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         Pacino Al:     more books (99)
  1. Pacino y de Niro en Frente a Frente ... y arruga frente a arruga.(pelîcula): An article from: Actual by Jesûs Guzmân, 2009-02-01
  2. BOMB Issue 33, Fall 1990 (BOMB Magazine) by Al Pacino, Thulani Davis, et all 1990-09-15
  3. The Godfather - [Souvenir Book] by Albert S. (production); Coppola, Francis Ford (direction); Puzo, Mario (author); Brando, Marlon & Pacino, Al & Caan, James & Duvall, Robert & Keaton, Diane (cast) Ruddy, 1972-01-01
  4. Dog Day Afternoon (Movie Tie-In) by Patrick Mann, 1975
  5. Interview Magazine February 1991 Al Pacino (Single Back Issue) by Interview, 1991
  6. Vanity Fair October 1989 (Single Issue) Al Pacino
  7. PLAYGIRL 1990 HOLIDAY ISSUE: Sleep with Your Boss; Sex with Younger Men; Al Pacino by Playgirl Magazine Inc., 1990
  8. GQ Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue (October 2007, Al Pacino Cover)
  9. Photoplay Magazine, January 1976, Elton John on Cover (Film / movie star magazine: Colorful illustation of Elton John on cover, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Elvis, James Caan, Mike Douglas, Connie Stevens, Jack Lord, Freddie Prinze, Henry Winkler.a 1970's sex symbol, Goldie Hawn is marrying Bill Hudson.) by Various, 1976
  10. Entertainment Weekly December 5, 2003 Al Pacino & Meryl Streep/Angels In America Cover, Michael Jackson, Stephen King, Tracy Morgan, Al Green, The Darkness
  11. Scarface #1 set of cover A & B / IDW Comics, Al Pacino cover by IDW, 2006
  12. GQ Magazine September 1992--The Big Fashion Issue--Al Pacino--(Single Issue)
  13. Vanity Fair Magazine October 1989 Al Pacino (Single Back Issue) by Vanity Fair, 1989

61. Clotheslined
A novelist and former Dallas Cowboy tells all about working on 'Any Given Sunday' with Oliver Stone, Jim Brown, Y. A. Tittle, and al pacino. By Pat Toomay. Sports Jones

62. Bomis: Al Pacino
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    Poster of Al Pacino Pacino world PAcino 's way AL Pacino Pacino best 5 movies Pacino loft photos looking for richard photos fan page fan page photos dedicated to al pacino fantastic pacino donnie brasco looking for richard fan page chat room al at celebrities al in the godfather Gangsterville Gangsterville is a site for all gangster movie and Soprano fans. Mr. Pacino Page Biography, Filmography, Gallery, and various other Pacino information Al Pacino page at
  • 63. Lexi's New Pacino Page
    Fan page with pictures and comments. Links, message board, chat room.
    Lexi's New Pacino Page!!! Ya know, Marlin Brando can you please get out of the way, Al needs his space, and he needs me!!!!!! This is my beautiful Al by Lexi Doesn't Al look gordeous in this picture, or any other picture ever taken of him in this whole entire world? Well anyway Al, if you're there, go to the bottom of the page and e-mail me!!!!!! This is a lovely picture of my young Al, but then every picture of my AL is lovely hehehe!!!!
    Excuse me! I'm a nut
    Anyways Al PAcino Is of course A Wonderful actor whi has been in a number of movies, and all of them were great!!! HEeEEEE
    Here's my precious farmer AL! isn't he just soooo precious!
    Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh! SEXY Al in the shadows!! Hey Sign my Guestbook! Come on sign it! it'll only take one second, just sign it. He looks so classy here! Here's Al on cnn, i don't know what the hell was going on but doesn't he look as sexy as ever? Well of course i think so because i'm his greatest fan!!!!! blah blah blah, yada-yada-yada!!!! Here is my beautiful Al in the 1976 film, Bobby Deerfeild. About a race car driver who falls in love with a caner patent .Here he stars with Martha Keller, later they were together. And don't tell anyone but i was jealous of her!...Just kidding, just kidding ^_^ Here is Al in heat. This movie also stared Robert Deniro. Oh and Val Kilmore

    64. - Al Pacino
    Overview of his career, user comments on him, and biographical information.

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    Top 99 Women
    NEW Top 200 Albums Joke of the Day Site of the Day Men's Horoscopes MEMBERS Message Boards Newsletter Sign-Up Free Contests Player's Guide OTHER INFO About us Advertise Editor/Letters F.A.Q. ... Sites To Visit var zflag_nid="162"; var zflag_cid="198/1"; var zflag_sid="170"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="15"; Man of the Week Specials Al Pacino why we like him? Al Pacino is the actor who portrays some of our favorite characters: Michael Corleone in The Godfather , Tony Montana in Scarface , and Carlito Brigante in Carlito's Way . He deserves our Man of the Week feature simply for delivering some of the greatest one-liners a man can use. why is he famous? Al Pacino's roles in The Gofdather, Scarface, Carlito's Way, Scent of a Woman, Heat and many, many more great performances put him in a very select group. He's an Oscar (he's earned it) winner and one of our favorite actors. overall rating Al Pacino is one of finest actors in the world. His endless range, his emotion, his anger, his laughter, and those eyes have made for some very memorable moments in cinematic history. He also knows how to party with the best of them (though no one outdoes Jack Nicholson).

    65. FilmUP - Personaggi / Filmografia: Al Pacino
    Scheda con filmografia completa corredata da schede e recensioni, un profilo biografico ed una galleria di immagini.
    Elenco alfabetico
    Al Pacino
    ALL'ANAGRAFE: Alfredo James Pacino
    LUOGO DI NASCITA: New York, New York, USA
    PROFESSIONE: Attore, Regista, Produttore
    Angels in America (Mini Serie TV) - Roy Cohn Tough love - Starkman La regola del sospetto Walter Burke People I Know Eli Wurman Simone Insomnia Will Dormer Chinese Coffee - Harry Levine Ogni maledetta domenica Tony D'Amato Insider - Dietro la verità Lowell Bergman L'avvocato del diavolo John Milton Donnie Brasco Lefty Ruggiero Riccardo III - un uomo, un re - Riccardo III City Hall - Mayor John Pappas Heat - la sfida Vincent Hanna Un giorno da ricordare - Gitano Sabatoni Jonas in the Desert - Se stesso Carlito's way Carlito Brigante The Godfather Trilogy - Michael Corleone Scent of a woman - profumo di donna Tenente colonnello Frank Slade Americani Ricky Roma The Godfather Family: A Look Inside (Film Tv) - Se stesso Paura d'amare - Johnny A letto con Madonna - Se stesso (non accreditato) Il Padrino parte terza - Michael Corleone Dick Tracy - Big Boy Caprice The local Stigmatic - Seduzione pericolosa Frank Keller Revolution - Tom Dobb Scarface Tony Montana Papà, sei una frana -

    66. TodoCine: Al Pacino
    Biograf­a, detalle de su carrera en el cine, premios y nominaciones.
    CINE Estrenos Cartelera Cine en casa Noticias ... Recomendaciones DVD Novedades Recomendaciones Premios Los Oscar Los Goya Secciones Curiosidades Gazapos Citas Lo mejor del cine ... Enlaces Servicios Hablamos Teleaviso Postales de cine Juegos Puzzles AL PACINO
    Nombre real: Alfred James Pacino Fecha de nacimiento: Lugar de nacimiento: New York EE.UU. Aunque es muy reservado con su vida privada, algunos de sus romances han trascendido, como los que tuvo con las actrices Jill Clayburgh, Marthe Keller y Diane Keaton. Yo, Natalia (Me, Natalie) (1969)
    El padrino (The Godfather) (1972)

    Malas calles (Mean streets) (1973)

    Serpico (Serpico) (1973)

    El padrino, segunda parte (The godfather, part II) (1974)
    Tarde de perros (Dog Day Afternoon) (1975)

    Un instante, una vida (Bobby Deerfield) (1977)
    Justicia para todos (... And Justice for All) (1979)

    A la caza (Cruising) (1980)
    El precio del poder (Scarface) (1983)
    The Local Stigmatic (The Local Stigmatic) (1989) El padrino, tercera parte (The Godfather, Part III) (1990) Dick Tracy (Dick Tracy) (1990) Frankie y Johnny (Frankie and Johnny) (1991) Esencia de mujer (Scent of a woman) (1991) ... Heat (Heat) (1995) Two Bits (Two Bits) (1995) Looking for Richard (Looking for Richard) (1996) Donnie Brasco (Donnie Brasco) (1996) Pactar con el diablo (Devil's Advocate) (1997) El dilema (The Insider) (1999) ... Looking for Richard (Looking for Richard) (1996) Premios: Oscar. Mejor actor 1992

    67. Actor: Al Pacino [The Movie Times]
    ACTOR. al pacino. MESSAGE BOARD. Post Your al pacino Message MAINPICTURE. VITal STATS. Real Name alfredo

    68. Al Pacino: Quando Il Mito Compie Sessant'anni...
    Approfondimento critico a cura di Riccardo Ventrella in occasione del sessantesimo compleanno dell'attore.

    Introduzione all'art...
    La famiglia in bilic... Bigodini... NEWROZ 2003... ...
    Alberto Sordi

    Il tributo di Scanner
    Paul Thomas Anderson

    Aspettando Punch-Drunk Love
    Angelina Jolie

    L'attrice premio Oscar per "Ragazze Interrotte"
    Stefania Rocca

    Da Nirvana a Casomai
    Ritratto di James Toback
    Il volto nascosto del cinema americano I sessant'anni di Al Pacino Ogni maledetto film... 100 volte Hitchcock Il mito dell'impagabile maestro del brivido Henry-George Clouzot Un ritratto dell'autore de "La fiamma del peccato" home cinema personaggi I sessant'anni di Al Pacino Ogni maledetto film... Il compleanno di un attore entrato nel mito di Riccardo Ventrella H Paul Newman , da dare magari in coppia con Robert Redford , il 25 aprile segna il compleanno numero sessanta di James Alfredo Pacino Pacino Scent of a Woman Padrino ... Al Pacino è uno degli ultimi rappresentanti di una razza in via di estinzione, gli attori-cacciavite Quel pomeriggio di un giorno da cani , violento sino alla crudeltà in Scarface , amaro in e Donnie Brasco . Voce rauca e torrenziale, si è riversato come un

    Biograf­a, filmograf­a y fotos.
    AL PACINO Nació el 25 de abril de 1940 en Nueva York Algunos datos Su nombre completo es Alfredo Jacob Pacino
    Mide 1'67
    Su padre Salvatore es agente de seguros, su madre Rose falleció en 1962 antes de ver a su hijo convertido en estrella de cine. Nació en el East Harlem de la Gran Manzana y creció en el barrio del Bronx de la misma gran urbe.
    En su adolescencia se matriculó en la escuela de interpretación neoyorquina High School for Permorming Arts, aunque abandonó pronto las clases para aparecer en diversas producciones teatrales y trabajar como acomodador de un cine. Poco después cursó estudios en el famoso Actors Studio.
    En 1969 debuta en Broadway con la obra "Does the tiger wear a Necktie?". Gracias a su actuación consiguió ganar un premio Tony.
    También en 1969 debuta en el cine con la película realizada por Fred Coe "Yo, Natalia".
    Su fama al estrellato se produjo cuando apareció en la película "El padrino" (1972)
    Dirigió su primera película en 1996 ("Looking for Richard")
    Entre sus parejas sentimentales se encuentran Tuesday Weld, Jill Clayburgh, Diane Keaton, Martha Keller, Jan Tarrant, Penelope Ann Miller, Lyndall Hobbs, Annie Prager o Kathleen Quinlan.
    Convive con la actriz Beverly D'Angelo.

    70. Excite Italia - Informazione
    Translate this page 1938 CINEMA al pacino, al VIA BATTAGLIA LEGalE PER I FIGLI New York,6 feb. 1938, CINEMA al pacino, al VIA BATTAGLIA LEGalE PER I FIGLI.
    N E W S
    Il Mio Excite
    News Politica Economia ... Spettacolo Articolo Sport Hi-Tech Gossip Regionali ... Sondaggi
    makeAD("","/SITE=IT.EX.EXCITE/AREA=NEWS.HOME/POS=L1/LANG=IT/AAMSZ=120x90",120,90) Ascolta... Dance Disco Funk Italiana Jazz Latin Pop Rap Sondaggio Iraq: cosa succederà? L'esercito irakeno si arrenderà e tutto si risolverà senza combattere o quasi Saddam andrà in esilio lasciando spazio alla ricostruzione di un Iraq democratico Le forze americane attaccheranno, ma la guerra sarà lunga Tutto sarà risolto in pochi giorni, come previsto da Bush Non so
    Guarda i risultati
    Spettacolo Cerca le notizie: corriere della sera repubblica stampa e più di 100 altre fonti News in tutto il web italiano inglese spagnolo tedesco francese Cerca meglio Provalo con click: BAGHDAD IRAQ POLMONITE TERRORISMO 19:38 CINEMA: AL PACINO, AL VIA BATTAGLIA LEGALE PER I FIGLI
    Altre notizie di CINEMA

    71. A L P A C I N O
    Contains biography, filmography, wallpapers, images, and audio files.

    72. Pacino, Al :: Èìÿ: Àëü Ïà÷èíî
    The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
    Ôèëüìû: "Êðåñòíûé îòåö", "Ëèöî ñî øðàìîì", "Êàæäîå âîñêðåñåíüå" :: íàñòîÿùèå ÇÂÅÇÄÛ íà ôîòî [Òåìû.ðó] :: Ïðîåêò ÒÅÌÛ.ÐÓ ver.4.0 :: Îáîè è Òåìû äëÿ Âàøåãî Ðàáî÷åãî Ñòîëà, íîâîñòè êèíî. Wallpapers, themes, calendar art, WinAmp Skins ::ÒÅÌÛ[.ru]-ÝÒÎ
    ÎÁÎÈ / in style

    73. Attendere Prego
    Presenta la filmografia completa.
    Attendere prego....

    74. Entertainment Weekly's Monitor Al Pacino
    Includes the latest news, movie reviews, photos, downloads, merchandise, and TV schedule.

    75. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by Actor Results for pacino, al Displaying 1 5 of 20 Results. HideImages. al pacino COLLECTION - 0 Starring pacino, al Why Pay $ 49.95?, Al

    76. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by Actor Results for pacino, al Displaying 1 5 of 20 Results. HideImages. al pacino COLLECTION - 0 Starring pacino, al Why Pay $ 49.95?, AL

    77. Al Pacino On Digital Hit's Celebrity Row. Biography, News And Information.
    Profile of the actor, photo gallery, posters, and links.
    @import "/complex.css";
    Celebrity Row
    :Al Pacino
    Al Pacino
    Born : Apr. 25, 1940 South Bronx, New York, USA Photo Gallery Poster Gallery The press went wild when Al Pacino came to the 25th Toronto International Film Festival to promote his film Chinese Coffee Robert De Niro was in town too, and the presence of two acting gods at the same festival might have caused a cosmic imbalance. Luckily, we all survived. Al Pacino was born in New York on April 25th, 1940. He was the only child of Salvatore and Rose Pacino, who divorced when young Alfredo was two. Combine the movies he went to with his mother with the natural bravado a young boy needed to survive in the Bronx and you have the perfect making of a natural performer. He drifted through a variety of odd jobs but saved his money and eventually had enough to enroll at the Herbert Berghof Studio. There he trained under, and befriended acting coach Charlie Laughton. He worked hard on his theater skills and in 1966 landed a spot in the prestigious Actors Studio. He appeared opposite James Earl Jones in The Peace Creeps and after a stint in Boston received rave reviews for his role of Murph in The Indian Wants the Bronx Does the Tiger Wear a Necktie?

    Biography, photo galleries, articles archive, movies, and links.

    79. Jason's Al Pacino Site
    Extensive fan resource on al pacino. Includes biography, filmography, images from movies, quotes, magazine covers, and links.
    Jason's Al Pacino Site Pacino Scarface Godfather Pics Biography ... Mailbag THE LEGENDARY AL PACINO THE LEGENDARY AL PACINO

    80. Pacino, Al. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
    The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. pacino, al. (albertopacino) (p ch ´n ) (KEY) , 1940–, American actor, b. New
    Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Columbia Encyclopedia PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Pacino, Al

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