Limbaugh Online : the cyber center of Rush Limbaugh humor


Rush Limbaugh does not stand for honesty, integrity, accuracy or morality. Rush Limbaugh stands for the use of propaganda to advance the conservative agenda and also to advance Rush Limbaugh. Millions of ditto heads listen to Rush Limbaugh who provides them with simpleton talking points. To blind faith conservatives, Rush Limbaugh's words are much like crack cocaine is to brain addled addicts. Rush Limbaugh is horribly contrary to thought, reason and the progress of our nation. Similar to the giblet brain currently occupying the Whitehouse, Rush Limbaugh is another symptom of the "dumbing down of America".
Reward yourself with the Limbaugh Letter! It is written specially by Rush Limbaugh. The letter is filled with easy to read talking points. Rush Limbaugh is famous for marshmallow fluff like rhetoric and the letter is no different. Who can be bothered with facts and accuracy? Certainly not Rush Limbaugh and his listeners. The Limbaugh Letter is ideal for those who like to be provided with things they want to hear. You will also help to make Rush Limbaugh and Premiere Radio Networks even wealthier.
thanks for listening!... Rush Limbaugh

23. Deb's Excellent Conservative Political Pages Featuring Rush Limbaugh Conservativ
A conservative site with opinion on gun rights, Presidential women, media bias, and other issues, plus a rush limbaugh fanpage and political humor and satire.
Subscribe to Dittohead Dittohead Deb's Excellent Political Pages. Rush Limbaugh President Bush War and Peace Wackos ... Older Tidbits Buy Ann's New Book Immigrants, Not Americans, Must Adapt
Obituary of Common Sense
Remember September 11 Read: Mr. Pointy Nose
Download: The Pledge
What about Feminism
Pilots and their guns!
The New Liberal Pledge
The Loud-Mouth That Roars
Facts you need to know
Our National Anthem
Never Forget Do you like Dittohead? The Constitution says nothing about a separation of church and state. What the Constitution says is we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION not Freedom FROM Religion. (meaning that We The People are allowed to have whatever religion we dam well please) Where's Gloria Steinem When You Need Her "Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutal regimes in the world. In many respects, women in Saudi Arabia have a lower status than blacks did under South Africa. Women may not walk or eat in public without a male relative as chaperone. They cannot own property, and male relatives can force them to have surgery against their will. Religious police can beat them in public if their veils slip or if their ankles are showing." - Columnist Jonah Goldberg

24. Rush Limbaugh Animated Cartoons - Cartoon 1 & Index - A Rush Limbaugh Hometown P
Animated Cartoons
Index Page Lincoln Bedroom
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC
Your Caption

Rush Limbaugh Animated Cartoons Roswell, New Mexico - July 4, 1997 Rush Limbaugh says "Goodby" to Joe Camel. Which one would you elect in 2000, Rush? And you are NO Paula Jones! ... "Welcome back to Cuba Elian" *Please move down the list. As a Rush Limbaugh fan you will enjoy them all. The animation gets much better as experience is acquired. Rush Limbaugh Rushtoons "Rush with the Pathfinder on Mars." "Rush sitting on Bill Clinton's lap." Rusty, the "Lost Stooge" from the "Lost Episode." "Bill Clinton and Lady Friend. Hey Rush!" ... Should Bill Clinton Resign? Contest Rush Stein Join our mailing list!
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25. Rush Limbaugh Lighthouse Forum
Discussion forum and live chat pertaining to the rush limbaugh show.
WRITER S WORD.COM: Open Source CMS][ Free Open Source Blog Hosting ... Term Papers
Rush Limbaugh Lighthouse
If ye would like to moderate the Rush Limbaugh Lighthouse, please drop a line.
Rush Limbaugh, , and all sail aboard The Jolly Roger
Rush Limbaugh Lighthouse TM
Western Canon University Commons
Western Canon University Lecture Halls
Nantucket Poetry Postcards ...
Conservative Books Lighthouses
The Rush Limbaugh Lighthouse TM We'd also like to invite you to sail on by the Rush Limbaugh Live Chat , and feel free to use the message board below to schedule a live chat. And the brave of heart shall certainly wish to sign their souls aboard The Jolly Roger . The Way Things Ought To Be , and Rush Limbaugh all sail aboard The Jolly Roger Nantucket northeasters, white ghostly fogs,
to crimson glory of cranberry bogs.
The Way Things Ought To Be
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26. Who2 Profile: Rush Limbaugh
rush limbaugh Radio Personality. rush limbaugh started in radio while still in high school.
RUSH LIMBAUGH Radio Personality Rush Limbaugh started in radio while still in high school. In the 1980s he landed in Sacramento, California and perfected the politically-oriented sarcasm that earned him national syndication. Limbaugh gained fame as a staunch opponent of president Bill Clinton ; by 1995, when Newt Gingrich led a Republican majority into the House of Reprentatives, Limbaugh was one of the most popular radio hosts in the U.S., with a fervent audience of "dittoheads," fans who parroted his conservative views. In July of 2001 Limbaugh signed a contract extension, reportedly worth $285 million, which would keep him on the air through 2009. In October of the same year Limbaugh announced that he was almost completely deaf, saying that he had first experienced hearing loss only four months previously.
Extra credit : Rush coined the term "femi-nazis," a derogatory term for liberal feminists.
Rush Limbaugh joins Paul Harvey and Garrison Keillor in our loop on Legends of Radio
E! Online: Rush Limbaugh

Archived stories on Limbaugh, including his increasing deafness and his 2001 contract extension The Rush Limbaugh Show
Official site, with transcripts, elucidations, rants, etc.

27. Rush Limbaugh Featured Sites
The rush limbaugh Featured Site is dedicated to promoting the bestsites on the Internet that personify the ideas of rush limbaugh.
The Rush Limbaugh Featured Site is dedicated to promoting the best sites on the Web that personify the ideas of Rush Limbaugh and like-minded conservative Americans.
Rush Limbaugh
at the golden EIB microphone
The Rush Limbaugh Featured Site is dedicated to promoting the best sites on the Web that personify the ideas of Rush Limbaugh and like-minded conservative Americans. Rush,Limbaugh,Rush Limbaugh,eib,radio, eib network,rushlimbaugh,limbough,linbaugh,dittos,conservative, Republican Featured "Ditto" Site
for the Week of January 19, 2003

We The People

Examining todays political and societal problems
with realism and insight.
EIBNET,rush,limbaugh, limbau,limbagh,common sense,politics,EIB Network,talk radio,homepage,o reilly factor,Barbara Olson CLICK HERE to add The Featured Rush Limbaugh site to your Favorites We will feature each week a new web site that advocates or otherwise conveys the conservative ideals or Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network or exposes the fallacy of liberalism. Occasionally, we might feature a site with a more liberal persuasion so that you can observe the madness of the socialist mind. Nominate Your Favorite Rush Limbaugh Site Previously Featured Rush Limbaugh Sites Search for Rush
on the Web
... Link To Us Articles:
Getting to the 'rut' cause of violence in our schools.

28. The Chickenhawk Database - Brought To You By The New Hampshire Gazette
Detailing the means by which various rightwing politicians and personalities avoided military service in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, with reasons ranging from Tom Delay's educational deferment to Ken Starr's psoriasis to rush limbaugh's anal cysts.
The Nation's Oldest Newspaper (tm)
- PO Box 756, Portsmouth, NH 03802
Gazette Home Page

Help Support the Chickenhawk Database - Yeah, we're panhandling. We now have three easy ways of subscribing to the Gazette , the Nation's Oldest Newspaper (tm). Only $20 a year, and you never saw anything quite like it. Updated History of the
Chickenhawk Database (09/08)
More About the
Chickenhawk Database
Forward it, print it, photocopy it, post it, fax it, hand it out, leave it in the waiting room, read it aloud at the dinner table whatever you do, help spread the word!
Born Relevant
Avoided Lame
Excuse Preferred Activity
Bush, George W Citizenry Vietnam A.W.O.L. Cheney, Dick Citizenry Vietnam "had other priorities" BARKING HEAD BRIGADE Name Employer Year Born Relevant Conflict Avoided Lame Excuse Preferred Activity Hume, Brit Faux TV Vietnam Keyes, Alan

29. Rush Limbaugh - A Rush Limbaugh Hometown Page - Cape Girardeau, Missouri
SIX New rush limbaugh Cartoons Now ole Bill Clintons name is spread all over thenews you know Monica Lewinsky and all the circus show Should they impeach
Please help support your Rose City Net family of web sites - Thanks "Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department" by David Limbaugh

A Rush Limbaugh Hometown T-Shirt Contest
Home Rose City Net Site Search ... Weather "Re-live the Election of 2000"
undreds of Jokes and Stories
You must be a Liberal if you don't Bookmark this page! No Democrats were
killed or injured in the making of this web site. However, we did lose
one Libertarian! NEW!
Rush Limbaugh Cartoons
President Bill Clinton with
HIS SAIL UP!!!!!!!
"Welcome back to Cuba Elian"

Now Hillary, Say AHHHH!
I Love New York "Happy Bill"
Cape Girardeau, Missouri Rush Limbaugh Hometown T-Shirt Contest ENTER NOW!! Rush Limbaugh Hometown T-Shirt Contest Rush H. Limbaugh III Rush H. Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri January 12, 1951. He became interested in radio as a young man and went to work for a local Top-40 station while still in high school. He graduated from Central High School in 1969. He attended Southeast Missouri State University before criss crossing the country holding several different jobs. He landed as a radio talk-show host at KFBK in Sacramento, California in the mid 1980's. In 1988 Rush took his radio show to New York where it went national. The rest is history.

30. KNBR 680 - Home Page
The home of the San Francisco Giants also features rush limbaugh. Sports talk without the garbage pervasive on other sports stations.
Giants lose 13-5 to the KC Royals; click on the logo above for the Spring Training Schedule.
KNBR Quick Poll Was the Warriors' loss to Cleveland the nail in the coffin? Yes No
P/SUNNY 5 day forecast
Click on the headline above for full story. Minor to Minor Leagues
Giants backup first baseman Damon Minor was outrighted to the minor-league camp on Wednesday after clearing waivers, and vows he'll return to the Major Leagues. The Giants also placed left-handed reliever Jason Christiansen on the 15-day disabled list. He underwent ligament-replacement surgery last May 30. Click here for more.
Giants Play Ball Luncheon
Join Felipe Alou and all the Giants for the annual Play Ball Luncheon Friday, March 28, at Pier 48, McCovey Cove. Enjoy a pre-lunch reception with the team and ribbon-cutting for the Barry Bonds Junior Giants Field. Call 1-877 JR-GIANT for tickets. Congrats, Mr. T

31. Welcome To KFYI!
Stellar talk lineup includes Ken Hamblin, rush limbaugh, and Coast to Coast with Mike Siegel. Studio web cam captures golden moments. Live audio through .
Find A Car-Autobytel Health View Pets ... Home Thursday March 27, 2003 Click here for more info. 550 KFYI brings you the Valley's most complete coverage on the Showdown with Saddam.
Click here for the complete program schedule*

(*subject to change)
Due to breaking news coverage in Iraq, the Rush Limbaugh Show will be heard LIVE from 10 AM until 1 PM until further notice.
In order to bring you 24/7 coverage of the war with Iraq, Health Talk with Dr. Bob Martin will be heard on our sister station, XTRA Sports 910,
from 8 AM-noon on Saturday, March 29.
Click here for complete war programming schedule.
SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! You can visit the Department of Defense web page to thank the men and women of the U.S. military services for defending our freedom. The compiled list of names will be sent out to our soldiers at the end of the month.
So far, there are only about 6.5 million names, from a national population of over 250 million. Let's show our support!

32. Internet Bunk The Junk Science Page
Charges that The Junk Science Page is not about junk science so much as it is about anything which does not support a conservative, rush limbaugh type, political agenda.
Robert Todd Carroll
The Skeptic's Refuge Internet Bunk features WWW sites that provide false, misleading or deceptive information regarding scientific matters or alleged paranormal or supernatural events. Because there are millions of such sites, we try to present only the most egregious and offensive. Readers are encouraged to send Internet Bunk material to:
The Junk Science Page
This is the page of Steven J. Milloy and is sponsored by the swell-sounding Citizens for the Integrity of Science , a front organization located in Potomac, Maryland, whose WWW page directs the websurfer back to Mr. Milloy's Junk Science Page. This is not surprising since Mr. Milloy is the "Administrative Contact" of the front organization. The Junk Science Page is not about junk science so much as it is about anything which does not support a conservative, Rush Limbaugh type, political agenda. It is heavily anti-environmentalist, pro-business and libertarian. Milloy uses "junk science" mainly as a political and polemical term. Milloy is upfront about his deception, however. He describes "junk science" as "bad science used to further a special agenda." Those who employ "junk science", according to Milloy, are the media who want to advance their own and their employers' social and political agendas; personal injury lawyers extorting deep-pocket businesses; the "food police," environmental extremists and gun-control advocates; government regulators who want to expand their authority and increase their budgets; businesses who bad-mouth competitors' products or make bogus claims about their own products; politicians who try to curry favor with special interest groups or be "politically correct"; scientists seeking fame and fortune; and ill individuals who use junk science to blame others for causing their illness.

33. Rush Limbaugh: FAIR Resources
Articles, broadcasts, documents and links about rush limbaugh, produced andcompiled by the media watch group FAIR. Email Name rush limbaugh.
Email: Name:
Rush Limbaugh
See also FAIR's resources on Talk Radio Extra! articles Columns Links See our list of Interlocking Directorates of large media companies, and our Media Contact List Media Outlets FAIR Home Contact Us ... Search

34. KVI - Seattle
Newstalk from a conservative perspective; rush limbaugh
Seattle's foremost military expert, Bryan Suits, returns to KVI! Click his link (above) for details.

Listen to the Kirby Wilbur Show for compelling talk and intriguing guests each morning from 5-9! John Carlson Weekdays 3-6pm
Tune in every afternoon for the scoop on local politics News directly from the KOMO TV Newsroom
Clicking on these links will take you directly to KOMOTV.COM TOP STORY
War Roundup: Weather Improves, Fighting Intensifies

UNDATED - U,S. paratroopers airdrop into northern Iraq; British destroy Iraqi tanks fleeing Basra. THE LATEST FROM KOMO NEWS 'The Regime's Terrorist Tactics'
U.S. claims Iraqi forces near Najaf threatening to execute men who don't fight for regime. Support The Troops? Yes, But Do It The Right Way
Pentagon says it's swamped with cookies, email, packages. Suggests ways that you can help. 10 Arrested In Olympia Anti-War Protest
The protesters had chained themselves together to block the front entrance to the temporary Senate building. 'I Can't Leave My Son, He's My Only Son'

35. Rush Limbaugh Articles And Resources On The 'net
rush limbaugh Articles and Resources on the 'net. rush limbaugh's America, a documentaryI worked on, originally aired Feb. Internet Resources on rush limbaugh.
Rush Limbaugh Articles and Resources on the 'net
Rush Limbaugh's America , a documentary I worked on, originally aired Feb. 28, 1995 on Frontline on PBS . I pulled together this info while I was doing research for the doc. Sorry I haven't updated it in a while - many of these links are probably broken. I've been living a pretty Rush free life since the spring of 1995. This page is badly in need of updating. A complete redesign wouldn't hurt either. But I have tendonitis, so it won't happen for a long time. One recent addition is Limbaugh's tie biz . If you want to vent some anger at Rush, check out (the rather gross) Punch Rush page. Steve Talbott, the producer, wrote an article for Mother Jones
Reports and articles on the internet about Rush Limbaugh
Rush writings

Similar pages Who2 Profile rush limbaughrush limbaugh • Radio Personality. rush limbaugh started in radio while stillin high school. Death . Best Known As Host of radio's rush limbaugh Show.

37. TalkRadio1260
Talk radio 1260 information. The day starts with Steve Williams and the Wake Up Call followed by Neal Boortz, rush limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr. Dean Edell, Bruce Williams, and Jim Bohannon.
The Wake Up Call is designed to give you a mix of national and local news and views. Guest intensive, the Wake Up Call is open to all political sides, though both hosts readily admit to being conservative on the majority of issues. Though locally produced, through Greg Allen's extensive talk radio network experience (and black book), the program often features expert guest of major media reputation. Additionally, through Bear Henley's solid regional connections, numerous hometown topics are covered as well.
Holladay Broadcasting Co., Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

News Radio 600. The San Diego radio home of rush limbaugh, Dr. Laura, exmayor Roger Hedgecock and Coast-to-Coast AM with Mike Siegel.
Find A Car-Autobytel Health View Pets ... College Hoops - Win $20k March 27, 2003 LOCAL HEADLINES
  • Marine Mom Wants Out
  • Spelling Bee
  • Chula Vista Molestations
  • Budget Protests ...
    KOGO Community Calendar

    NATIONAL HEADLINES U.S. Troops Land in Northern Iraq Officials Deny Targeting Baghdad Market Weather, Combat Create Resupply Nightmare Bush: End of Saddam’s Regime Is Near; Chemical Suits Found in Iraq ... Air Attack on Baghdad OTHER NEWS National News
    Business News

    Entertainment News

    Sports News
    Weird News
    FEATURES Horoscopes
    Movie Reviews
    Opinion Family ... Recipes CLIFF NOTES Listen at 7:25am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings on San Diego's First News as KOGO's Cliff Albert comments on the news in his unique and insightful way. Or listen HERE on line. E-MAIL NEWSLETTER Whatz-up on Newsradio 600 KOGO? Sign up for the KOGO
  • 39. Untitled Document
    Boston talk radio known for provocative talk show host Howie Carr. Also syndicates rush limbaugh and Dr. Laura. Live streaming audio provided.
    On Air Now: Blute and Ozone Click here to email the show
    Welcome to! Thu, 3.27.2003 7:13am
    As Operation Iraqi Freedom is underway, you can stay with WRKO for coverage second to none. From ABC, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, along with the award winning WRKO news staff, WRKO will provide extensive coverage of the War. And we will provide plenty of time for you to respond your feelings and thoughts throughout the event. Regardless of the day, or time of day... you can depend on WRKO.
    WRKO asks that you support our troops. It's our men and women and our allies who are putting their lives on the line. Here's our prayer they come home safely....and soon. God Bless America. For the latest headlines on Operation Iraqi Freedom click Here

    The White House issued Homeland Security Directive-3, in March 2002, which established five threat conditions for possible terrorist attack: Green = Low; Blue = Guarded; Yellow = Elevated; Orange = High; and Red = Severe. General explanations were given for preparedness activities for each level, but these were intended mainly for government agencies. Across the country questions of “What does a condition ‘yellow’ mean to me or my family? or What does this mean to a business or school?” remained. The American Red Cross recognized the need and developed a complementary set of guidelines for the following areas:

    40. Rush Limbaugh Ties At
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