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         Martinez A:     more books (100)
  1. In the Company of Ogres by A. Lee Martinez, 2007-04-03
  2. Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez, 2006-06-27
  3. Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night: Bringing Your Family Together with Everyday Latin Dishes by Daisy Martinez, 2010-03-02
  4. Divine Misfortune by A. Lee Martinez, 2010-03-26
  5. The Oxford Murders by Guillermo Martinez, 2006-09-26
  6. Too Many Curses by A. Lee Martinez, 2008-09-02
  7. Daisy's Holiday Cooking: Delicious Latin Recipes for Effortless Entertaining by Daisy Martinez, 2010-11-02
  8. Monster by A. Lee Martinez, 2010-02-01
  9. A Nameless Witch by A. Lee Martinez, 2007-05-01
  10. Daisy Cooks: Latin Flavors That Will Rock Your World by Daisy Martinez, 2006-06-01
  11. Gipsy Guitar w/2 CD (Flamenco Guitar) (Schott) by Gerhard Graf-Martinez, 2003-08-25
  12. Is William Martinez Not Our Brother?: Twenty Years of the Prison Creative Arts Project (The New Public Scholarship) by William Alexander, 2010-09-02
  13. Introduccion al Nuevo Testamento AETH: Introduction to the New Testament Spanish by Aquiles Ernesto Martinez, 2006-06
  14. Heredities: Poems (Walt Whitman Award) by J. Michael Martinez, 2010-05

1. Welcome To The City Of Martinez
quick hits. martinez activity Guide 2003 (PDF)
quick hits Martinez Activity Guide - 2003 (PDF) March - June 2003 Newsletter (PDF) 2003 Street Sweeping Schedule (PDF) Jobs ... Community Links Some files on this site are available in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software already installed on your computer, click here to download it. Home About Martinez Government Business ... Recreation

2. Martinez Academy Of Arms - Classical Fencing Lessons In New York City
New York City/New Jersey academy teaches classical and historical fencing study of the sword as a martial art, rather than a sport. martinez aCADEMY OF ARMS. "La solución de la dubda es el invencio de la verdad."
Don Jeronimo de Carranza, 1569
Martinez Academy of Arms is proud to announce that Anthony De Longis and Palpable Hit Productions has produced our first instructional video, La Verdadera Destreza: The True Art and Skill of Spanish Swordsmanship For more information or to order, please see this page
Redwood Rapier Camp
, July 13-19, 2003 The Martinez Academy of Arms is a unique school that preserves the tradition of fencing as the study of the sword in its realistic application in personal combat. Entering the Academy, one steps into another era and finds a serious group of practitioners dedicated to the art of the sword. The structure of the school is based on that of the fencing academies of the past. Each student is taught on an individual basis and guided in developing a unique style suited to the individual. It is upon this foundation that an environment of formal training and scholarship have been carefully cultivated, supported by an ambiance of elegance and congeniality. Under expert guidance in this environment, students are supportive of each others' progress and development. Modern competitive sport fencing and theatrical fencing are not part of the curriculum. We do not engage in sport, choreography, historical reenactment, or fantasy play. We practice every weapon (with the exception of foil, which is not an actual weapon but an academic training tool) as though we were preparing for a serious encounter.

3. The Pottery Of Maria Martinez Of San Ildefonso
The biography and pottery collection of Maria martinez and family.Category Arts Crafts Potters North America Native American......Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pottery Biography/Collection featuringthe work of Maria'a family (Julian, Tony Da, Santana Adam).
This is the Maria Martinez Pottery site. It features San Ildefonso Pottery. This site is designed for a browser capable of displaying frames. However, you may still visit the main pages. Just follow the links below. Contact Us
Recent Acquisitions
- We buy art
- The life of Maria and her family
- Learn how to date her work
Available Pieces
- View and purchase
Medicine Man Gallery
- Visit our Gallery
Not long after her marriage to Julian Martinez, Maria was asked to replicate some pre-historic pottery styles that had been discovered in an archaeological excavation of an ancient pueblo site near San Ildefonso. These excavations of 1908 and 1909, led by Dr. Edgar Lee Hewett (who was also the director of the Museum of New Mexico), produced examples of many pre-historic pottery techniques. Dr. Hewett asked Maria, who already had a reputation in the pueblo for being an excellent pottery-maker, if she could make full-scale examples for the museum of the polychrome ware. It was then that Maria and her husband, Julian (who painted the designs on the pottery after Maria shaped them), began an artistic collaboration that would last throughout their lives together. Maria and Julian refined their pottery techniques and were asked to demonstrate their craft at several expositions, including the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the 1914 Panama-California Exposition in San Diego, and the 1934 Chicago World's Fair. Part of their success came from their innovations in the style of black-on-black ware.

4. Equine Original Oil Paintings And Prints
A former jockey and artist who captures the essence of racing life and the horse industry with original and custom oil paintings on canvas. Also limited edition prints available. Lexington, KY.
A former jockey himself of 16 years, Mr. Martinez now specializes in creating paintings of horses and thoroughbred racing scenes. An active exercise rider on the East Coast racing circuit, Nick now makes his home in Lexington, KY. Nick Martinez was born in Trinidad, Colorado and grew up 27 miles west of Cheyenne, Wyoming. His Grandfather, the only horseman in the family at the time, introduced him to horses at a young age. He remembers being around them all his childhood. In accordance with his growing commitment to horses, Nick also spent a great deal of time drawing, but treated it solely as a hobbie. Following high school, Nick's father convinced him to delay his racing career in lieu of higher education. Nick majored in art at Casper Junior College, Casper, Wyoming. After his schooling the thought of drawing was still not as exciting as race riding. At this point Nick decided to begin his career as a jockey at Centennial Race track in Littleton, Colorado. For the next ten years, Nick successfully raced thoroughbreds at major tracks in the west and mid-west. In 1983, a bad racing accident interrupted his career for a year and a half. With a right leg brokenfrom knee to ankle, Nick did not know if he would ride again.He used the recovery time constructively by taking art classes at a local art college in Phoenix, Arizona. The lure of the horse was still more powerful, and Nick returned to racing for another six years. By doing so, he proved to himself that he could still race. In 1991, Nick

5. AMG All Music Guide
Considered one of the founders of Mºsica Norte±a. Includes biography, discography, and products.|Martinez

6. Welcome To The City Of Martinez
ABOUT MARTINEZ. Martinez good. From a trading post in 1849 to incorporationin 1876, Martinez was a gold rush and shipping boomtown.
ABOUT MARTINEZ Martinez is a small city of 36,715 residents, 12.47 square miles, where parents raise their children, antique stores fill the downtown, and Amtrak stops daily. It is the home of "Joltin" Joe DiMaggio, a local boy who made good. From a trading post in 1849 to incorporation in 1876, Martinez was a gold rush and shipping boomtown. Early settlers of the county bought, sold, and shipped their goods here. One of them also created the popular drink known as the "Martini" (click here for the Martini Story). Martinez was one of the oldest Anglo cities in California before California became a state. Martinez catered to gold searchers who arrived on the Carquinez Strait's south shore to take Dr. Robert Semple's horse-powered ferry boat to Benicia on their trek to the gold country. In 1850, Martinez was declared the County Seat, bringing lawyers, judges and other permanent residents. Martinez tried to incorporate in 1850 but did not have 200 registered voters, a state mandate for incorporation. Martinez was first incorporated in 1876 and became a sixth class city by reincorporation in 1884. Our local newspaper began operation in 1858. By 1860 Martinez was the shipping port for grain growers from Diablo to the Livermore Valley. Ships from all over the world, England, France, Russia, and the Norse countries were represented, as well as our own eastern coast.

7. J.R.R. Tolkien And Middle-earth -
Monthly pieces by Michael martinez analyzing Middleearth.

J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth
Reading and Literature
Member Central Join Our Community! Login Member Update What's New ... TravelSuite Suite University About Suite University Visit the University Course Listing New Courses ... Featured Courses New Topics Teaching Creative Writing to Children Maine People Organic Vegetable Gardening African-American Home Schooling ... More... Suite Events My Favorite Place War and Peace Spring Into Health! Earth Day 2003 More about Suite101 About - Select a related topic - 20th Century American Poe Alternative Thinking Alternative Writing American Poetry Beat Boulevard British and American Lite Canadian Literature Caring for the Soul Children's Literature Christian Humor Christian Teens/Preteen b Classic Girls' Series Contemporary Female Humor Contemporary Women Writer Crime Stories Domestic Humor Entertainment Industry Hu Everyday humor Fantasy Worlds Feminist Writings Harlem Renaissance Humor Indo-Anglian Fiction J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle

8. Friends Of Dean Martinez
other percussion. Friends of Dean martinez are from Tucson, and theirmusic reflects the sexy languor of the American Southwest. They

Bill Elm - steel guitar
Joey Burns - guitar, bass
Van Christian - drums
Tom Larkins - percussion
John Convertino - vibes, marimba, other percussion Friends of Dean Martinez are from Tucson, and their music reflects the sexy languor of the American Southwest. They play sad, sweet, instrumental classics (most of them originals), with Bill's steel guitar acting as both lead guitar and voice. Though the mood is rather laid-back, they're not to be mistaken for lounge lizardspeople just have a hard time categorizing non-rock music. Far from being a "novelty" act, Friends Of Dean Martinez are just one of many contemporary bands rediscovering the emotional power of music beyond rock ‘n' roll. The Shadow Of Your Smile is Friends Of Dean Martinez's first album, following last April's debut 7" on Sub Pop (as Friends of Dean Martin). While there is bass on the album, Joey does not play bass live. About their name change, yes, they used to be called Friends Of Dean Martin, but our lawyer told them to anticipate legal trouble, so the change was made. (I happen to like its Southwestern flair.) When Deano's "people" finally called back, indeed they said they'd come a-huntin' if anyone started to cash out. Oh yeah... Joey and John are also in Giant Sand. Bill used to be in Giant Sand. Tom and Van are also in Naked Prey. Bill used to be in Naked Prey.

9. VoyForums: A And Marcy Admiration Society
Messages to discuss the work A martinez and Marcy Walker.
VoyForums Homepage Create a New Forum Owner Login VoyForums News Help Desk VoyForums Exchange FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Directory/Categories Search VoyForums Contribute: Support VoyForums Contact Forum Admin Post a new message Archives:
A place for fans of A Martinez and Marcy Walker to chat.

Welcome to the new home of the A and Marcy Admiration Society. This board was created to honor the work done by A Martinez(Roy, General Hospital) and Marcy Walker(Liza, All My Children). Whether it is on Santa Barbara as Cruz and Eden,or for their individual endeavors, it's a place to share our love and admiration for them and to discuss items related to them. Please take note, that there will be times when we disagree with each othersuch,but be respectful.The best acting team ever.
My site where all the links can be found to various items

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10. Extremely Tino Martinez /Baseball Babe's Yankee Page.
A web site devoted to Tino Martinez, 1st baseman. Photos, baseball statistics, personal information, massage board and a chat room.
Baseball Babe's Yankee Page.
Click Here, to Brake Free of Frames!
Welcome New York Yankee Fans!
Tradition and History are the New York Yankees. The Yankees have collected 37 Pennants and 26 World Championships. "Destiny Starts With Momentum."
Martinez's Career Statistics at First Base.
Tino's Personal Profile.
Tino's Photo Collection. Gallery One. Gallery Two.
My Personal Yankee Collection   Gallery Three.
Tino and the Yanks Spring Training Photo Gallery.
Order it Here! Martinez' Biography, and other Books
Message Board

Chat Room

Cool Web Links.
Get more baseball, on the Web Rings. Please Sign my Guest-book. Please View my Guest-book. Link to My Web Site. This page hosted by   Get your own Free Home Page e-mail me at : This web page is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with the New York Yankees. I am only a fan with a personal home page dedicated to my favorite team and player. I am not Tino Martinez. None of the e-mail addresses on this site are directed to Tino Martinez. The information provided is a result of reading and research from varies sources: Internet, book, newspapers and personal observation. Some photos and information are courtesy of:

11. A Martinez
Official site of Actor/Musician A martinez (Santa Barbara, L.A. Law). Includes news of coming appearances, many pictures, song samples, music video and ordering info for his CD,
Along the way, he's played "Cruz" on "Santa Barbara," "Daniel" on "L.A. Law," "Coop" on "Profiler," and "Roy" on "General Hospital" in a long and thriving career. For those who follow A Martinez as an actor and musician, we have established this site - to which we are very happy to welcome you. This place is updated regularly with info on A's recent, current, and upcoming projects. Our addresses are on the MAIL PAGE, and we would love to hear from you.
The office here would like to express our thanks to Carla Fortunado for her work on A's behalf these last four years. Carla is moving on to greener pastures (what else do they have in Montana?) and we wish her well with Cowboy Bob and the little tyke to come. Diane Morrow and her evil twin, Eva, will now be sharing the majority of the workload, and while we question their mental state in taking this job, we have high hopes that they can keep the place from blowing up. Seriously, though, we're going to try to update the place in a more timely fashion from here on out, which should be easy, given our recent output. In the spirit of this NEW ERA, we've re-instated a schedule of A's upcoming TV appearances, for those of you who'd like to catch him in things you've previously missed. Check the NEWS PAGE for current listings.
Also on the NEWS PAGE, we've added a photo of A with Mercedes Ruehl from his work in the recently released film, "What's Cooking?" Feel free to check this out and follow the link there to our reprint of Kevin Thomas' review of the flick from the Los Angeles Times. "What's Cooking?" is already available in DVD and ought to hit the video market in the next couple of months. Please note also that we have posted a reduced version of the poster artwork for A's film, "Ordinary Sinner" on the NEWS PAGE. This image replaces the stolen Polaroid of co-star Brendan Hines jumping on A's back, which was, as Mr. Martinez mentioned to us, "out of character."

12. Martinez Adult Education
MUSD Class schedule and e-mail contact.Category Regional North America M Martinez Education......Click HERE for the new martinez adult Education web site.

13. Welcome To Jonny Martinez Website
CONGRATULATIONS TO ART GUILLERMO for winning 2002 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR Art is an original member of Grupo Bravo and we our honored to have him with us. GOOD LUCK BRO. written songs for Jay Perez, David Lee Garza, Ruben Ramos, Margarita, Eddie Gonzalez, Ram Herrera, Jonny martinez Mazz.
CONGRATULATIONS TO ART GUILLERMO for winning 2002 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR Art is an original member of Grupo Bravo and we our honored to have him with us. GOOD LUCK BRO. ART GUILLERMO Art has written songs for For Information on Arts Publishing and Songs Call 210-659-7107 WELCOME TO GRAMMY AWARD NOMINEE JONNY MARTINEZ Y GRUPO BRAVO ENGLISH SPANISH

14. Glenn Martinez And Associates

martinez Gallery represents a number of New York area graffiti artists. Check out samples of their work and read about individual artists.

37 Greenpoint Avenue    Brooklyn,  New York  11222     t 718 706 0606

opening: mar 22 2003, 8 PM
after party: 10 PM -
BROOKLYN – Martinez Gallery is proud to present the work of Brazilian artist Ricardo Ribenboim , running through April. Through his sculptures, installations, curations and investigations, the Sao Paulo native goes a step further than in his previous projects, bringing the viewer, willingly or no, into his world of formal fragmentation, upon which is built his creative, social and aesthetic critique.
“Transparencies” arrays large new works in a kind of visual discourse that, above all else, attempts to seize an unbreakable grip on its audience. Ribenboim , who through the years has worked in diverse media , incorporating manifold layers of design and cultural critique, reveals in his new work a strategy integrating the viewer firmly  in the work. In doing so, he breaks the deliberately-placed border, the 4th wall, between the seer and the seen.
Ribenboim’s determined fragmentation, a potent brew of hybrid, baroque and formal approaches, is targeted at us. And as such it is a game, playing at intervention, at metamorphosis (of body and meaning), at subverting that which appears transparent, at simulating and at changing roles.

16. A Martinez Fansite
News, articles and interviews, quotes, and photos.
yviR='us';yfiEA(0); A Martinez Interviews, Articles, and Updates A Fan Site "A is a perfect still-life of integrity a simply marvelous human being with charm and grace. Everyone who has the pleasure of meeting him falls in love with him. I miss being in his presence terribly." Marcy Walker SOD 5/23/00 This fabulous portrait was donated to a raffle at the 2002 GH Luncheon A Martinez is an extraordinary man. His obvious attributes as a talented, attractive actor are well-known... even more, he's a songwriter, musician, singer, and a thoughtful, intelligent person who has been willing to share some of what he's learning about life. This fan site was created for the purpose of sharing a collection of interviews, articles, and photos of A. I plan to update this site with more things frequently, and also hope to provide visitors with updates on A's current work as best I can. The best place online to get to know A is his own excellent site, easily reached at . When you visit there, don't miss reading each one of his delightful essays (A's Messages) or viewing his charming video... all of his site is well worth exploring. I think that his CD is terrific (A's song "Baby I Never" is one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard) and can be ordered at his site; you can also read his lyrics, hear clips...and he'll autograph his CD if you'd like! Thanks! Judy

17. Latina Artist And Designer, Soraida: Creator Of The Verdadism Style Of Abstract
Hardedged abstract painting and social commentary.Category Arts Visual Arts Painting Painters Abstract Expressionism......Artist Graphic Designer and Author Soraida martinez, The IntellectualVoice of a Puerto Rican Woman Painter on Canvas.
VERDADISM: Paintings Juxtaposed with Written Social Commentaries www. soraida .com
Verdadism Gift Shop Verdadism Art Gallery Exhibition History Exhibitions/Events Calendar ... Sign Guest Book
Notice: Artist/Designer Soraida: The Creator of The Verdadism Art Style Verdadism Fine Art Prints Verdadism Sculpture on The Importance of An Education and Tolerance. For more information, please click on the sculpture. Directions to Soraida's Office/Studio S Verdadism Art Gallery Purchase a Verdadism Art Book Online for next day delivery www. soraida .com Artist, Soraida The Paint Works Center, 10 Foster Avenue, Suite C-1, Gibbsboro, New Jersey 08026 Studio 856-346-3131 Fax:856-346-3251

18. Martinez Construction - Income Property Maintenance & Renovations. Remodeling Se
Specializes in complete income property maintenance and renovation services in the San Francisco East Bay.Category Regional North America Real Estate......Martinez Construction Income property maintenance, renovations in the San FranciscoEast Bay. Contact Dan martinez at (510) 465-2128. Fax 510-663-9130.

Commercial, Income, Residential Property Renovations and Maintenance
Martinez Construction specializes in complete income property maintenance, renovation and remodeling services in the San Francisco East Bay.
Home remodeling, upgrading and repair services are also available to residential property homeowners and Real Estate companies. Click for more information.
Second Story Addition A licensed contractor since 1989, Dan Martinez has a crew of 12 professionals with various construction and maintenance specialty skills.
We service small income property units to large multi-tenant complexes; ranging from faucet washer replacement to complete apartment remodeling.
We understand the needs of property owners and respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies and unit turnovers.

19. Fine Art Watercolor Artist Victor Martinez
Original Latin American art, Southwestern art, Andean Art.Category Arts Visual Arts Painting Painters Watercolors M......Victor martinez is a watercolor artist born in Arequipa, Peru. LAST 200 COPIES! SOLDOUT IN THE COUNTRY VICTOR martinez CALENDAR 2003 PAINTING LATIN AMERICA.
See what Victor is showing at the Scottsdale studio today. LAST 200 COPIES!



©2002 Victor Martinez

20. The Official Website Of Tino Martinez
Statistics, photo album, biography, Ask Tino forum, ecards, and online store.
Whats New Profile
A fine glove man, Tino has good range
and saves his fielders plenty of errors with his ability to dig throws out of the dirt. When he recorded at least 25 homers and 100 RBI in his first four seasons with the Yankees (1996-99), he became just the fourth player in team history to reel off a streak like that, joining Lou Gehrig
(12 years, 1927-38), Babe Ruth
(eight years, 1926-33) and Joe DiMaggio
(six years, 1936-41) Click here to view my stats for the 2002 regular season!! Featured Sections
Fun Stuff
Check out a collection of my favorite photographs from past and present in my Photo Album . New pictures will be added on a regular basis. Get the real story about my road to Major League Baseball and an insight to my life and famliy in the Biography section. Send an e-trading card to a friend or ask me a question using our Ask Tino form.
Click here to download exclusive Tino Martinez Desktop Wallpaper!! St. Louis Cardinals Schedule Click here to view the 2003 season schedule St. Louis Cardinals

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