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         Patterson Melody:     more detail
  1. Tv Guide Dec 11 1965 Forest Tucker, Melody Patterson, Ken Berry, Larry Storch by Tv Guide, 1965
  2. Annie Laurie. [Four-part song. Melody by Lady John Scott.] Arranged by A. Patterson (Paterson, Sons and Co. Paterson's Part Music, etc. No. 3. [1890? etc.]) by Alexander Patterson,
  3. The " Londonderry " Air. Erin avourneen. [Song.] Old Irish Melody, words by A. Patterson. Music arranged by M. Gould by William Monk Gould, 1921
  4. The Londonderry Air. Erin avourneen. Two-part Song, words by A. Patterson. Old Irish Melody. Arr. by H. Geehl (Edwin Ashdown's Series of Vocal Duets, etc) by Henry Ernest Geehl, 1933
  5. 83 Scottish Songs, old & new, Melodies in Staff & Tonic Sol-fa Notations, with pianoforte accompaniments. Edited by A. Patterson by Alexander Patterson, 1895
  6. Calypso Folk sing. Edited by M. Paterson and S. Heyward. [Melodies and words.] by Massie Patterson, 1963
  7. From Buchenwald to Carnegie Hall by Marian Filar, Charles Patterson, 2002-02-20
  8. Freedom Melody by STEVIE THOMPSON, 2010-09-22
  9. Bonnie Mary of Argyle ... [Part-song for T. T. B. B. Melody by S. Nelson.] Arranged by J. Bell (Patterson) by Sidney Nelson,
  10. Bonnie Barie of Argyle. [Part-song for T. T. B. B.] Words by C. Jefferys. [Melody by S. Nelson.] Arranged by J. Bell (Patterson) by John Bell, 1886
  11. Jessie, the Flow'r o' Dunblane ... Melody by R. A. Smith. Arranged ... by G. Taggart (Patterson) by George Taggart,
  12. Life's melody, and The celestial hymn
  13. Six Creole Songs. West Indian Melodies. A Cycle ... Adapted from the Creole by A. E. Jennings. Musical transcription by J. Urich by John Urich, 1933

41. Pics & Lips
Kill! Tura Satana, Tura Satana lip print Tura Satana, melody patterson signedoriginal b/w 8x10 publicity photo melody patterson, melody patterson signed lip
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Silver Screen
Marion Mack
Close up

Marion Mack
Anita Page
She added on back

Anita Page
Esther Ralston
Close up

Appreciation link

Esther Ralston Golden Age June Lang 2nd Signed Pic June Lang Ann Blyth Ann Blyth Arlene Dahl Arlene Dahl Mona Freeman Mona Freeman Andrea King Andrea King Janet Leigh Close up Janet Leigh Virginia Mayo Virginia Mayo Betty Lynn Betty Lynn Jinx Falkenburg Leslie Brooks Nina Foch Evelyn Keyes ... Shirley Mills Shirley Mills Janis Paige Janis Paige Ann Rutherford
Close up Ann Rutherford Gale Storm Gale Storm Ruth Terry Ruth Terry Gwen Verdon Close up Gwen Verdon Zsa Zsa Gabor Zsa Zsa Gabor Dorothy McGuire Close up Dorothy McGuire Elena Verdugo Elena Verdugo Penny Singleton Penny Singleton Margaret O'Brien Margaret O'Brien Close up Edie Adams Close up Edie Adams Janet Waldo Janet Waldo Frances Langford Frances Langford Jan Sterling Jan Sterling Gloria DeHaven Gloria DeHaven Leslie Caron Leslie Caron Adrian Booth Signature closeup Adrian Booth Modern Screen Jacqueline Bisset Jacqueline Bisset Erin Gray Erin Gray Fannie Flagg Fannie Flagg Cloris Leachman Close up Cloris Leachman Michele Lee Close up Michele Lee Traci Lords Traci Lords Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Rose Marie Rose Marie Rita Rudner Rita Rudner Tura Satana Tura Satana Melody Patterson Melody Patterson Brinke Stevens Signature closeup Brinke Stevens Cassandra Peterson Elvira , Mistress of the Dark Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson

42. New Additions
Kissed and signed at The Chiller Theater Show May 8th, 2001 JoannaCassidy, melody patterson signed lip print. Kissed and signed
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New Additions
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Acquired from private dealer
Linda Lavin
Acquired from The Hollywood Collector Show
All In Person c/o Todd F. from the NG
Billie Hayes
Stella Stevens
Carol Lynley
Karen Morley
Gennifer Flowers
Billie Hayes
Betty Lynn Carol Lynley Gennifer Flowers Received TTM Anne Gwynne Signature closeup Aquired at the DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia All are In Person Cassandra Peterson Cassandra Peterson Cassandra Peterson Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 1 sheet Close up
See a pic of her at the show Brinke Stevens Signature closeup Claudia Christen Alexandra Tydings James Doohan Current pic That's me sitting next to him Tom Savini Received TTM June Lang June Lang Received TTM Marsha Hunt Sig close up Photo back Marsha Hunt Marsha Hunt Acquired from private owner Ann Landers Received TTM Kitty Carlisle-Hart Kitty Carlisle-Hart Acquired from The Hollywood Collector Show All In Person c/o Todd F. from the NG Adrian Booth aka Lorna Gray Signature closeup Adrian Booth Gloria DeHaven Gloria DeHaven Gloria DeHaven Two Tickets to Broadway 1 sheet Close up Girl Rush Insert Close up Girl Rush 3 Sheet Close up Jan Sterling Jan Sterling Jan Sterling Haji Lori Williams Received TTM John Mills Signature closeup Received TTM Leslie Caron Acquired from The Chiller Theater Show All In Person c/o Mike from the NG Caroline Munro Joanna Cassidy Melody Patterson Jennette Goldstein Received TTM Frances Langford Frances Langford Acquired from The Hollywood Collector Show All In Person c/o Todd F. from the NG

43. The Star Archive - Melody Patterson
Listing last updated on February 15th, 2001, AD melody patterson. TypeProvided by Autograph Dealer. Authenticity Probably Authentic.
More Autographs Links Add Information Link to this Page Print Listing last updated on February 15th, 2001 AD:
Melody Patterson
Type: Provided by Autograph Dealer Authenticity: Probably Authentic This scanned autograph has been provided by:

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This listing has been last updated on February 15th, 2001

44. The Star Archive - P:
patterson, Gary patterson, Gil patterson, James patterson, Jarrod patterson, Johnpatterson, Ken patterson, Lorna patterson, Marne patterson, melody S patterson

Baseball teams

Basketball teams

Biker teams

Football teams
German soccer teams

P-Funk All-Stars,

P., Amber

P., Jay

P. O. D.,
... Pacino, Al S Pack, Joe Pack, Robert Pack, Roger Lloyd S Packard, Kelly S Packer, Ann Packer, Billy Packwood, Bob Pacula, Joanna ... Padbury, Wendy S Paddock, John Padgett, F. Scott Padgett, Scott Padilla, Doug ... Pagano, Lindsay S Page, Alan Page, Anita Page, Ashley Page, Betty ... Page, Diamond Dallas S Page, Erika Page, Genevieve Page, Greg Page, Harrison ... Page, Jimmy S Page, Joanna Page, Kimberly Page, Martin Page, Melanie ... Page, Patti S Page, Pierre Page, Sam S Page, Solomon Page, Steven Page, Tim Page, Tommy ... Paige, Elaine S Paige, Janis S Paige, Jennifer Paige, Kymberly Paige, Mitchell Paige, Peter ... Paisley, Brad S Pajanou, Despina Pak, Se Ri Pak, SuChin Palacio, Milt ... Palance, Jack S Palazzari, Doug Paley, Grace Palffy, Zigmund Palieri, Rik ... Palillo, Ron S Palin, Michael S Pall, Donn Pall, Gloria Palladino, Erik Palmeiro, Orlando ... Palmeiro, Rafael S Palmer, Arnold S Palmer, Ben Palmer, Betsy S Palmer, Byron Palmer, Carl Palmer, Chris Palmer, David ... Palminteri, Chazz S Palombi, Ron

45. MetaEUREKA Metasearch
Patel, Amisha, Patinkin, Mandy. Patric, Jason, Patrick, Robert. patterson, Marnette,patterson, melody. Patton, Will, Paul, Adrian. Paul, Alexandra, Paxton, Bill.

46. Directory ::
patterson, melody (1) Sites. melody patterson's Official Website Biography, column,current information, photos,and sales of autographs and autographed photos.

47. Directory ::
Michael (1) Pasdar, Adrian (2) Patel, Amisha (17) Patinkin, Mandy (2) Patric, Jason(1) Patrick, Robert (9) patterson, Marnette (2) patterson, melody (1) Patton

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49. Free Song Lyrics Search! Song Lyrics Online!
2 Pastor, Amy Wynn 4 Patel, Amisha@ 18 Patinkin, Mandy 2 Patric, Jason 4Patrick, Robert 11 patterson, Marnette 2 patterson, melody 1 Patton

50. -
melody patterson. Harrad Experiment, The (1973) Jeannie Blood And Lace (1971) Ellie Cycle Savages, The (1969) Lea Angry Breed, The (1969)

51. Dead People Server - People Whose Last Names Start With P
melody patterson (actress) Alive. Born 1940. F Troop's Wranger Jane,once married to James MacArthur IMDB. Butch Patrick (actor) Alive.
@import "../styles/dps.css";
Dead People Server
People Whose Last Names Start With P
Site Map Jack Paar (TV host) Alive. Born May 1, 1918. Early talk show host Al Pacino (actor) Alive. Born April 25, 1940. David Packard (started an early "garage" company) Dead. Old age. Died March 26, 1996. Born September 7, 1912. A co-founder of Hewlett-Packard with William Hewlett Geraldine Page (actress) Dead. Heart attack. Died June 13, 1987. Born November 22, 1924. Won an Oscar for Trip to Bountiful , married to Rip Torn LaWanda Page (actress) Dead. Diabetes. Died September 14, 2002. Born October 19, 1920. Aunt Esther on the various Sanford shows Leopold Page (leathergoods retailer/historian) Dead. Died March 9, 2001. Born 1914. Told many people in Hollywood the story of how Oskar Schindler saved the lives of his family and 1,000 other Jews before Thomas Keneally made the story world-famous, advisor to the movie Schindler's List Patti Page (singer) Alive. Born November 8, 1927.

52. MovieGoods - Search For "Melody Patterson"
Genre(s) Mad Scientists. Cast Ron Kay, Chris Crone, melody patterson, ClarkeLindsley, Bekki Armstrong; DIRECTED BY Joel Bender. PRODUCER Film West. Patterson&mscssid=

53. Listings Of The World Arts Celebrities P Patterson, Melody
http// Added Nov-25-02; melody patterson'sOfficial Website Post Review Biography, column, current information, photos,_Melody/

54. Listings Of The World Arts Celebrities P
Trey (6) Parkinson, Dian (3) Pasdar, Adrian (3) Patinkin, Mandy (3) Patric, Jason(2) Patrick, Robert (10) patterson, Marnette (3) patterson, melody (2) Patton

55. Star Name PA
patterson, Lee. (Surfside Six 1960). patterson, Marne. (Under Cover - 1991).patterson, melody. (F Troop - 1965). Patton, Will. (VR.5 - 1995). Paul, Eugenia.

56. No Center Aisle, Theatre Company, St. Chalres, IL The Sound Of Music
Joe Billquist, Terry Christianson, Rosemarie Conigliaro, Alana DiMaria, Ann Donia,Skipper Harsch, Casey Murdough, Austin Oie, Gary patterson, melody Vroman.
Contact Us Presented November 28, 29
and December 5, 6, 1998
Norris Cultural Arts Center
St. Charles, IL
Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Book by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse
Suggested by "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers" Meet the cast crew , and orchestra
  • Director: Ron Koeppl Stage Manager: Donna Stockman Choreographer: Wendy Vroman Kelly Vocal Directors: Orchestra Director: Valerie Viane-Wolter Technical Director: John Mizanin Set Design: Stephen Bruesewitz
  • Amy Olsen (Maria Rainer) Jane Allyson (The Mother Abbess) Amy Steele (Sister Berthe) Rosemarie Conigliaro (Sister Margaretta) Ellen Miller (Sister Sophia) Dion Stover (Captain Georg von Trapp) William Redmer (Franz) Maria Morgan (Frau Schmidt) Brianna Clark (Liesl) Joey Donia (Friedrich) Jordan Vakselis (Louisa) Luke Donia (Kurt) Brittany Stock (Brigitta) Rachel Mitchell (Marta) Elizabeth Billquist (Gretl) Jeff Graham (Rolf Gruber) Gayle Lang (Elsa Schraeder) Ann Donia (Ursula) Landon Shaw (Max Detweiler) Joe Billquist (Herr Zeller) Skipper Harsch (Baron Elberfeld) Terry A. Christianson

57. James MacArthur's Wedding
Then, he met melody patterson at a party. Lovely melody patterson MarriedJames MacArthur in romantic Hawaii, home of his show Hawaii Five0 Items/Special Report tiems/James Ma
Terri's Jack Lord Connection The Most Romantic Wedding of the Year! Unfortunately the rest of this article is missing. But here are the pictures found in this article. Lovely Melody Patterson Married James MacArthur in romantic Hawaii, home of his show Hawaii Five-0... En route to her wedding on the island of Kauai, Melody and Jim's daughter Mary find plane waiting tedious. Holding son Charlie, and accompanied by best man, Beau Van Den Ecker, James posed at the airport. (Note from Terri: This bit of info shocked me as I always though Jack Lord was Jim's best man.) Marie and Jack Lord came with Jim and other guest on a later plane. James MacArthur's famous mother, Helen Hayes, was fascinated by the leis she received to wear to the wedding. Wedding of the Year! Marie and Jack Lord joined Jim and his guests for the boatride along the Wailua River to Fern Grotto, a cave where the ceremony was to take place. The bridal party was colorful and had never before been to such an unusual wedding. An orchestra played all during the trip. Melody followed the guest in a boat accompanied by her dad, her matron of honor, Mrs. J. Kreuger and her flower girl, little Mary MacArthur.

58. Open Directory & Pay Per Click Search Engine: Arts/Celebrities/P
Patinkin, Mandy (2). Patric, Jason (1). Patrick, Robert (9). patterson, Marnette(2). patterson, melody (1). Patton, Will (3). Paul, Adrian (11). Paul, Alexandra(2).
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59. Elizabeth Patterson, Pengalleon
Never monotonous, patterson generously lets each melody celebrate itsown voice, letting the tunes and not the player be the focus.
Elizabeth Patterson,
(self-produced, 1997;
Banff, 1998)
I first saw Elizabeth Patterson with her flute beside her at a writer's workshop in her hometown of Sydney, Nova Scotia, in 1997. "Music To Read By" was the sign she had taped to her table. "Is it Celtic?" I asked. "Not really," she replied. In typical Cape Breton fashion she asked where I was from. "Judique," I said. "It's Celtic," she laughed, "at least a bit." I put my name on her list, to be contacted once her CD was released. Not until this year did I come across it and, remembering, purchased it. It is Celtic not fiddle Celtic, but an enchanting blend of traditional and original tunes. She released Pengalleon first in 1997 and in 1998 it was re-released by Banff Music with three additional tunes. Originals are composed by both Patterson and David Burke, a Cape Breton musician. Burke, who adds piano, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion and santur, also arranged and produced the album, which was recorded and mixed at Island Recordings in Frenchvale, Nova Scotia. It's all about travel. Bring your pillow, hot tea and book to a cozy chair if that's your usual way of exploring, but the CD is really too interesting not to give it your full attention. Play it on a long quiet drive, and like the mariners who traveled the world over in the days of sail, you'll have visions of storms a-brewing, sails a-gusting and waves a-chopping or indolently rolling, and you'll hear exotic sounds from foreign wharves.

60. WWW-TV Television Personalities-Official Websites Of Television Personalities
Alyssa; Montgomery, Anthony; Mumy, Bill; Nabors, Jim; Nichols, Nichelle;Park, Linda; patterson, melody; Reynolds, Burt; Richman, Peter
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