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         Neeson Liam:     more books (59)
  1. Love Actually (Full Screen Edition) by Liam Primary Contributor-Hugh Grant; Primary Contributor-Neeson, 2004-04-27
  2. Liam Neeson -- first biography
  3. Movieline Magazine Liam Neeson Star Wars Cover (May 1999) by Various Contributors, 1999
  4. Entertainment Weekly #206 January 21, 1994 (Schindler's List - Liam Neeson on Cover)
  5. Liam Neeson : The First Biography by Ingrid Millar, 1996
  6. Liam Neeson
  7. GQ Magazine March 1998 Liam Neeson (Single Back Issue)
  8. Gente.(breves notas)(TT: People.)(TA: brief notes)(Columna): An article from: Epoca
  9. Conflict across the centuries.(MOVIES - Kingdom of Heaven; The Interpreter)(Movie Review): An article from: National Catholic Reporter by Joseph Cunneen, 2005-05-13
  10. Pandillas Violentas. (En Proyeccion).(Resena de pelicula): An article from: Semana
  11. "Blanco perfecto".(TT: "Perfect Target".)(Reseña): An article from: Epoca by Pedro Crespo, 2000-04-09
  12. Two little films from the U.K.(ARTS & CULTURE - Breakfast on Pluto; Mrs. Henderson Presents)(Movie review): An article from: Catholic New Times by Patrick Donohue, 2006-01-29
  13. Hace muchos años en una galaxia muy lejana: el peor pecado que puede cometer un artista es repetirse. George Lucas pareció contradecir el aserto con la ... An article from: Letras Libres by Gustavo García, 2002-07-01
  14. Gente.(breves notas)(TT: People.)(TA: brief notes)(Artículo Breve)(Columna): An article from: Epoca

61. Neeson, Liam
liam neeson, 2 Nominations. Actor In A Leading Role Drama Michael Collins 1996 Schindler's List 1993.
Liam Neeson 2 Nominations Actor In A Leading Role - Drama
Michael Collins

Schindler's List

62. Neeson, Liam
neeson, liam (William John) actor Birthplace Ballymena, Northern Ireland Born6/7/52 Previous Neal, Patricia, Top of section N, Next Neff, Hildegard.

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Newsletter You've got info! Help Site Map Visit related sites from: Family Education Network Biography People N Neeson, Liam (William John) actor Birthplace: Ballymena, Northern Ireland Born: Neal, Patricia N Neff, Hildegard Search Infoplease Info search tips Search Biographies Bio search tips About Us Contact Us Link to Infoplease ... Privacy

63. Who2 Profile: Liam Neeson
Links and biography.
LIAM NEESON Actor Irish actor Liam Neeson is known for his brainy yet brawny persona, as evidenced by leading roles in movies like Schindler's List (1993, directed by Steven Spielberg ) and Michael Collins (1996, with Julia Roberts ). Neeson was nominated for an Oscar for his role as heroic World War II businessman Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List . In 1999 he played the Jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn in the blockbuster Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace . Neeson married actress Natasha Richardson in 1994.
Extra credit : Neeson was once an amateur boxing champ in Northern Ireland.
Liam Neeson joins Natalie Portman and Yoda in our loop on Star Wars
Liam Neeson Unofficial Fan Club

Fan site with an especially good stack of article reprints Liam Neeson Filmography
The straight dope from the Internet Movie DataBase All Movie Guide: Liam Neeson
Professional bio calls him a "towering sequoia of sex" Star Wars Official Site
Neeson stars in The Phantom Menace Birth:
7 June 1952 Birthplace:
Ballymena, Northern Ireland Death:
Best Known As:
Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace Shop for Posters at

64. Liam Neeson On Digital Hit's Celebrity Row. Biography, News And Information.
Biography, news stories, videos for sale, surveys and discussions.
@import "/complex.css";
Celebrity Row
:Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson
Born : June 7, 1952 Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK Photo Gallery Poster Gallery Star Wars prequel Star Wars : Episode I The Phantom Menace Excalibur . His movie career launched, Liam began to appear in a number of British and American productions, including The Bounty The Lamb and The Mission More roles and great co-stars followed: Cher in Suspect , Diane Keaton in The Good Mother , and Clint Eastwood in The Dead Pool Darkman and a Nazi opposite Melanie Griffith in Shining Through Husbands and Wives Before that, in 1984, he made his American TV debut in the mini-series Ellis Island and played an IRA operative on Miami Vice The 1992 Broadway revival of Anna Christie was good for Liam in two ways. First, Steven Spielberg was so impressed by his performance that he offered him the lead in his Holocast film Neeson followed his work in with Nell , co-starring his wife and Jodie Foster. He then went on to Rob Roy Braveheart . That was followed with the biopic Michael Collins and the Meryl Streep film Before and After In an interview that appeared in the June 1999 issue of Redbook , Neeson said he planned to retire from movie acting in 2000, though the theatre will still beckon him. In the interview he said, "Film is a director's medium. We are basically puppets. Producers earn all the money, and you get the sense that they hate actors. The crews are treated like slaves. ... I don't think I can live with the inauthenticity of movies anymore. I don't like watching them, especially my own stuff." Of course, Hollywood is always a never say never environment. Days after this statement was released, Liam told reporters in New York that he wasn't quitting and that he was just venting some anger and frustrations.

65. Liam Neeson - Biografie Rasscass
feierte er als liam neeson sein Film- und Kinodebüt. Für

66. The Haunting (1999): Liam Neeson, Liam+Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, And
Starring Catherine ZetaJones, liam neeson, Lili Taylor and Owen Wilson,I thought it couldn't be that bad. But unfortunately, I

67. Discography: No Prima Donna: The Songs Of Van Morrison
Information on CD, liam neeson does a track.
click on cover image
for larger version)
No Prima Donna:
The Songs Of Van Morrison
Various Artists
(Released October, 1994)
  • You Make Me Feel So Free Sinead O'Connor
  • Queen of the Slipstream Brian Kennedy
  • Coney Island Liam Neeson
  • Crazy Love Cassandra Wilson
  • Bright Side of the Road Hothouse Flowers
  • Irish Heartbeat Brian Kennedy, Shana Morrison
  • Full Force Gale Elvis Costello
  • Tupelo Honey Phil Coulter Orchestra
  • Madame George Marianne Faithfull
  • Friday's Child Lisa Stansfield Check for this CD now at
  • Click here for production information on this CD, on the track timings above for production information on a specific track.
  • Review by Andy Gill:
    Dylan's had one or two, the Velvets likewise, Neil Young, Beefheart, Leonard Cohen, The Eagles and The Byrds one apiece, Curtis Mayfield a couple, and Hendrix no fewer than three. But heretofore, Van Morrison has had no tribute album of cover versions of his songs, remaining just about the only artist of stature from that era not to have been so honoured, which is all the more surprising, given the relative consistency of his output throughout the past three decades. After all, even Larry Adler's had his celebrity roast, and he's done nothing but write terrible letters to Private Eye for the last 20 years. But for Van The Man, nothing. People hardly bother covering his songs on their own albums, let alone clubbing together to get him his own tribute. Why should this be so? Perhaps Morrison's legendary self-protective prickliness has put off would-be tributees. Who needs a hero's condemnation when all they're trying to do is show some respect? Or perhaps it's the awed nature of that respect itself, being too reverently bestowed. The latter seems likely: born with the gift of a golden voice, Morrison has always been regarded primarily as an interpreter rather than as a songwriter, and as such, his versions are considered all but unimprovable. Like they used to say of Dylan, nobody sings Van like The Man himself. So who would want to try, given the hiding to nothing they would undoubtedly be on?
  • 68. Liam Neeson Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merchandise
    neeson, liam. Add Url. altoCelebs liam neeson High quality pictures, wallpapers,posters, bio, and links. neeson, liam Internet resources.,-liam/
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    Neeson, Liam
    Add Url altoCelebs: Liam Neeson
    High quality pictures, wallpapers, posters, bio, and links. Entertainbilia: Liam Neeson
    Posters, videos, CDs, DVDs, and other memorabilia. EntertainPosters: Liam Neeson
    Posters, photos, and prints. Liam Neeson picture gallery Hot pictures, ecards, biographies, filmographies, trivia and quotes of Liam Neeson. Neeson, Liam Internet resources. EntertainGuide: Liam Neeson Links to image galleries, wallpapers, desktop themes, bio, and memorabilia. Liam Neeson games at

    69. DVD > Actors & Actresses > ( N ) > Neeson, Liam
    With a dream castMel Gibson, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Laurence Olivier, LiamNeeson, and Daniel DayLewisand a script by Robert Bolt (Doctor Zhivago

    ( N ) Neeson, Liam
    Browse Bestsellers:

    Nigel Terry
    Helen Mirren , et al.
    Rated R
    Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
    List Price
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    Click here for more info
    Avg. Customer Review essential video This lush retelling of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a dark and engrossing tale. Director John Boorman ( Deliverance ) masterfully handles the tale of the mythical sword Excalibur, and its passing from the wizard Merlin to the future king of England. Arthur pulls the... Read more Rob Roy Liam Neeson Jessica Lange , et al. Rated R Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only) List Price Our Price: You Save: Click here for more info Avg. Customer Review One of the most invigorating period adventures to hit the big screen in decades, this lavish, brilliantly directed film drew critical and audience raves when it was released in 1995. Inspired by historical fact and larger-than-life legend, the intelligently scripted story takes place in Scotland in... Read more The Haunting Liam Neeson Catherine Zeta-Jones , et al.

    70. Liam Central @
    A fan community.Category Arts Celebrities N neeson, liam......liam Central liam neeson Message Board Welcome to liam Central, theliam neeson fan-community message board! If you're a new visitor
    "); else document.write(""); // >
    Welcome to Liam Central, the Liam Neeson fan-community message board!
    If you're a new visitor please read the brief, basic guidelines before posting.
    For more great Liam Neeson content don't forget visit our Partner Sites
    Founding Sites.... Liam Neeson Fansite The Guardians of Peace Field of Strawberries Partner Sites.... A Guide To: Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master Bink's Whatnots Page Daniela's Liam Neeson Page Ew's Temple Exclusively Liam Neeson In Love With Qui-Gon Jinn My Creative Shrine to Liam Neeson Obi's Haven Qui-Gon's Angel Simply Liam Theatre, Musicals and Actors Web Wolfie's Den Become a Partner Liam Central Chat Room
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    Forum # Posts Last Comment Liam Forum
    All about Liam! What's your favorite movie? Why do you like him? Come here for the latest news, sighings or just to share your opinion. 3/27/03 7:05:36 pm The Review Corner
    Are you planning to watch one of Liam's movies? You don't know which one to choose? Or have you seen one and would you like to share your thoughts about it with others? This is the place for your opinions and recommendations.

    71. The Definitive Film Resource: Actors: N: Liam Neeson
    liam neeson. (alphabetical order by last name). neeson, liam;liam neeson Fansite - news, biography, filmography and photo gallery;
    Blackstar Videos and DVDs Liam Neeson (alphabetical order by last name) main A B C ... Liam Neeson - altoCelebs: Liam Neeson - high quality pictures, posters, desktop stuff, and related links Neeson, Liam - Liam Neeson Fansite - news, biography, filmography and photo gallery Entertainbilia: Liam Neeson - videos, DVDs, posters, auctions, and other memorabilia The Unofficial Liam Neeson Fan Page Liam Central - fan community dedicated to Liam Neeson Entertain Posters: Liam Neeson - posters, photos, and prints Liam Neeson Online Entertain Guide: Liam Neeson - links to image galleries, desktop stuff, bio, and resources Irish Creme: The Charm of Liam Neeson The Master Liam Neeson Page Liam Neeson - biography and filmography Liam Neeson - bio and horror filmography at the Horror Film Database Neeson, Liam images on MediaMiner Liam Neeson - at all products for Liam Neeson all products for Liam Neeson In Association with Click Here for Great Posters at Great Prices ... link to

    72. Allesklar - Größter Deutscher Webkatalog: Neeson, Liam
    Translate this page Thema neeson, liam. 2 Einträge, 1 - 2 , liam neeson ( Schauspieler Ursprünglich wollte neeson Profiboxer werden.

    73. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by Actor Results for neeson, liam Displaying 1 5 of 19 Results. PreviousPage, Go To Page 1 2 3 4, Next Page. Sort By Alphabet, Price, Year., LIAM

    74. Neeson, Liam - Leggi Le Opinioni -
    Translate this page neeson, liam. davvero bravo (27.10.00) di yvonne_eisler liam neeson soprende perla varieta' dei vari ruoli interpretati durante gli anni. Non che io ab
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    75. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Neeson, Liam Videos & DVDs At
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    Compare Schindler's List
    Dramas, Classic, Heroes, Nazis, Prison/Prisoners, Social Issues, Jewish Heritage, Recommended, Tragedy, True Story, World War II, Drama, R, Best Supporting Actor, Best Film, 1993, Best Director, Best Picture Drama, Best Screenplay, 1993, Best Art Direction, Best Film Editing, Best Screenplay Adaptation, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Picture, 1993
    63 reviews
    Lowest price:
    Compare Excalibur
    Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Infidelity, Medieval, Classic Fight Scenes, Mythology, Big Battles, Fantasy, Recommended, Witches And Wizards, R
    22 reviews
    Lowest price: Compare Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure, Theatrical Release, Action, Computer Animation, Good Vs. Evil, Mythology, Science-Fiction, PG, Best Action Sequence, 2000 387 reviews Lowest price: Compare Les Miserables Dramas, Period Piece, PG-13

    76. Encyclopædia Britannica
    Now with a NEW 22nd volume! Visit Britannica Store, Encyclopædia Britannica,Year in Review 2000 biography neeson, liam Encyclopædia Britannica Article.

    77. Alphamusic - Neeson Liam
    neeson, liam.
    Sehr geehrter Kunde,
    unsere Produktdatenbank wird derzeit aktualisiert. Daher können wir Ihnen im Augenblick nicht das von Ihnen gesuchte Original-Produkt anzeigen, sondern stellen Ihnen interessante Auktionen zu Ihrem Suchbegriff vor. Melden Sie sich jetzt bei Ebay an und bieten Sie für diese interessanten Produkte mit. Ihr Alphamusic-Team Produkt Preis Gebote Endzeit DVD - Rob Roy - Liam Neeson Jessica Lange NEU EUR 12.00 Nell Mit Jodie Foster u.Liam Neeson EUR 2.00 DVD- Das Geisterschloss- Liam Neeson- NEU !! EUR 9.00 **ROB ROY** DVD - Liam Neeson ,Jessica Lange EUR 5.51 NELL mit Jodie Foster und Liam Neeson - Drama EUR 1.50 ROB ROY mit Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange EUR 1.00 Ruby Cairo - Liam Neeson DVD/NEU! EUR 8.00 Das Geisterschloss+Liam Neeson/Zeta-Jones+Top EUR 1.00 VHS NELL - Jodie Foster - Liam Neeson - TOP EUR 1.00 Ruby Cairo - Liam Neeson DVD/NEU! EUR 8.00 DVD RC2 Rob Roy - Liam Neeson *OVP EUR 12.00 Liam Neeson, Großfoto aus ROB ROY EUR 1.00 Liam Neeson, Großfoto aus ROB ROY EUR 1.00 ROB ROYLIAM NEESONJESSICA LANGE EUR 1.00 EUR 3.00

    78. Webzdarma - Soubor Nenalezen / File Not Found
    liam neeson. stránky byly presunuty, pokud nedojde kliknete prosím nanásledující odkaz. http//
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    79. Celebrities/N/Neeson, Liam - Fractured Atlas Links Directory
    Actor liam neeson The Movie Times Box office records, showcase on awards, links,message board. Box Office Data for liam neeson Box office information.
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    ADVERTISEMENT: Home Celebrities N : Neeson, Liam CATEGORIES: Movies LINKS: Pages: 1

    80. Animation Station Poster List: Artist Profile - Sarandon, Susan
    neeson, liam Animation Station has thousands of movie posters and lobbycards. We also specialize Z Artist Profile neeson, liam Before and

    Artist: A B C D ... Z
    Title: A B C D ... Z
    Artist Profile
    Sarandon, Susan
    Anywhere But Here-DS

    Atlantic City-folded

    Banger Sisters, The-DS-As Is

    Buddy System, The-folded
    White Palace-DS
    Artist: A B C D ... Z Title: A B C D ... Z Prices Subject to change. Contact Animation Station for confirmation. Click here for ordering information. Animation Station

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