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         Parker Molly:     more detail
  1. Searching for Molly Parker by Richard Frayne, 2005-01-31
  2. In the frame. (Molly Parker's movie 'Kissed'): An article from: Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada by Shlomo Scwartzberg, 1996-09-22
  3. Productrice Canadienne: Alanis Obomsawin, Wendy Crewson, Helen Shaver, Molly Parker, Suzanne Cloutier, Sarah Polley, Mary Walsh (French Edition)
  4. Rare Birds by Andy Jones, Molly Parker Starring William Hurt, 2001
  5. Molly: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases by Philip M. Parker, 2008-06-03
  6. Molly: Webster's Timeline History, 1672 - 1989 by Philip M. Parker, 2008-06-03
  7. Molly: Webster's Timeline History, 1990 - 2007 by Philip M. Parker, 2008-06-03
  8. The danger of complacency. (benefits of staff training and process reengineering)(Servicing Management)(Cover Story): An article from: Mortgage Banking by Ronald Harris Parker, Molly Jo Graham, et all 1997-02-01
  9. Una tarde en el "País de las Maravillas".(TT: An afternoon in "Wonderand".)(Reseña): An article from: Semana by Javier Bernal, 2000-08-25
  10. MOLLY OF ST. MILDRED'S by Mary Louise. Parker, 1931
  11. Molly, the New Forest Pony by Lady Kitty Ritson; Illustrator-W. Neave Parker, 1940
  12. Molly: The New Forest Pony by Lady Kitty Ritson, 1954-01-01
  13. The Adventures of Little Fuzzy by Benson Parker, Michael Whelan, et all 1983

1. Molly Parker
Molly Parker posters, filmography, news, and forum. Molly Parker. CELEB QUIK BROWSER. MOLLY PARKER. OVERVIEW. AVE. TOMATOMETER. Rating 63%

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2. Molly Parker
Biography and filmography.Category Arts Celebrities P Parker, Molly......MOLLY PARKER. Date of Birth September 1972. Raised on a farm Love(1992). Check out these movies featuring Molly Parker 1. LOOKING
MOLLY PARKER Date of Birth: September 1972 Raised on a farm in picturesque Pitt Meadows, B.C., Molly Parker's parents owned a retail seafood store, and reveled in their kids, giving them unconditonal support in whatever they wanted to do. At three, she started ballet and danced three times a week until she was 17. Her schools included the Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada. At 14, she discovered her other passion: acting. Beginning with the usual fare - high school plays, and drama club, at 15, her uncle, an actor, took her to his agency. She seldom worked at first, staying on only because going to auditions was fun. But over the next few years, she got small roles in television series and movies of the week, including a lot of American TV shows shot in Vancouver. After high school, she cashed in her acting scholarships and bursaries, and then took a three-year course with Mel Austin Tuck at Vancouver's Gastown Actors' Studio. On the side, she took supplementary voice and singing lessons and had roles in TV series such as Neon Rider Outer Limits and The Highlander When a cinematographer friend approached her about auditioning for a role in a new low-budget feature film he was working on, it set off a chain of events that changed her career. The film was

3. Molly Parker
Molly Parker

4. HSX : Movies : Market : StarBonds® : Molly Parker
Canadian actress Molly Parker first gainedcritical acclaim and a Genie award for her performance in the film Kissed. Description Short biography and historical trading prices of Molly Parker's StarBond in the Hollywood Stock Exchange Category Arts Celebrities P Parker, Molly......Molly Parker. Molly Parker.

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Article by Jessica Hundley about Molly Parker in "Center of the World".Category Arts Celebrities P Parker, Molly......Molly Parker is the sort of woman who can say things like the feministas whore is something that does exist without sounding pretentious.
Molly Parker is the sort of woman who can say things like "the feminist as whore is something that does exist" without sounding pretentious. Rather than appearing as if she's strapping on the false airs of intellectualism, Parker comes off as utterly sincere. The star of Wayne Wang's Center of the World tends to speak about film with an eloquence one does not usually find in young and attractive actresses. Yet the choices Parker has made in her already seasoned career (Lynne Stopkewich's Kissed , Michael Winterbottom's Wonderland , Istvan Szabo's Sunshine ) are only further proof of a sharp mind at work beneath the ivory skin and glistening auburn hair. She's beautiful, but somehow her smarts keep you from hating her. Raised in chilly British Columbia, Parker was one of those childhood prodigies who give the regular kids complexes. She began training ballet at the age of three, studied drama in high school and soon after landed a part on the darkly comic TV series Twitch City , a role which would make her one of Canada's biggest stars. Twitch City was a half hour black comedy about an agoraphobic who's addicted to daytime television" says Parker. "It was very satirical, very fun to do. It was almost an anti-TV TV show in a way, really subversive stuff."

MOLLY PARKER cont. While working on the series, Parker began forginga path for herself in the independent film world as well.
MOLLY PARKER cont. > While working on the series, Parker began forging a path for herself in the independent film world as well. "I'm bored by and not interested in playing somebody's girlfriend or somebody's wife or somebody's something or other, and that's a problem," laments Parker. "The sad fact is we still don't have that many working female filmmakers. We have producers and more and more writers but not so many directors. Until that changes, you're just not going to see that many authentic female characters." In her search for multi-faceted female roles, Parker found herself taking on ambitious projects (from a necrophiliac in Kissed to a prostitute in Suspicious River "I don't know if other people plan their careers," explains Parker, "but I certainly don't. I just react to what's out there and this is what I seem to end up engaged in. These are the interesting roles. But also, sex and sexual dynamics and how we define our own sexuality is one of the major facets of anyone's life." Sexual dynamics, particularly manipulation, is the theme Parker tackles in her newest film

8. Parker Molly
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  • 10. Parker Molly
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    12. Northern Stars - Molly Parker
    MOLLY PARKER b. September 1972 in Vancouver, BC, Molly Parker as NinaRothman in 2002's Max. Titles in red indicate best performances.

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    September 1972 in Vancouver , B.C. Molly Parker as Nina Rothman in 2002's Max. Titles in red indicate best performances. Dark Blue dates indicate updated entries. My Son Johnny (TV-1991) Hate Mail (1992) Anything For Love (1992) The Substitute (TV-1993) One More Mountain (TV-1994) Paris or Somewhere (TV-1994) Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story (TV-1995) Falling From the Sky: Flight 174 (TV-1995) Wings of Courage (1995) The Ranger, the Cook and a Hole in the Sky (TV-1995) Last of the Dogmen (1995) Deceived By Trust (1995) Ebbie (TV-1995) Little Criminals (1995) Kissed Hard Core Logo (1996) Good Things Too (1996) The Chain (1996) Contagious (TV-1997) Bliss (1997) Intensity Under Heaven (1998) From Morning On I Waited (1998) Ladies Room (1999) The Five Senses Sunshine The Intruder (1999) Ladies Room (1999) Wonderland (2000) Waking the Dead (2000) Suspicious River (2000) The War Bride (2001) The Center of the World Last Wedding Rare Birds (2001) Men With Brooms Looking for Leonard (2002) Marion Bridge (2002)

    13. The Molly Parker Tribute Page
    Peruse a list of this Canadian actress' film and television credits. Fan site includes links to articles and news updates.
    Follow this link for Gajo's Tribute to Molly Parker

    14. Ecran Noir / Molly Parker
    Gajo's Tribute to molly parker. molly parker - Blueshaden
    Men with Brooms, de Paul Gross
    avec Paul Gross, Leslie Nielsen et Kari Matchett The Center of the World , de Wayne Wang
    avec Peter Sarsgaard et Carla Gugino The War Bride, de Lyndon Chubbuck
    avec Caroline Cave
    Last Wedding, de Bruce Sweeney
    avec Frida Betrani Suspicious River , de Lynne Stopkewitch
    avec Callum Keith Rennie et Joel Bissonnette Waking the Dead, de Keith Gordon
    avec Billy Crudup, Bill Haughland et Nelson Landrieu
    Ladies Room, de Gabriella Cristiani
    avec Alika Autran, Irina Baltcheva et Victoria Barkoff Sweethearts of the World, de Matt Bissonnette et Steven Clark
    avec Kim huffman, Joel Bisonnette et Benjamin Ratner The Intruder, de David Bailey avec Charlotte Gainsbourg , Charles Powell et Nastassja Kinski Sunshine, de Istvàn Szabò Avec Ralph Fiennes, Rosemary Harris et rachel Weisz The Five Senses, de Jeremy Podeswa avec Mary-Louise Parker, Pascale Bussières et Richard Clarkin Wonderland, de Michael Winterbottom avec Shirley Henderson et Gina McKee From Morning On I Waited Yesterday, de Wiebke von Carolsfeld avec Arthur Eng et Gudrun Olagsdottir Under Heaven, de Meg Richman

    15. Molly Parker (I), Molly

    16. The Molly Parker Tribute Page
    molly parker is the star of the critically acclaimed and controversial Canadianmovie, Kissed. After watching it I was blown away by molly parker's acting.
    Molly Parker is the star of the critically acclaimed and controversial Canadian movie, Kissed . She is internationally known for starring in Intensity a made for TV film movie based on Dean Koontz's novel of the same name. Finally, Miss Parker stars in the Canadian sitcom called Twitch City on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I am proud to say that this was the FIRST site devoted to this extremely talented and beautiful actress. Not only that, this site is the most comprehensive tribute to Molly Parker. The first time I saw her, it was on the Genie Awards preview show. The Genie Awards are to acknowledge the achievements of the Canadian film industry. Before that, I thought the movie would be interesting because Kissed was advertised on the radio as being a film about necrophilia (stimulation and obsession of corpses). The preview show played a clip of Miss Parker in the restaurant with her love interest Matt (Peter Outerbridge). I was so fascinated by her performance that I had to go see Kissed . After watching it I was blown away by Molly Parker's acting. In fact, she won the Genie in the Best Actress category for her performance in that movie.

    17. Molly Parker (I)

    18. Herstory/John Parker, Molly As St. Catherine (After Caravaggio), Oil On Canvas,
    Artist Resources from Manhattan Arts International and Renee Phillips.Herstory Exhibition. John parker. molly As St. Catherine (After
    Herstory Exhibition John Parker
    Molly As St. Catherine (After Caravaggio), oil on canvas, 72" x 68"
    John Parker

    43-01 21st St., Studio 213
    Long Island City, NY 11101
    200 East 72 Street, New York, NY 10021
    Tel: (212) 472-1660 Fax: (212) 794-0324
    Email: web design by Scot'Style

    19. Molly Parker - Dirk Jasper Filmstarlexikon
    Translate this page +++ Anzeige +++ molly parker. * September 1972 in Vancouver, British Columbia,Kanada • Schauspielerin • Biographie • Filmografie •. Biographie.
    +++ Anzeige +++
    Molly Parker * September 1972 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada • Schauspielerin • Biographie Filmografie
    1998 wurde Molly Parker mit dem Genie ( Canadian Academy Award ) als Beste Schauspielerin für ihre hervorragende Leistung in dem von der Kritik gefeierten Film Kissed (1996) ausgezeichnet. Neben Ralph Fiennes agierte sie in Isvan Szabos in Budapest entstandenem Kinodrama Sunshine - Ein Hauch von Sonnenschein (2000) und wirkte darüberhinaus in den US-Produktionen The Intruder Under Heaven Waking The Dead (1999) und The Five Sense (1999) mit. Im Pilotfilm zu Der Sentinel trat sie als Terroristin auf. Zu Parkers TV-Arbeiten zählen auch noch die Miniserie Intensity , das Filmdrama Serving The Silence mit Glenn Close und Judy Davis in weiteren Hauptrollen sowie die erst vor kurzem entstandene Comedy-Serie Twitch City . Eine Gemini-Nominierung wurde ihr für den Fernsehfilm Paris Or Somewhere zuteil. Die in Vancouver geborene Kanadierin lebt momentan abwechselnd in Toronto und Los Angeles.
    • 1992: Brillianten und Kakerlaken (Anything For Love) Regie: Michael Keusch
    • 1995: (Wings Of Courage) Regie: Jean-Jaques Annaud
    • 1995: (Little Criminals) Regie: Stephen Surjik
    • 1995: (Deceived By Trust: A Moment Of Truth Movie) Regie: Chuck Bowman
    • 1995: Dogman (Last Of The Dogmen) Regie: Tab Murphy
    • Kissed
    • 1997: TV-Serie: Der Sentinel (Pilotfilm)
    • 1998: (Under Heaven) Regie: Meg Richman
    • 1998: (From Morning On I Waited Yesterday) Regie: Wiebke von Carolsfeld
    • Wonderland
    • 1999: (The Intruder) Regie: David Bailey

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